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Ah, broken chords. The sound. The cascading pattern of chordal notes. It's beautiful. There's no doubt about it. And this technique is one of the easiest to learn. After all, all you need to do to create it is have a chord under your fingers and be able to "break it up."

What do I mean by break it up? You've probably heard of solid chords. This is when all tones are heard at once. For example, if I finger a C Major triad and play all three keys at once, I'm playing a solid chord. But, if I break this chord up into it's 3 notes and play them one at a time you get a broken chord.

Broken chords are used frequently in New Age piano music. There's something about playing notes of a chord in broken style that's very appealing. Maybe it's because it makes the piano sound fuller. Or it could be that it just sounds lovely.

Now, let's take a look at how we can easily create it.

In the lesson "Reflections in Water," we have 4 open position chords. These chords are ideal for "breaking up" because they are so wide-spaced. Over two octaves of notes lay under your finger tips. Once we finger this chord position we are able to play the broken-chord style. How? By simply letting your fingers play around with the note possibilities! And there are many of them.

When you listen to me play this piece, you'll notice that it's nothing to write home about. That is, I'm not after a "sophisticated" sound here. I'm just gently playing around with the notes and using the element of time to create a calm ambiance. And it works! The notes float out into the air and music is created. Not by planning or trying to come up with material but by following a few simple guidelines and letting go of the need to control the outcome.

Edward Weiss is a pianist/composer and webmaster of Quiescence Music's online piano lessons. He has been helping students learn how to play piano in the New Age style for over 14 years and works with students in private, in groups, and now over the internet. Visit http://www.quiescencemusic.com now and get a FREE piano lesson!

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Thin Air E.P

Each instrument has its own voice, and just like the human voice, it can express a wide range of sounds. The acoustic guitar produces everything from lush chords to delicate bell-like tones. And just compare a Cajun fiddle to a classical violin to hear the variety of timbres that instrument can produce. Effective practice is essential to coax that voice from your instrument. This article will help you get the most from your practice sessions.

Of course, the instruments themselves don’t make any sounds at all. They all require one thing -- the human touch. A person must take up the instrument and coax the voice from within it. And just as a new-born baby can’t recite poetry, a novice musician can’t evoke the instrument’s full natural voice. Through practice, he or she develops a level of skill with that instrument.

Don’t confuse skill with talent. Skill is acquired through hard work and a desire to excel. Talent is an innate ability; a gift that is bestowed on us at birth. Everyone has talent, but some people seem to have only to glance at an instrument and have it emit the most beautiful sounds. These musicians are blessed with a wealth of natural talent. The rest of us must spend countless hours ‘wood shedding’ in order to make our improvements. We depend more on our skill, which we hone and build upon with practice, to make us good players. Using that practice time effectively may be the most important thing a player can do to improve his or her musical skill level.

The goal in practicing is to improve our ability to coax the natural voice from our instrument. We want to be as expressive and nimble with it as we are with our own voice. Without thinking, we all use inflections, whispers, shouts and myriad other devices to express ourselves vocally. Ideally, we should be equally adept at manipulating the instrument’s voice to express musical ideas. Most of us can’t spend as much time playing and practicing as we do speaking, so we must make the most of the time we do have with the instrument.

Daily practice is necessary to sustain progress. When you skip days or weeks, the improvements you might have made fade quickly away. Establish a daily practice regimen that you can stick to. If you work a ‘normal’ job every day, it’s a good idea to practice before you start working. You’ll feel good knowing that you’ve been musically productive before you even begin the work day. Also, take one day of the week off. The rest will help you maintain a fresh approach to your music.

And don’t over-do it. If you intend to practice for more than an hour-a-day, work up to it slowly. Don’t jump right in with two hours in the morning and two at night. You can easily cause permanent damage in the form of tendonitis, carpal tunnel, or other repetitive stress injuries. These are debilitating and may never heal. If you do feel discomfort while you’re practicing, stop immediately. Do not keep going and think the pain will go away. If you feel pain every time you play, see a doctor.

You should also strive for privacy when you practice. If your environment is quieter at night than it is in the morning, set aside time in the evening. Let those around you know that this is your own time and that you are not to be disturbed. Turn off your beeper, don’t answer the phone, and stay out of earshot of the television or stereo. The further you are from the mainstream of household activity, the less likely you are to get distracted. Practicing in private also helps you feel less self-conscious about making mistakes.

