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Practicing Drums - Drum Practice Cheat Sheet

A lot of drummers don't really sit down to practice their instrument, but rather just sit down to "play." Just sitting down to play what you already know is fun and can be great for maintaining certain techniques, but little progress will be made.

If you are into drumming only for a hobby, then making progress is probably not really a great priority for you. If that's the case keep doing what you are doing, and enjoy it.

On the other hand, if you want to progress as a great drummer, you will have to focus. You just can't expect to sit down at your drum kit every once in a while and just beat around the skins. You need to be clear what it is you need work on, and then apply it.

Each one of your drum practice sessions should create a challenge for you to accomplish something not previously mastered.

When you sit down at your drum set do you know what you should be practicing? Many drummers don't have a clue what they need to be practicing to become better. This lack of information can kill your potential to really excel at your instrument.

Sometimes, even if we know what to practice, our drum practice sessions can still be weak simply because of a lack of focus.

If you have ever caught yourself saying, "I don't know what to practice" or, "What did I forget to practice" when you get on your drums, this cheat sheet will do you good. Hang it up on your wall and pick which exercises you want to work on before you begin your practice session.

~ Stick control

~ Playing with a metronome (playing with, behind, and ahead)

~ Odd timing

~ Finger control

~ Left hand lead

~ Double bass drumming

~ Fast tempos

~ Slow tempos

~ Odd groupings (3's, 5's' 7's and 9's etc.)

~ Polyrhythms

~ Beat displacement and/or metric modulation

~ Shuffles

~ Showmanship (stick twirling, etc)

~ Creating your own patterns and ideas

~ Filling around accent patterns

~ Triplets around the set

~ 16th's around the set

~ Left hand and foot isolation

~ Brush technique on the snare drum

~ Crash cymbal technique (which one to hit, when, how hard, etc.)

~ Two handed cymbal rides

~ Soloing

~ Recording yourself and listening back

~ All 40 drum rudiments

There are probably many more things you can practice, particularly your own technique and signatures. But, just remember, you want to be working on something new at all times.

The main thing is, keep challenging yourself by never being satisfied. Strive to constantly improve during each practice session. Just never say again, "I don't know what to practice."

Danny Brown has been drumming since 1976, and is the author of "The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Drums and Cymbals!" Subscribe to his Free Newsletter and learn the mental aspect of drumming! Find out what it really takes to truly be a great drummer...

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Why Learning How to Improvise is So Important

Imagine asking a beginning writer to write a short story from scratch. Our writer does not yet have much experience in writing but accepts the challenge and begins to plunge ahead.

He has to start somewhere so he begins to examine how to construct a short story. He learns all about plot, character, and structure and now believes he is ready to begin writing.

As soon as he begins to write, he discovers something. He can't move forward. He is blocked. What's the problem? He knows how to construct a short story and should be able to forge ahead right? The problem is he has not allowed his "voice" to unfold naturally. His internal critic is blocking the natural voice inside his head and the pen stops cold. What to do?

Our writer must learn to freewrite so words can flow freely and not be stopped by the editor voice. The same principles can be applied to us as musicians!

We may want to compose our own music and we may also know all about how to do it, but unless we are able to improvise freely and allow our own natural "voice" free reign, the music stops and we lose the ability to move forward.

This is why learning how to improvise is so important. It allows us to move forward! This benefits us in two ways. One, we begin to understand that the joy of music making itself is its own reward. Second, we begin to trust our voice and feel confident in our ability to move forward without judging the "quality" of the music.

Edward Weiss is a pianist/composer and webmaster of Quiescence Music's online piano lessons. He has been helping students learn how to play piano in the New Age style for over 14 years and works with students in private, in groups, and now over the internet. Visit now and get a FREE piano lesson!

