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Led Zeppelin T-shirt BBC Sessions

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The Spanish language, due to its global importance, is one everyone knows a few words from whether if it is just hola or adios. However if you heard somebody talking about a language called "Castilian", what language would you think they were referring to? You would be forgiven for believing that they were referring to some little spoken dialect rather than the language that most people refer to as 'espanol'. Although people talk about the Spanish language, in actual fact there are many Spanish languages and of these, the official tongue is Castilian. Those who have developed an interest in the Spanish language realise that it is extremely intricate and varied according to where it is being spoken, not only in terms of continent, but also in terms of country.

When we hear Spanish referred to one of the Romance Languages, great images are instantly conjured up of the Spanish Conquest, Juan Carlos or even just sunny weather and idyllic landscapes, but what the phrase actually reveals is that Spanish is a language derived from Latin, and so shares some similarities in terms of grammar and vocabulary with other popular European languages such as French and Italian. It also reveals the fact that the language can be traced all the way back to the reign of the Roman Empire, and indeed, a brief reflection on the origins of the language takes us back almost 2,000 years when the beginnings of the language commonly recognised as Spanish began to take shape on the Iberian Peninsula. The only common feature of the Spanish language which can be solely attributed to Spain itself rather than to Rome is the character, which was probably developed by scribes as a shorthand way of writing a double n, and signifies that the n is to be rolled off the tongue in speech. For example, the Latin word annus' (year) Spanish equivalent is aos, and is pronounced 'an-yos'.

Nowadays, as well as Castilian, the Basque, Catalan and Galician languages are also frequently used in Spain. Those who speak these languages are reluctant to call them dialects because the term suggests some form of dependence on Spanish. Instead, they are recognised as languages in their own rights and the use of these different languages reflects distinct and sometimes much divided Spanish cultures. For example, in the Basque region of Spain, there are ongoing campaigns for independence and so the fierce protection of the language constitutes a significant symbol of the Basque people's ongoing plight. The Spanish language and its variations are not only contained to Spain itself, but as a result of the Spanish Conquest have been spread all over the world, notably across the Atlantic Ocean to Latin America where Spanish is spoken in Argentina, Mexico, Nicaragua, Honduras, and many more countries. Over 300 million people in the world today speak Spanish as their native language, although it is becoming more and more evident that English is invading the Spanish language, just as it has done to French recently. Buzz words and slang terminology are regularly found in Spain and Latin America, interjected into fast Spanish speech. To use just a few examples, the words 'bus stop,' 'marketing' and 'click' are now all widely used in the Spanish language, with the resulting mish-mash of words being branded as 'Spanglish.' People who take pride in the Spanish language are keen to limit the ways in which English is infiltrating their mother tongue, although whether the Spanish take the same extreme measures as recently seen in France in order to protect the quality of their language remains to be seen.

In terms of learning the language, it is often marketed in schools as being one of the easiest languages to pick up, mainly due to its natural rhythm and flow of words, for example the fact that as a general rule you are able to determine whether a noun is masculine or feminine by checking to see whether it ends in 'o' or 'a.' But the language is not without its complexities. For example, one of the first things students have to get to grips with is when to use the verb 'ser' and when to use the verb 'estar.' A quick look in the dictionary will confirm that both these verbs are defined as 'to be,' but 'estar' is used for temporary states, and 'ser' is used when a condition is permanent. For example, if I were to be describing my gender I would conjugate 'ser' and say "soy una chica" (note the feminine word's 'a' ending), whereas if I were to describe my mood I would use estar and say "estoy muy contenta" because a mood is likely to change over time. Spanish pronunciation is relatively easy, because you pronounce the letters you see. It must be noted however, that exact pronunciation depends on which part of the world you are in, and two native Spanish speakers can sound very different from one another. The pronunciation guide below is relative to Spanish as it is spoken in Spain.

Neil Payne is a writer at the London based consultancy Kwintessential. One of the many services includes Spanish translation.

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Santa Fe Chamber Music 1998; Spanish Village by William Lumpkins,27 in. x 21 in.

  • Artist: William Lumpkins
  • Title: Santa Fe Chamber Music 1998; Spanish Village
  • Frame: None
  • Image Dimensions: 23.5 in. W x 15.31 in. H

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Over the last 45 years that I have been involved teaching Ballroom Dancing, the biggest problem that I see with Beginner Dancers is that they do not want to learn all the popular dances, they just want to learn the dance that's popular and just enough to get by. Of course, it's fun to learn more steps in your favorite dances, but not to expand your variety is a real mistake.

Can you imagine only wearing one suit of clothing day after day? How boring that would be, not only for you, but especially for the people that are around you daily. Oh, there's Mr. One Suit, or Mr. Brown Pants...Boring.

Well, increasing your dance variety insures that you will be able to stay on the dance floor and keep having a good time with your favorite dance partner. The worst feeling is having to tell your special lady friend that we will have to sit this dance out because you don't know how to dance to the music that's playing. Before you know it, your lady is off dancing with someone else...
When you're having a good time, do you want to interrupt the flow of the evening? I don't think so..

Foxtrot, Waltz, Tango, Rumba, Cha Cha, East & West Coast Swing, Salsa, Mambo, Samba, Meringue. are the popular Night Club dances. The more you learn about these dances, the more you realize that they interrelate in one way or another...For example, a box step can be done in Foxtrot, Waltz, or Rumba, but of course the styling characteristics will differ from dance to dance, which will make each dance look different...

