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Gipsy Kings Fuego! The Videos

Children learn languages faster than adults. It is much easier for them to learn a second language while they are learning their first one. The earlier we can start kids off learning a second language, the better. Start before 3 years old, achieve fluency before age 12 would be good rules of thumb.

There are several reasons for teaching your children Spanish, (or giving them a chance to learn it from native speakers). Here are a few of the more important reasons:

1. Usefulness. Spanish is the most-spoken language in the western hemisphere and the fourth most-spoken language in the world. There are 17 million Hispanic people in the U.S. who either do not speak English well or do not speak it at all. Knowing Spanish equips people to talk with their neighbors and deal with nearby Latin Americans. Spanish is also widely spoken in Europe. So it is an obvious second language of choice for North Americans.

2. Helps brain development. Learning a second language stimulates and helps children's brain development. Apparently new and different neuron paths and connections are established, resulting in more brain cells and more extensive use of existing brain cells.

3. Employment. With 17 million in the U.S. who communicate better in Spanish than English, there are many job openings for bilingual people. Increasing trade with our Latin American neighbors creates demand for bilingual people who can work with both the U.S. office and the Latin American client/customers.

4. Cultural expansion. Learning another language is a cultural experience. It is more than just the ability to communicate. It enables the learner to read the books and newspapers, understand the works of literature and drama, understand current events and politics better.

In addition, children can learn to speak a second language and speak it without an accent. This will help them enormously in working with and being accepted by native Spanish-speakers.

One of the best ways to learn to speak Spanish is through interactive audio learning courses. There are several of these that can be downloaded from the Internet for under a hundred dollars.

Remember, the earlier we start kids off on a second language the better. So download a learning course and start today!

To learn how to get the best Spanish-learning course available visit: Learn Spanish For a list of good Spanish-learning programs see: Learn Spanish
Jorge Chavez began to learn Spanish after he was 30, now is bilingual. He has monolingual friends, relatives and clients who only speak Spanish and others who only speak English. Read his articles at

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Coldplay - Live 2003 (DVD & CD)

The two-disc set includes a 90-minute, nine-camera, super 16 live shoot taken from their July 21 and 22, 2003 performances at the Horden Pavilion in Sydney, Australia, as well as band commentary, a never before broadcast behind-the-scenes documentary, a special tour diary and the edited audio CD. The DVD and CD will also include two PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED live tracks- "The One I Love" and "Moses."
Customer Review: The best concert I never went to!!
I got the Coldplay 2003 DVD as a birthday present in '04. Coldplay's my favorite band, so you can imagine my excitement. Back in the days, I never thought I could ever be in a real concert of the band, I lived too far away from any place they toured. Almost four years later, I still think the DVD was the best concert in my life. That is, taking into consideration that I went to see them, against all odds, in NYC in 2006. It's not that the concert was bad, it was one of the best days in my life. It's that to me, the DVD is so good that I can't get enough of it. The band plays perfectly, the connection with the crowd is real, the choice of songs is fantastic, the sound is epic, the transitions that go along with songs, including colors, angles and views of the crowd and the band are nothing but exciting and bright. If there's any DVD I would ever recommend, it's this one. It's the closest you'll come to live the Coldplay experience if you haven't got the chance to live it already.
Customer Review: Wow. That's all I have to say.
Not only is the music CD great, but the DVD packs quite the punch. The only tiny thing that bugged me was how the CD didn't have every song off of the DVD, but I guess that's what makes the DVD that much better. If you like Coldplay, but this DVD, you will not regret it. Best $20 musical purchase I've made in a long time.

Full Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon oppose each other, and this opposition between the two big luminaries of the sky creates a certain unbalance. It's like we're in the middle of a strong magnetic field and loose balance as soon as we try to move out. We tend to have accidents - whether it's a fall or a car crash. On a full Moon night I slipped on a patch of ice in the street, fell and broke my arm. Not unsurprisingly, when I arrived at the hospital the surgeons were really busy - there had been two traffic accidents that afternoon and evening. A friend was attacked by a mad dog, thrown to the ground and broke her hip on a full Moon morning.

Another effect of the tension of the full Moon is violent outbreaks. Especially where there are religious and ethnic conflicts, like in northern Ireland and the Middle East, there tend to be a peak in violence close to full Moon. And watch your own irritation level at full Moon! Isn't this when you easily snap at your kids or husband, or generally tend to feel tense? It's common to suffer from insomnia by full Moon and I've found that people with a strong Moon influence in their natal chart, for instance a person with the Sun, Moon or ascendant in Cancer, is more likely to not be able to sleep. We all know the word lunatic. It comes from the Latin word for Moon, luna. Someone who's lunatic is full of full Moon. Restless, nervous, tense, violent, angry. Mad, mad, mad. French law used to excuse a person who committed a crime at full Moon. (Or at least so rumours say). It was like he wasn't quite at his senses - and it wasn't his fault.

The full Moon was to blame. Actually, the word mood in French, lun also origins from Latin luna. So they say a person is in bad or good moon, not mood. Very accurate!A person who's born at full Moon will have Sun Moon opposition in the natal chart - which is a bit like carrying a full Moon inside you. The person tends to be restless and always discontent, never satisfied, wanting something, not knowing what. But this frustration also creates a strong drive, and subjects with Sun Moon opposition are very often great achievers. Finally, it's just a myth that more babies are born on full Moon! A study of several thousands of births in the hospital in my hometown Trondheim showed no connection between the phases of the Moon and births. Thank God, I'd add. We don't want too many people in this world with Sun Moon opposition in their birth chart - that would just lead to too much stress, tension and violence!

Written by Tove Cecilie Fasting, writer and webmaster at Your Fabulous Life, the spiritual woman's guide to health, wealth, happiness and gorgeous handbags.

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COLDPLAY Twisted Logic Tour - French Music Poster

COLDPLAY Twisted Logic Tour - French Music Poster 118x78cm

Boogie music, also known as boogie woogie, is a genre of piano-heavy music particular to America in the 1930's and 1940's and 1950's. It's characteristic walking bass is familiar to many as a harkening back to rock and roll, even though the form is based strongly on the blues (in fact, it's often been called an upbeat version of the blues).

Boogie originally started as a strictly piano form; the most familiar versions are still based solely around the instrument. The precise origin of boogie-woogie piano however is uncertain; it was no doubt influenced by early rough music played in the roadhouses and honky tonks in New Orleans and Kansas City and other cities and towns in the south.

A couple early boogie-men were W.C. Handy and Jelly Roll Morton, and as it grew in popularity many other pianists adopted the style. But as boogie became more and more popular, so too did the idea of including a whole band. Before long, the once solo genre adapted itself to accommodate an entire band. The latest versions of boogie often include guitar and other instruments, but the piano and drums remain the focal point. Even years later you can hear the influence of boogie in the music of Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis, Johnny Cash, and many others.

Many boogies (but not all) are based on the familiar 12-bar blues, which is a series of chord progressions using just the I, IV, and V chords:

Typical 12-bar blues:

4 bars of the I chord

2 bars of the IV chord

2 bars of the I chord

2 bars of the V chord

2 bars of the I chord

then rinse and repeat

Here is a typical left hand boogie pattern in the key of C that can be played either as single notes or octaves or offset broken octaves:

C - E - G - A - Bb - A - G - E

C - E - G - A - Bb - A - G - E

F - A - C - D - Eb - D - C - A

C - E - G - A - Bb - A - G - D

G - B - D - E - F - E - D - B

C - E - G - A - Bb - A - G - E

Boogie is often credited as the originator of rock and roll, but that idea isn't necessarily valid. While boogie definitely played some role in rock and roll's early days, it was really rhythm and blues that started the form. Boogie, on the other hand, remained an off-shoot of blues and an entity in its own right. It also may have indirectly spawned a dance of the same name, a dance that led largely to boogie being credited as rock and roll's most dominant predecessor.

The boogie dance, an upbeat and energetic social dance with small roots in swing, was danced mostly to rock and roll. It spread through teenage social circles like wildfire and became almost synonymous with rock and roll. As boogie (the dance) continued to grow through the 50s, boogie (the music) began to disappear from the limelight. And as it grew further and further from the mainstream, boogie's captivating hold on audiences became understood as a product of the dance, not the music. The way in which the two forms of boogie were interchanged often led to confusion about where and when the form originated and how it related to the dance and the inception of rock and roll.

In any case, boogie is here to stay. It's fun to play and fun to listen to.

Can you become a boogie-man or boogie-lady?

Duane Shinn is the author of the popular free 101-week online e-mail newsletter titled "Amazing Secrets Of Exciting Piano Chords & Sizzling Chord Progressions- Intelligent Piano Lessons For Adults Only!" with over 84,400 current subscribers.