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The Most Overdone Figure Skating Music

Choosing the right music is always a challenge for skaters and their coaches and choreographers. What suits one skater or pair or dance team may not suit another. It's a constant challenge figure skaters have -- picking music that fits their style, however also selecting something that the judges will like as well. Another challenge that exists in choosing a piece of music is that it fits the time constraints of a program and that technical elements can be performed to it. Figure skating music needs to incorporate quick beats, slow parts and some breathing time. The new judging system, with its intricate scoring, makes it even more difficult to fit skating to the music.

How often do you hear the first beats of music to a skating program and groan? Not "Carmen" again or, no more "Swan Lake. There should be a rule, that once a skater earns a title with a piece of music, that it shouldn't be played again for at least a couple of seasons. With that rule in place, we would not be subjected to hearing "Swan Lake" or "Carmen" or "Romeo and Juliet ever again; or at least for a while. New music can be exiting, but skaters, might find it to be a bit of a risk. It is understood if a skater doesn't want to take that risk, however skaters Should then go all out in their exhibitions and do something exciting.

There should be some middle ground between choosing an overdone piece of music and something totally unheard. I don't think skaters have to necessarily summarily dismiss music that has been used in the past, I just think they should think carefully before taking up something that's done over and over by multiple skaters unless they have a totally fresh idea for it.

Here is a list of music that should not be played anytime soon in a skating rink near you.


This is a classic skating piece because it naturally gets the crowd involved.


Kwan did a great number with that one. She is talented, it is expected.

"Swan Lake"

It's been so overdone that Rudy Galindo performed both his short and long programs to this piece in 1996 Others have used it as well including: Baiul in 1994, Nancy Kerrigan, Shizuka Arakawa 2004, and Sasha Cohen even tried her hand with this one.

"Romeo and Juliet"

Who hasn't tried this music? In the 2006 Olympics a commentator said that the difference between Sasha and other skaters is that they skate to Romeo and Juliet and Sasha becomes Juliet.

"West Side Story"

Great music, however, absolutely everything, from "Maria" to "America," has been played one too many times.


This is a great Spanish guitar piece, but should not be used unless the skater can truly keep up with the tempo and offer absolutely great footwork.

"Nessun Dorma"

Again, beautiful music, from Puccini's "Turandot," but nonetheless, overdone by everyone from Sarah Hughes to Brian Boitano. It did not bode well with Meissner this season (2007/2008) This piece should be put to rest.

Some others:

The Feeling Begins

On the Waterfront

Swan Lake

Rachmaninov 2

Paint It Black

Moonlight Sonata

Zorba the Greek

Concerta for Coloratura.

And, there are pieces of music which have been overused at one time but are no longer overused--or used at all. The bell suite and love theme from Ice Castles was too popular in 1979-80, but might be a nostalgic piece now. There is also the option to use a lesser used bit of the score, as Kwan did with Carmen. The Rondo from the Moonlight Sonata isn't overused however. Look beyond the easily overused classics and the currently popular theme.

The Moonlight Sonata , Swanlake, and, any Tchaikovsky piece should take a back seat. Choose something different. The point is, people need to get original with their music. Debby Thomas of USA and Katarina Witt of Germany both skated to Carmen. They were known as the "Battle of the Carmen from the 1988 Winter Games. Carmen, swan lake, anything Beethoven, and Pirates of the Carribean are totally overused! The objective should be, to always look for more fun music. I think the judges would appreciate newly, exciting music.

There's some risk in choosing a classical piece of music. It will still have that edge of familiarity that will make the judges comfortable. But in choosing a classical piece that hasn't been used by numerous skaters before, you leave yourself more open to originality. There are pieces that aren't used as frequently in the skating world that would in no way be new to most of the judges.

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How To Play Piano Despite Years Of Lesson

Why is it that after years of studying something as a child, we forget later in life what we learned? Such is the common question of how to play piano despite years of lesson. Here i get you back to playing music even if you think you've lost it, and have begun to give up on how to play piano despite years of lesson.

First, realize that you have had lesson in piano, years of it perhaps, and that DOES count for a whole lot. How to play piano despite years of lesson entails mentally realizing that you really are only a step or two away from being able to play piano. The problem is that it seems like that first step is a big hurdle, and obviously a frustrating one having already had lesson, but unable to play.