It's much better to learn 4 or 5 steps in all these dances, then to learn 25 steps in one or two of the dances. Why? Because, diversity on the dance floor will make you a sought after dance partner, and a more popular individual around your own social group. plus you will overcome a Beginners Nightmare, to be considered a BORING dance partner...

Remember Gentlemen, if you don't know all the dances, the other guy will.

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Whipped Cream & Other Delights (40th Anniversary Edition)

40th Anniversary Edition Of The Classic Album!

1965's Whipped Cream & Other Delights transformed Herb Alpert & The Tijuana into bonafide superstars, spending an incredible 8 straight weeks at the top of the charts. The album was not only memorable for its music, but for the iconic cover art which featured model Dolores Erickson strategically swathed in whipped cream. The original twelve tracks revolve around the theme of food and include such classics the triple Grammy-winning hit, "A Taste of Honey" and the Dating Game theme "Whipped Cream." This special 40th Anniversary edition features two studio bonus tracks along with a 20-page booklet and a collector's poster.

Each album in the Herb Alpert Signature Series features meticulously remastered sound, deluxe packaging, detailed liner notes, and an intro by Herb Alpert containing personal recollections and anecdotes.
Customer Review: My own "Whipped Cream" fantasy
I have fond memories of this album from my childhood. I remember my mother trying to hide the album cover because it was so racy for the times(at least in So. LA). But the folks did play it often. The music is still great. It sound as wonderful today as it did forty years ago. It stands the test of time.
Customer Review: Yummy Whipped Cream
Herb Alpert is one of the great trumpet players and this album shows that. I could listen to him for hours.

Using the internet to find music you like to listen to and build your music collection in any style of music is an easy and affordable way to add to your music library as you can easily burn your own CD's or download mp3's to your iPod or other music player. It is also a great way to find out about current and new artists, new album and single releases, get free lyrics and find free music downloads. The popular free iTunes software and music library allows you to create your own music library, find TV shows, podcasts and get free music downloads and for only $0.99 a song download you cannot really go wrong. Plus there are a lot of websites online where you can find free music videos and mp3 downloads like YouTube, MySpace, Rawkus, CDBaby, Soundclick and so many others.

What does this mean for the future of music? With the everyday consumer buying on average 2 new music albums a month this could have an effect on the music industry but most shops like Virgin, HMV and other well known music retail shops also have online websites which offer even more discounts and sometimes a music community so the music lovers using the internet can only boost music sales.

The internet is also a good place for independent artists without a major record label to upload and promote their music. There are a lot of independent music websites where you can create your own profile, update fans with your news and even sell your own music. The royalty companies like ASCAP, PRS, Harry Fox and BMI also have internet music licenses you can get so that you receive royalties and commissions for all music plays on internet radio stations, and for any music downloads and mp3 or CD sales.

You can even make your own music by buying and downloading music production and creation software you find online to your PC or laptop and if you have a good sound card and microphone you can make and record your own music and beats very easily. In fact, you can find hundreds of free loops and backing tracks you can download and even license for commercial use making it easy for the music producer and songwriter to make their own music.

And if you want to learn about music, study an instrument or get advice on the music industry you can do a search on the internet and find so much free and useful information in articles and on music websites and blogs.

Does this take away the traditional way of making and playing music for the musician? Some think so but you can look at it like this; the internet has opened up the whole globe to us and you can make good music contacts from all over the world and build your own worldwide fan base just by promoting your music online. Music you may never have even heard of has become easily available and the whole music scene and industry has benefited and grown because of internet and satellite communications.

You can see then that using the internet connects music lovers around the world and Cyber Technology has made it easier for the songwriter and musician to create and record their own music. Plus it opens doors for the independent music artist and also increases exposure for major record label artists so that they can build their fan base and sell more of their music.

For more information on finding music online, making your own beats, downloading free music videos, getting free lyrics, buying instruments and production software and generally about the cyber music world visit my blog Cybertunes.

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Live 2003

The Jazz music sensation began to rub off on other parts of the world which encourages the experimentation of melding their familiar sounds with the essence of Jazz. In Europe's country in the Region of France came the Quintette Du Hot Club de France who was responsible for the making of the early "Gypsy Jazz".

The Belgian guitarist Django Reinhardt created gypsy jazz by mixing the style of French Musette which was used in the dance halls, eastern European Folk known as Jazz Manouche, and American swing of the 1930's. The sound was developed by instruments from the string family which are a steel string guitar, violin, and an upright bass. The atmosphere of the Jazz music is seductive with sudden unpredictable twists, and accelerating rhythms. The French artist Bireli Lagrene plays this unique music with old elements of the past.

Another style of Jazz music that allowed the musicians to express themselves freely was the invention of Avant-garde or free Jazz music. Both of these styles stemmed from the Bebop era, yet produced a relaxed form of harmonic and rhythmic music in the 1940's and 1950's. The musicians John Coltrane, Dewey Redman, Charles Mingus, Sun Ra, Sam Rivers, Ornette Coleman and many more were the creators of the free Jazz music. Between the 1960's and 1970's the Latin musicians created the Afro-Cuban and Brazilian Jazz Music styles after Bebop musicians Dizzy Gillespie and Billy Taylor cultivated it.

