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Concord Music Group - World & Latin
... OF WORLD & LATIN VOICES ... As a music journalist, he has reviewed hundreds of ... writer to Music Hound Blues: The Essential Album Guide . ...

Music Shops (Cds, etc.) - musicworld1000 - free music search directory
Music Shops (Cds, etc.), Musicworld, music , mp3, free music , download, rock, pop, ... online CD catalog and buyers guide for music from Latin America and beyond. ...

Salsa Music Books
... music : books on salsa music : how ... Salsa: The Rhythm of Latin Music ... The first comprehensive guide to the music , its history, and its legends, Musica! ...

AusLatin - Latin Dance Styles Guide
LATIN DANCE STYLES. Salsa dance and music is contagious and addictive but there is a myriad of ... Both styles can be danced to the same music . ... Beefs Up Latin Music Store
Home Retail Beefs Up Latin Music Store. LATEST STORIES ... Publish | Security IT Hub | Strategic Partner | Web Buyer's Guide | Windows for Devices ...

Amenities: Familia Hotel, Paris - TripAdvisor
Familia Hotel, Paris, Ile-de-France: terrific Latin Quarter location - Visit TripAdvisor for 141 unbiased traveler reviews of Familia Hotel.

CHICO's MHN: Salsa Music Links
... more about Salsa, Merengue, and other Latin Music and Artists, just click on any ... All Music Guide - Salsa ... in Afro- Latin music and dance education. ...

Yahoo Kids! Directory
Yahooligans! Music is the complete kids' guide to music online, including artist bios and photos, the latest music videos and song clips, and breaking music news.

Sound familiar? - THE GRAMMYS - LATIN - Los Angeles Times ...
Well, there they go again. ... Try The Guide ... Ozo overthrew Juanes, arguably Latin music's biggest star, and Mexico's Julieta ...,0,7722976.story

Boca Raton, Florida FL - Latin Music Awards, Latin Grammy Music Awards ...
EMPLOYMENT GUIDE . Boca Jobs. Employee Posting. Employer Posting. VIDEO PROGRAM. Adventures With Dick ... The Billboard Latin Music Conference will feature ...

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salsa music cuba - Latin music icon Celia Cruz dies - Jul. 17, 2003
Latin music icon Celia Cruz, the Queen of Salsa , died Wednesday afternoon after battling cancer, her ... was Cuba . Gallery: "The Queen of Salsa " CNN's ...

Salsa Concept : : Education
... in Salsa education, including dance, music , entertainment, performance and Training of trainers. ... and and Cuba , showing how Kids and youngster can ...

Gregorio's Latin Dance & Music Links--02-10-08
Official Site of L.A.D.C., Latin American Dance Club. We are a group of folks from all positions of life who enjoy learning & dancing Latin dances such as Salsa , ...

UNC Press - The Book of Salsa
Salsa is one of the most popular types of music listened to and danced to in the ... engaging story of salsa's roots in Puerto Rico, Cuba , Colombia, the Dominican ...

Salsa - London's Number 1 Latin Live Music Venue - Dancing
Salsa dance classes at ... to know anything about Salsa Music or Reggaeton, this is your ... UK Salsa Congress , Los Locos, Bar Madrid, Bar Cuba , to name ...

Movie Review | ' Cuba : Island of Music ': Evidence That in Castro's Cuba ...
Evidence That in Castro's Cuba , at Least the Music Is Irrepressible ... wishes out loud that there were a stronger infusion of salsa into American music . ...

Stock Photos/Pictures: Salsa dancing in Cuba - Havana, Cuba
This page contains stock photos of: Salsa dancing in Cuba ... Stock Photos Home " Cuba Photos " Music and Dancing " Picture: Salsa dancing in Cuba ...

Santiago de Cuba /Traditional Music /Son/ Salsa - Septeto Tipico Oriental
Performing Nightly at Patio de Artex, Heredia, Santiago de Cuba - (4pm - 7pm) and Available Worldwide ...

Best of Cuba - Home
... cuban recipes, cuban products on-line, local events calender, and live music ! ... Best of Cuba . Site Email. Live Music . Mejor De Cuba .com ...

Musica Salsa Puerto Rico Music , Salsa de Puerto Rico
Musica Salsa Puerto Rico Music , Salsa de Puerto Rico ... Johnny Pacheco, Bobby Valentin, Tito Puente, Cheo Feliciano, Joe Cuba , Ismael ...

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Download Songs For Your iPod - You Do Have Some Amazing Choices!

What is the best source to download songs for your iPod? You might be asking this question again and again, wondering how people manage to fill up their little but powerful players with thousands of songs so easily. After all, not everyone can afford to buy expensive downloads from iTunes.

You might have tried transferring your favorite songs from CDs to your iPod. However, its capacity still allows tons of good music, and you don't want it to be wasted - after all, it is not what you got your wonderful gadget for.

So, where can you download songs for your iPod online, avoiding disadvantageous per-download fees, yet getting good quality? If your eyes are set on file sharing networks - better drop the idea right away. Yes, they are free, but this is their only advantage which is not worth all the drawbacks and risks you get in return.