Second: Start slow, do scales. Get the basic scales out and go through them. It took me actually having to number my keyboard at first, i had forgotten so much. From there i was able to translate the numbers to notes, and the scales began to get familiar. So often in trying to figure how to play piano despite years of lesson we don't want to succumb back to the simple things. This scale practice is also preparation for the next step.

Third. Twinkle twinkle little star. That's correct. I can't think of a better way to get back in the game and figure how to play piano despite years of lesson than to go back to a simple melody or song and start playing it over and over. This connects everything - the notes, fingerings, melody and sound - all together as one, and the simplest route is by practicing a simple children's song. Again the hardest part is going to mentally get over the hurdle of playing little kids songs when you "feel" as if you should be playing grander pieces. But if one wants to get to grander pieces and answer the question of how to play piano despite years of lesson, then one has to bite the bullet and get back to raw basics.

Finally, one should research new ways of learning to play piano! Since most people last took lessons years ago, they may not realize that new methods or techniques have come out that can cut to the chase much more clearly and quickly than before. From teachers to online courses, there are different outlets and methods to now explore while realizing how to play piano despite years of lesson is definitely an achievable goal!

Quick and Easy Piano learning methods do now exist. Check out for Chess's blog to further find out how to play piano despite years of lesson. Thanks so much for reading and feel free to check out Thanks!

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London Ontario Attractions and Events - From Music to Shopping to Theatres and Sports

Halfway between Toronto and Detroit, Michigan, on the banks of the Thames River is the city of London Ontario. London's population growth continues today, now surpassing 460,000 residents, many of whom are drawn from rural southern Ontario communities such as Sarnia, Guelph, Chatham and Waterloo. The region's economic growth was strongly spurred by the transportation industry. Many trucking firms have London as an important strategic location for their operations. The highway 401 corridor is Canada's busiest transportation route.

First settled in 1801, the city of London has become a dynamic city and the hometown of many business and entertainment celebrities. Famous residents include Hollywood actors Rachel Macadams, Ryan Gossling, Hume Cronyn, and Kate Nelligan, sports stars Eric Lindros and Joe Thornton, environmentalist David Suzuki, country singer Tommy Hunter, Skip Prokop of the band Lighthouse, brewing magnates John Labatt and Thomas Carling, and Ted Gianoulos known as the San Diego Chicken.

Things to Do in London

You'll love strolling the charming streets, unique attractions and old world charm of London, Ontario. There are several large malls for great shopping. There is also plenty of old architecture at more than 100 historic sites. Notable buildings in the city include the London Armouries, Friar's Street Bridge, The Federal Government Building, Middlesex County Court House and the St. Peter's Cathedral Basilica. The Fanshawe Pioneer village contains a replica pioneer village depicting life in 18th century village of London.

Victoria Park

Located in the heart of London is the city's largest park. It even has its own web site. Victoria Park is more than 18 acres in area, which is a just a portion of the original site of the 32nd British Regiment Garrison and Cricket Grounds. Its military past can be seen in the military equipment you'll see there including canons, tanks and war cenotaphs. Look for bands playing at the bandshell in summer and ice skating on the rink. The International Food Festival held in June, offers plenty of culinary tastes for the whole family. 60 local restaurants highlight their cuisine.

Festivals in London

London also offers many festivals throughout the year including the London International Children's Festival, Home County Folk Festival, Taste of London Festival, and the London Ribfest which is the second largest rib festival in North America. If music is your interest, Sunfest, a World music and culture festival happens in early July at Victoria Park. This years festival, the TD Canada Trust Sunfest '08 will showcase more than 200 unique food & crafts exhibitors along with 30 top professional world music & dance and jazz bands.

For live theatre, try the Grand Theatre where you can buy dinner and theatre packages for plays and musicals. The London Fringe Festival in first two weeks of August attracts innovative performing artists for unique shows.