And if you don’t make mistakes when you practice, you aren’t working on the right material. You should be concentrating almost solely on the passages that give you trouble. Instead of playing a song through from start to finish over and over, you should play it through only once to warm up and then work on the difficult measures. During the warm-up, make note (no pun intended) of any bars where you miss notes or beats. Then go back and practice each of these trouble-spots slowly enough so you can play every note clearly. Repeat the offending section until you can play it twice without errors. Then increase the speed a little and repeat the section some more until you can play it twice without errors. Continue this way until you can play the part up to speed. If after you increase the speed you find that you can’t play it without making a mistake, slow it down again and repeat the section until you can play it cleanly.

Practice sometimes seems like drudgery. The repetition gets boring and it’s easy for your mind to wander while you’re playing a passage over and over. You go into a sort of ‘auto-pilot’ mode and your fingers move without your brain being engaged. While this is sometimes desirable when you’re performing, it can be counter-productive during practice. Stay aware of what your hands are doing to make sure you’re playing a passage correctly. If you are playing it wrong over and over, you wind up reinforcing mistakes rather than correcting them. And if, while you practice, your wondering about what to have for dinner, you are not fully present for the activity at hand. Keep focused on the instrument and making it sound as musical as you can. Even if you’re practicing “Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star”, you should be fully aware of the sound (or the voice) that you are forming.

Varying your practice material is a good way to minimize the monotony of repetition. If you work on songs A, B, and C on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and songs D, E, and F on Tuesdays, Thursday, and Saturdays, you won’t become bored with your daily practice. And be sure to do warm-ups every time you pick up your instrument.

Developing a good sense of timing is as important in music as playing the correct notes. Just as with spoken language, your playing must maintain a natural, rhythmic flow. If your speech is fractured and difficult to follow, no matter how profound your words are, people will have a hard time listening to you. In music, if you hit every note but your rhythm is off, the musical message will be lost. A metronome is the best practice aid available to this end. It serves a couple of different purposes. First and foremost, it keeps you playing in time. It taps out an indisputable beat, and as long as you listen to it, you’ll be right on the money. Secondly, a metronome helps mark your progress on a given piece or passage. When you slow a difficult part down, make note of the metronome setting at which you can play it without making any mistakes. As you master the piece, set the speed higher and higher as described earlier. Keep track of your progress by marking down the songs and metronome settings that you’re working on in a practice journal. This makes it possible for you to know exactly how fast you played it yesterday, the day before, last week, etc.

Good technique is the cornerstone of good musicianship. If you form proper habits when you start playing an instrument, you’ll set a strong foundation upon which you can build. If you form bad habits, you may find at some point that your technique actually hinders your playing ability. Breaking old habits is extremely difficult, especially if you’ve been repeating them for years. Do everything you can up front, including taking lessons from a reputable teacher, to develop the proper technique for your instrument. While you practice, pay close attention to maintaining that technique. Eventually, it will become second nature and you won’t have to think about it.

Remember, when you practice, you are improving your ability to express yourself musically. Strive to find your instrument’s natural voice and listen for that voice in every scale, arpeggio, or paradiddle that you play. Follow these rules for effective practice and you will be rewarded with a lifetime of music.

Practice daily, but don’t over-do it

Don’t practice mindlessly.

Focus on the musicality of what you’re working on, even if it’s only a C major scale.

Work on material that you find difficult

Use a metronome

Keep a practice journal

Develop good technique.

Joe Pescatello is an author, a guitar player and commercialsoftware developer. Visit http://FourthFret.com for a sample of his work.You can reach him at joe-p@unclebobsattic.com.

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Buena Vista Social Club

Ry Cooder's name has helped bring attention to this session, but it's the veteran Cuban son musicians who make this album really special. Reminiscent of Ellington in its scope and sense of hushed romanticism, Buena Vista Social Club is that rare meld of quietude and intensity; while the players sound laid-back, they're putting forth very alive music, a reminder that aging doesn't mean taking to bed. Barbarito Torres's laoud solo on "El Cuarto de Tula" is both more blinding and more tasteful than any guitar showcase on any recent rock album; a quote from "Stormy Weather" and some very distinct parallels to Hawaiian styles remind us of why it's called "world music." --Rickey Wright
Customer Review: Essential for any music collection
I am a fan of many types of music including jazz, rock, dance, blues, bluegrass, classical, world, etc. This is easily one of the top 5 albums ever created, regardless of genre. It is a magical culmination of music, musicians, and timing. If you listen to this (no really, close your eyes and really listen) and are not moved by it, you had better check to see that you still have a heartbeat!
Customer Review: Modern classic
I don't consider my house a home without this album. I seriously put it on repeat. It's one of my favorite to cook and clean to and just leave in the stereo when guests arrive. The DVD of the making of this CD provides a valuable context to what these musicians had been through and make the experience of the album that much more potent for me--I'd recommend the DVD, as well. Ry Cooder does a great job with both.