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Brothers & Sisters

If there's one location in the world that has become synonymous with the world of dance music, it's the island of Ibiza.

Films have portrayed it, bands have sung about it, television crews have filmed documentaries on it (or rather what goes on there) and there've even been movies made around and about it.

Every year, thousands of revellers head for the island, tempted by the cheap hotels, warm climate and abundance of pubs, bars and clubs that pump out the basslines.

Indeed, the dance music scene is what's made the island famous, and has helped to attract many Club 18-30 holiday companies as well as being a popular retreat for those on stag and hen does.

Hotels in Ibiza are packed to the rafters at the height of summer, with many tourists descending upon a number of towns on the island - such as San Antonio and San Rafael - which have become famous for their vast dance clubs, which play host to a number of famous DJs throughout the peak of summer.

For those who wish to step away from the thumping basslines, there are many gorgeous sandy beaches on which to relax - usually before the next mad night of clubbing -many of which are a short walk from coastal hotels.

Water sports are a common activity for holidaymakers to the island - from waterskiing to wakeboarding to pedal boat hire. For those looking to escape the clubs and explore some more of the island, the countryside away from the bustling resorts offers the chance of some tranquillity. Sights include the caves at Can Marca and a number of stone towers, which offer the chance to take in some spectacular views of the island.

The sheer numbers of tourists that head to the island every year mean that there's no shortage of bars and restaurants (should you feel brave enough to join the throng of clubbers) - however there are many quaint little restaurants that are tucked away in towns away from the bustling resort areas.

So whether you're coming for Pacha or the paella, Ibiza remains one of the most popular of the Spanish tourist destinations. Don't expect too much peace and quiet however, although measures are being taken to make the resort more family-friendly.

Looking for hotels for your Balearic adventure? Compare from a wide range of cheap hotels and hotels in Ibiza to help plan your perfect trip.

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Sonic Foundry Acid 2.0 Latin

Because there are MIDI guitars! And there are MIDI interface attachments for regular guitars.
You can make totally new sounds, change your existing sounds, or add instrumentation
you never thought possible before!
So let me give you the rundown!
Historically the Musicical Instrument Digital Interface, or MIDI, got started with MIDI keyboards.
Although there were researchers and hobbiests experiementing with other MIDI devices including guitars,
it was predominantly a keyboard world.

If you used a keyboard standalone (or without a PC), the MIDI keyboard MIDI out would be connected to the MIDI in of a sound module or other keyboard. The keyboard could then be used to play
multiple sound modules at the same time.
If you used a MIDI keyboard with your PC, a MIDI keyboard MIDI out would be connected to your PC's MIDI in. The PC's MIDI out would be connected to the keyboard's MIDI in. When you press a key on the MIDI keyboard the MIDI note number and velocity (how hard you hit the key) is transmitted over the MIDI. This is somewhat like an old piano-roll piano. If you've ever examined one, you know the holes in the roll let a pin slip through as the paper rolls by (with the speed that the roll is turning controlling the tempo). And the pin corresponds to the piano key that will be hit at a particular time (relative to the start of the roll). MIDI data is like this except it also includes some dynamics (i.e. how hard the key was hit). When the keyboard is operated "standalone", normally the MIDI out just loops back to the MIDI in. This is done internally so you don't need to put a MIDI cable in. Most MIDI keyboards let you turn off this automatic loopback when you're working with a PC so that you don't get double notes from the keyboard and from the PC echoing it back. It's as if the keyboard and sounds are two separate pieces. There's an assumption here. The PC must have some software directing the MIDI connectors on the PC for this to happen. That software is usually a MIDI sequencer which functions almost like a multi-track analog recorder. With the MIDI sequencer running, you start the record function and the sequencer program will store all the MIDI notes it receives into memory (and let you file them to disk later into a MIDI file). The recorded MIDI file can be examined with a graph showing the notes (and it looks almost exactly like a piano-roll). Most sequencer software is smart enough to display (and print) in standard musical notation as well. Cool!

There are a couple more wrinkles, but good ones. In addition to MIDI note number and velocity, there's a channel associated with MIDI transmissions. MIDI allow up to 16 different channels over the cable "simultaneously" (in quotes because I'm fibbing a little). Just like the cable TV coming into your house has 50 or 500 channels at the same time you can set a MIDI device to send or receive on a specific channel and it will only send or respond to notes for its channel. But you may have a TV with a preview capability that shows a whole bunch of TV channels at once so you can surf channels. Well some MIDI devices are like this. Actually most MIDI devices are like that these days. They can handle multiple channels at one time. Which is to say the MIDI device can "play" multiple instruments at the same time by being able to listen to multiple MIDI channels and play the notes for which each instrument is assigned. This assignment can be done on the MIDI device's panel or sometimes by using a computer program running on the PC. This way you can have a whole band in one keyboard -- piano, bass, percussion, vibes, flute, etc. As a general rule, as the number of instruments and/or simultaneous notes the keyboard can play increases, so does the price! And some MIDI keyboards have the squencer built in so you don't even need the PC.

There are lots of freeware, shareware, and open-source MIDI sequencers out there, so just query your favorite search engine.

There are MIDI guitars, and MIDI interface attachments for regular guitars.
You can play your guitar and have it sound like a flute, or trumpet, or
a string section, or depending on the synthesizer or synthesizers you use,
it can sound like a flute AND a trumpet AND a string section AT THE SAME TIME!
For backing or solo work, your universe of sounds expands.
It opens a whole new world of music making for you!

Mike Furlong

I like to play guitar, talk about guitars, and collect them. So many guitars, so little money!
Check out
Electric Guitar Advisor
or my blog Electric Guitar Advisor Blog

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Sparks Ep

Limited edition promotional single featuring five tracks, 'Sparks', 'Careful Where You Stand', 'Yellow' (acoustic version from Jo Whiley's Lunchtime Social), 'See You Soon', & 'Yellow' (video). Paper sleeve. Parlophone. 2000.
Customer Review: Good but not their best
Considering that this is a promotional CD and not an official release, we can't hold Coldplay responsible for putting out a bunch of songs that not only don't represent their great music, but could also confuse newcommers. I agree with another reviewer who says the best thing about this is its "rare" condition. "Sparks" is just a common ballad that does not shine like others. "Careful where you stand" is a bit better and one of their earlier works. "See you soon" is definitely the jewel of this single, a song that can also be found in the very hard to get Blue Room EP. The acoustic version of "Yellow" is good but still doesn't compare to the majestic performances maybe some of you have got a chance to listen to in other singles. The bonus video is also a plus if you are a fan. Overall not bad, but not great either. Definitely an item for collectors and true fans only.
Customer Review: Very Good
The Cd is off the chains.. its got the Yellow music video and its got See You Soon. And Sparks and Careful are good songs as well. COLDPLAY RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emo music, a rock music variation that is characterized by less guitar chaos and more melodic overtones has created subculture that is a curiously different even among its adherents. A product of the DC area in the 1990s, but with an Austin Texas and Seattle Washington influences, emo (which stands for emotional hardcore) has spawned a new wave of musical disciples mostly in the teen and lower 30s age-group and fueled by music from such entities as One Last Wish, Embrace and Fire Party.

The emo/indie culture, has gathered certain stereotypes in its wake. Remember when Tower Records was a hub for indie and altenative rock music gatherings? Emo music started off with many unsigned artists and Tower Record stores used to be the vortex of indie/emo culture and emo adherents could be easily identified there by their gothic persona.

Chalk-white faces, hair, nails and clothes completely black and Celtic jewelry was and still is the emo signature appearance. Some emo fans also dye their hair into other colors such as blue, green yellow and even red but there is always an aspect of black.

Teens who have embraced the emo subculture can be seen widely spotting fashions that can be linked to the 1950s rock era; ragged tight jeans, black t-shirts with "tattoo" designs and even black suits in some instances. Most emo adherents also spot crosses from the medieval era, mostly Celtic in addition to body piercing in odd places.

Emo teens have raised a furor among conservatives. The emo subculture, which is inherently gothic, has not been received well by a myriad of parents and political groups within the school districts and other academic communities. This gothic persona has been associated with social detachment, school violence, drugs, a record suicide rate, poor grades and even occult practices. In the movies "The Craft" and "The Blair Witch Project" the actors can be seen spotting emo/gothic garments and the lead players radiate a gothic presence.

The rock star, Kurt Cobain, who was idolized by many emo teens, committed suicide on April 5, 1994, after a troubled life and a fight with drugs. Another rock star, Marilyn Manson, portrays a gothic image in many of his public appearances and his lyrics, which have called for suicide and murder, have sparked many protests among conservatives in every field. Perhaps a curious twist is the association of emo and gothic music with vampires. Most vampire movies portray the vampires in emo/gothic clothing and emo music has been heard to lace many a vampire movie.