Live music is big in London. Top spots to hear great live music are Call the Office on York Street, Molly Bloom's Irish Pub, and the Richmond Tavern on Richmond Street, along with the Embassy Hotel. Major music groups and performers entertain at the Labatt Centre downtown. Tickets can be purchased from the Labatt Centre website or

London Restaurants

Keeping on the live experience of London, there are a good number of restaurants offering good food, fine wine and ale. Archie's Seafoods has several locations across the city, and for fine dining, you may want to try Michael's on the Thames, Blue Ginger lounge & grille, Auberge du Petit Prince, Volker's on Hyde Park and the Armouries Grille Restaurant downtown.

London can make a great spot for a weekend getaway for a couples or the whole family with comfortable hotels and festivals, it will be a great summer vacation.

Gord Collins enthusiastically shares the news about Canada's best travel experiences including London hotels, attractions and festivals in London Ontario. Canada has many unheralded tourist destinations that may just offer the getaway you and your family need this summer and fall. The parks of London along with the downtown's small town ambiance will appeal to those looking for an alternative to the noise and traffic of Toronto and Montreal.

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Developing A Conflict

One of the most important things you can do in a scene is find the conflict. Whether it is a monologue (internal conflict) or a scene with a partner (external conflict) there is always something that is at stake for the character you are playing. Think of it this way, if there is no conflict in a scene why are you watching it? People do not want to see everyday activities, they want to see drama.

With that being said, the question of how to find the conflict arises. First off let's define what conflict is. Conflict is two opposing forces trying to get what they want at the same time. For instance, one character wants a bag of money and the other character wants the same bag. This creates dramatic tension as both the characters will try by whatever means necessary to get that bag of money! What makes the scene interesting is the conflict between the two characters and the bag of money. If they both decided to share the bag of money and went happily on their way, there would be no reason to watch. It would be absolutely and excruciatingly boring.

People watch movies and plays to be transported away from reality. They watch it because it is often times much more interesting than their everyday life. If you do not find what your character wants in the scene then you might as well not even be in it. It will be boring and unentertaining without knowing exactly what forces are opposing you and how to overcome them. However, if you know what your objective is and you know how to attain it, it will add brilliant dimensions to an otherwise dull and pointless character. Think about scenes that really stand out in film or theatre and what makes them so great. Usually it is the tension between the two characters over something very important at stake. Don't take my word for it, just watch some of the great films and the conflict that gives them life.

Visit The Monologue Store for a great selection of Theatre and Film Resources

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Home - Discovering Latin America
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Ms. Rathgeber, Middle School Spanish TeacherWeb Update Grade 7 Boardwork
... Dr. Gonzalez +Hoy es jueves, el quince de Septiembre, 2005 (A) Hoy es viernes, ... home LOS DAS FESTIVOS holidays LA MSICA music LA BUENA SALUD good health +Hoy ...

Arizona Public Media :: Television Schedules
Great holiday dishes include roasted turkey, pan sauce, a quince and a poached gnocchi grande. ... Colorado perdi la presidencia luego de 60 aos en el poder. ...

A los 24 aos de edad, convertido ya en hermano de La Salle fue detenido, junto ... EN CONCIERTO: LA MUSICA SACRA DE PURCELL. 1:00 ...

The Bocas Breeze Newspaper: News and info about Bocas del Toro Panama ...
No, no es un error de impresin: estamos hablando de QUINCE MIL DLARES! ... Durante muchos aos , artistas de msica country, tales como George Strait, Tim ...

Advanced, Task 11
"El 'Diario del Comercio' es un diario que tiene 157 aos de antigedad en el pas... Austin es conocido por su msica . Austin is known for its music. ...

... por Madrid, donde comenz hace quince aos junto a artistas como Camach o Kamikaze... La msica creada por grandes maestros y grupos legendarios como " ...

Peru Election 2006: Always the Bride
Buena msica , falta la letra. Augusto Alvarez Rodrich, La Opinion del Director ... pronunciados, durante los ltimos quince aos , por los mandatarios y presidentes ...

