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Learn to Salsa Dance Video Series, Vol 1: Salsa Dancing Guide for Beginners

Never danced? No problem! Join us on the dance floor with this fantastic 2 hour salsa dance DVD. The instruction is clear & concise. The productions values are stellar, and the quality is amazing. Yes, you will be salsa dancing, with your partners, by the end of this video! It's a step-by-step approach, tailored and refined by teaching thousands upon thousands of students how to dance salsa. This video covers the very basic steps, the foundation of leading and following, and a couple of nice salsa patterns. This stellar 2 hour DVD provides everything you need to know to get yourself dancing! Purchase it today, and be dancing tomorrow.
Customer Review: No rhythm no problem
I will say this I'm Hispanic so I did know some Salsa before I purchased this DVD. I wanted to learn some advanced moves and I realized before I purchased this video that prob wasn't for me. It wasn't but it did teach me some basic concepts in general. It also taught me how to turn. I'm a natural dancer but it gave me concrete steps which I just do without thinking. That being said I do believe this will teach ANYBODY to dance. He gives so much detail and repetition there is no way you won't be able to pick it up. I love the hand tricks. Also I didn't have a partner and this a partner video. Don't buy if you have dance experience.
Customer Review: Easy to follow.
The instructions are clear and easy to follow. My husband has absolutely no rythym and he picked up the steps.

Dance has been an important part of rituals, celebrations and entertainment since before the birth of human civilisation. In the beginning, before we had written language to record things, the purpose of dance was often to tell stories and to pass them down to future generations.

The story of dancing in Cuba

In Cuba, as in ancient times, dance tells its own story. The passion and energy of Cuban dance reveals the strength and conviction of the Cuban people, determined to enjoy life despite 'la lucha' (the struggle) of living in a strictly regulated country where the average monthly wage comes in at around 400 pesos - less than 10.

The richness of Cuban music and dancing also tells the story of Cuba's melting pot of cultures. From the high-stepping flamenco brought by the Spanish settlers in the 15th century to the frenzied tribal dances of the West African slaves, dancing is in the blood of the Cuban people.

From the teenage girl in denim shorts to the cigar-seller on the street corner, Cubans are given to break into spontaneous dance steps. Furthermore, the people dancing on the streets of Havana are likely to be just as good as the professionals, because in Cuba dancing is simply a way of life.

The variety of Cuban dances

Cuba boasts a huge range of dances including classical ballet, contemporary, flamenco and folk dancing. But it is the partnered routines that appeared in Havana dancehalls between the 1920s and the 1950s - Salsa, rumba, mambo and cha-cha-cha - that can be seen in every Cuban bar, club and street. Of these, Salsa is the most popular dance internationally.

Since the name 'Salsa' (it's Spanish for 'sauce') was coined, Salsa dancing has exploded in popularity in Latin America and across the world. Salsa dancing classes are now hugely popular but to really get into the swing of it a Salsa holiday in Cuba itself is a must.

Tips for Cuban Salsa dancing

If you do take yourself on a Cuban holiday, you'll have the unique experience of watching Cubans Salsa dancing. It sometimes appears that by some genetic aberration they have been born with super flexible joints, defying physics to carry out all the complex manoeuvres they have integrated into the dancing. Their remarkable twisting body movements and natural sense of rhythm will dazzle you.

If you have the right technique, Cuban Salsa is easier to learn than many other forms of dance. The basic footwork is a fairly simple walking motion, pausing every fourth beat, and there are some six basic steps you can follow to make sure you're on the right tracks.

1 Relax

To dance Cuban Salsa well it is important not to rush, but to relax into the steps. Movements should be precise and deliberate in addition to being flowing and smooth.

2 Walk with purpose

Salsa dancing involves a continual circular motion. Couples walk around each other with an imaginary axis between them. This makes turns look smooth and effortless. Walking gives time to untangle your arms after each turn.

3 Have confidence in your lead

The leader (usually the man) should have constant tension in his arms, while his hands guide his Salsa dancing partner around the floor. There is no need to clamp onto each other's hands, only to use the right amount of tension to provide a leading signal.

4 Be flexible when following

In order to follow well, ladies should try to match the tension of their partner. The exception to this is when arms need to be relaxed and flexible to complete arm-twisting Salsa moves without injury!

5 Keep balanced when you spin

The key to all the spectacular spins in Salsa is not to lose your balance. One way to do it is by spotting while you spin - focussing on one spot at each turn - an age-old dance technique.

6 Use your body

In Salsa dancing, ladies should make use of their body and be sensual, playful and creative. This can involve some creative arm movements, going with what feels right and basically showing off a bit. Enjoy!

Emma Lelliott is the general manager of Captivating Cuba, an independent Cuba holiday specialist. With offices in Havana and the UK, Captivating Cuba can offer Cuban Salsa holidays to Havana as well as expert advice on holidays to Varadero and Cayo Coco and lesser known resorts such as Jibacoa and Trinidad.