Indian traditions and ceremonies are loaded with fun as rituals and songs are chief representations. There is a song and dance session to express happiness, welcoming someone in the family or a simple family get together. Marriages are full of celebration and events begin with the mehendi or application of henna on the hands. Elaborate designs include traditional Indian mehendi and also Arabic designs. The fragrance of henna and the beats of a dholak (drum) is emphasized when popular folk songs are sung. The lyrics are different in each state though there is a similarity in the theme. The folk songs can be enacted in a dance method or simply sung with a loud chorus and clapping of hands.

Folks songs for marriages weave around the idea of a girl coming of marriageable age and enumerating her mischief nature at plucking unripe mangoes and savoring the delight of tamarind in her childhood. The transition of this girl into a woman is also mentioned with catchy rhymes during the ladies sangeet. The conclusion is done in chiding her about her fiance and that he would whisk her away in front of the entire household. Folk songs also express the bold forms of bringing false negative qualities and jibes of the girls in-laws and then having a huge laugh about it. One needs to qualify with a good sense of humour for such participation as these songs are harmless renditions. The final bidaii or the farewell to the bride song is soul stirring and tears natural well up in the eyes.

Folk songs for Holi are sure fun where colours are splashed on each other. People use brickbats and false fights to irritate one another. But good humour prevails. A women during her seventh month of pregnancy is adored and revered in India with lot of gifts, adornment and a great delicacy is spread as per her choice. These godh baraai songs are different in each language and state but go on to honouring the women and seeking the blessing of God.

The welcoming of a child in the house is done with the traditional Aarti and again folk songs are sung to bring out the virtues of Lord Krishna and mother Yashoda. The naamkaran or the naming ceremony is another time when people bless the child with popular folk songs of mythological value. Navraatri is another time when garba or the dandia raas necessitates the need to dress in traditional attires and perform the dances. The songs are typical in each year and innovations are seen in the rhythm of dance and the collection of songs. Maintaining the basic folk song and infusing the same with musical treatments is much seen in fusion music. Punjabi and songs from Uttar Pradesh are rich in the lyrics. There is melody in the folk songs from the south.

You can now sing your favourite folk songs or latest hindi songs using the karaoke system.

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Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine - Evolution

Customer Review: Lot of music for the money!
Gloria arrived on the music video scene in the mid eighties. You will see some videos from that era. What was played on MTV or VH1 was that `cat video,' "Bad Boys". Even way back then, the cat costumes and makeup are very well-done. "Dr. Beat" is a goofy, conglomeration of people in a hospital setting. There are some concert stage videos "Betcha Say That" and "Words Get In the Way." Early music videos required color and dance to attract the attention of viewers and "Rhythm is Gonna Get You" fits that category as well as "Conga" and "Get On Your Feet", and "1-2-3." A superb balladeer with a sultry voice, you will see videos "Can't Stay Away from You." Although I am not a "Gloria fan", this collection is good because it is strictly music, no interview, no extra non-music footage. I like a collection with JUST MUSIC! For the people who love Gloria, you will see the English and Spanish versions "Oye Mi Canto" "Don't Wanna Lose You", and "Anything for You" and "Here We Are." If you are new to Gloria or love Gloria's music, this a great collection. It will introduce you to her evolution in music....Mzrizz
Customer Review: A must have for any Gloria fan or pop fan.
Very good collection of her early hits with Miami Sound Machine. It covers her songs from 1984(Dr. Beat) to 1989(Here We Are). My favorite Estefan song is on this video,(Can't Stay Away From You).

Aivar natakom is a prominent rural drama of Kerala.

Aivar natakom or Aivar Kali literally means a play of five people or Pandavas. People of Viswakarma community of Kerala perform this art form. It includes five communities that are Aasari (carpenter), Mussari (Brassmith), Thattaan (Gold smith), Kalthachan (Mason) and Kollan (Blacksmith).

Aivar Natakom is based on Hindu legend Mahabharata. Bhadrakali, a Goddess of Hindus determines to revenge Pandavaas, who killed one of the devotees of Karna. On hearing this, Lord Krishna, a friend of Pandavaas comes to their help. He turns himself into a lamp and makes them sing and dance in praise of her. Pleased by this, she turns away from this.