Mines and Communities: Latin America update
... el teatro de calle, acompaado por una banda de msica . ... Despus, la institucin dispondr de tres aos para las obras de construccin y montaje. ...

Lucero | Great Videos
... Rakkaus Finland Suomi Msica Lucero Angeles Azules Cmo ... aos de ... with her boys this medley with songs like Ocho Quince , Caso Perdido, Me ...

Repblica Dominicana Completa. Portal Dominicano
... Institutos - Libros - Miscelneos - Musica - Pre-Escolar - Universidades ... Dominicana - Carnaval Vegano - 150 Aos del Merengue - Dominican Photography ...

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Online Guitar Lessons, The Beatles - 3 Tips For Acoustic Guitar Magic

At some point of your guitar playing career, you will discover The Beatles, in fact some players never recover from this intoxicating musical experience.

It's hard to imagine the musical world without this famous group. Whether you are an ardent Beatles fan or a working musician in a cover band it's important to able to authentically play some tunes.

There has been hundreds of articles, books etc written about The Beatles telling the reader "what" the Beatles did, I'm going to approach The Beatles music from a different perspective and look at "why" they did it.

By understanding "why" a particular group chose certain musical resources the guitarist/musician moves from merely imitating a sound to being able to create his or her own sound based on proven time tested musical examples and formulas... and as we all know The Beatles formula certainly works!

As most guitarists own an acoustic guitar the following tips are offered primarily in mind, however these ideas can be applied to electric guitar as well.

Tip 1. Blues progressions ...

Often guitarists underestimate the importance of learning to recognizing blues chord progressions by ear, in fact the term 'Blues' often conjures up images of smokey jazz clubs etc., something that the rock or pop guitarist may have no particular interest in at present.

It's important to keep in mind how groups like the Beatles learnt their craft. Countless hours of jamming with a good dose of blues chord progressions resulting in songs such as ...

Boys/ Chains/ Dizzy Miss Lizzy and Money (That's What I Want)

In addition to these blues based original compositions The Beatles or individual members of The Beatles often recorded cover versions of well known blues based tunes such as Kansas City and Be Bop A Lula (By Paul McCartney -Unplugged Album).

Tip 2. Harmonized scale ...

The Beatles are a very interesting group to study because of their mixture of blues styled songs blended with traditional classical music principals.

Whereas the blues scale is one of the most unique and frequently used scale in pop/ rock music because of it's flexibility and feeling The Beatles were aware of the benefit of using contrasting musical material that stem from European musical culture i.e., the European diatonic scales.

Listen to the final set of chords in "Let It Be" and you will hear a good example of how Paul McCartney harmonized scale in the descending chord progression.

"Let It Be" is in the key of C Major which produces the following chords: C major / D minor/ E minor/ F major/ G major/ A minor/ B diminished

As example of how Paul applies the harmonized scale would be if the basic chord progression is F major to C major, Paul would often play: F major to E minor then D minor and finally arrive at C major.

As you can see he simply played the two minor chords that exist in between the F major chord and the C major.

Tip 3. Slash chords ...

This is a favorite of the Beatles, a slash chord is written in the following manner: A/B

In this example the chord is represented by the first letter whilst the second letter identifies the specific bass note the composer wants to hear.

Therefore our chord would be an "A" major chord with a "B" note in the bass.

Have a listen to "The Long And Winding Road" for a classic example of this ambiguous sounding chord.

After the lyrics ... "The Long And Winding Road", you will hear two chords, that's our slash chords.

There's a wealth of rich chord progressions and musical ideas in the music of The Beatles waiting to be discovered by the guitarist with an inquiring mind. Persistent, patient study will reveal many new sounds that can be applied to all styles of music.