The emo culture is also closely associated with the punk-rock movement which is rampant in the US and Europe and which has also rapidly spread throughout the rest of the world. Fans can be seen spotting tattoos, body-piecing on the tongue, navel, and eye-brow area and even on their nostrils. Hair is particularly dyed to attract attention. Glues are applied to hold it up and in then 80s the Mohawk style was widely worn by teen punk-rockers.

Traditionally, punk-rockers have not been associated with acts of lawlessness or other criminal acts but in some European countries such as Germany and Russia, punk-rockers have been linked to supremacist groups which have ran afoul of the law after attacking or defaming members of other races.

Emo Hairstyles
Emo Forums

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THE SOUNDS - Faces - Black Tote Bag

Brand New, never used, front print black Authentic THE SOUNDS Tote Bag. This Tote Bag measures approx. 14 by 12.5 inches.

Have you ever wondered "can I watch movies on the internet?" Well you will be surprised to know that the answer to that question is "yes." With todays technology it is very possible to watch movies online. How can one watch unlimited movies on the internet you ask?

There are a couple ways to watch movies online; you can pay for membership sites like Netflix, Blockbuster and some other ones that will allow you to rent DVD's from them; however these methods have their downside to watching movies. You are actually not watching movies online; you are instead renting movies from the company and will have to return the movie before you will be able to get another. You will receive the movies of your choice through the mail. You will not receive the next movie of choice until you return the movie that you currently have.

You will still have the possibility of encountering a movie that have been damaged or has a lot of fingerprints and may not play in your DVD player.

Many people are now discovering a more up to date way to begin watching movies online without having to load a DVD in your player. It involves watching movies from files that are on the internet. These membership sites have millions of files that you can access movies, games, television shows online. Once you pay the small one time fee; you will never be asked to pay another penny for watching the movies online.

However when you are browsing to find a company that offers this service; you will be bombarded by several companies that offer this service. You must perform your due diligence because there a several companies that are scams and may end up damaging your computer.

You want to make sure that the company that you decide to go with offers you unlimited movie downloads without bandwidth limits. Several companies are going to promise you access to a movie library with millions of movies; however have a limited bandwidth limits.

The company that we utilize offers you access to a movie library that offers over 80 million movies, games, music and even television shows. You can access the site at any hour during the day; and it will not matter if it is two o'clock in the morning. This is actually one of the most popular ways to watch movies online; and millions of people are discovering how to save money by watching all the new Hollywood blockbusters or old time classics.

Find a company that offers fast download times. There is nothing more annoying than trying to download a movie and then finding out that it takes too long. You can find a reputable company that offers quick download times and quality movies.

If you found this article on "can I watch movies on the internet" helpful; visit our site below. You can gain access to over 80 million movies today! No matter what genre you love to watch; I know you will be able to find something to watch for everyone in your family!

Can I Watch Movies On The Internet? Are you tired of paying for your movie rentals? Learn how to download all the movies you want to watch today!

Fast Unlimited downloads! No time limits, resume anytime, no bandwidth limits, no content limits at all! Movies, Music, TV Shows, Music Videos, and Games!

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Brothers & Sisters

Salsa News - The Pulse of the Salsa World
Salsa news for the hardcore salsero! News, videos and pictures, updated 24 hours a day ... 12/20/06 Salsa Music Video - Ismael Rivera - Quitate de la Via Perico ...

The next innovation occurred in 1943 at La Conga Club in midtown Manhattan. ... Salsa would have never achieved its heights of popularity without music ...

Latin Music - Musica Latina |
Latin Music Portal: news, music , artists, cds, videos, reviews, online radio and more. Everything about salsa , merengue, bachata, reggaeton... --- Portal de musica ...

Izzy Sanabria Mr Salsa
... music packaging and provided the world with its first visual imagery of Salsa . ... Salsa (Latin NY Music Awards) que fueron no solo importantes para la comunidad ...

Salsa After Dark - Music
Hawaii Salsa Dancing and Music ... connoisseur's of good salsa music wouldn't recognize if ... 12. La Verdad - From A Different Perspective - Infamous Records ...

UNC Press - The Book of Salsa
Salsa is one of the most popular types of music listened to and danced to in the ... fans the chance to enjoy Csar Miguel Rondn's celebrated El libro de la salsa . ...

Museo de la Musica. in Havana. Photo by Rita ... Francisco Salsa Congress Nov ... Home | What is Salsa | DanceStyles | SF Latin Music History | Photo Gallery ...

Salsa Radio - Classic Latin Dance Music at Batanga
Salsa Radio - New Salsa music , now with even more Sabrosura & more alboroto from ... La Raza Tex-Mex jams/mix by rbngarcia. Info > Listen to Salsa Now ...

La Salsa Cubana Experience
La Salsa Cubana Experience. Seasoned travel writer and dancer, Cherie Magnus ... of salsa dancers from Los Angeles in November 2001 to study Cuban music and ...

... instructors, social dancers and Salsa Enthusiasts from all over the ... 7 TH Annual New York Salsa Congress which is hosted by J I Star of 97.9 LA MEGA. ...

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Learn to Salsa Dance Video Series, Vol 1: Salsa Dancing Guide for Beginners

Never danced? No problem! Join us on the dance floor with this fantastic 2 hour salsa dance DVD. The instruction is clear & concise. The productions values are stellar, and the quality is amazing. Yes, you will be salsa dancing, with your partners, by the end of this video! It's a step-by-step approach, tailored and refined by teaching thousands upon thousands of students how to dance salsa. This video covers the very basic steps, the foundation of leading and following, and a couple of nice salsa patterns. This stellar 2 hour DVD provides everything you need to know to get yourself dancing! Purchase it today, and be dancing tomorrow.
Customer Review: No rhythm no problem
I will say this I'm Hispanic so I did know some Salsa before I purchased this DVD. I wanted to learn some advanced moves and I realized before I purchased this video that prob wasn't for me. It wasn't but it did teach me some basic concepts in general. It also taught me how to turn. I'm a natural dancer but it gave me concrete steps which I just do without thinking. That being said I do believe this will teach ANYBODY to dance. He gives so much detail and repetition there is no way you won't be able to pick it up. I love the hand tricks. Also I didn't have a partner and this a partner video. Don't buy if you have dance experience.
Customer Review: Easy to follow.
The instructions are clear and easy to follow. My husband has absolutely no rythym and he picked up the steps.

Univision Employer Info on CareerBuilder
... employment profile on CareerBuilder. Search Univision jobs and apply online. ... Univision Music Group, the #1 Latin music company in the U.S., includes labels ...

Talk: Latin America/Archive 1 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
20 Latin America - A Historian's Perspective. 21 "Mariachi" is not a music style. 22 Nice article! ... and have far more access to schools, jobs and wealth. ...

iTunes Passes Wal-Mart As Top U.S. Music Provider -
Latin . Underground. Reggae. Electronic. Elements. Community. News. Music Videos ... Steve Jobs on CNBC. Apple Music Event 2001-The First Ever iPod Introduction ...

Guerra Dominates Latin Grammys - Entertainment News Story - KMGH Denver
Denver Jobs . Legal Center. Real Estate. Travel. TV Listings. Contact Us. 7NEWS Team ... roster of Latin music's new order, including Ricky Martin, Shakira, and ...

HispanicTrending: LAMC: Latin Aternative Music Continues to Evolve
Hispanic - Latino Marketing , Advertising & Business Trends , News , Research , ... Job Search. Language. Music . Product Reviews. PSA. Religion. Sports. Strategy ...

Music Talent Scouts Sought |
Free Classifieds. Jobs , Jobs , Jobs ! Pop. Rock. Hip Hop. Urban. Country. Latin . Rockabilly ... sales of individual pieces of music as well as complete CD's. ...

Sirius/XM Merger: League of United Latin American Citizens comes out in ...
... Deportes, CNN Espanol, and several Latin music channels. ... Wouldn't this elimination create less, not more Latin programming? Not to mention less jobs ? ...
#1 Directory to find all lyrics to spanish songs. Find songs for salsa, merengue, bachata, vallenato, latin pop, latin rock, hip hop, rap, reggaeton, regional ...

KPFA Music Shows
Jobs at KPFA. Our Financial Information. Where We Are. Local Station Board ... A cool fusion of jazz and Latin music , giving voice to musicians deserving wider ...