Gillespie and Taylor was influenced by the music of Cuban and Puerto Rican musicians Chico O'farrill, Tito Puente, Chano Pozo, Xavier Cugat, Mario Bauza and Arturo Sandoval. Jazz music expressed in a Latin interpretation was termed Bossa Nova with origins in Samba music which is a mixture of Jazz, classical and pop music from the 20th century. Bossa is a moderate sound of music with Classical harmonic structure from Europe, Samba polyrhythm's from Brazil and cool music. The tempo of such a work is about 120 beats per minute. The instruments used in this particular sound is nylon stringed guitar, piano, high hat tap of eighths, tapping on the rim of the drum like Sade's "Sweetest Taboo", and a vocalist. The sound produced is a new relaxing sound where the acoustic sound of the guitar can lull one to sleep with it's easy melodic line.

Joao Gilberto and Antonio Carlos Jobim became popular in the sixties with this style of music. The influence of Jazz music returned to the place of its origins in the religious music known as Urban Contemporary Gospel from the spirituals music. Much of spiritual music sung by southern slaves in the past has a haunting dark and mournful sound during the 1800 and 1900's. The churches know as the sanctified or holy churches took a more happier approach by encouraging member to sing speak their personal testimonies as they celebrated with song and dance.

The sanctified artist Arizona Dranes who was a traveling pastor made recordings that would fit in many musical categories such as blues, and boogie-woogie with the use of Jazz instruments. At the time the Jazz instruments used with religious themed music were percussion and brass instruments.

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Buena Vista Social Club

Ry Cooder's name has helped bring attention to this session, but it's the veteran Cuban son musicians who make this album really special. Reminiscent of Ellington in its scope and sense of hushed romanticism, Buena Vista Social Club is that rare meld of quietude and intensity; while the players sound laid-back, they're putting forth very alive music, a reminder that aging doesn't mean taking to bed. Barbarito Torres's laoud solo on "El Cuarto de Tula" is both more blinding and more tasteful than any guitar showcase on any recent rock album; a quote from "Stormy Weather" and some very distinct parallels to Hawaiian styles remind us of why it's called "world music." --Rickey Wright
Customer Review: Essential for any music collection
I am a fan of many types of music including jazz, rock, dance, blues, bluegrass, classical, world, etc. This is easily one of the top 5 albums ever created, regardless of genre. It is a magical culmination of music, musicians, and timing. If you listen to this (no really, close your eyes and really listen) and are not moved by it, you had better check to see that you still have a heartbeat!
Customer Review: Modern classic
I don't consider my house a home without this album. I seriously put it on repeat. It's one of my favorite to cook and clean to and just leave in the stereo when guests arrive. The DVD of the making of this CD provides a valuable context to what these musicians had been through and make the experience of the album that much more potent for me--I'd recommend the DVD, as well. Ry Cooder does a great job with both.

Few things are as exciting as Broadway shows. Broadway shows mean enjoyment and merriment in one of the most happening places in the world. With many enjoyable and fantastic plays and concerts running in its theatres, Broadway is a constant hub of activity always.

Broadway tickets can be obtained at ticket counters, ticket agencies, organizations, and brokers.

Research shows that almost 98% of all Broadway tickets are sold by ticket agencies like Tele Charge and Ticket Master. Such agencies usually sell tickets at face value and do not allow for any discounts. However, Tele Charge does have special ticket offers for some shows. Such tickets are only for students, seniors, and military people and have to be bought in person, showing relevant identity cards.

Ticket counters also sell discounted and normal-priced Broadway tickets. Discounted tickets like rush tickets and standing room only tickets are available for some selected shows only and sold on the day of the performance. Rush tickets are usually available within $20 to $25.

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Discount tickets can be bought by different means. Discount codes on tickets; rush or lottery tickets; standing room only; and student, military, and senior discounts are some types of discount tickets which are available for different types of Broadway shows.

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Intros, Endings and Turnarounds for Keyboard: Essential Phrases for Swing, Latin, Jazz Waltz, and Blues Styles

Learn the intros, endings and turnarounds that all of the pros know and use! This new keyboard instruction book by John Valerio covers swing styles, ballads, Latin tunes, jazz waltzes, blues, major and minor keys, vamps and pedal tones, and more.
Customer Review: This book is fun ...
The book has well written, very musical phrases. The author suggests usage with several standards that should be in everyone's play book and it's fun to work them in with tunes you already know - in the proper keys. Take them apart, and there is something to learn in most of them. Great for browsing. The printing is good and the binding isn't troublesome on the rack. Nice experience. I would have rated it a five, but some of the pages have a tendency to work loose.
Customer Review: I love this book
I try to spend a half hour with it every night. This book will appeal to a wide range of interests. Whether you are a composer interested in theory, or a keyboardist enhancing your chops, there is something here for you. Most examples are four-measures long, but rich in musicality (kind of like what the Bach chorales are for those studying classical music.) The examples progress from simple chord progressions to more complex, and each is one is clearly explained. Nice melodies too! It is apparent that the author has spent a lot of time with each of the sub-genres (swing, ballads, blues, Latin, etc.) and has distilled his knowledge into a neat recipe book that will serve as a launching point for those wishing to further their expertise.