Mike Hayes develops systems and products to help you succeed in your guitar playing. Find out more about how to learn guitar fast with his popular free ecourse, available at:=>

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Led Zeppelin Posters: Still Great After All These Years

Rock music fans wept from heartbreak on September 25, 1980. On that date, John Bonham, the talented drummer for the band Led Zeppelin, died from symptoms caused by an alcohol overdose, and concluded the reign of musics greatest heavy metal band. While the story of Led Zeppelin rightfully revolves around the bands music and their antics on and off stage, Led Zeppelin posters also have a firm place in rock history. The bands contribution to the image of rock music as portrayed through the bands posters was monumental. Led Zeppelin took rock and blues influences to new heights with their music, and captured the imagination of a generation with their poster art.

There are so many great Led Zeppelin posters; it's tough to pick a favorite. Certainly, one of the best would be the Swansong poster art of Apollo (not Icarus) above the runes. The composition is so simple, but the emotional power behind the art is undeniable. Of course, Apollo's mane of hair makes it a rock poster classic. While the meaning of the runes is still subject to debate this day, depending on your source, the most widely accepted version is that each member chose a symbol to represent them on the album cover. Robert Plant's symbol of a feather in a circle comes from an ancient mythical Mu civilization, and represents truth for Plant. John Bonham's rune of the three interlocking circles has a mysterious origin, but Plant has said that he thought it implied the trilogy of man, woman and child (or it was the emblem of Ballantine Beer inverted). John Paul Jones's symbol of a circle overlaying three ovals represents unity and family. The meaning of Jimmy Page's "zoso" symbol has not been disclosed to the public.

Some mistakenly attribute the symbols and runes on Led Zeppelin posters to an involvement by one or more band members in cults or alternative religions, and delusional rumors about satanic subliminal messages in the Stairway to Heaven played backwards have been spread for years. Though, these wild accusations often show that their fundamentalist accusers were more warped than the band. While many Led Zeppelin songs do demonstrate an attempt by the band to put people in touch with their spiritual or mystical sensitivities, nothing the band produced conflicted with basic Judean-Christian philosophies. The Led Zeppelin poster Writhing Angel should evidence the bands belief in the struggle of good against evil. Listen to Led Zeppelin yourself. You will find the lyrics to Immigrant Song, The Battle of Evermore and Whole Lotta Love and any others, are just pure rock.

Led Zeppelin hypnotized a generation around the world with powerful rock anthems. They synthesized wild combinations of musical influences and defined hard rock for the 1970's. Despite the fact that the band has produced a magnificent collection of poster art, it is interesting to note that the "plane photo" poster of the four band members in front of their airplane is still one of the most widely demanded rock music posters. In the same stature as the Beatles and Elvis Presley, Led Zeppelin fans will not let go of this band. Their music means too much. In the end, the tremendous weight of success was too much for drummer John Bonham. But even with his passing, we can still buy the Stairway to Heaven. Maybe that's enough for this life.

In addition to being a collector of Led Zeppelin posters and a lifelong fan of the band and its music, Rock is the editor and publisher of Rock Poster Review. For more poster reviews, news and rumors about your favorite artists, please visit

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Latin American Literature, Art & Music
Latin American Art and Music : A Handbook for Teaching (1989) Page Horton, Judith. ... Short biographies of famous Hispanic American women. Grades 9-12. ...

04 Jun 2006 LO ADULT CD Music Page 1 AUTHOR.TITLE ...
... carbonedge laser lens cleane Almost famous : music from the moti 2000 Alps 2002 ... violin showpiece 1997 Larry Levan's Paradise Garage 1998 Latin American ...

Latin Dance
Frank M. Figueroa: Encyclopedia of Latin American Music in New York. ... Famous musicians and troubadours, lyrics and sheet music examples, many old photos! ...

Academic Research Papers | MUSIC
... and comments favorably on the opera's two famous "laughing choruses" ... historical influences from Africa, Latin American culture, the Beat Generation, ...

As the most famous composer of his day, Josquin had many royal ... Latin America. LANIC: Latin American Music Resources Online. Mundo Latino - Msica Latina ...

Flaco Jimenez - Booking Information - Latin Music Recording Artist
He grew up in the barrios of San Antonio listening and learning his famous father's trade. ... The Mexican- American all-star band also includes David Hidalgo ...