Western Massachusetts Local Music News, Concerts & Bands -
JOBS . AUTOS. HOMES. CLASSIFIEDS. SHOPPING. " Music . SEARCH: ... player, Jose Gonzalez, is one of the top performers of contemporary Latin music . ...®ion=&range=30&x=34&y=5

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My Girlfriend the Assassin

Buying a guitar is really exciting. But it will be appropriate only if the whole buying process can be judged properly. Once you have decided what to buy, next question is, where to but it from? A proper decision should be taken after a proper research is done regarding the place from where to purchase the guitar.

Basically there are two options to buy a guitar. One is to buy it from a store selling guitar and other musical instruments and the other is to buy it online. However, in each case there are pros and cons. These should be known to the buyer as it will help to settle for the best choice. So let's find out what extract can be taken out from buying guitars online vs. buying guitars from a store.

Talking about buying guitars online vs. buying guitars from a store, the first fact that strikes the mind is inspecting the product. As it is known that it is necessary to examine the model properly before buying it, therefore, in this regard it is better to opt for the store. The reason is simple; it is only possible in a store to check out different guitars at a time before buying. The same is naturally not possible in case of online buying. Also here the payment has to be made first i.e. before the guitar is delivered. But some of the online sellers have return policies too which enables the buyer to return the defective instrument after examining it within the given time .

Next point about buying guitars online vs. buying guitars from a store, is that the buyer will have to depend on the advertisement in case of online process. Whatever it will portray about the company and the model, the buyer will have to believe. On the other hand while buying from the store the facts stated by ads can be easily verified.

Then again, in case of buying guitars online, sometimes the shipping costs for buying or returning the guitar can be expensive. On the other hand, the stores don't have such kind of issues. Most of the time there is no shipping charge. With it comes the oppurtunity of negotiating the price, which is not possible in the online buying process.

Surrounded by drawbacks, the online process has many advantages too as compared to the stores. Needless to say, the online process is really very comfortable. The main reason being the fact that it can be done from home, which saves the trouble of visiting a store that is situated far off.

In the debate of buying guitars online vs. buying guitars from a store, the next fact that comes along is getting a guitar expert opinion. While buying from the store you either have to rely on your judgment or dealer's words. But while buying guitars online, this facility is provided by way of product reviews from experts as well as comments from users who have experienced buying from a particular site before.

Digging out the next fact from the discussion regarding buying guitars online vs. buying guitars from a store, is the variety option. The online process offers endless options about the guitars. Any kind of model or brand, sometimes even the rare models are easily available on the Internet. Whereas, in the stores the options are most of the time less and the rare models needs placing special order.

One of the important fact regarding buying guitars online is that most of the time the online companies have no sales tax charges. This saves you some money when you buy guitar online.

These were some trade offs to be considered while deciding on buying guitars online vs. buying guitars from a store. The final decision to a large extent depends on the individual preference and circumstances.

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Nueva York!

Children's favorite Dan Zanes follows his 2007 Grammy Award winning CD Catch That Train with a collaboration with Latino musician friends from New York. These family songs, all sung in Spanish, represent various styles including son jarocho, cumbia, aguinaldo, bailecito, nueva canción and merengue. Featured guests include: Lila Downs, Daphne Rubin-Vega, The Villa-Lobos brothers, Marc Ribot and Afro-Colombian roots ensemble La Cumbiamba Eneyé.
Customer Review: Fanaticos thinks it's fantastico!!
My son is a Dan Zanes groupie (he's been to six of his shows).He's been listening him since before his second birthday and has been looking foward to new music for quite some time. My son is half Cuban, so hearing DZ sing in Spanish is very significant for him. It's a welcome addition to our Dan Zanes and Friends collection. In short, this cd is like a big party for my three and a half year old, yet sophisticated and cool enough for his parents!!! ViVa Dan and Friends!!
Customer Review: More great music for EVERYONE (this time in Spanish)!
Dan Zanes and Friends latest release features all that you love about the band: wild, energetic collaborations and quieter songs with tremendous raw beauty. Esta vez, todas las canciones están en español! They've come a long way since "Malti." This collection of favorites from several Latin American countries is, as Dan says in his concerts, his pro-immigration CD. Thanks, Dan, for giving our kids a great time while provoking interest in Hispanic culture and vital social issues. Our faves: El Pescador, Son Borinqueno, Colas, Verde Luz, El Pijul,El Canario, Cuida El Agua, & Mi Luna. Yikes, that's a lot of favorites! If Pollito Chicken doesn't get you moving, see a doctor!

Music | Stream free mp3's from hot new indie artists.
Plays: Indie, Pop , Rock, Radio Friendly and Power Pop . Aaron Streng. active since Jan 7, 2008 ... Indie Pop , Latin Pop , Metro Pop , Piano, Pop , Pop Punk, ...

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Online Shop of latin music, salsa, merengue, videos, dvd, electronicos ... Larry Harlow s Latin Legends Of Fania. Best Price :$20.99. Salsa Brava y Descarga ...

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The Daily Bruin - Stereotypes, lack of diversity sink trendy Latin pop ...
Stereotypes, lack of diversity sink trendy Latin pop tunes ... It is a Latin boom of sorts, with social and economic effects in the United States. ...

Marc Anthony :
... and backing vocalist for pop acts including Menudo and the Latin Rascals. ... at the Latin music convention Radio y Musica, his first step on the road to ...

RAIN: Radio And Internet Newsletter
There's 80's pop , 60's folk, classic radio dramas, latin , j-pop, world music, ... "Of course, I'm talking about Internet radio here...

Newswire / Press Release: mobZilla and VOY Partner to Deliver Latin ...
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Radio Payola
In the world of white pop and rock radio , virtually everything on the air is ... More recently, Latin radio was rocked when the head of promotion for Fonovisa, ...

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Rush of Blood to the Head

Japanese Version featuring a Bonus Track
Customer Review: Rush order it now!
Yeah, there is no bonus track. The Japanese on the packaging says that there are lyrics and translated lyrics, which are exclusive to this version of the cd. That's all.
Customer Review: Does not have the bonus track advertised
Great CD, though different from Parachutes - at once darker and less romantic. The Japanese liner notes and lyric sheet are interesting - if you read Japanese - though there seem to be a couple very minor mistakes in the transcription of the lyrics. Unfortunately, the bonus track is not there. I haven't been able to get an answer as to why...

The most well known sport in Thailand is the Thai boxing or Muay Thai. It is a sport which needs a lot of strength, stamina and adaptability. It has a spiritual element too which is normally not linked with sports.

It is a form of combat between two fighters. Records show that this sport existed as early 1411, but it is possible that Muay Thai was in existence even before that. In 1920, Muay Thai was banned as it had become extremely violent and dangerous for the fighters. However, in 1937, the sport was revived and the fighters had to wear protective gear as the new rules and regulations that were laid down.

The spiritual aspect in Muay Thai can be seen before the sport starts. The fighters kneel down to pray to their wai kru or teacher before the event begins and they also perform a dance which is a bit of warm up besides being a ritual. This dance form is called Ram Muay. Ram Muay differs according to individual training camps. The dance is accompanied by music played by the band. The music is also known as phipat music.

The participant wears a tennis racket-like hoop on the head during the dance ceremony and then the coach removes it to indicate the start of the fight. Fighters wear bands containing a Buddha amulet and / or some kind of herb to bring good luck to them.

The actual boxing has five rounds and each round is for 3 minutes. There are three judges, who are seated in three different boxes on three different sides of the boxing ring. Points are given for each punch that lands on the opponent. In between the rounds, fighters can rest. Trainers use the rest as an opportunity to soak the fighters with water and advice them.

Muay Thai is considered to be a difficult sport and requires the fighters to be in peak physical condition.