We, as teenagers, attend parties to have FUN. We want to get away from the tough school hours during the week, kick back and ENJOY life a little. Parties, for that reason, are always filled with high energy, blasting music, drunken teens, laughing, fighting etc. The point is... parties are FILLED WITH EMOTION. There are generally two types of people at these "high energy" parties:

1) The "Wallflower". (Those who grab their drinks -> sit/ stand out of the spotlight -> quietly enjoy their night).

2) The "Entertainers". (Those who are the centre of attention/life of the party -> usually create the excitement/ laughs/ entertainment of others).

Teenage women view the "entertainers" as usually the charismatic, confident, funny, outgoing personality type, whereas the "wallflower" is seen as an insecure, bored, closed personality. Fact is... teenage women (and all women for that matter) GRAVITATE towards the "entertainers" of the party. Teenage women of our era generally live pretty mediocre, boring lives. They look for their male counterpart to give them that extra push for an exciting, adventurous, unpredictable lifestyle that they just don't have.

Women are totally sexually attracted to positive energy exerted by males, SO BE A FUN GUY! Become the life of the party (I don't mean get drunk as hell and make a fool out of yourself) but confidently and casually waltz around the party with a smile on your face and socialize with EVERYONE. Make short conversation with all women there, but make it fun, exciting, and sexually stimulating (by flirting with them). I find that becoming the LIFE of the dance floor, is a GUARANTEE SUCCESS in attracting women. Women LOVE guys who dance, and if they are the centre of attention in the biggest spotlight of the party, girls will by FAR be impressed.

You see...the key to meeting teen women at these not going straight up to them and forcing out awkward conversation. The REAL KEY... is to make yourself known at the party, and others will flock to YOU (guys and girls) because were all attention seekers. It's a contagious thing... think about it. If one girl is impressed by your dancing and "not giving a shit" attitude, she will approach you. When the other girls see you talking to/ dancing with that girl... they will sub consciously label you as "desired", and THEY will approach you (girls get EXTREMELY jealous from other female competition, so use it to your advantage). Once the guys see that you're mingling on the dance floor with a group of girls who are subtly talking/ near you, THEY will want to join in on the success... and approach to start dancing near you... or just to say "what's up?"

Before you know it, you're suddenly the centre of attention of the party, and EVERYONE will glare at you in either awe or jealousy. You will seem charismatic the way people are gravitating towards you, and it is a CHAIN REACTION. How do you start the chain reaction? You do this by slowly initiating POSITIVE energy and getting on that dance floor. Your main goal is to just get that ONE girl NEAR you... or dancing WITH you. You will not believe the utter success that flows from that... it's almost magical. It literally puts a smile on my face because I've done it SO MANY times. I'm not talking out of my ass here boys... it WORKS.

Just build the confidence to become the life on the dance floor in the first place... and all else will follow. Try not to gain your confidence through alcohol consumption, but rather look within yourself, realize you only live ONCE... and hit the dance floor GUNNIN.

My most successful philosophy in attracting teen women at parties is dancing. I'm not saying I'm a good dancer... but as long as girls know I am having the time of my life... they will be impressed. If there is no dance floor... you still need to somehow become the life of the party. I truly value the power of dancing, but I do understand that there are "non dancers" out there... and many of them. So if initiating that exciting, confident "aura" on the floor just isn't your thing... you will need to stick with me here... well... at least until lesson: 21.

This and MUCH more will is discussed in a complete FREE program I have designed based upon the fundamentals of the psychology of attraction. The best thing you can do at a party to attract women... well, visit my website and find out for yourself: Attract-Teen-Women.

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Although Lisa Marie has managed to keep her children protected from the spotlight, she has recently gone public with her own musical work.

Lisa has not chosen to go the route of acting at this time. However, she has gone public with several press releases and appearances on news programs. I was able to catch an episode of Primetime Live, which featured Lisa Marie Presley for a full segment.

The news commentator interviewed Lisa and asked her many questions about her life and her past. One of the things they did was show side-by-side film footage of Lisa Marie performing, alongside her father, Elvis Presley. The two performances were at least 25 years apart, in time, but were spliced together to view Elvis and Lisa singing and dancing to show similarities.

Although Lisa is unique in her own right, there are many uncanny similarities between her and her father. Let's face it, it's only natural for this to happen. And we love it!

The Way Lisa holds a microphone and moves around and gazes at the camera are strikingly similar to the way Elvis would sing and dance, and sneer at the camera himself. Lisa Marie Presley is undoubtedly very talented and has decided to reflect her talent publicly at this time. The video chosen to display Lisa Marie's singing ability was the main track from her new CD, To Whom It May Concern. The main track is titled Lights Out.

In fact, the film clip from the video, Lights Out, was the clip shown next to the film footage of her father, taken from Elvis' 1968 Comeback Special, featuring him in his black leather outfit.

Although Lisa was not dressed in black leather, her clothes were flashy, and her whole aura reflected that of Elvis Presley.

I think that even though much of the major public are not all that crazy about Elvis impersonator's, the music industry, and Elvis fans alike, are really craving an entertaining personality with the talent and charisma of Elvis Presley.

I believe that even though much of Lisa Marie's facial expressions, moves, and natural looks are very close to her father Elvis, the people are going to accept this because not only are these features completely natural, they are expected of any offspring of Elvis Presley.

Lisa Marie's personality, the words she chooses to use, her facial expressions, especially the way she would raise one eyebrow up, open her eyes wide, and gaze at the camera when pleasantly making a joke out of a statement, was especially reminiscent of her father but also very refreshing.