This art form is mainly performed in temples of Kerala. Aivar natakom is performed on a stage with a wick lamp adorned with different colorful flowers around it. Permanent platforms for the performance of Aivar natakom are there in some of the villages of Kerala like Pallipuram, Adattu, Olarikkara and more. Kali Asaan is the central character of this play. The performers mask their face with sandal wood paste, wear white dhoti and a towel tied around their heads.

Aivar natakom is usually performed in the night. The performance starts with Ganapathy Pooja or ritualistic prayer to their deity. At first, the dancers rounds around the wick lamp, in the second stage, they perform using swords and shields. The performance gradually grows vigorous as the song proceeds. Elathalam used in this performance adds to its enjoyments. And the rhythmic movements of footsteps by striking the sticks according to the music are a beautiful sight to enjoy.

Aivar natakom, a famous dance drama of Kerala holds only moral themes that makes the art form more enjoyable.

Dev Sri provides Kerala tour and travel information through The Kerala Tourism website. Check out the website to find cool places, genuine Ayurvedic centers and Kerala travel packages.

Website built, hosted and promoted by Aienet Communications.

Website: http://www.aienet.com/

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With just a sprinkle here, and a dash there, you can awaken your inner confidence in no time. The best part: there is already a treasure of confidence within you. Its in there, waiting. This is just an invitation to wake up and feel it. Confidence is a state of mind. Sexiness is simply how you feel as your glowing, confident self. Use these tips to bring out your most confident self.
Here they are: 5 sure-fire ways to help you REALIZE your beautiful glow.

1. Embrace you body. Everyone has a favorite body part. Maybe its your eyes, or your thighs, or your hands or your breasts. Maybe its your rump, or your lips, or yourwhatever. Embrace your favorite part by accentuating this part with how you dress and care for yourself. Serenade yourself with confidence once you learn your favorite part. This is a magical attribute, which deserves some light to be shone on it. Focus on the good, and the rest will soon fall in place.

2. Dance. Use music to unleash your confidence beast. Shes in there. Shes waiting to get out. Dance her out. You can dance like no ones watching or dance like everyones watching. Its up to you. You can follow your inner diva to create a unique dance made solely by you, or utilize the many sources the web has to offer by self-teaching yourself new moves of belly dancing, hip-hop or interpretive dance. Embrace your body as you move. Treat your body as an art as you swerve your way to your newfound confidence.

3. Give Compliments Freely. Other women you meet may have confidence issues, too. Infact, it is likely. And the strangest thing is that even the most beautiful, skinny, likeable women have self-esteem issues. Confidence is an attribute, which must come from within. Without it, you will never feel pretty enough, thin enough, or good enough. If you start giving compliments to other women, you are leading by example. We are in this together. We can learn to be beautiful together. Say goodbye to the days where other women are competition. The most confident women know it is sexy to give compliments and embrace the beauty in everyone.

4. Love your body now. Dont wait until its 15 (or 5 or 50) pounds lighter; dont wait until you get your new haircut or give yourself a manicure. Although it is important to take care of our selves, so many women see it as a precursor to loving our selves. Nothing could be farther from the truth. If you love your body now, you will intuitively know what else needs to be done to remain healthy and vibrant. Yes, perhaps you do need that massage after a killer week at work. No, most likely you dont need that nose job if you can fully embrace your unique God-given look as an original woman in her own sexy skin.

5. Dont point out your flaws. If I constantly said: I have such a flabby gut. Ughh, I hate my stomach. Look at these rolls Well, guess where you will soon be looking? Yep, you guessed it: my flabby rolls. Stop bringing attention to these not-so-favorite areas. Go back to rule #1. Embrace your body. If you have trouble with this rule, please continue to check back with rule #1. Embrace, embrace, embrace.

As you can see these five ideas are fairly simple. But how often do we forget to embrace our bodies and shine from within? Use these ideas to stay on top of your confidence game. In no time, youll get be confident and radiant and youll be soaring to new heights of beauty from your treasure of inner confidence.

Sylvia C. Hall is a freelance writer and children's writer. Sylvia loves the creative process and enjoys living life as a confident, radiant woman. In May, Sylvia will receive a BA degree, with an Emphasis in English and double minors in Education and Psychology. Visit her Etsy store to see her photo shop: http://www.sylviac.etsy.com

And visit her two blogs to learn more about Sylvia C. the writer:

http://www.sylvias-journal.blogspot.com &


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Nueva York!

