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La Fea Mas Bella

Lety is a sweet shy romantic girl who is very intelligent though not what you'd call "attractive." Graduating with honors in economics and having a master's degree in finance she confidently sets out to find a job never once considering her appearance to be an obstacle to success. But she soon discovers that her skills and education are not enough as she is rejected over and over for her plain looks. She finally accepts a secretarial position at a major production company run by the founder's dashing but womanizing son Fernando. As the company's fortunes dwindle and future prospects dim Lety comes to the rescue proving how valuable she really is - and falling in love in the process! Can Lety stand up to the beautiful catty office gossips and win not just Fernando's gratitude but his love as well? And what happens when an unexpected twist of fate turns this "ugly duckling" into a lovely swan? That's what makes this novela one beauty of a story.Cast: Angelica Vale Jaime Camil Angelica Maria Jose Jose Elizabeth Alvarez Paty Navidad Niurka Marcos Nora Salinas Juan Soler Julissa Agustin ArenaDirector: Ruth Olegnow Sergio JimenezSystem Requirements:Run Time: 700 Mins.Format: DVD MOVIE Genre: LATIN/TELENOVELA Rating: NR UPC: 000799464328 Manufacturer No: 22292
Customer Review: La Fea Mas Bella
If I would have known that the discs did not have enough segments to make the movie realistic, I would not have bought it. Had two sides of two discs damaged or blank and many segments left out that made movie unacceptable. I would have like to see more segments of the show.
Customer Review: Good telenovela..
One of the funniest telenovelas out there. The original was way better but this is still worth watching...

The city of Paris has so much to offer travelers it's difficult to know where to begin. Although the wide variety of youth hostels in Paris mean that it is possible to experience each section of Paris on its merits and, even if only for a fleeting few days, as a resident.

River Seine

With a supremely efficient and metro service that's cheap, regular and comfortable there's little point in walking. However, to see Paris in this way would be to miss out on its unique atmosphere and attention-grabbing sights and for this reason, a walk along the River Seine is the perfect place to start.

Although it's advisable to take a map anyway, many of the city's most renowned landmarks, such as the Eiffel Tower and the Notre Dame Cathedral jut out of the city around them with an unmissable and indescribably grand distinction.

Latin Quarter

The Latin Quarter is not only home to many of the best youth hostels in Paris, but also offers some of the best and most finance-friendly nightlife on offer in the city. Originally so-called because of its predominance of Latin-speaking students, it has fast become the social and shopping hub of Parisian students and budget travelers.

The street market along the Rue Mouffetard is one such location, which by day offers food and drink stuffs as well the occasional souvenir. By night however, the restaurants and cafes clamor for custom by offering cheap deals on already superbly priced and generally high-quality food that is an attraction of Paris all of its own.


Clubs and bars in Paris are rife with activity in the evenings, with the Latin Quarter and the famed Moulin Rouge offering a wide range of themes to appeal to a variety of tastes.

The nightlife proper tends to take off quite late in the evening, generally to accommodate the late dinner that characterizes Parisian habit. However, be warned that the Metro only runs until 1:30 AM.

Although cabs are readily available, for the budget traveler keen on sampling the nightlife on a regular basis, it is often more advisable to select youth hostels in Paris located close to the clubs and bars.

Before settling down and becoming a copywriter for HostelBookers, Ben Cooper stayed in some youth hostels in Paris

90's dance music

Maximum Coldplay: The Unauthorised Biography of Coldplay

Audio CD book on a full color picture CD. Contains a biography, complete with commentary & interview excerpts. Comes in a full color slipcase with an eight page photo booklet & one-sided, 10 inch x 10 inch full color poster. Chrome Dreams. 2002.
Customer Review: Be prepared! No music!
It was really not clear when purchasing this CD that it is only spoken word. I was at least able to determine this by reading the cover before taking off the plastic. How disappointing, especially for someone relatively new to Coldplay's music.
Customer Review: Don't understand.
I just don't get it. These reviews don't even make sense. It would also be nice if the track list was posted for potential buyers.

Salsa is a form of social get together of the people which celebrates dance, music and culture. It is considered to be a faction of Latin rhythmic types which contains the clave beats. Mambo, Son, Rumba, Cha Cha Cha, Guaracha, Merengue, Songo, Timba and few others are some of the most recognized form of salsa. Salsa is the only among Latin genres to have come back and inclined West African tune.

Salsa has become gaining more and more recognition now. A lot of institutions have been opened to teach this form of dance. In fact, few marriages in NYC demands a salsa dance by the newly wedded couple. Many events are organized every year to host salsa in New York. The salsa festival is generally organized in the spirit of friendship and fun and the affection of dancing. In order to make the salsa festival a grand one, you should always look for a perfect venue to host the event. Some of the superb venues for salsa of tango event in New York are:

The Burgess Hall: It is the premier venue in Cambridgeshire. It has a sufficient free car parking area and is completely air-conditioned. It has a great semi-spung dance floor and other facilities.

Rush: 579 6th Avenue, New York City. It is a huge event ground that organizes brilliant events like salsa and tango. The entry fee is kept low.

Columbus 72: 246 Columbus Avenue in NYC. This venue is very famous and is among the best place to host a salsa or tango night. The place is completely air-conditioned. It offers brilliant services and facilities to the organizers and to the people.

Plumm: This venue was basically made to host salsa events. It has huge dancing floor with live music and great DJs.

A lot of fantastic salsa event venues have come up in last few years. Some of them are LQs, Gonzalez y Gonzalez, Club Iguana, The Red Lounge, Vudu Lounge and SOB's.

Salsa is a very beautiful form of dance. The slow motion dance touches your soul when you see others performing. The feeling you get is, excellent!

Mario Stewart has a passion to write about New York City and the bars, restaurants and salsa in the city. He is internationally popular for providing the most apt reviews about the salsa in New York City You may visit one of his websites about salsa in NYC to find more details.

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