Luckily, there are many more options coming up these days. Some inexpensive yet reputed and well-stocked sites are there to let you download songs for your iPod at the lowest fee around. Usually, they are based on a long-term subscription (one-year or even a lifetime), which allows saving a hefty amount in the long run. Other advantages are present, too:

1. You don't feel the burden of law infringement. You know that each download you do is legal and you are not going to land up in a big trouble thanks to your passion for good music.

2. You get to enjoy the quality you deserve along with the vast selection of music (and often many other media for iPod). In other words, you can find and download practically anything you may ever fancy.

3. To download songs for your iPod as easy and fast as at any of those expensive sites claiming to be superior in everything. So, you don't have to compromise on the quality of services while paying less.

4. You are treated as a valued customer - excellent technical support and all the necessary tutorials are provided at any time. The site will also provide you with all software and applications you need to download songs for your iPod - and that is completely free of cost!

So, use your iPod to the fullest and stop worrying about the size of your wallet! Take a few minutes to visit my blog and get to know more about how you can download songs for your iPod on a tight budget within minutes.

Discover how you can download iPod music instantly for less than a dime each. Also, read another of his popular article on iPod music downloads.

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Stepping Gains Popularity From Hollywood

You can always tell that a dance form is gaining popularity when you see it on the silver screen. When the Brazilian dance Lambada was the craze, there was actually a movie titled "Lambada" in1989. Patrick Swayze's "Dirty Dancing" popularized a forbidden dance of the same name.

Some other dance movies are:

"Flashdance" (1983) Breakdancing movie

"Saturday Night Fever" (1977) Disco movie

"Fame" (1980) Jazz movie

"The Turning Point" (1977) Ballet movie

"Staying Alive" (1983) Jazz movie

"Footloose" (1984) New Wave movie

Though there are a lot more that could be mentioned, it cannot be denied that most of these movies help disseminate information on the chosen dance topic. For a dance to be featured on film is a good thing no matter what critics say.

It appears the dance form Stepping is also getting widescreen attention. Here are some of the movies on this African American art form:

"School Daze" (1988) musical-drama film, written and directed by Spike Lee, and starring Laurence Fishburne, Giancarlo Esposito, and Tisha Campbell.

Based in part on Spike Lee's experiences at Atlanta's Morehouse College, it is a story about fraternity and sorority members clashing with other students at a historically black college during homecoming weekend. This was the second feature film directed by Spike Lee, and was released on February 12, 1988 by Columbia Pictures.

"Stomp the Yard" (2007) drama film produced by Rainforest Films and released through Sony Pictures' Screen Gems division on January 12, 2007.

Directed by Sylvain White, Stomp the Yard centers around DJ Williams, a college student at a fictional historically Black university who pledges to join a fictional Greek-letter fraternity. The film's central conflict involves DJ's fraternity competing in various stepping competitions against a rival fraternity from the same school. The film's script was written by Robert Adetuyi, working from an original draft by Gregory Ramon Anderson. The film was originally titled Steppin', but to avoid confusion over the 2006 film Step Up, the title was changed.

"How She Move" (2008) Canadian film directed by Ian Iqbal Rashid and starring Rutina Wesley, Cl Bennett, and Romina D'Ugo. The film showcases the emerging street culture of step dancing and the talents of a new generation of Canadian-born actors. The film is produced by Celluloid Dreams, Sienna Films and MTV Films.

Motion pictures through the years reflect the way things were and are at the time of filming. The 1930s depression produced movies on how hard life was, the '70s showed movies on promiscuity, abortion, war and other social issues of the time, and so on.

Because Stepping is a continuously growing art form, documenting it at a certain period in time helps record its progress and changes.

Though most practitioners of this dance would say that these movies didn't do full justice to this art form, the message all these films are trying to relay is the same: Stepping is part of African American culture and is a part of the here and now. is a free video sharing community website that features step team performances. Members can post and share video footage of their stepteam performances. Visit to learn more about the tradition of stepping.

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Don't Hate the Player, Hate the Game

The greatest blues song of all times starts out with the lament, I hate to see, that evenin sun go down. Some say that the W. C. Handy wail is a precursor to another night alone and homeless on the streets of St. Louis. If youve ever experienced a winter in a mid-western city with relentless wind, freezing temperatures, and dark alleys offering no warmth or haven, then you can almost feel his pain . . . his blues . . . and his aching for a better tomorrow.

If youve never seen a mid-west winter or the streets of St. Louis, then perhaps Ed Taylors ( Dont Hate the Player will drive home that same feeling of dread and hope for a better day.

Ed Taylors music is usually of the smooth jazz variety. And, its often just an instrumental. Ed lets his music speak for him, but in some cases, perhaps, he wants to add his voice to make sure he's understood . . . completely.

In Dont Hate the Player, Ed mixes a nice slow funk and blues with his smooth jazz. Eds lament isnt about the sun and being homeless, its about people living just above that level people living from paycheck to paycheck . . . struggling every day and every week as they try to support a family in America.

Ive got five dollars in my money clip,
And I was supposed to buy my daughter some brand new shoes.
I know my wife is not going to be happy,
And I feel like a lowly fool.