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Radio Ready

Percussion is the oldest form of music known to man. From the historic drum of the human heart to the archaic animal pelt drums of our ancestors, the primal beat of the drum stirs something ancient within our souls which can urge us on to dance, groove, or psyche us up to perform extraordinary feats.

The most prehistoric use of rhythm was to send our ancestors into a trance in order to procure a vision or reach a state of poetical flow to deliver stories of tribal lore and tales of life and to communicate over long distances between tribes. Not much has changed over the ages.

Although beats are now heard behind more modern and complicated instruments and covered with sonic production qualities from recording studios they have still maintained the same basic qualities and serve the same basic functions, to put us into a trance and achieve a poetical flow and to communicate over long distances. The poetical flow now takes the form of rap or singing, and the tales of life and "tribal lore" forms the lyrics. Long distance communication involves sending CD's over the world. But at the beating heart of the matter it's still the same as it was in the jungle.

So how can you use this information to create beats of your own?

Well keep in mind the basic fact that the beat is used to create a mood and feeling in the listener which will convey the emotion of the musicians.

The art of percussion is the art of manipulating time.

The rhythm of life is a powerful beat! Basically what you are trying to communicate through a beat is little pieces of transmitted life. As such, you have to capture life within you so that you can transmit it out through your music.

The only way to do this is to get out there! Experience life! Get yourself into as many situations as you can. Note how you feel, observe the beating of your heart when you are excited, when you are sad, when you are scared, when you are relaxed and happy.

Great musicians have the ability to create these same feelings in their listeners through their music.

Take your time!

As a percussionist you form the back bone of the song. As such, the soul that you put into your beat is going to radiate throughout the whole song.

If the same vibe is flowing through all the musicians the music will come out flowing and naturally. If there are disparate clashes of ego throughout the band perhaps it is time to regroup. Strongly opposite emotions are like to create clash within the music. Although sometimes this clash is the basis for the greatest music!

Basically the soundest advice is to put soul and life into your beats. These aspects radiate universally throughout the music into peoples hearts no matter what your level of technicality is.

Ant Onaf is a content producer in association with (, a online retailer of instructional dance videos.

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Karaoke: Coldplay

Most American people are familiar with the fact the former President Bill Clinton played the saxophone, but there are many others famous leaders who played instruments too, including at least six other United States Presidents.

Patrick Henry and Benjamin Franklin played instruments during their free time off from building a nation. Patrick Henry played the flute and fiddle and Benjamin Franklin played the guitar and violin.

Thomas Jefferson, the third US President, was known for many things including the Declaration of Independence, the Louisiana Purchase, the lazy Susan, and the dumb waiter. He was also known to have played the cello, clavichord, and the violin.

John Quincy Adams, the sixth President, was known for the Monroe Doctrine, but he also was known to play the flute. Chester Alan Arthur, the twenty first US President, played the banjo. Woodrow Wilson, the 28th US President, created the League of Nations and played the violin. Harry Truman and Richard Nixon played the piano. Nixon also played the accordion.

Other famous leaders, Mahatma Gandhi, Sir Edward Heath, Ross Perot, and Condeleeza Rice also played or still play instruments. Mahatma Gandhi, peaceful leader of India's Nationalist movement, played the concertina. Sir Edward Heath, a former British Prime Minister, played the organ and was a conductor. Ross Perot, an independent candidate for US President, plays the accordion. Condeleeza Rice, US Secretary of State, plays the piano. At one time, she was even considering a career as a concert pianist.

Playing an instrument has been scientifically proven to improve focus, discipline, and study habits. It also acts as an outlet for creativity and stress release. There are many social benefits derived from playing an instrument. Being part of a band or orchestra provides camaraderie and teaches how to function as part of a group.

Can playing an instrument guarantee you an elected position? Of course not, but it may put you on the road to a successful career!

NOTE: Use of this article requires links to be intact.

Jesse Fisher enjoys writing articles for Allegro Rainbow- a business created to help people learn how to play musical instruments. I Can Play Guitar helps children learn to play the guitar in a fun and interesting way.

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Shakira: Oral Fixation Tour [Blu-ray]

After wrapping up her world-wide sold out Oral Fixation Tour, Shakira is back with the LIVE CONCERT Blu-ray that captures it all. Viewed by over 2M people in 36 countries, Shakira delivers all of her smashes, such as "La Tortura"(featuring Alejandro Sanz), "Hips Don't Lie" (featuring Wyclef Jean), "Whenever, Wherever" and "Underneath Your Clothes". Fans can witness Shakira shifting gracefully from the hypnotic hip-swaying siren to the all-out rock star in love with her guitar.