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Customer Review: Not a Perfect Figure, but Attractive Just the Same
I have to admit, when I first read over the press release about openly gay, piano-lovin' musician Keyth Lawrence and his band the Purple Circle, I didn't have high hopes for their CD, the just-released Figures. I imagined a squeaky-clean, more-than-earnest pretty boy singing painfully heartfelt tunes in hushed vocals about having his heart broken overtop melancholy piano playing that was sure to incite me to tears--of boredom. But a funny thing happened from the time I put the disc in my stereo to the time it ended: I actually enjoyed it. Perhaps because--or in spite--of my lowered expectations, I found myself pleasantly surprised by the sprightly bounce of the disc's opening track, "Justice"; by the somberness of the time-goes-by lamenting title track; by the jaunty yet sophisticated piano-power-pop of both "Weird Science" and "Spread"; by Lawrence's spirited delivery of his often-perplexing lyrics ("It figures the kitchen is cold/If staying meant blankets/'Happy Fourth of July' I think this year we've been sold" is but one example of his ability to flummox with his odd word play); and by the consistently attentive and refreshingly modern production (courtesy of Jamie Siegel and Lawrence himself), which eschews schmaltz in favor of upbeat arrangements that lend the recording an appealing, contemporary vibe. Lawrence does occasionally dip into the well of loneliness, as on the somewhat jazzy "Another Evening," but even here, he pairs his bizarre ramblings ("You've got Vegas eyes so it's no surprise/While your garlic kills, my garlic cures") with an aggressively loungey arrangement that keeps it from becoming too maudlin. And while there will undoubtedly be those who remain unmoved by Lawrence's skilled pounding of his ivory keys and his pleasantly appealing voice, the thirtysomething upstart has fashioned a record that sets him apart from most of what constitutes the canon of adult contemporary offerings these days. Taking Tori Amos' penchant for loopy psychological musings (the disc's luminescent closer, "Orbital," is especially evocative of some of Amos' more emotive pieces--complete with vague religious imagery and references to pop culture entities like David Bowie) and combining it with the hipster vibe of current VH-1 poster boy Jamie Cullum, Lawrence actually manages to transcend the supposed limitations of his genre and create a quite unique--if occasionally confounding--niche all his own.

Voted one of People Magazines 50 Most Beautiful People of 2004, Gwendolyn Renee Stefani is a singer, songwriter, fashion designer and an occasional actress. Born on October 3, 1969, she was raised by her parents Dennis and Patti in Fullerton, California and grew up along with her two brothers and sister. Her brother Eric formed the band No Doubt together with friend John Spence in 1987. Gwen joined as a co-singer together with Tony Canal. They dated and became steady until they break-up. That came the song Don't Speak in memory of their seven-years relationship.

Eventually after Eric left the band to pursue his career as a cartoonist and Spence's suicide, she step a notch higher from being a co-singer to the lead singer. Their album Tragic Kingdom made its mark for success as this went on to Billboard Number one charts and accumulate two Grammy nominations for the group. In 2000, the band released their less popular album, Return of Saturn. The song's lyrics are based on her on-the-rocks relationship to then Bush guitarist Gavin Rossdale. This album received good feedbacks from the audience as two of it's singles Hey Baby and Underneath it all received Grammy awards.

She even did collaborations various artist like Moby (South Side), and Eve (Let me Blow Ya Mind). The song "Let me blow your Mind" won Grammy Award's Best Rap/Sung collaboration. In 2004, she decided to release her first solo album via Love, Music, Angel, Baby. This album tackles about her love life, music as her profession, and her baby which she considers as her angel.

Nominated for Album of the Year at 2005 Grammy Awards, this album also bagged 5 hit singles in charts all over the world including Cool, Crash, Luxurious, Rich Girl and What you're Waiting for. She also set a trend in using equally gorgeous and equally hot Japanese girls as her back-ups dancers that she later called Harajuku girls. Her single first single What you're Waiting for was nominated Song of the Year from different award-giving bodies. Apart from that, she did a cover song from a 1990 British pop song If I were a Rich Man which used in the musical Fiddler on the Roof, entitled Rich Girl which is her second collaboration with Eve.

Aside from her top hit singles, she is also known for her distinct taste in fashion. She is known for her red hot lipstick and also into midriffs and short skirts to expose her sexy legs. Being a natural brunette, she sometime change her hair color from pink to blue and use wigs of different styles and colors. She also adopted Japanese fashion with high-knee socks and miniskirts topped with marine-collared blouses. That way of clothing makes her a hot rock diva even if some of fashion critics despise the way she dresses.

Another interesting facet in her career is her marriage to Gavin Rossdale. They met in December 1995 in a No Doubt concert and keep their relationship in the eyes of media to avoid controversy. They got married twice, one in 2002 at St. Paul's Church in London and the second in Los Angeles two weeks later. They got a son named Kingston James McGregor and Rossdale's illegitimate daughter Daisy. Their marriage surpass the odds and keep their relationship for keeps.

This one sexy mama can act, her interest in film drive her to audition for Mr. & Mrs. Smith but her debut performance is by playing Jean Harlow in the critically acclaimed film The Aviatorwith Leonardo di Caprio. She also dubbed her voice for a PS2 and Xbox video game Malice. She has also her own clothing line that she called L.A.M.B. which is taken from her first solo album. As of this date, she already released her own perfume collection.

What makes her at our one hot sexy celebrity list is her natural self being expressed through her music and fashion. Only few celebrities can do that, being able to connect with their audience and to transmit her message effectively. Whenever she appears on screen or perform at stage, you will always see that glint of anticipation and admiration in the eyes of spectators. Along with her sexy disposition as a performer and her interesting personality really brings forth the success in her endeavors.

More celebrity facts at

I am a new blogger on the loose.

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Northern Light

I was over 30 years old and already a millionaire from a working class background when I first heard this word - procrastinating - in fact I was accused of it, to which I replied "I did not know if I was or not", because I did not know or understand the word. The superbly educated man who was trying to belittle with its use said it meant 'stalling' and 'time wasting' - to which I replied "Why didn't you say that in the first place." This got me a small round of laughter from the company we were in at the time.

Education is fine if you know what you are going to do with it, but quite simply so very many people, one of which could be you, are paying the price for being backward. Quite simply you are procrastinating. All my life I have found money so very easy to earn, just as much as I have ever wanted. Because of this fact, I have also found hundreds, in fact thousands, of idiots who use big words such as procrastination (taken from the Latin I later came to find out) to replace skills they do not have which in turn creates snobbery. Yes, that's right, snobbery which word once more derives from Latin and means without nobility, which is so incredibly stupid when you look at it because whilst it is very difficult to earn nobility, yet to earn big money is quite easy like anything else when you know how.

Which brings us to you, are you procrastinating when it comes to earning money, or is it simply that you don't know how to turn your hand to the skill. Which in itself then poses the question 'would you like to?' or are you happy procrastinating while life and all it has to offer far in advance oof what you already have passes you by. For years that now number as decades I have met people who could have earned 10 or even 100 times more during their lifetime than they in fact have simply because they don't or didn't have the dreams or goals to do so in the first place. If I could show you how to see and understand the thought patterns that have guided quite ordinary people to the status of the rich and successful would you like this education or do you prefer to procrastinate even more years away to nothing.

Let me return to the first line of this text, just what is being said here? A man who has gone from rags to riches as they used to say is prepared to show you how it's done. Are you so slow and lethargic to be saying 'pull the other one'. Make no mistake on this issue, anyone who wants to earn serious money can do so and the more they understand this subject, like any other the easier or even simpler it becomes. To be truly honest you already know that, so what answer are you going to give as an excuse to your procrastination.

All around the world there are places of education even in the poorest of countries they teach the basics and all the way up this ladder of education people fall by the wayside in masses. I think it will always be so. But for those who can see this and say no to this happening to them. People who are prepared to think above the preconception of the norm. People who don't want to be processed like ants or sheep. Take your pick because this is where procrastination lives by including you with the unwashed as those up the ladder of success refer to you.

When you are ready for your own sake to stand up and be counted to claim the share of wealth on this planet that could so very easily be yours, then look up the author of this script at Knoll Huse Interforum or his history channel Mr Salesmanship, because more than anywhere else on the planet, never mind simply the internet, this is your starting point. The only question will be can you stay the course, the trip to your own prosperity or will you be silly enough to let procrastination take you back to nowhere land that all those who no better call average. Believe it or not all those people have one thing in common and that is they are too busy trying to scrape a living to ever earn this serious money that people like this author find so very easy with little or even no competition from the so called masses which at present you list among.

Please visit me at Knoll House Interforum where you can book your own personal tuition session.

To read a more comprehensive background on my qualifications as a Motivational speaker and tutor please visit Mr Salesmanship's website.

If you enjoyed this article and would like to read more articles by Mr Salesmanship please visit my Squidoo Lensmaster Page where you will find many more inspirational works.

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Rodrigo y Gabriela (with Bonus DVD)

Studio Album from the Mexican Guitar Duo Produced by John Leckie (Radiohead, Muse, My Morning Jacket) Comes as a Limited Edition with a Dvd with Documentary and Live Tracks. Dvd is Pal Resion 0.
Customer Review: Awesome guitarists!
This CD has the max 'WOW' factor!! It is unbelievable there are only two artists. If you love acoustic guitar and rythmic percussion, you'll love this music as much as I do. The DVD is very interesting, too. A nice addition, especially for anyone who has not seen them in person. I'm looking forward to another CD release.
Customer Review: incredible artistry
Although it's not my favorite collection of theirs, this is a wonderful example of their artistry - I especially like the way they can take a metal or hard rock song and make it their own as they do on 2 separate tracks here. These two are incredible artists.