Children's favorite Dan Zanes follows his 2007 Grammy Award winning CD Catch That Train with a collaboration with Latino musician friends from New York. These family songs, all sung in Spanish, represent various styles including son jarocho, cumbia, aguinaldo, bailecito, nueva canción and merengue. Featured guests include: Lila Downs, Daphne Rubin-Vega, The Villa-Lobos brothers, Marc Ribot and Afro-Colombian roots ensemble La Cumbiamba Eneyé.
Customer Review: Fanaticos thinks it's fantastico!!
My son is a Dan Zanes groupie (he's been to six of his shows).He's been listening him since before his second birthday and has been looking foward to new music for quite some time. My son is half Cuban, so hearing DZ sing in Spanish is very significant for him. It's a welcome addition to our Dan Zanes and Friends collection. In short, this cd is like a big party for my three and a half year old, yet sophisticated and cool enough for his parents!!! ViVa Dan and Friends!!
Customer Review: More great music for EVERYONE (this time in Spanish)!
Dan Zanes and Friends latest release features all that you love about the band: wild, energetic collaborations and quieter songs with tremendous raw beauty. Esta vez, todas las canciones están en español! They've come a long way since "Malti." This collection of favorites from several Latin American countries is, as Dan says in his concerts, his pro-immigration CD. Thanks, Dan, for giving our kids a great time while provoking interest in Hispanic culture and vital social issues. Our faves: El Pescador, Son Borinqueno, Colas, Verde Luz, El Pijul,El Canario, Cuida El Agua, & Mi Luna. Yikes, that's a lot of favorites! If Pollito Chicken doesn't get you moving, see a doctor!

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Talk (Coldplay)

Original Sheet Music Edition

The art of brutality in its purest, rawest form. That is what UFC offers, or at least it did at one time. Gone are the days of the blood-lust, the modern UFC looks more like a ballet. In its primitive beginnings UFC was the anything goes, bare knuckle blood fest that pulled from underground foreign fighting circuits and targeted the violence nurtured American populace. It was for people who liked to watch men destroy each other, plain and simple. Now, UFC has adapted itself to the mainstream. Instead Oh, my god, how much more can he take? commentators are more likely to be heard saying My god, the ref called that on in a hurry. What prompted this radical change in style?

When The Ultimate Fighter started on UFC, the producers knew some changes had to be made. Even under the protections of late night cable, a weekly UFC was not going to get away with the dangers of the no holds barred style. What if, for example, someone was seriously injured, or even killed? The adjustments were made, and thus UFC crept into the mainstream.

Once heralded as the ultimate underground fighting promotion, UFC is now regarded as the contender to take over for Boxing as the century rolls on. Pundits argue that the diverse styles that UFC attracts place their fighters above boxers in terms of intelligence and dynamics. UFC fighters can be anything from Ninjas to street brawlers, it is hard to say, unless you are a seasoned fan, what direction a UFC fight is going to go in. Is it going to be a submission showdown? Or a knockout? This is part of the glamour of the fight.

As UFC moves further and further from its underground roots with charismatic fighters replacing the scarred warriors of past days, it seems nothing can stop it from becoming the sporting event of the future.

For more info about UFC or especially about The Ultimate Fighter you can review this website http://www.buddytv.com

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When Earth Lets Go

I was reading an article on job interviewing skills. The author said a lot about first impressions, and that in just 4 seconds, a job applicant is sized up with regard to:

  • appearance,
  • intelligence,
  • poise,
  • ability to exude confidence and
  • willingness to contribute to a team effort.

So I started wondering about how those qualities might "fit" into an audition scenario.

In a job interview, the applicant may be given ample opportunity to demonstrate his talent and his potential asset to the company for which he/she is interviewing. The interview itself may be quite lengthy, cordial, friendly, even if the interviewer is not necessarily impressed and ends up tossing the resume into the trash once the applicant has left the office. All very civilized!

An audition, while containing some of the elements of a job interview, is very different! You get out onto the stage, you begin to sing, and in seconds, not minutes, the loud, bombastic sounds of THANK YOU! (pause) "NEXT?" come barreling up to the stage, stinging your ears and your pride as you slither away off the stage and out the door.

So what are the elements of a good audition? Upon listening to literally thousands of auditions, I have come up with what I believe to be the 4 basic essential elements:

Talent - Confidence - Musicianship - Authenticity

Let's take them one at a time.


Naturally, if talent is not present and immediately recognized, the audition is a total bust and is terminated instantly! Let's assume that you do have talent and that it's sufficient to warrant this audition.