Latin Roots " The Vaya Blog: Just A Lil NYC Spanglish!
The most famous exponent of magical realism is Gabriel Garca Mrquez. ... Latin American music ... Latin American rhythms, Latin music , mango, merengue, ...

latino american notable people
Famous Latin American Immigrants __ Scroll down the page to read about ... ( Individuals from music and performing arts are not included. ...

Florida Atlantic University
Sponsor: Association of Latin American Students (ALAS) and the Black Student ... Famous Latin's , Flags of Nations, Literature. Sept. 20, Oct. 3, 9, 15. Taste ...

Including performance with famous Latin artists: Jose Luis Rodriguez "El Puma" ... American songbook, jazz standards, traditional Brazilian music and Latin Standards. ...

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Merengue music
As to merengue music rest would to use Briscoe's and humiliating defeat at. ... music imusicast music4u lds+music icp music ddr music rbmusic mi musica musics ...

NEWS OF SALSA, MERENGUE & OTHER RYTHMS! BiboMusic Presents from Puerto Rico: ... Atraves de siete decadas de musica excelente, varios musicos famosos han tocado ...

Bloglines | Search: musica latina
Musica Latina ... Los Zaquanos - Salsa, Bachata, Reggaeton e Musica Latina ... Musica latina con Sabor Dominicano merengue bachata salsa y...

Merengue Blogs, Pictures, and more on WordPress
Bachata/ merengue version by Wendy La Diva ": Bachata version by Wendy La Diva, here " ... Das: Jueves a Domingo Msica : Tropical variada. Me ... more " ...

Rock Paper Scissors - Puerto Plata, Mujer de Cabaret (IASO Records) - Bio
When he plays merengue , he takes us back to a time before the dominance of ... and msica jbara were much closer in their nature, being merely different ...

Tempo USA "Lo Mejor de tu Musica - Movies - Y Mas" Recording studios ...
Tempo Music specializes in selling Latin DVD, Spanish movies DVD, Spanish Karaoke, Instruments, and Latin Music in the United Sates

Digital Audio Latina - Live Radio
Latin Music & News - Musica Latina y Noticias

Musica Latina
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Www.SoloExitos.Org - Escuchar Descargar MP3 Gratis, Videos Musicales ...
Escucha Msica en linea Online, Ver Videos, Letra de Canciones, Descargar MP3, ... radioblog, top reggaeton, boleros, don omar, juanes, merengue , pump ...

Cienfuegos Austin Tx Cuban Son Music
Welcome to Musica Cienfuegos. Back. Cienfuegos Wins Univisions 2007 Best Salsa/ Merengue Award ... fortunate to win the award for Best Salsa/ Merengue . band. ...;fa=1

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Dave Matthews Band Under The Table and Dreaming Rock Music CD Review

Not sure whats happening with me on this one, but it seems like the more I listen to it, the better Under The Table and Dreaming gets. Under The Table and Dreaming stated simply is one of their best CDs to date.

Under The Table and Dreaming opens with an outstanding track, The Best Of What's Around, that I suspect will be heard on radio stations everywhere, and deservedly so. It really is a very nice track.

Under The Table and Dreaming is a pleasantly varied, mix of 12 tracks that are very well written and brilliantly performed songs by these clearly talented musicians. With many of the songs displaying a lot of the kind emotion that makes for a really great listen. Clearly drawing from what I can only imagine are their own real life experiences. At different points touching on the most real emotions of love, and the pain of failed relationships can certainly be heard.

Overall Under The Table and Dreaming is excellent from beginning to end. One of those CDs that after a few listens the songs are just etched into your memory. A must have for the Rock fan. Really sensational from beginning to end.

While this entire album is outstanding the truly standout tunes are track 2 - What Would You Say, track 5 - Typical Situation, and track 11 - Pay For What You Get.

My Bonus Pick, and the one that got Sore [ in "Stuck On REpeat"] is track 1 - The Best Of What's Around. Good stuff!