1.Intro/Estoy Aqui
2.Te Dejo Madrid
3.Don't Bother
5.Hey You
7.Si Te Vas
8.La Tortura (featuring Alejandro Sanz)
10.Whenever, Wherever
11.La Pared
12.Underneath Your Clothes
13.Pies Descalzos
14.Ciega, Sordomuda
15.Ojos Asi
16.Hips Don't Lie(featuring Wyclef Jean)

"Barefoot": a 20-minute documentary focusing on Shakira's nonprofit organization, shot in Colombia
"Around The World in 397 Days": a 5-minute behind-the-scenes exclusive


2.Estoy Aqui
3.Don't Bother
5.La Pared
6.Hips Don't Lie

Full 1080p24 High Definition Picture
PCM (uncompressed) Stereo
Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound (640 pbps) PCM (uncompressed) 5.1 Surround Sound
Customer Review: Fantastic
This DVD along with Live and Off the Record are simply fantastic. Shakira is the whole package from the voice of an Angel to a body...well, that's out of this world!! How could you not love this goddess!!!!!
Customer Review: Bought it for the price. Ended up liking it.
It was available for less than fifteen so I picked it up. I liked Shakira's first major Spanish album before her international success. I hadn't really listened to her newer stuff. When I put it in I was pleasantly surprised. The visuals are great and the sound is even better. To be honest I do skip a few songs whenever I watch it but I still consider it a good purchase for the price.

Music is an essential part of a childs development so enjoy the music of Wiggles at your child's birthday. It is no small wonder that music and sound is present in almost all the toys and television programs that cater to our young. In recent years The Wiggles singing group has created dozens of fun and great songs that appeal to children everywhere. This Australian band sings songs with upbeat lyrics and musical accompaniment that not only engage children but encourage them to grow and learn two very important words to any parent. You can take advantage of your childs love of music and The Wiggles to create an excellent party that theyll talk about for weeks afterwards.

For your Wiggles party youll need lots of party supplies that are bright and colorful. Dont forget to pick up musical instruments for the kids too. They can serve as decorations or cool take home party favors. You neednt break the budget in order to get musical instruments for the party either. Save some cash and purchase a package of a dozen colorful Maracas for the party. Youll find that there are Maracas of all different sizes and shapes, from plastic to wood, and toddlers love shaking them to make noise. Tambourines are another cheap instrument that you can find plenty of in the form of party favors.

The Wiggles themed party supplies are essential to make this party work. You can find plenty of paper supplies to serve food on in the form of plates, napkins and tablecloths. Also blue, green, and yellow streamers add an eclectic but properly themed color mix to the party area. Kids also like balloons so you can blow up a few in the previously mentioned colors and just leave them around the room.

Put on some Wiggles music and youre ready to have a great party. The Wiggles encourage kids to dance and sing along with them so make sure you have a large area cleared for activities.

Mrs. Party... Gail Leino takes a common sense approach to planning and organizing events, celebrations and holiday parties with unique ideas for birthday party supplies and fun free educational party games. She explains proper etiquette and living a healthy life while also teaching organizational skills and fun facts. The Party Supplies Hut has lots of party ideas with hundreds of free coloring sheets, printable games, and free birthday party activities. Over 100 adorable Party Themes to fit your birthday celebration, holiday event, or "just because" parties is at the Party Theme Shop. Party themes include cartoon characters, sports, movie, TV shows, luau, western, holidays, and unique crazy fun theme ideas.

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MTV Unplugged

On March 6th, Julieta Venegas recorded her MTV Unplugged at the Churubusco Studies in Mexico City, where she presented new songs besides interpreting some of her greatest hits in an intimate atmosphere to a live audience.

This production counts on important and interesting collaborations like two time Oscar winner, Gustavo Santaolalla, who accompanied her with the banjo and sang the chorus of the song "Algun Dia (Someday)". Brazilian singer, Marisa Monte featured in song "Illusion", a new and beautiful song that combines the Spanish and Portuguese language.

Also Mala Rodriguez joined Julieta and included a strong hip hop movement to the song "Eres Para Mi (You are for Me)", whereas the vocalist of Porter, Juan Carlos had a unique participation in "Algun Dia (Someday)".