The Randy Jackson's America's Best Dance Crew, the hottest dancing competition in US, has declared its winner. Among the 12 competing crews, the JabbaWockeez crew emerged as the victorious group as they crushed Status Quo with their remarkable performance on the finale. The JabbaWockeeZ's members were Jeff Nguyen aka "Phi", 26, from Phoenix AZ; Ryan Shawn Paguio, 26, from San Diego, CA; Ben Chung aka B-Tek, 26, from Mission Hills, CA; Kevin Brewer, 31, from Sacrament, CA; Phil Tayag, 23, also from Sacramento, CA; and Chris Gatdula, 26, from Las Vegas, NV.

The two groups fought their last battle onstage, but still, the JabbaWockeeZ seemed to steal the heart of Americans when millions of their votes declared the group as the ultimate champion. Status Quo's members who are Joshua Green, 20; Ernest Phillips, 21, Jayjion Greer aka "Jin Lao", 18; Jamal Weaver, 20; and Dwayne Hines, 18 (all from Boston, MA) did not lose in vain. They had served one of the best performances in the history of dance competitions in the US.

During episode 7, the three remaining crews which are the JabbaWockeez, Status Quo, and the Kaba Modern had competed and gave their best moves. Status Quo performed the first act. The judges were impressed by the group's amazing stunts, but failed to make an impression with their lackluster choreography.

Episode 6 showed one of the most exhilarating performances on the show. The four remaining crews fought their way up from the dance floor and were required to perform hip hop dances with a mixture of Traditional Broadway acts. The most remarkable performance was done by Status Quo as they showed off their own version of "Hairspray."

The competing crews performed Michael Jackson's "Thriller" in Episode 5. This was done in honor of the artist that has become legendary with his dancing prowess and also to celebrate his album's twenty-fifth anniversary. "Thriller" sold over 45 million worldwide, and it is considered as one of the biggest selling albums of all time.

During Episode 4, the crews were made to dance while portraying their own characters based on movies. The audience and the judges were awed by the amazing performances they had witnessed.

During Episode 3, the crews were made to perform popular dances that possessed remarkable stunts.

The eight remaining crews, during Episode 2, were made to perform an act that is based on popular music video. They must have a unique interpretation that still jives with the video. The competition started with 12 groups (consisting of six members) showing off their hottest moves, they were: Full Out, The Movements, Automatic Response, Enigma Dance Crew, Femme 5, Iconic, Live in Color, Fysh n Chicks, BreakSk8, Kaba Modern, Status Quo, and the JabbaWockeeZ.

The show creator, Randy Jackson, has been in the music industry for more than twenty years. This music veteran and Grammy Award winning producer has started his career as a bass guitar player when he was just 13 years old. He got his big break when he joined the famous band Journey.

The first judge was JC Chavez who started his career as a member of a Mickey Mouse Club. He is also a former of a now disbanded NSync. Shayne Sparks, who is also a judge, is a professional dancer who was known for his jaw-dropping performance every time he was onstage. Lil' Mama, another judge of this popular dance competition show, is an hip hop artist who got her big break when her Lip Gloss hit the radio waves in 2007.

The show was hosted by Mario Lopez, Layla Kaleigh, and DJ Rashida. MTV is giving opportunity to people to show off their grooviest moves and style. If you are interested to join, create a profile and start uploading your videos. Just go to for further details. The casting for America's Best Dance Crew Season 2 is now ongoing.

Ant Onaf is a content producer in association with (, a online retailer of learn to dance DVD and learn to dance video sets.

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Rush of Blood to the Head

Japanese reissue version of UK-act's 2002 release. 11 tracks total. EMI. 2008.

One of the main reasons people quit an exercise program is a lack of motivation and goal setting. You may start an exercise program in hopes of losing weight and becoming more fit. However, as you continue exercising, you may feel that you're putting in so much effort but gaining so little. You become unmotivated because it's just too much work.

With Dance Dance Revolution (DDR), kids, teens, and adults can find a way to stay motivated, exercise, and have more fun. Dance Dance Revolution is a music game available on both console and arcade. You can choose from a variety of energetic dance songs. As the song plays, you have to step on a specific pattern of arrows in response to the song's beat.

Like most games, learning Dance Dance Revolution takes practice. There is a range of tempos, song genres, and step difficulties, so there is something for everyone. Beginners can start with easy slow-paced songs. To get better, simply practice and become familiar with the songs. As you progress you can gradually choose faster songs and more difficult step patterns. With enough practice and persistence you'll gain stamina, become better at foot-eye coordination, and have a better sense of rhythm.

Since the game grades you on how well you've played each song, it is easy to set goals and stay motivated. For example, if you achieved a 'C' rating on a song, you can set a goal to get a 'B' rating in a certain timeframe. If you failed a song, you can set a goal to pass that song in a certain number of tries. Also, with a partner, you can both play the same song and participate in some friendly competition. This competition adds a great deal of fun. Furthermore, it helps you strive to improve and keep playing so you can beat your dance partner.

To play Dance Dance Revolution, check out local arcades and see if any of them has a Dance Dance Revolution arcade machine. If they don't, or you don't want to travel to an arcade, you can get a Dance Dance Revolution game for a console like Playstation, Playstation 2, or XBox. Of course, you could play with a regular controller but then you wouldn't be exercising (unless you consider finger manipulation exercising). To experience the game the right way, you'll need a dance pad.

There are three main types of dance pads: soft thin pads, ignition pads, and metal pads. Soft thin pads are flexible, made of plastic, and wear out quickly. They tend to slip around a lot. I have to constantly realign my soft thin pad while playing harder songs. If you simply want to test out DDR, soft thin pads are great. Ignition pads are soft pads which have a foam insert. The foam insert provides weight, durability, and comfort. It feels different from the arcade but is easy to adapt to. Like the soft thin pads, ignition pads will wear out. The best pads for expert players are the metal pads. They have been designed to give more of that arcade feel. They have greater durability and accuracy.

Visit for descriptions of some specific DDR dance pads.

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Live 2003

This 12 track CD is released in Japan as an individual release. It contains the same 12 tracks that appear on the domestic CD that came with the 'Coldplay Live' DVD, plus a CD-extra enhanced section. EMI. 2003.

1. Stop planning everything you do. Sometimes you can have a lot of fun and relax more if you just go with the flow and avoid planning every little detail in your life.

2. Do something you really like. Life is too short for one to spend time doing things you really do not like to do so change that.

3. Be flexible and not picky. An important aspect of having fun is being flexible and willing to adjust to others needs. Especially when you want to share with someone else.

4. Call your family & friends and plan a party or gathering. Keeping in touch with the one's you love is important and can be fun for one to share special moments with.

5. Cook lunch or dinner for someone you really care for. This is a nice gesture and can also be a fun thing for both people to enjoy together.

6. Go shopping and buy something new. This is always a pleasant thing to do when one is feeling bored and provides a chance to get yourself something nice.

7. Join a dance class. If you like music and dance, it may be fun for you and someone you like sharing with to take some dance lessons together.

8. Tell jokes to your friends. Plan a gathering in which all that are invited come up with jokes to share.

9. Plan a fun weekend away. Get out of the house or apartment for the weekend and go somewhere you have always wanted to go to have fun and/or relax at.

10. Go to a concert. If you do not mind large crowds, attend a local concert or buy tickets for a show you know you would like to see live.

11. Be more around people. If you are use to being alone, it is always more fun to be around people, which you can find them pretty much anywhere you go.

12. Play a sport you like. Get your body in shape and have fun doing it. Not only is it good for your health but can also be fun if especially if you do it with someone else.

13. Take a class at a local community college in your area. Community colleges usually offer non-credit courses available for low price to all ages that can be fun and different for you to do.

14. Play a board and/or video game. Invite some friends and/or family over and play board games, have some snacks to help keep your guests happy.

15. Plan a fun night out. You can do this with friends, family or even a date. It is always nice to have a good night out after a hard day at work.

16. Go somewhere new. Sometimes changing one's routine and environment can be a healthy thing.

17. Take a ride around the city. This can help you get out of the house and enjoy the scenery more than you think.

18. Have a sleep over. No matter how old you are this can always be fun, especially when you do not do it much.

19. Have a pool party. If you like water, this can be fun and different to do in the comfort of your own home.

20. Have a makeover. Change is always different and fun if done the way you want it.

*Good luck with these tips and hope you find some if not all of the information available useful.

Tamara A. Monell


Log onto for expert advice from a licensed mental health professional.

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T-Shirt Black " Latin Rap Equalizer " Music

This is a great shirt. Great gift. All TopExpressions products are made under strict quality controls. 100% heavyweight cotton, weight aprox 9oz.