Under The Table and Dreaming Release Notes:

Dave Matthews Band originally released Under The Table and Dreaming on September 27, 1994 on the RCA Records label.

CD Track List Follows:

1. Best Of What's Around, The 2. What Would You Say - (with Michael McDonald) 3. Satellite 4. Rhyme & Reason 5. Typical Situation 6. Dancing Nancies - (with Michael McDonald) 7. Ants Marching 8. Lover Lay Down 9. Jimi Thing 10. Warehouse 11. Pay For What You Get 12. #34

Dave Matthews Band: David Matthews (vocals, acoustic guitar); Boyd Tinsley (vocals, violin); Leroi Moore (vocals, flute, soprano, alto, & tenor saxophones); Carter Beauford (vocals, drums, percussion); Stefan Lessard (bass).

Additional personnel: John Alagia, Andrew Page, Jeff Thomas, Michael McDonald (vocals); Tim Reynolds (acoustic guitar); John Popper (harmonica); Steve Forman (percussion).

Recorded at Bearsville Studios, Bearsville, New York.

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Suzanne Somers Biography

Suzanne Marie Mahoney was born in San Bruno, California, on 16 October 1946; she is one of four children. In 1986, she wrote an autobiography entitled Keeping Secrets, in which detailed the physical abuse she suffered at the hands of her father as a child, which was later made into a TV movie.

As a child she was diagnosed as having dyslexia and was considered a poor academic student. She did, however, perform well in the theater program at the school, eventually, attending college with a music scholarship.

Unfortunately, after a short time at college, she became pregnant and married her boyfriend Bruce Somers, the marriage ended in 1967 after two years. As a single mother trying to make ends meet Suzanne used her looks to take up modeling, she was quickly snapped up by a game show hosted by Alan Hamel, who later became her second husband.

During the early 70s, she found minor roles in TV shows and movies. Eventually, winning the role that would make her a star, as the bubbly blond Chrissy on the hit TV comedy show Three's Company opposite John Ritter. She has stated in the past that the character was based on the wife of famous entertainer, Dick Clark.

She starred in the show for four seasons, then was apparently 'let go' after asking for a raise. During the early 80s she performed on stage in Las Vegas. She later took the role of Carol Foster, this time, playing opposite Patrick Duffy in the TV series Step by Step. She later went on to host the long-running Candid Camera.

At the beginning of the 90s, he became famous as the scantily clad Thigh Master workout girl in a series of well remembered commercials for the leg exerciser.

Since then, she has gone to more serious work, founding the Suzanne Somers Institute for the Effects of Addictions on the Family. She also, she appeared before the U.S. Senate Committee who at the time were planning legislation regarding addiction and family abuse.

She went on to give lectures on the subject, all over the United States. In addition, was given a Humanitarian Award from the National Counsel on Alcoholism, she is also won the prestigious President's Award from the National Association of American Drug Counselors. As well as several other commendations for her work.

Here are some interesting facts about Suzanne's life, she reached cult status, playing the mysterious blonde driving a Thunderbird, and being pursued by Richard Dreyfuss in the 1972 cult phenomena American Graffiti.

Because of her dyslexia, she had to paint one shoe red to be able to learn dance numbers for her Vegas show. After originally winning the role of Jill Munroe in "Charlie's Angels", she was replaced before shooting began, by Farrah Fawcett.

After losing the role, she hired, Farrah's manager to do for her what he had done a Farrah. In 2001 while being interviewed on the hit show Larry King Live, she announced that she was suffering from breast cancer.

In the opening credits for "Three's Company", the brunette walking along the beach is Suzanne wearing a wig. In 1986, she became Las Vegas, female entertainer of the year.

She and Joyce DeWitt did not speak for 20 years after the end of Three's Company. She was not the first actors hired play Chrissy; she was in fact, the fourth, women, given the role.

Suzann currently promotes her own line of diet and other products with her husband Alan Hamel. provides a full range of official Suzanne Somers products, such as the FaceMaster, the ThighMaster, SomerSweet and Spray On MakeUp.

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