In addition, the very talented Natalia Lafourcade comprised of the orchestra and played several instruments during the night, whereas the talented musician and composer, Jacques Morelenbaum accompanied Julieta on the cello in "De mis Pasos (From my foot steps)".
Customer Review: La re-invencion musical de Julieta Venegas - una joya musical
Este no es cualquier acustico. La multi-talentosa Julieta Venegas aprovechó esta oportunidad para crear una propuesta musical nueva, re-inventando sus canciones, llenándolas de nuevos sonidos a través de excelentes y novedosos arreglos. Ademas, selecionó muy bien sus invitados, basandose en su calidad artistica y no en el nivel de fama de estos. Fue un verdadero "dream team". Para comenzar, tiene entre sus musicos a la tambien talentosisima y multi-instrumentista Natalia Lafourcade. En "eres para mi" invito a la hip-hoper espanola La Mala Rodriguez, (hermosa y sexy por demas!)haciendo gala de su destreza y fuerza en el escenario. Otra agradable sorpresa fue Juan Son. Les confieso que no sabia quien era, pero que voz mas impresionante! Ademas, le tocó cantar una de las mejores canciones de Julieta - "de mis pasos" de su primer disco -. Como si fuera poco, tuvo de invitada a Marisa Monte, para muchos la mejor cantante de su generacion de la musica brasileira. Con su habitual seguridad y elegancia la "tribalsta" se lució como siempre con su increible voz y modo de interpretar. Luego subio a la tarima su antiguo productor, el Rey Midas del Rock en español y ganador de dos Oscares, Gustavo Santaolalla,.Para cerrar con broche de oro, la acompañó en la co-dirección y co-producción Jaques Morelenbaum; ¿quieren una referencia? este violonchelista es el director musical de Caetano Veloso. En síntesis, Una produccion impecable, que la disfruten...

But Im not in it for the money you say.

Me neither.

I LOVE music and I LOVE to teach music. I feel sorry for people that go into a field just to make money.

They are missing it.

Youve got to love what you do to do it well.

So with me, teaching music is a get to not a got to.

But if you love people and you love music, whats the harm in maximizing your income? Its not the raw pursuit of money its simply multiplying yourself so that your skill can benefit more people, and in so doing, benefit yourself as well.

Why beginners?

Because for every advanced music student, there are 100 beginners. Its just a matter of numbers. If you want to teach more advanced students (as I do) thats fine it all adds up. But beginners are the low fruit you can reach them easily and there is no limit to their numbers.

Every year millions more kids get to the age where their parents start thinking about getting music lessons for them, so your prospect list is constantly getting bigger every day. There are plenty of beginners to go around, so competition is really not an issue at all for a person who loves both people and music.

What about adults?

Every year several million people retire from their jobs and careers, and many are looking to take up hobbies they never had time for before.

So if you are a musician looking to increase your income, look no farther. Get a business card and take out a couple low-cost classified ads in your local paper, or place a small ad in your local Yellow Pages. If youre a good teacher, you soon wont need to advertise at all word of mouth will take over and soon youll be teaching other family members and friends, so your expenses will drop to zero as your teaching income rises.

Thats nice work. And you CAN get it!

Duane Shinn is the author of over 500 music books and music educational materials such as DVD's, CD's, musical games for kids, chord charts, musical software, and piano lesson instructional courses for adults, but he started his teaching career by going from house to house teaching kids for $2.50 per lesson. After graduating from Southern Oregon University with advanced degrees he founded Piano University a teaching studio for adults and children. His DVD course titled "Teach Piano & Earn More Than Your Doctor!" has helped countless musicians around the world develop their own teaching programs. He is also the author of the popular free 101-week online e-mail newsletter titled "Amazing Secrets Of Exciting Piano Chords & Sizzling Chord Progressions" with over 57,600 current subscribers.

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LP RhythMix Conga with Carry Strap

The world of music, songs and artists is graced by beats of drums, whose lilting tunes can enliven drooping spirits and rejuvenate frayed nerves. Complimenting the vocal music culture has emerged the instrumental music. Steel drums form an integral part of the instrumental music genre, which has successfully carved a niche for itself.

The soul pondering instrumental music has win hearts and has proved to be a pleasant gift for one and all. The history of steel drums is long and interesting. It was invented in the land of Trinidad around the time of Second World War.

The steel drums were invented to bridge the gap between the upper and poor classes. As upper class banned the lower class instruments, the lower class would simply replace it with another new instrument.

Earlier the instruments were devised by cutting varying lengths of bamboos. A by product of cultural gaps between the rich and the poor, steel drums have emerged with the musical quality of both the classes.

The early 1930s saw a great evolution in the history of steel drums with metal beating drums. The first pitched metal drum was made out of small metal containers, which were convex in shape. But with time it evolved to a great extent and now it is constructed from a 55 gallon barrel. Steel drums are a recently re-invented addition to the world of musical instruments.

Steel pan music reached new heights in the 19th century when a steel band got the opportunity to perform in common wealth celebrations. This gave steel drummers a new international exposure and gradually it became an established art form, revered by music lovers across the world. Steel drummers are adapting themselves in a varied number of ways to suit different tastes.

Instrumental music can broadly be categorized into the following types

Vocal supported instrumental music

Western instrumental music

Oriental classical music

Instrumental music has been very popular from ancient times. The different traditions of instrumental music have been as followed

Andalusian classical music

Arab classical music

Gagaku, Gamelan

Classical Korean

The world of music is full of fun and thrills. So, be ready to sway every heart and soul with the lilting tunes of steel drums that are definitely going to jazz up the musical world.