Go West, Back In Time
Venture on the Shores of Mississippi

Intrinsically woven through time, the old and the new, St. Louis abounds with rich color, flavor and taste. Whether you are passing through on historical Highway 66, or visiting on business, St. Louis will whet your appetite for more. More rich, mouth-watering entrees. From southern to soulful. Satiate your appetite with historical finds like Lewis & Clark. Top it off with dozens of cultural and sporting events.

Grab your walking shoes, sunscreen, bottled water and camera. You can walk through the botanical gardens, ride on a horse drawn carriage or fly in a vintage aircraft.

The Gateway Arch is an inverted, three-sided catenary curve, gleaming, historical monument which commemorates Lewis & Clarks expeditions. A quick four minute tram ride to the top gives a spectacular view of the city and the mighty Mississippi River. Americas freedom and explorations into Western Territory are methodically illustrated here. Underneath the Arch is the Museum of Westward Expansion featuring 100 years of human history with murals depicting scenes along Lewis & Clarks journey of discovery. Dozens of national treasures including handwritten journals, maps, equipment and other artifacts are displayed here.

After the advent of the steamboat, St. Louis grew into a thriving river city. Then came the railroad and in the 1930s an ambitious local movement led to the purchase by the Federal Government of a large riverfront area and plans were begun for the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial. Due to its industrial and engineering capacity, St, Louis emerged as a leader in aviation and automotive production after World War II and the Korean War.
St. Louis began as a fur-trading outpost on the site of what is now called Lacledes Landing. Named after the French fur trapper Pierre Laclede who began the first settlement, The Landing, is an interesting assortment of shops, galleries, offices and restaurants. At night it comes alive with music and entertainment; Blues, Jazz, Opera, Cabaret, Symphony and Rock n Roll can be heard on the streets.

Music, dance and theatre are plentiful in and around the city. St. Louis launched many talented actors, musicians and writers. Playwright Tennessee Williams lived in St. Lois, as did poets T.S. Eliot and Maya Angelou. Actors; Betty Grable, Vincent Price and Buddy Ebson from the Golden Age, to current favorites, John Goodman and Kevin Kline have all called St. Louis home. From comedy and drama, to Shakespeare, a cultural experience is offered for any age. ( (One Lewis & Clark Trail
Hartford, IL 62048, Phone: (618) 251-5811, URL: Museum of Westward Expansion, Under the Gateway Arch, St. Louis, MO 63102, Phone: (314) 655-1700, URL:

Sports & Recreation

The International Bowling Museum stands proudly adjacent to Busch Stadium endowing the public with a century of history and colorful memorabilia. This is the only bowling museum in the world and offers more than 5,000 years of bowling history.

A team of archeologists from the University of Pisa, Italy, found the oldest bowling alley in a city called Medinet Madi. The Italian team has unearthed an open structure dating back to the Ptolemaic age. The floor is composed of a single large block of limestone with a groove 10 cm deep and 20 cm wide. In the middle there is a 12 cm-square hole. They also found two balls of polished limestone, one of which fits the groove and the other the square hole. The structure is like no other found in the ancient world.
Earlier versions of pins are on display at the museum.

Until medieval period, sports were steeped in pagan rituals. Denounced by priests, a ban was placed on bowling in 1443 and 1447, and was permitted again in 1468. Bowling was popular at festivals, dances, and baptisms with variations. One variation of bowling is Quilles De Neuf (ninepins).
Bowling was first mentioned in Rip Van Winkle, by Washington Irving.
Pinsetters in the 19th century earned .03 to .05 cents per line. The sport prospered in the 1930s and 40s. The poor image was upgraded by the 3 As; automation, architecture and air conditioning. In the 1950s, television turned regular people into heroes. The Womens Professional Hall of Fame is on the third level. And on the lower level, a bowling lane is set up for visitors and enthusiasts to enjoy a few frames with their admission. (Across from Busch Stadium, St. Louis, MO 63102, Phone: (314) 231-6340)

Shared Heritage

A candy apple red convertible given to Mark McGwire, has been donated to the city and is on the display in the St. Lois Cardinals Hall of Fame Museum. A plethora of leather worn gloves, home-run tattered bats and printed tickets adorn the glass cases. Young and mature athletes started their careers in St. Louis and leave behind a legacy. Heroes were made from honest, hardworking down-home lads who have a passion for baseball.

Sports are an obsession in St. Louis with active sports centers, loyal fans and professional athletes. St. Louis is home to: Cardinals (baseball), the hockey Blues, and the NFL Rams. St. Louis is one of the few cities to host the summer Olympics, 1906, in conjunction with the Worlds Fair. The U.S. Senior Open draws crowds from every state in the union. A single admission price of $6.00 for adults and $4.00 for children ages 5 to 12 covers the entry fee for both the baseball and bowling museums. A joint museum/stadium tour ticket costs only $9.50 for adults and $7.50 for kids. The museum is open daily from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday and noon until 5:00 p.m. on Sunday. Hours are extended to 6:30 p.m. before Cardinal home night games.

Plenty for Kids

Forest Park offers a Zoo, (, (, Art Museum, Science Center, History Center, skating and more, at little or no cost for the little ones. Petting farms, botanical gardens and butterfly gardens ( also bring young ones up close, presenting educational opportunities as much as fun! Wild rides, cool waves and family fun at Six Flags St. Louis. The Spirit of Thrills! ( Explore rivers, caves (caves will be in another article) and wine, Mount Pleasant Winery , 5634 High St. , Augusta, MO 63332, Phone: (636) 482-WINE
Toll-Free: (800) 467-WINE, URL: as you tour charming villages from Louisiana Purchase territory, vintage Cathedrals and unique historic towns. Visit Mark Twains historic boyhood home, museum and a live imitation, in Hannibal. Cruise on nostalgic riverboats.
Picturesque, sun-drenched rolling hills can be toured by bike, skates, car or canoe, Trailnet - Hiking and Biking Trails, Various Trail Locations, St. Louis, MO 63125, Phone: (314) 416-9930, URL:

Old Chain of Rocks Bridge, on of the worlds longest pedestrian and biking bridges and a Route 66 landmark, offers breathtaking view, with occasional spottings of bald eagles.

Another roadside attraction is the Wax Museum, in LaCledes Landing. More than 150 life-size wax mannequins dressed in period costumes, depict their culture, our history. Beware of the shop of horrors in the basement.
The noble Budweiser Clydesdales are the most recognizable symbols of Anheuser-Busch. Known for their size, strength and beauty, they can be seen at the flagship brewery of Anheuser-Busch. Witness state of the art technology and historic architecture at the corporate office and brewery; open for tours daily, year round. Anheuser-Busch Brewery Tours and Gifts, I-55 & Arsenal St., St. Louis, MO 63118, Phone: (314) 577-2626, URL:

Shopping, golf, theatre, dance, music, museums, sports, day trips, fine dining and recreation are abundant and worthy for the whole family in St. Louis, Missouri.

Loretta Lynn is a freelance writer, editor and publisher residing in central Florida, yet keeps her sanity with frequent excursions.

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Some of the most common events are Conventions, Festivals, Corporate Events, Event Seminars, Business Meetings, Fundraisers, and Charity Events. Whether you are a beginner or veteran events planner, you still need to start on the right foot. The event ideas we mention here are intended to help guide you to success. Although there are many ideas, we will stick to a few popular ones.

Business Meeting Ideas

Creating meetings around various themes helps to give participants a sense of direction. Since a business meeting is supposed to be more work than play, music may not be a good idea, but a short documentary could crystallize company focus.

Building Something Great Together - Makes everyone involved feel needed and a part of the company's future. It opens the floor for constructive input enhancing company goals.

Please the Customer - have participants focus on what makes the customer happy and how to improve in service with a smile.

We Shall Overcome - Encourages attendees to persist and reach for success despite perceived obstacles.

Be creative when kicking off meetings to motivate and inspire.

Dart Board - Start off the meeting by allowing some shots at a dart board. Best shot gets to start off the meeting, appoint the moderator, or make the first suggestion about the topic at hand.

New Vocabulary - Ask your group to bring seldom used or obscure words to the next meeting. Have them use it in a way that applies to your business.

"If I Ran the Show..." - This can provide some insight into feasible changes that can improve things in important areas. Ask your staff what they would consider the perfect job, location, and work environment. Now that you have them thinking without boundaries, ask them what project would they work on or what special thing would they do if they ran the company, office, or department.

Fund Raising Ideas

Consider the following suggestions:

BBQ's - Everyone loves a BBQ, they can be a fun way to rally support for your cause.