How do you SHOW your talent in the first 4 seconds?

1.Choose a song that you know blind. In other words, one that you are so sure of that you never have to worry about forgetting a lyric or whether or not you'll hit that high note.

2. Choose a song that you LOVE! It's so much easier to enjoy yourself when you sing a song you simply adore, and enjoying yourself is part of the "first impression" the judges are evaluating.

3. Choose a song that instantaneously demonstrates your range and vocal quality...even if you have to start in the middle of the song.

4.Let the song express YOU and nobody else, (in other words, do NOT imitate anyone).


If you have prepared sufficiently, you should be able to exude confidence in spite of being nervous. Take a deep belly breath before stepping onto the stage and tell yourself that you are wonderful and will do great!
Lack of confidence is easy to recognize almost immediately, so the preparation, that is, learning your words and making them your own is vital! Those of us who hold auditions regularly are fully aware of the "butterflies" syndrome and will make allowances for a performer IF the singer has obviously taken the time to prepare his/her performance. Don't posture! Just Be yourself!


As is the case with "American Idol", many auditions are held "a cappella", which is without a musical accompaniment. If you cannot hold the tune without hearing it played for you, then please...DON'T AUDITION! Get some ear training before you embarrass yourself by not being able to stay on pitch.


A genuine inner quality that shines through a performance gets immediate attention. I don't know how many auditions I have listened to where the singer was obviously trying to impress me rather than just being REAL. An artificial performance can really turn me off...where every note and body movement is so meticulously choreographed that there is no connection to the lyrics and a total absence of spontaneity and vitality in the performance.

One of the things I emphasize heavily and regularly in my practice is the need for a singer to truly KNOW who he/she is in order to demonstrate genuineness to an audience.

It takes courage to be YOU, but that is why we perform: to be who we are, warts and all, through our music. And it is this quality that most will instantly CONNECT with the one listening, whether it be a director, producer, or someone in the audience.

Notice, I did not mention having an excellent voice as one of the key elements. That is because if your voice is not up to par, you should hold off participating in auditions until your voice is further developed.

I wonder about those singers who tried our for "American Idol" last fall, who were totally humiliated and made fun of, first by the judges, and then by the network producers, who continued to air the most awful auditions weeks into the season. Why on earth would a person put him/herself through that? Get your voice into shape before you audition - for anything!

Finally, although it may appear to some folks at times that in America, we as a culture seem to celebrate mediocrity, for those of us who see art as the salvation of humanity, the only thing that can cut through the cynicism and go straight to the heart, performing a song is not just a way to get one's 15 minutes of fame on TV. Being an artist is a personal responsibility...to uplift, inspire, and cause an otherwise cynical fellow to stand up and say, "WOW...that moved me!"

Chrys Page is a singer, vocal coach, and eBook author of "The Art of Singing" Series, a set of "how-to's" for serious and committed singers.

Chrys provides singers worldwide with a variety of products and services geared to motivate, inspire, and help them on their vocal path wherever it may lead.

http://www.singyourlife.com has been serving singers for 8 years with online lessons, backing tracks, sheet music, and a monthly newsletter filled with timely tips and advice for singers.

We invite you to Join Our Mailing list! It's FREE!

Her latest website, http://www.Karaoke-And-Beyond.com is exclusively for singers who wish to take their singing to another level, which is singing to "live" music.
At this site, the singer finds Keyboard and Guitar Lessons, and a variety of self-help music books designed to help singers learn how to accompany themselves when they sing. The "Art of Singing" series is also offered, along with great deals on musical instruments through an affiliate link.

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Art Poster Metal Framed Print - Coldplay - Artist: unknown unknown- Poster Size: 35 X 23

unknown unknown:Coldplay35 X 23 inches. High Quality Framed Art Work. This Poster is framed using a Black metal frame with no matte. Direct4sale sells over 300,000 different art pieces. Browse our store for framed and unframed posters and shop for all your art needs at Direct4sale. This Coldplay is made with High Quality Poster paper and is made for years of enjoyment. Note: This item is not available for express shipping.

Stepping is a rhythmic performance art practiced by Black Greek-lettered fraternities and sororities across the nation. It combines intricate footwork, foot stomps, hand movements, vocals, and handclaps. Stepping is also an expression of unity.

"When you come together in synchronized motions, you're becoming one," says Aurelius Butler, Treasurer of Alpha Phi Alpha, Mu chapter. "For us, stepping signifies brotherhood. We will never tell a brother he couldn't step. If he's a bad stepper, he's just going to have to try harder."