With steel drums you can churn out almost everything ranging from buoyant pop tunes to hip hop music. Steel drums can churn out almost every type of music old, straight, alternative, orthodox as well as modern.

Characteristics of steel drums

Steel drums generally have a very high tempo.

It follows repetitious beats.

Steel drums are a product of western cultural scenario.

It produces high decibel sound.

It provides greater versatility to drummers.

It is capable of producing chromatic range of notes and tones.

Steel drum beats can actually transport you to a new different world of music and acts as a rebellion against established social norms. It can cast a hypnotic spell on its listeners.

Steel drummers have now sprung up in endless number of countries from Japan to Sweden. In fact, many national organizations have also started accepting steel drums as the accepted notion worldwide.

Victor Epand is an expert consultant for guitars, drums, and synthesizers. You can find the best marketplace for guitars, drums, and synthesizers at these 3 sites: guitars, bass guitar gears, drums, steel drum, and synthesizers, keyboards.

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Coldplay Group Chris Martin X&Y Rush Of Blood Art Poster Print - 24" X 36"

We bring you the best selection of Movie Posters, Music Posters, Sports Posters, Art Prints, Television Posters, College Humor, and more! This is the premier destination for finding entertainment posters. Find authentic movie advertisements, increase your celebrity photo and poster collection, locate that missing pop idol piece you need to complete your set, or discover rare concert sheets from your favorite musicians and bands. Whether its that one rare framed art print youve been looking for, or you need to wallpaper your dorm room with the hottest, sexiest posters, this is the place to find everything. Brand new, perfect condition, fast shipping! Buy from the best!!!
Customer Review: Woa!
This is a great poster. The guys are beautiful and with the black and white photo used, it accents the spice of their careers

The legend of Bob Marley means something different for everyone. While his musical styling will always be remembered in the reggae genre, his music and message were varied and emotional. His songs touched on basic human needs for love, togetherness, equality and peace. But he often sang from the darker of human deeds as well. Slavery, war, and political injustice were all far targets for this musical prophet of Kingston, Jamica.

Even in passing, Bob Marley still continues to reach generations who weren't even born till after his death. His message is universal, timeless and evocative. It still speaks generations later, and will continue to do so decades from now. His albums, cds, artwork and posters continue to spread his message.

One remarkable phenomena is the fascination young people have with the images, photographs and posters of Bob Marley. Posters of his live concerts, and personal life outside the music stage continue to sell and be collected by people of all ages and walks of life. The young especially. It's not unusual to walk into any dorm room from Florida to Alaska, and find images of Bob Marley adorning the walls.

Bob Marley was a devout follower of the Rastafari. It influenced his life, his music, his actions, his beliefs and ultimately his death. While it is common knowledge that the herb he so openly enjoyed was a part of this religious devotion, many don't know that part of the Rastafari belief is that the body must remain whole. Which is why he decided not to have a foot amputated that was stricken with cancer. Ultimately that cancer spread through his body, and took him from us. It seems a harsh injustice, but you have to admire the man for being true to his beliefs.

Could it be his universal messages of love and devotion. His political stance against apartheid and other governmental injustices seem to connect with many people young and old.

Bob Marleys message was important, and it's good to see it still entrenched in the spirit of the young. They are the future, and the message in the music still reaches them. Especially in todays troubled times. Our leader seem to have forgotten the message of one love, that Bob so adamantly echoed through our consciousness years past.

Let's hope the ghost of Bob Marley continues to live on through music, artwork, photographs, t-shirts, and posters. It reminds us all of what it means to be human.

To see more about Bob Marley posters, and help spread the message, please visit, and see some truly brilliant Bob Marley posters.

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Coldplay, Music Poster

Unmatched service and quality

My grandmother would have referred to sensual marketing as brazen and bold, and she had a point. In her day, marketing was simple and basic. We didnt have exotic toys, technology, and exquisite choices to make over simple purchases.

To be sure, oranges or lemons were often the only citrus fruit available at her daddys store. Even then, it was seasonal, rarely available for more than a few weeks at a time. Now our choices are more diverse.

Not only do we have access to more variety, but the flavors have been genetically enhanced to enrich the quality. Sinfully delicious envelops an entirely new dimension than it did in my grandmothers day.

1. Colorize your products for marketing appeal.

Depending on what youre selling, the color may impact your market more than youd have thought. Food is repulsive in unnatural colors. Business supplies are unappealing in earth tones. And who wants to drive a car the color of aging avocados? Marketing with color is evident in packaging.

2. Appeal to the greater sensibilities with sound.

Motivation comes best with a persistently happy tempo. Funerals have more impact with subdued volume and slower paced music. But if youre dancing, the Rumba beat is perfect. Sound has a definite appeal to the buying crowd. Notice the music playing next time youre in a grocery or department store.