During a very intimate portion of the interview, Lisa Marie stated that she has had some experience with drug use. However, she went on to clarify that she now lives a pretty clean life, for the most part. She shared stories about her past marriages, her children, her mother Priscilla, and memories of her father, Elvis.

Primetime Live also showed some home movies of Elvis, Priscilla, and Lisa Marie in their home environment with Elvis spending time with his family, and playing games with them. As Lisa sat there watching it along with everyone else, her facial expression began to change from perhaps having her guard up and being ready for difficult personal questions, to one of gentle, sweet, memories and peace.

It is certainly very sad that Lisa had to lose her father so early in her life. She seemed to go through things in her life that reflected the pain and difficulty she experienced with losing her father so soon.

With all the difficult times in Lisa's life, along with the good times, she has come a long way personally and professionally.

Lisa did comment on her marriage to Michael Jackson, but didn't spend much time on the subject. She spent more time talking about her relationship and marriage with her first husband, Danny Keough. This is the first marriage during which Lisa had a child. Danny Keough also became a member of Lisa's band in 2004.

While Lisa was in her late teens, and early twenties, she was managed by Jerry Schilling. Mr. Schilling is one of the original members of the Memphis Mafia, who went on to accomplish a successful business career in show biz after Elvis died.

A piece of trivia that would be interesting to all. Lisa Marie Presley's children provided backup vocals for her on her recent CD titled, To Whom It May Concern.

Jonathon Bates is a news reporter and publisher. He writes weekly columns for website. He is currently writing a book about Elvis Tribute Artists.

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Live 2003 (CD & DVD)

The two-disc set includes a 90-minute, nine-camera, super 16 live shoot taken from their July 21 and 22, 2003 performances at the Horden Pavilion in Sydney, Australia, as well as band commentary, a never before broadcast behind-the-scenes documentary, a special tour diary and the edited audio CD. The DVD and CD will also include two PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED live tracks- "The One I Love" and "Moses."
Customer Review: coldplay CD&DVD live 2003
it's a awesome album that everyone should have , the performent on DVD , the music on CD's beautiful.
Customer Review: delay delivery
i bought it in october 18, its november 22, and im still waiting for it. where is it?????????

There are umpteen zillion piano books available in music stores and online at such places as Amazon. And piano books are usually necessary if your goal is to become a better pianist.

But how does a person know which piano books are necessary and which books are redundant, to say nothing of good or bad. There are books on music theory, scales, chords, books about composers, books about music in general, and of course piano lesson books by Schaum, Williams, Alfred d'Auberge, Bastien, John Thompson, Glover, etc., etc.

The best way is to divide the study of piano playing into it's components:

General lesson piano books:

While there are many, for the adult beginner I would select the series by Bastien titled "The Adult Beginner" It is excellent for adults, and includes quite a bit of music theory along with the piano lessons.

General books about music:

Far and away the most inspiring book about music in general is "The Joy of Music" by Leonard Bernstein. If you want to wrap your brain around music, this is the book for you. (Bernstein, in case you don't know, was both a great conductor and a great composer, having written "West Side Story" and many others.)

Another great selection would be "What To Listen For In Music" by Aaron Copeland. (He was also a great composer.)

Technique books:

The best book I have found for developing finger dexterity and piano technique is a book that has been around for a hundred years or so, but is still the standard. It is "The Virtuoso Pianist in 60 Exercises - Complete: Piano Technique" by C. L. Hanon

Music theory books:

There are many, most of which are complex and difficult to understand, but a good choice for a beginner would be "The Complete Idiot's Guide To Music Theory" by Michael Miller.

Books on piano chords:

In this category I'm going to have to cast all modesty aside and select my own book titled "Piano Chords & Chord Progressions: The Secret Backdoor To Exciting Piano Playing". It's thorough, cheap, and very easy to read and understand.

Song books:

In addition to books that teach all aspects of piano playing, you'll need several good songbooks so you can practice the things you are learning. The piano books you select are largely a matter of taste: if you love rock, you'll want to buy books of rock songs. If you love jazz, or gospel, or pop, or whatever, you'll want to get the song books appropriate to your likes and tastes.

But in addition to regular piano song books, be sure to also get a "fake book". A fake book is a book which contains the melody, the words, and the chord symbols for songs. Usually a fake book has a thousand or more songs in it, so it is a huge bargain.

When I was a teenager fake books were illegal, but they were sold under the counter to musicians all the time. I paid $50. for my first fake book (which I still have, incidentally) which contained only 200 songs. Fifty bucks back then is similar to the national debt now. But it was something working musicians had to have.

Now fake books contain thousands of songs and sell for much less -- often just $25. or so. So be sure to pick one up -- preferably several, as they come in all flavors -- jazz, folk, western, gospel, pop, and just about any other musical classification that you could think of.

All of these books can be obtained at your local music store or from online stores such as Amazon.

Then there is another totally different class of piano books that are part of an audio-visual course. Usually these books are supplementary to the DVD or CD (or both) which comprises the course. This type of piano books are new in the history of the world, because obviously DVDs and CDs haven't existed all that long. This type of course puts it all together, so in addition to reading a book, you can hear the instruction and see it being demonstrated on your own TV or computer screen.

To locate this type of piano book just type in a search query such as "piano lessons on DVD" or "piano instruction on DVD" or a similar phrase. There are many such courses now available through the internet, and more being born every day.