Havent we all been there? Havent we all come up short and faced disappointed faces? Sometimes the worst thing to do is look in the mirror at the most disappointed face of all. Birthday presents, anniversary presents, and Christmas presents just add burden to backs already tired and bent from paying rent and putting dinner on the table.

Eds philosophy is Dont hate the player hate the game. He says, The game is all a poor man has, and even that is not secure. I like the advice. If we look at each day as a game, we may actually already be a winner. It lets us start off each day without the emotional baggage we ended with the day before. With the weight off our back, we can look forward to the new day and new challenges . . . but if we dont make it and that evenin' sun starts goin down . . . hate the game.

Don Doman is a published author, video producer, and corporate trainer. He owns the business training site Ideas and Training (, which he says is the home of the no-hassle "free preview" for business training videos. He also owns Human Resources Radio (, which broadcasts HR and business training information, program previews, and training samples from some of the world's great training speakers twenty-four hours a day. You can listen and learn on Human Resources Radio.

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Monday, September 8, 2008

Amo, Amas, Amat and More: A Book Review

The other day at a staff meeting, one of my co-workers was talking about a project that had gone badly off the rails. "Per angusta ad augusta," I said as he concluded his tale of woe. Everyone looked at me uncomprehendingly, of course. "You know through difficulties to honors," I said.

Now, I am definitely no Latin scholar, but I do arrive at staff meetings armed with several memorized phrases from the ancient tongue, ready to whip them out whenever the occasion permits. My source? Its a breezy little tome titled, Amo, Amas, Amat and More; How to Use Latin to Your Own Advantage and to the Astonishment of Others. Its author is Eugene Ehrlich, a renowned dictionary editor and contributor to other books about words.

The book is straightforwardly presented, with the Latin phrases given in alphabetical order. Each entry consists of the phrase followed by a phonetic rendering to assist in pronunciation, then its English translation and finally, in most instances, an explanatory paragraph to help elucidate the more mysterious of the offerings.

One aspect of Amo, Amas, Amat that is particularly helpful is that the author will occasionally translate a phrase using an equivalent English expression that might not be a word-for-word rendering (although he does provide the exact translation in the follow-up paragraph).

An example: "Aliquando bonus dormitat Homerus" is translated as "You cant win 'em all," but a more precise rendering would be, "Sometimes even good Homer dozes." Ehrlich offers the history behind this phrase, which helps us to understand why our common expression about not being able to "win 'em all" is indeed a good way to translate the Latin in this case.

Amo, Amas, Amat includes an introduction by William F. Buckley, Jr., as well as an index to the English translations, which makes for a nice cross-reference.

Amo, Amas, Amat was published by Harper & Row Publishers of New York; ISBN # 0-06-181249-8.

H. Tim Sevets is books editor for the Solid Gold Info Writers Consortium, where he specializes in objective reviews of the top money-making reports sold over the Web. Recently, he reviewed an e-book that claims to show how to make money by tearing up old books and magazines and selling them on eBay. Read his opinion at

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Satellite Radio - Bringing Music To Your Ears

Subscription-based satellite radio service is at the forefront of the US music market. Long gone are the days when people when the only option was in choosing from just one or two measly stations that had poor reception and overbearing, irritating disk jockeys and commercials!

However, local radio stations generally don't fear the satellite radio revolution, predicting their survival in much the same way basic television has survived, despite the emergence of cable in the 90s. There's a lot to love about satellite radio and it's no surprise that Sirius Radio is ranked no. 1 Fastest Growing Company for 2007 (by Deloitte Technology).

First of all, satellite radio provide you with a high-quality digital signal that can transcend geographic borders by beaming down from three geosynchronous communications satellites orbiting around the Earth. Many channels feature CD-quality sound, static-free.

Secondly, subscribers have the choice of over 130 different satellite radio channels, ranging from various rock sub-genres to several news radio sources. This is great news for people who regularly listen to alternative sub-genres like Punk Rock, Death Metal, Christian Rock or Electronica! Satellite radio blends the best of both worlds - the specific ambiance of a CD, with the consumer's need for exposure to new music in fact it seems that new stations are popping up on a weekly basis.

Electronic Music Fans will prefer the Sirius radio service if they'd like a Breakbeat/Old SKool station, in addition to the usual Trance/Progressive stations that both satellite radio services provide. XM Radio has exclusive rights to acclaimed BPM, but Sirius has a special Dance Hits station.

The third benefit - that's worth its weight in gold - is that there are NO commercials! It may be hard to believe that 100% commercial-free radio exists, but for just $13/month, you can evade the constant interruptions that plague your morning and late afternoon commutes. Satellite radio is the obvious choice for truckers, delivery drivers and long road trips.

However, the fact that satellite radio costs anything is still a deterrent to many frugal individuals. Therefore, there will always be a market for regular local broadcast stations. At this point, it can be a hassle to go to the electronics shop and get satellite radio receivers for home use or for your car, having said that there is a huge range of satellite receivers and radios for the home and car on many internet sites.

In the future, satellite radio will become the standard and most new cars will already have it installed. Maybe then the real revolution will begin.

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