3. Sensual fascination may cause greater purchasing.

When you can appeal to more than one of the five natural senses, your product may appear more acceptable. Perhaps the more of the five senses you can impact, the better your chances of selling your product. Marketing for sensual appeal means the sound, aroma and appearance of your product must be appealing. Once you can attract those senses, you can begin working on the feel and taste of the item.

One way you can appeal to a customers taste is to show the product with food.

Are you ready for Chocolate Marketing Concepts?

Claim your own Chocolate Drop Ezine at

2007 - Jan Verhoeff

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Hispanic Heritage - Gloria Estefan Music Art Poster Print, 17x22 is the world's largest retailer of art prints, posters, photographs, and framed artwork. With our huge selection of over 400,000 prints, you'll easily find the perfect piece for your home, office, or classroom. Our art is printed on quality paper. When you order framed artwork, the piece is built by our team of in-house professionals. Visit our Amazon store today at to find Special Offers and search for products based on 'Artist Name' and 'Subject Categories' such as Movie, Music, Vintage, TV, Children, Travel, Kitchen, Museum Art, Animals, Floral, Motivational, and Sports. is dedicated to providing you with high quality products and service by offering you 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We ship internationally to over 80 countries. Decorate your home today with your favorite pictures that express and celebrate your distinct tastes.

My great grandfather, T.E. Mitchell ran a large cattle ranch in NE New Mexico in the late 1800's. This story came down through the family. I believe it's true, but have no way of fully proving it.

During branding season a chuck wagon was used to move around from pasture to pasture and feed the cowboys after their days work, as well as waking them up to breakfast each morning. T.E. had a cook they called "Cookie"; not very original, I know, as most chuck wagon cooks were called that in those days.

One morning just about dawn when the men were still dozing, my great grandfather awoke to hear Cookie singing a little ditty to himself quietly. TE rolled over and looked towards the back of the chuck wagon where the cook was kneading dough for biscuits. Cookie was very into his work and once in a while, as he sang, he would do a little jig and dance to the tune.

However, as Mitchell watched, he saw in the dim firelight a small shape off to the side. It was difficult to see in the early light, but the shape was moving. It seemed like a small black blur and would move toward Cookie and then back off a little. As he watched, my great grandfather finally realized it was a skunk, and it was about to bite Cookie! As the cook sang, the skunk would spring forward only to back off again when a dance step was orchestrated.

TE always slept with his 30-30 next to him on the bedroll, so he grabbed the rifle and spoke very quietly. "Cookie," he said," I'm going to shoot at your feet, Jump!" Mr. Mitchell had a soft spoken voice, but it carried authority, and as the words left his mouth, Cookie jumped right up onto the chuck wagon tail gate and landed in the middle of the dough he was kneading.

The shot was a good one and the skunk was killed instantly, not even able to discharge the dreaded skunk smell. They knew it had to be rabid to attack a human like that, and in those days a bite from a rabid animal was often fatal. So, even though the cowboys had to go without biscuits that morning, they continued the roundup in good spirits.

Story by Jay Hopson

For more of this authors work visit

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At Moviestore we have an incredible library of celebrity photography covering movies, TV, music, sport and celebrity. Our exclusive photographs are professionally produced by our in-house team; we perfect bright vibrant colors or wonderful black and white tones for our photographic prints that you can display in your home or office with pride. All our images are produced from genuine original negatives and slides held in our vast library. We have been in business for 16 years so you can buy with confidence. Our guarantee: if you are not fully satisfied with any print from Moviestore we will gladly refund your money!

Against the background of a golden throne hall projected onto a gigantic screen with the melodious music of the Qing Dynasty, a group of beautiful Manchu geges emerges elegantly in a line from one side of the stage, wearing deep blue Manchu midi, dalachi-style headgear, and typical Manchurian-style flowerpot shoes with three-inch heels. Walking out in small graceful steps, they started dancing delicately.

With the stunning gege dress, the graceful music coupled with the strong color of Manchu and the exquisite choreography, the brilliant young dancers from the Feitian Dance School and Lotus Art Group beautifully display the virtues and elegance of traditional females in the Flowering Age of Kang Xi and Qian Long.

The gege dance eloquence and graceful style is actually amazing! It connotes not only the virtues and grace of the noble females, but the entire Flowering Age of Kang Xi and Qian Long is able to match the great age in the Tang Dynasty. The audience could get a true feeling for the portrayal of substantial prosperity, confidence, and spiritual tolerance.

Some of the shows, such as the "Ladies of the Manchu Court" performed by the Fei Tian Dance School, were also eye opening for the Chinese members of the audience. Some were commenting about the fact that they had never seen anything like this before. I could hardly believe my eyes, that those dancers could actually dance gracefully and in harmony wearing those horseshoes also called flowerpot shoes.
When the huge curtain slowly falls down, the classy geges gradually disappear in front of the audience, leaving a magnificent, historic, and permanently lasting picture in their memory.