For more info on helpful piano books, please go to "Piano Books: The Top Piano Books That Can Make You a Much Better Piano Player!" In addition, a series of 101 free email lessons on piano chords is available at "Exciting Piano Chords & Sizzling Chord Progressions!"

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South African Folk Music Group Sweatshirt

Gildan - Crewneck Sweatshirt
A value fleece, made from Air Jet Spun Yarn, offers a soft feel and no pill, wash after wash.
7.75-ounce, 50/50 cotton/poly; double needle throughout, banded bottom, 1 x 1 athletic rib with Lycra, set-in sleeves.

The Waltz is the epitome of elegance and grace. When you watch two people dance the Waltz in competition, they look as if they are from another time; the men dressed in tails, the women in beautiful gowns. As they spin around the dance floor, they look as if they are floating on air.

The Waltz first became popular in Vienna in the 1780's. It's interesting to note that the position of the Waltz; each partner holding the other in close contact, was considered vulgar, and even sinful, by parents and religious leaders of the day. In a time when the most common formal dances were those such as the Minuet, a choreographed dance where the only contact was occasional hand-holding, the Waltz was utterly shocking. Even as late as the mid-1800's, some newspapers printed opinion pieces warning parents of the Waltz being observed in their city. Of course, this controversy only served to increase the Waltz's popularity among young people in love.

Today, of course, the Waltz is a dance that is cherished for its loveliness. It's a dance that is easily modified to be a formal or casual dance. The Waltz is equally appropriate between two people madly in love on a moonlit night as it is between a father and daughter or a grandmother and grandson at a family gathering.

The Waltz is a dance you will use for the rest of your life. The Waltz will never go out of style, out of season or out of fashion. It is a dance that is equally as useful when you are 20 as when you are 80. Being a tempo-friendly dance, once you know the basic steps, the Waltz is easy to modify to whatever music is playing.

When learning to Waltz, one of the first things both the man and the woman need to get used to is to lead and to follow. In the modern world, men aren't used to being in charge of directing a woman's movements, and women aren't used to being directed. We live in a society of cooperation between the genders, without one having more control over the other. Giving and giving up control can be a sticking point at first while we find our places. To make this quicker to overcome for both the man and the woman, it's easier to think of the Waltz as a dance of cooperation rather than control. When a man indicates to his partner that they are moving in a certain direction, anything other than cooperation will end up as a mess. Cooperation, however, will bring out the beauty and grace of both partners.

Whether you want to learn to Waltz for a specific event such as a wedding or anniversary, or you've just always wanted to learn the Waltz, you can learn it much more quickly than you may think. In just a few lessons, you and your partner can be spinning around the dance floor like you've been dancing the Waltz together for years.

Want to learn to dance? Wish you could move your body confidently on the dance floor? Or would you just like to have a great excuse to get out and meet people? Well for all of the above come and visit Dance Vogue where professional dancer and teacher Natalie Beck show you how to take the next step.

If you have your wedding around the corner and are worried about that first dance, Natalie has a lot of experience helping couples get confident and looking great dancing together in a short period of time. Have a look at her wedding dancing lessons to get up to speed:

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Coldplay X & Y

Music is so common and widespread in our culture that frequently many of us take for granted the right we have (or think we have) to play it. Most people fail to realize that a legal license is required by law to play any copyrighted music.

Copyrighted Music

So what constitutes copyrighted music? The majority of music (if not all of it) that you hear is copyrighted, which means an individual or group of individuals hold the exclusive right to copy, license, or otherwise use a musical work. Generally those individuals are the people who created and produced the music. Whether it is from the radio, on a CD, or legally downloaded in the form of an MP3 file, the music is copyrighted. Companies (namely retail businesses and corporations with on hold music) are not allowed to play music from compact discs, the radio, or anything other media form for their clients and customers without obtaining the proper licenses first. This means one cannot simply hook up the radio, MP3 player, or a CD to play for customers; doing so will make you liable and result in unnecessary lawsuits and hefty fines.

It is imperative to know the difference between re-broadcasting music in a commercial setting versus listening to it strictly for private enjoyment. Consumers are permitted to buy CDs and legally download MP3 files for their personal enjoyment for them; you are allowed to play the music within your own home, private office, or car. The re-broadcasting of licensed music within any commercial establishment (such as a restaurant, office lobby, store, etc) is not permitted and is subject to legal fines and fees.

No License?

If you choose to re-broadcast copyrighted music in a commercial location without a proper license, there is the possibility that you will not get caught and nothing will happen to you. Since monitoring literally millions of pieces of copyrighted music that play every single day throughout the country is practically impossible, there is the possibility that you will not get caught. However, licensing organizations such as Broadcast Music Incorporated (BMI) are stepping up efforts to contact businesses that use music (whether in a retail store or on hold) to make sure they have all the proper and necessary licenses to play that music.

Be forewarned that if you do get caught and are charged for copyright infringement (illegally playing copyrighted music), fines can be as steep as $20,000 for each song (or performance) you played without a license. If it can be proven that the infringement was intentional, the fines will increase substantially and rise possibly as high as $100,000. Contact a licensing organization to get the licenses to play the music you want to play for your customers.