Stepping evolved from the chants and dances that slaves did to remind themselves of their homelands. You can find stepping wherever you find African America Greek-lettered fraternities.

Stepping is an age-old tradition among black fraternities and sororities. It involves intricate footwork, specialized hand movements, songs and chants. But what is it really about Stepping that these college students find so compelling? This is what they're saying:

"Dancing has always been a means of expression in African culture," Reginald Price, a fourth-year business management and marketing student, is a member of Kappa Alpha Psi, said. "Over time it has evolved into stepping."

"A step can be created at any given time," Price said. "A designated step master views step shows from other chapters of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. and adds his own style and flair."

"To me stepping is a way to show what your fraternity represents through both words and performance," said Marcus Bryant, a fourth-year electrical engineering student and member of Phi Beta Sigma.

"Our steps have been passed down each year through the generations of Sigmas," Bryant said.

"You're creating beauty and dance out of nothing but you and your (sisters), and that's a special thing," says Ashanti Huey, fourth-year public relations student and member of Sigma Gamma Rho. "On the other hand, it means long nights with no sleep, sweating like crazy and losing weight from the workout."

Davida Isaac, a third-year early childhood education student and member of Zeta Phi Beta sorority says, "When we step, we are very sharp and crisp with our movements. It sounds like one beat and looks like one movement."

Mastering and performing this dance form is a traditional part of the initiation process in many African American sororities and fraternities, but stepping has more recently become a popular activity for children and teens.

Stepping now occurs almost everywhere. College dorms at HBCUs have teams, predominantly White fraternities and sororities may step during Greek Week. High school and youth groups step, as well as some church youth groups. Furthermore, stepping is very popular with other culturally-based fraternal organizations--Latin, Asian, and multicultural.

Whatever their ideas of the performance art, Stepping, all step team members agree that the dance unifies them and reminds them of their African roots. Because of its reliance on rhythm, it is very fascinating to watch groups of young men and women moving to a single beat in unison, a reminder of a time when all African Americans shared the same pain and heartbreak of days when they were slaves.

MyStepShow.com is a free video sharing community website that features step team performances. Members can post and share video footage of their stepteam performances. Visit http://www.MyStepShow.com to learn more about the tradition of stepping.

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Rhythm & Romance

Legendary saxophonist extraordinario Kenny G returns with this romantic collection of Latin music, featuring original songs and classic favorites. Contemporary love songs with a Latin twist!!! Kenny G: THE SMOOTH JAZZ KING!

Has SOLD MORE THAN 38 MILLION CDs in his career!



Customer Review: SAXOLOCO put on your dancin 'shoes
Im far from a Kenny G fan, but another late night comin home from a ballgame , another 6 innings at 3rd base gig, tired and on an adrenaline journey I had to wait 30 minutes, parked in my Metro Atlanta driveway! why?, this song reached out over WJZC and grabbed me by the collar sayin..."Hold on mon!! dis is a gateway tune!!! find out who this is, although Kenny's distinctive soprano sax shouldve alerted me. Gateway indeed, up temp and pleasantly surprising moving me from that post game mood into a grab my babe, put on my dancin shoes, and Brasilia, here we come!!! I could care less about the criticisms, the minutia or esoterica, by other reviewers of more "refined" jazz tastes.... these songs, individually, or collectively made me feel good, perhaps its cause my babe/lady/ wife is lightly latin and these songs got me ready to move n groove... SAXOLOCO was the door opener for a pleasently refreshing, mood enhancing experience for me/us.... Hey isnt dat what de moosic spose to do bro!!!! garmankirk
Customer Review: GREAT CD
I bought this CD for my parents who love to ballroom dance. THEY LOVED THIS CD!!!!!!