Besides the traditional Chinese dance and music, this year's show includes depictions of the Chinese heroine Mulan, loyal Song Dynasty general Yue Fei, and many more. It also includes an artistic portrayal of a Falun Gong practitioner being beaten and killed by police in China. The practitioner ascends to the sky after being killed, whereas the policemen who beat her face retribution.

Why not celebrate the Year of the Pig in a Spectacular way and treat yourself to a sumptuous feast of ancient Chinese culture the NTDTV Chinese New Year Spectacular.

Wei Yong is a retired Chinese Historian living in Toronto. Wei is looking forward to taking her grand children to the New York Spectacular. For more info about the NTDTV Chinese New Year Spectacular in your area, please visit:

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Coldplay - Rare Vintage GIANT Group Poster (Approx. 55'' x 40'')

FREE Penny Lane Gifts magnet with every poster purchase!This Coldplay vintage group giant poster is approx. 50'' x 40''

The experts at California DJs know all the secret elements - and the not-so-secret ones too all to help you plan the ultimate wedding reception that is perfectly you! Use these 10 essential elements to create the perfect day for you and your guests.

1. Generously Invite

Writing the guest list what a challenge! How do you agree on whom to invite and still stay within your budget? Heres the bottom line. You are preparing for the most magical day of your life and in the end only one thing will matter the public declaration of your love and commitment and each and every person there to witness it.

We encourage you to invite every person you love. Your guests are the focal point of this very special day. Cut back on the cost of the dinner, limit the hours of the open bar, but dont cross off names. As you fondly remember your wedding day, you will not remember the per-person cost. You will remember glowing faces of the people celebrating your union the buzz at the reception the clink of toasting glasses throughout the room congratulating your marriage! The extra veggie platter, shrimp apps, and extravagant centerpiece wont be the center of attention the people will be.

2. Designate Your Celebratory Space

Before you plan your reception know exactly where you want people to mix and mingle. Fantastic receptions brim with family and friends who feel comfortable, meet, talk, dance, and become acquainted with one another. Dont let guests leave early, slip away to check out the impressive surroundings of your location, or run outside for a smoke and then never come back to join the party. Define the space with ribbons or closed doors. Dont be afraid to close off certain areas or rooms. The liveliest receptions have a common area where guests are mingling and activities are taking place. A designated space ensures guests catch and capture each wonderful moment as it unfolds.

3. Special Activities Just For The Joy Of It

Remember, 80% of your guests wont know each other. The greatest wedding memories are the new friendships and extended family bonds created at your wedding. Use interactive games, specialty dances, bold announcements, or fun activities during the reception to break the ice and help people get to know one other. Suddenly youll see people laughing and enjoying themselves instead of feeling shy or retreating on the sidelines.

4. Let Go, Have Fun & Toss Your Worries Aside

The bride sets the stage and the tone for reception party. This is the time and place for all brides to let go, have fun, and toss any last minute worries aside. Let the months of planning and masterful professionals youve selected take over and do what they do best. You only have one job - to be the most radiant and loveliest guest of honor. Show up and celebrate! If you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, your guests will sense it and feel uncomfortable too. You have the power and pleasure to give your guests permission to let loose and have a great time!

5. Dance Your Little Heart Out

One saucy shoe must be the first to step out on the dance floor. Guests will be looking to you for permission and timing to dance. As soon as you get up and dance, theyll let loose and do a little rumba too! People are typically shy and most guests are very careful not to offend or overstep their boundaries. Plan to play music you love so you are comfortable. Your physical cues can create a safe space for them to dance, toe-tap, celebrate, toast, and party. Watch friends and family get up and dance, thoroughly enjoy themselves, then talk about what a fabulous reception it was in the morning.

6. Embellish, Adorn, and Decorate

The dcor sets the mood at the reception. Simple dcor is not only best, it is marvelously elegant. Elegant doesnt have to mean expensive. Think sentimental instead of expensive and youll amaze yourself with the brilliant ideas that come to mind. Since flowers are typically 15% of the overall wedding budget, you can save money by intermingling silk flowers. Want a discount, ask for one! Many places give quantity and wedding discounts. Use your imagination and let your creativity take over.

7. Invite Groups of People That Know Each Other

No doubt your guests will be coming from many different walks of life - but the more people you bring together with common bonds - the more alive the reception will be. People feel safest when they are surrounded by people and situations that are familiar to them. Watch the twinkle in the eyes of your family members sparkle as they greet familiar faces from way back when. Notice work friends create a tribe of sorts and fill up the dance floor. Birds of a feather flock together. Invite groups of people that know each other and see a warm, wonderful, and happy vibe wash over the reception.