On Hold Marketing Messages

One of the preeminent and most secure ways to guarantee the content and music your customers hear on hold or in a commercial establishment is legal and exactly what you want is to get a custom on hold marketing message Music is so common and widespread in our culture that frequently many of us take for granted the right we have (or think we have) to play it. Such a recording will guarantee that your clients customers hear exactly what you want them to while they are on hold; it is a perfect time to nonchalantly discuss products and services you offer without being intrusive or overbearing. Plus, the cost of having such a message created is substantially less than the fees and fines you are likely to incur if you illegally used licensed and copyrighted music. on hold marketing message.

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Exitos en Video

Customer Review: Sound engeneer where are you?
The sound quality is horrendous, Mana make a lot of money off there fans I could not believe my ears. I end up play the cd and the videos Simultaneously to be happy. A live concert DVD is needed MANA.
Customer Review: Great Mexican rock band, great songs but...
When they made the DVD, there are some things they should have changed on it. If you're a Mana fan, you'll know all the songs. One live track, a cover of "El Rey" filmed in Montreux Switerland shows of Alex Gonzalez's drumming, something that doesn't come through on their studio tracks. As far as the videos themselves go, you see it going from something that is borderline public access video, to some embarrassing videos that are kind of humorous, to a more polished look towards the "Suenos Liquidos" videos, where it ends. Nothing from "Revolucion de Amor" or their song with Carlos Santana "Corazon Espinado" (which is on Carlos' "Supernatural" DVD) is included. Here's the complaints that I found more annoying than anything: the cover of Led Zeppelin's "Fool in the Rain", straight off of the "Econium" tribute video is them in the studio talking about recording the song. It either should be the full song or in the "extras". It's something that you wind up forwarding and gets annoying real fast. "Clavado En Un Bar" has 5 minutes of the "making of", yet you can't skip the making of, you have to forward it. Another one that belongs in the "extras". It's something that we should be able to enjoy with the TV on or off. The "in betweens" can get a little noisy at times but isn't a big deal. It's not in Surround Sound, but you can hear it playing in all the speakers. I'd like to see them revamp this one a little bit to make it more "DVD-friendly" and put out a live DVD which shows off how great they are in concert. Even if you don't understand Spanish, the music alone is good enough to enjoy...

As with any competition Kimmie is involved in, I usually don't watch until after I've read about the results; or I can fast forward my "Tivo" to the scores to see her standings. Then I decide how to watch that particular event. But this competition was unusual, I had no choice but to endure the anticipation of being in the crowd; part of it. However, it was still too nerve wrecking to watch.

Kimmie was the last to skate. Once she had performed, she sat patiently awaiting her scores. However, her body language spelled anticipation; meanwhile, the commentators, while the viewers and the audience were on an edge, felt compelled to comment on Kimmie's past performances, from the good ones to her recent "disasters." Soon everyone stood, wondering what was taking so long; I heard some people say that they were tabulating the scores, while others said they were counting her jumps. This part alone should have told me something was strange because this is not the norm.

A reporter came to the crowd speaking on behalf of Kimmie, proudly saying how he knew she had it in her, when another one of Kimmie's fans pulled out a recent article written by this fellow discrediting Kimmie. Anticipation had kept me from watching Kimmie's actual performance. It meant too much. However, my gut reaction was that she had won! I started to dance around, some people chanted with me, others clapped. While some glared. The scores had not come out yet. However, there was this feeling in me that she had won! After all she is a winner!

Soon after the party had simmered down, there was a disquiet in the large arena; Kimmie was being interviewed. She had regained her "World Title." It was exhilarating.

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Original Richard Lugo Latin Pop Art Poster Print - 11" X 17"

We bring you the best selection of Movie Posters, Music Posters, Sports Posters, Art Prints, Television Posters, College Humor, and more! This is the premier destination for finding entertainment posters. Find authentic movie advertisements, increase your celebrity photo and poster collection, locate that missing pop idol piece you need to complete your set, or discover rare concert sheets from your favorite musicians and bands. Whether its that one rare framed art print youve been looking for, or you need to wallpaper your dorm room with the hottest, sexiest posters, this is the place to find everything. Brand new, perfect condition, fast shipping! Buy from the best!!!

As a dad, I can tell you what works for Father's Day and what doesn't. Over the years, I've received ties with flashing lights, "World's Greatest Dad" T-shirts, picture frames, electronic singing and dancing hamsters, and even a set of tires. While I've worn or used every one of those gifts even if it was just for making my kids happy. There are some things I'm hoping to find under my "Father's Day Tree" this year.

Making the top of my list is the Sirius Stiletto 100 with the car kit. This thing is so cool. Not only can I listen to Sirius radio, it's got a built in MP3 player that lets me listen to my own music, as well as record whatever is playing on the radio. What's really neat about this little guy is that I can use the Stiletto 100 over any public Wi-Fi network. That means I can sit in my favorite coffee shop and listen to satellite radio without having to have a high-gain antenna of some sort. If the Sirius 100 with the car kit is out of the price range, I could live with Stiletto 10. It's a more barebones option, with no Wi-Fi connectivity, but it still gives me access to my MP3s.

I'm also hoping to get a nice set of portable speakers to go with my MP3 player on Father's day. The Altec-Lansing InMotion series is pretty slick, as is the LG MSP-100. These guys will look great sitting on the desk in my den. I can almost hear the Jazz bouncing off of the bookshelves now. Every dad should have some sort of portable music option so we can have music when working in the garage or enjoying a nice spring day on the deck out back.

