Friday, July 11, 2008

T-Shirt White " Love Latin Rap " Music

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Running is one of the best routes towards losing weight and increasing fitness, not only this but it is absolutely free requiring no monthly gym membership. However, if you choose to run to lose weight or increase fitness, and not for enjoyment then you run the risk of becoming bored. Here are some tips for making your jog/run more interesting and keeping you focused.

Warming up before you run prepares you body for the exercise ahead, thus keeping the fatigue away for longer and decreasing the chance of you giving up too early. Try to change your warm up routine on a weekly or two weekly basis. Further to this if you are new to running then start off slow, exhorting yourself in the first five minutes will tired you out and drain you for the remainder of the run.

Listen to music, it will not only prevent boredom is but it will divert your attention from the sensations of fatigue. Keep the music on your MP3 player up to date and create different playlists to suit your different moods. Studies suggest that music can be stimulating so turn on upbeat dance music and try to synchronize your steps with the beats of the music, build up a rhythm to the music. When using a music player I would suggest using a holder for it, such as the arm band holders on the market at the moment,

Where you jog also has a big impact on your interest levels; if you have been jogging the same route for the past two years then get a map, have a look at all the nearby parks, points of interest or training grounds in the near vicinity and try them all out. Not everyone is affected by their route, but having new surroundings and terrain to cover can often make a run more interesting, and challenging. Don't always opt for the easiest route either, choosing a route which covers stairs or a hills something that although tiring will be very rewarding once you have mastered it; think of the scene in Rocky with the stone steps.

Whilst out, it is a good idea, to not only break your run up a bit but to also increase your performance, to set yourself goals; even if it is to sprint as fast as possible to the next tree or to improve upon your normal time. This will not only make your run a bit more interesting, it can lead to you improving your overall performance. If you find yourself very tired during your run, try to focus on different points on the horizon, focus on reaching them, once you have stop for a 20 second breather and find another spot and repeat the process.

If you often cut your run short due to fatigue or plain laziness then get a friend to jog with you. Having a running partner sharing the same goal will keep you both motivated, having someone to speak to will also help to distract you from your tiredness.

Find a running mate then log onto for free and find others in your local area.

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