8. Serve Thirst Quenching Libations

Every reception should have beer, wine, or alcoholic beverages available. Hesitant??? Think again. Cocktails loosen people up and lessen inhibitions. Even people who do not drink, often make exceptions at weddings. Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event and rules can and will be broken. Keep the cost down. Serve beer on tap, inexpensive bottles of wine (Charles Shaw for $1.99/bottle), or have a cash only bar with free soft drinks and water. All the fun at a fraction of the cost.

9. Early Notice and Save The Date Announcements

Your invitees wont want to miss your big day, but with very busy schedules advance notice is not a luxury its required. Invite people well in advance. 30% of guests that dont show decline because they didnt get enough advance notice. Send an electronic save the date message via email or try a unique and money saving save the date photo postcard for as little as $.65 a card including postage. Avoid disappointing Will Not Attends that arrive late in the mail or worse yet embarrassing Yes response cards from people who dont show up. As rude as this is, people hate to say no. Giving people advance notice a minimum of 3 weeks - will minimize disappointment and embarrassment and bring all your favorite people together.

10. Use The One Hour Gathering Rule

Party "kick-off" starts one hour after the official start time. Many people will show up late so use the one hour gathering rule to account for lateness and all the other influences out of your control traffic, distance, directions, babysitters, weather, and other unknowns. Begin with an intimate one-hour cocktail or champagne reception to entertain before the party officially starts. Play inviting music and host an open bar if you choose. Because most guests will arrive late, serve food or appetizers toward the end of the gathering hour. This will give the effect of a perfectly planned and welcoming entrance.

Bonus Tip: Plan for a Grand Entrance Showcasing You!

We call it the dazzling ta-da entrance! This is where it all comes together. You arrive relaxed and ready to have fun. Your mood is joyful and sets the tone for an utterly enjoyable reception. Your guests havent waited longer than one hour. Youve planned ahead with the photographer and the photos are archived in the camera forever. Now before your big entrance, remember all the love you feel inside and visualize the joy inside of you sweeping guests off their feet.

Hear the melody of your favorite music fill the room and feel the anticipation of the guests expecting your arrival. Let every bit of warmth, happiness, and radiance come through as you flitter into the room. Your grand entrance will set the tone and prepare your guests for one of the most talked about wedding receptions of the year. Create ambiance and fun by lining the walkway with fresh petals, a bubble machine, or doing something personal, silly, or heartwarming that is uniquely you.

Then, let the DJ do what he does best. Youve hired the best and planned well in advance. Let your vision come together as the reality of this marvelous day unfolds. Hear each and every guest say,

It was the best time since we can remember! Andrea Wolf

California DJs has over 4,000 happy customers. Go to to get your free reception planner and see more than 60,000 wedding songs Owner and author Dr. Robert Houle writes the popular "The Dr. Is In" column for the American DJ Association magazine.

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Coldplay Group Chris Martin X&Y Rush Of Blood Art Poster Print - 24" X 36"

This poster is 24 inches by 36 inches approximately and is in mint condition

One of the most popular, if not the most popular, shows among kids is High School Musical. This show now has two movies, with a third on the way, and has become an unbelievable phenomenon that has made stars out of the actors in the show, and turned millions of kids onto music.

Obviously, when something becomes this popular, it is only a matter of time before your kids start asking for a High School Musical-themed birthday party. So what ideas are good for this type of birthday party? Below are just a few examples.

Send The Invites

You can go two routes in terms of invitations. You can use invitations that come with the High School Musical party supplies, or you can go a step further just by using your computer. Print off tickets for the kids so they can take the tickets with them and get entry into the party at your house. Make it look like they are tickets to a special High School Musical show, starring your child. If a child forgets to bring their invite, no worries, let them in. You can even stamp their hands for reentry, just to add a bit more style to the whole thing.

Watch the Movies

What would a High School Musical-themed birthday party be without watching the movies? So, rent the movies, if you don't already own them, and treat the kids to the movies while you prepare the rest of the birthday party. It is up to you if you want to show both of the movies, or just one of them. If you only have time for one, ask the kids which one they want to see and then go with that one for the kids to watch.

Dance Competition

One big thing about High School Musical is the dancing. Everyone in the movies dances, so get the kids dancing too. You can even have a dance contest that will have the kids showing their stuff on the dance floor. At the end of the dance contest, award everyone an individual award so that no one feels out of place. You can range it from "Best Dancer" and "Killer Moves!" to "Wackiest Dance" and "Future Star!"

High School Musical is unbelievably popular and if your child wants a High School Musical-themed birthday party, you need to be ready to provide it. However, thanks to creativity and some birthday party supplies, you can create a birthday party they will remember for a very, very long time.

For even more great High School Musical Birthday Party Ideas, visit Birthday Supply Depot.

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