If I can go way out there and dream for a minute, I'd like to think that my kids have been saving their allowances for the last six years or so, and that they've been working a part-time third-shift job I don't know about. If that's the case, I'm hoping for the Hitachi P50T501. With 50 inches of pure High Def, I'll be in heaven come World Series. A high definition receiver with a DIRECTV HD subscription would add even more enjoyment to the mix.

I know, I know, I'm more likely to get a tie. But kids, if you're reading this, please know that this year, I'd prefer a Van Heusen, Robert Talbott, or Josh Bach designer tie. The multi-colored, flashing light tie that reads "BEST DAD EVER" is sweet and all but I prefer something we can enjoy together. Buy dad some new music from satellite radio so we can dance. Buy dad that new TV so we can cuddle on the couch with some popcorn on movie night. Play your cards right and convince mom to buy me something we both can use.

Don't worry, though. No matter what you make me, I'll be wearing it to work the next day and it will be the best Father's Day Gift ever.

Bob Maines is a satellite radio specialist with several years of experience selling and installing SIRIUS Radio

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Essential Glastonbury - The Greatest Hits From the Greatest Festival

Essential Glastonbury - The Greatest Hits From The Greatest Festival //1 Muse - Time Is Running Out (3:58) 2 R.E.M. - Immitation Of Life (3:58) 3 Manic Street Preachers - IfWhiteAmericaToldTheTruthForOneDayIt'sWorldWouldFallApart (3:41) 4 The Kinks - The Village Green Preservation Society (2:47) 5 Radiohead - Fake Plastic Trees (4:52) 6 Coldplay - Yellow (Live) (5:36) 7 The Cure - A Forest (Acoustic Version) (4:52) 8 David Bowie - 1984 (3:28) 9 The Flaming Lips - Do You Realize?? (3:34) 10 Ash - Clones (4:01) 11 Stereophonics - Madame Helga (3:55) 12 The Chemical Brothers - Block Rockin' Beats (Live) (4:19)
Customer Review: Stupid
It is not what you are expecting. You probably already have all the tracks. I was pissed!

So you love music and you want to be a DJ. Well before
taking the plunge there are some things you need to
know about how to become a DJ.

Since there is no such thing as a DJ school to teach
you the steps one of the first things you need to know
is that you need to be original and if possible new in
your talent and technique. Talk to other DJ's if you can
and find out how they broke into the business and get
some tips from them. See if they will take you on as an
apprentice so that you can learn.

A person that aspires to be a disk jockey needs to have
a lot a charisma because other than the music a really
good DJ that has appeal is what draws the crowds. So
develop a character personality that attracts crowds.
You need to know when to tune it down as well so that
you do not overpower and lose that attention.

As a DJ you have to be knowledgeable in all genre of
music, just knowing a few hit songs here and there won't
cut it. So you need to make sure to brush up on your musical
intellect by learning about all types of music. The way to
learn the music it is to listen to it...even if it is not
what you personally enjoy, a DJ has to know and have a
lot of music.

Now, you need to realize that being knowledgeable in all
music doesn't mean that you will play all music. You
will need to develop your own style as well. You need
to work on a certain niche of music lovers and be able
to entertain with the right music, whether it be rock, rap,
soul or house music.

You need to have good quality music, so if you are downloading
it from the Internet, make sure that you are using legal sites
to get it from so that you are getting the best quality.

Plan on either renting or possibly borrowing the equipment that
you will need until you are comfortable with being a DJ. The
last thing you want to do is spend a lot of money on expensive
equipment and then find you don't enjoy it as much as you thought you would.
Then ask some friends if you can DJ a party of two for them
for free so you can get your feet wet and see how the crowd

An important key you need to remember is that you should
base the music you play on the crowd that you are entertaining.
In other words, don't play rap for a group of elderly
people and don't place bluegrass for a bunch of rockers or rappers.

Learning how to DJ can be a lot hard work as well as fun.
So get out there and make your way in the world of music
and don't forget to have fun while you're at it.

Top DJs don't just play the music they become the dance floor, when they move the crowd moves few other professions in the world can make you feel that you want it... get the help you need at

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From Dance Floor to Recording Studio, the Debut Album by Julianne Hough

Two-time professional champion of ABC's hit television show "Dancing With The Stars," Julianne Hough has recently begun focusing on yet another talent - singing.

On May 20, Hough released her self-titled debut album of country music. In the spirit of something her most infamous critics Carrie Anne, Len and Bruno (the judges from the show that made her famous) might say, Hough's debut is very good but there is always some room for improvement.

The best track on the album is probably the first single, "That Song In My Head," which has all the qualities of a fun and catchy tune. Two other songs that really seem to stand out are "My Hallelujah Song" and "About Life" for their sweet vocals and notable themes respectively.

The majority of the tracks fall into what a typical music fan might consider the average to slightly above average category. But, the songs "You, You, You" and "Jimmy Ray McGee" are two examples works that seem either overdone or lacking originality and show the existence of the aforementioned "room for improvement".

Overall, Hough's is something of a breath of fresh air. In an industry that glorifies promiscuity and materialism, she is a complete change of pace. Her debut album gives the music world a refreshing taste of a wholesome and classic country style. And, if she keeps working at it, she could make quite a name for herself as a musician similar to how she has already done so with her skills on the dance floor.

I'd recommend this record to anyone who is more than just a casual country music fan with a passing interest.

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