A Raffle - There are many fashionable products that would strongly attract customers.

Car Wash - When the price is right a car wash is a valued service that can easily raise funds.

Charity Event Ideas

Promoting awareness as much as possible is paramount to your charity event success.

Dinner - Awards are distributed to honorees that helped to achieve landmark milestones for the organization. Tickets can be sold commercially or through your network of friends and supporter. Invitees attend a dinner where presentations are made regarding the organization's accomplishments and goals.

Bake Sales - A prize is awarded to the baked item voted as first place, second place etc. by attendees. Every one of the organization's members and their families can participate in producing their favorite specialties and these can sold at a profit to the organization at the "bake-off event".

Auction - Many favorite goods or services can be auctioned off to raise money for your non-profit organization. Another approach is to involve local businesses to donate merchandise, time or even money to start your auction with a bang.

Corporate Event Ideas

There are some interesting twists to freshen up the atmosphere with entertainment. Motivation is very important in a corporate environment, so celebrating anniversaries and achievements will boost inspiration on all levels.

Comedians - Comedians use specific appropriate topics that help put the audience in the right mood.

Live music or Professional sound system - It is essential to select entertainment that is suitable for your guests and your business personality.

Magic Shows - Can be a pleasant introduction that provides a playful atmosphere.

Seminar Ideas

There are various styles in which a meeting can be conducted. Choosing the one that fits the current working climate can help propel everyone in the right direction.

Human Resource Seminars - Offer all sorts of employee performance training, management, and career development seminars. Help build up the proper work environment in your business or company by coaching, succession planning, key employee identification, and organization development.

Sales Training Seminars - Can assist your sales force to hone their salesmanship abilities and educate them about new software or tools to become more adept in their sales role.

Management Seminars - Refine leadership qualities and exercise management abilities to help your executives and managers increase their performance.

Festival Ideas

These are entertainment-only functions, and can be geared to provide fun for families and groups of all kinds. Themes can be tailored to make any social event exciting and interesting.

Fun Foods - Pizza, Popcorn, Potato Chips, Snow Cones, Cotton Candy, Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, French Fries, etc.

Prize-Winning Games - Ring the Coke Bottle, Basketball shots, Shoot down cans w/water gun, Gaming wheels, etc.

Ride Rentals - Large and small Bounce houses, Choo-Choo Train, Ferris wheels, Roller coasters, Spin rides.

Convention Ideas

Conventions bring vendors and customers together in an open forum where contacts are made, new products are introduced, big ideas are discussed and new sales leads are developed.

Entertainment - Sound systems playing appropriate music, Live musicians or even stage performers.

Promotional Products - Key Chains, Picture Frames, Award Gifts, Bags, Pens with logo, etc.

Exhibition Tools - All shapes and sizes of displays are used to share space and provide maximum visibility.

Conference Ideas

A conference can be quite intense and needs slackening of tension at regular intervals.

Participants meet in order to discuss, consult, or exchange information about related fields.

Give Prizes - Prizes should be awarded to the people who have done something that helped the conference to be a success, whether something funny, silly or just plain helpful. If your conference is small, contributions to success can be rewarded after the conference.

Reception - Should have pleasing interior decoration, door prizes or gifts, etc.

Stand Up/Stretch Breaks - Play some music, have someone lead the break showing everyone how to twist, do aerobics, dance, or just a good march in place. Keep people energized and attentive. Have breaks between speakers.

Keep Up the Momentum - If you put on a grand finale it will make a lasting impression and may influence your participants decision to come to your next conference.

Plan surprises for attendees at least on par with your welcoming reception. Don't let the conference lose color towards the finish - even if the staff has to fake it, keep things going. Have entertainment and 'walk out' music. Organizers should be present at the door to thank the participants.

Everything you need to know about Event Planning and Management, including ideas for marketing your events, can be found at: Event Planning

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Oral Fixation Tour (DVD/CD)

Customer Review: Fantastic
This DVD along with Live and Off the Record are simply fantastic. Shakira is the whole package from the voice of an Angel to a body...well, that's out of this world!! How could you not love this goddess!!!!!
Customer Review: Bought it for the price. Ended up liking it.
It was available for less than fifteen so I picked it up. I liked Shakira's first major Spanish album before her international success. I hadn't really listened to her newer stuff. When I put it in I was pleasantly surprised. The visuals are great and the sound is even better. To be honest I do skip a few songs whenever I watch it but I still consider it a good purchase for the price.

If you want to learn Spanish fast, you will have to be prepared to do a bit of work, but there are many ways in which you can speed up the learning process.

If you are planning a trip, you should have a look at a guide book of the area you'll be going to and buy a good phrase book and dictionary. Take a look at some Spanish language courses in your local book store, as these often include chapters about particular regions of Spain or Latin America. If you find one which covers the area you are visiting, this will save you a lot of time, as you'll be able to learn the Spanish names of main areas of town or countryside as well as street names and areas of interest to tourists. Of course, this is most likely to apply to main towns or tourist areas.

Pronunciation is extremely important if your main goal is to speak Spanish, but don't forget that you need to develop your listening as well, as being able to say all sorts of
things with perfect pronunciation will not get you far if don't understand the answers.

Listening is incredibly important and fortunately, thanks to modern technology, one of the easiest skills to practice. If you find an online course which has a large selection of audio lessons, which you can download in mp3 format, you can listen to these on your iPod. You don't even need to set aside time to do this, as listening repeatedly when you
have a few spare minutes will help enormously.

If you can't find someone local - no problem! Find someone in Spain or Latin America who will chat with you on Skype. It's a great way to help each other learn pronunciation and vocabulary and if you don't understand anything you can ask questions. Best of all -it's free! If you get on well, you can help each other with other aspects of the language, such as grammar, reading and writing. In the past, many people developed their language skills by writing to a penpal, but the internet has improved this method, allowing you to speak and listen as well as read, write and get instant feedback via email and Skype.

So if you want to learn Spanish fast, you no longer have to apply to college and wait weeks or months for the next class at your level to begin. Instead, you can make use of the resources available online - Spanish courses which you can download immediately and native speakers you can find and start chatting to very quickly.

Discover the best way to learn Spanish, and start learning today with our free Spanish course

Waller Jamison is a teacher who has studied several languages, worked and studied abroad and so understands the problems associated with learning languages and coping with life in other countries

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Karaoke MTV Latin Pop Music CD+G 2-Pack CD Volume 1 & 2

Remakes of some of the most popular Latin Pop hits have been compiled on an energetic two CD+Graphics set for karaoke fans to enjoy. Though it's geared for the teen set, grownups will undoubtedly join in when they hear these tunes and see accompanying lyrics for each track on their TV screens. It's easy, instant fun for future American idols of any age. There are two versions of each song: with and without vocals. All songs are professional re-creations and not sung by the original artists.
Customer Review: parental advisory
I bought this for my 8 year old daughter, assuming that because it was geared towards kids, it would be appropriate. I was disappointed to see that these cds had a parental advisory: "Explicit lyrics" sticker on them. It did not say this in the product description. I will be returning this item.
Customer Review: Karaoke CD review
I like this, because i love to sing. It educates you in music and is a lot of fun to do with your friends. Its not very durable though, but how many CDs are???

The art of brutality in its purest, rawest form. That is what UFC offers, or at least it did at one time. Gone are the days of the blood-lust, the modern UFC looks more like a ballet. In its primitive beginnings UFC was the anything goes, bare knuckle blood fest that pulled from underground foreign fighting circuits and targeted the violence nurtured American populace. It was for people who liked to watch men destroy each other, plain and simple. Now, UFC has adapted itself to the mainstream. Instead Oh, my god, how much more can he take? commentators are more likely to be heard saying My god, the ref called that on in a hurry. What prompted this radical change in style?

When The Ultimate Fighter started on UFC, the producers knew some changes had to be made. Even under the protections of late night cable, a weekly UFC was not going to get away with the dangers of the no holds barred style. What if, for example, someone was seriously injured, or even killed? The adjustments were made, and thus UFC crept into the mainstream.

Once heralded as the ultimate underground fighting promotion, UFC is now regarded as the contender to take over for Boxing as the century rolls on. Pundits argue that the diverse styles that UFC attracts place their fighters above boxers in terms of intelligence and dynamics. UFC fighters can be anything from Ninjas to street brawlers, it is hard to say, unless you are a seasoned fan, what direction a UFC fight is going to go in. Is it going to be a submission showdown? Or a knockout? This is part of the glamour of the fight.

As UFC moves further and further from its underground roots with charismatic fighters replacing the scarred warriors of past days, it seems nothing can stop it from becoming the sporting event of the future.

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