Jennifer Lopez is an actress, a producer and an American singer born on July 24 1969 at Castle Hill in the Bronx, New York. Jennifer Lopez has as pseudonym J. Lo.
Her father, David Lopez, is a computing specialist and her mother, a nurse. They are Puerto Rican. Jennifer Lopez has 2 sisters: Lynda (journalist) and Leslie (professor).
Little kid, 5 years old, Jennifer Lopez takes dancing lessons, while intending a little bit later severe catholic schools of the Bronx starting with Holy Family School and then Preston high school for girls. Sports also was successful to her (Jennifer Lopez practices tennis and gymnastic).
Jennifer Lopez started her career as an actress at the age of 16 years old, Jennifer Lopez begins as a dancer in some musical spectacles, Jennifer Lopez is noticed by some agents during an audition and played in her first movie, in 1986, My Little Girl. Jennifer Lopez then acts in the American serial Livin'Colors during a few seasons. Jennifer Lopez follows at the same time some dancing lessons and dreams about becoming Madonna or Janet Jackson. It's her participation in Money Train that opens Jennifer Lopez the door to celebrity. Jennifer Lopez continues filming which places her as the most demanded Latino start of Hollywood.
Year 1995 marks her real beginning in cinema with My Family of Gregory Nava. This first role makes Jennifer Lopez cited in the Independant Spirit Award. The following year, Jennifer Lopez wins a contest to incarnate the main character of film Selena, which traces back the life of the popular Latino singer. Her participation is very noticed and Jennifer Lopez is even nominated at the Golden Globe Awards. Jennifer Lopez, works the same year on U Turn, Anaconda and Blood and Wine.
In 1998, Jennifer Lopez acts with George Clooney in Out Of Sight and receives positive critics for her performance. Jennifer Lopez still remembers her making love scene with the handsome actor and Jennifer Lopez says of George Clooney he is the actor in Hollywood who kisses the best. Jennifer Lopez divorces the same year with her second husband, Ojani Noa, top model.
Jennifer Lopez wants to do everything: singing, dancing and acting. In June 1999, Jennifer Lopez releases her album "On the Six" (Could This Be Love, Feelin' So Good, If You Had My Love, It's Not That Serious, Let's Get Loud, No Me Ames, No Me Ames (Tropical Remix), Open Off My Love, Promise Me You'll Try, Should've Never, Talk About Us, Too Late, Una Noche Mas, Waiting For Tonight). In December, Jennifer Lopez is arrested with her fiance of the moment, rapper Puff Daddy, after a shooting in a night club of New York. Jennifer Lopez career, filled with scandals, however works pretty well for her. Jennifer Lopez becomes a sex symbol, especially thanks to her butts. Jennifer Lopez becomes the Latino actress the best paid in Hollywood with US$15 million per film.
On June 5 2004, Jennifer Lopez married singer Marc Anthony.
In 2005, Jennifer Lopez releases a fifth album called "Rebirth" ((Can't Believe) This Is Me, Bonus Track: Get Right featuring Fabolous, Cherry Pie, Get Right, He'll Be Back, Hold You Down, I Got You, I Love, Ride or Die, Step Into My World, Still Around, Whatever You Wanna Do) (3,5 million copies sold to date) where are extracted "Get Right" and "Hold You Down" in duo with Fat Joe. Are also released her films "Monster In Law" with Jane Fonda (#1 at the US box-office at the release), and "An Unfinished Life" with Robert Redford and Morgan Freeman.
Jennifer Lopez has recently acted in two independent films, "El Cantante" (with her husband) and "Bordertown" which will release in 2007. Jennifer Lopez finishes to record her first album entirely in Spanish, called "Como Ama Una Mujer", with producer/composer Estfano (Ricky Martin, Paulina Rubio, Thalia,...) and which the first single is called "Qu Hiciste".
Jennifer Lopez also works on her next album in English, with producer of the moment Swiss Beatz (known to have work on the latest Beyonce album). Jennifer Lopez will soon act in a musical drama, "American Darlings", with Nicole Kidmann, as well as "Tick Tock".
Other of her albums are: "J. Lo" (Ain't It Funny, Carino, Come Over, Dame (Touch Me), Dance With Me, I'm Gonna Be Alright, I'm Real, I'm Real (Murder Remix), Love Don't Cost A Thing, Play, Secretly, Si Yo Se Acabo, That's Not Me, That's The Way, Walking On Sunshine, We Gotta Talk) in January 2001, "J to tha L-O!: The Remixes" (Ain't It Funny (Murder Remix), Alive (Album Version), Feelin' So Good (Bad Boy Remix), If You Had My Love (Dark Child Master Mix), I'm Gonna Be Alright (Track Masters Remix), I'm Real (Murder Remix), Let's Get Loud (Pablo Flores Remix), Love Don't Cost A Thing (RJ Schoolyard Mix), No Me Ames (Tropical Remix), Play (Sack International Remix), Que Ironia (Ain't It Funny) (Tropical Dance Remix), Si Ya Se Acabo (Radio Remix), Una Noche Mas (Pablo's Miami Mix Radio Edit), Waiting For Tonight (Hex's Momentous Radio Mix), Walking On Sunshine (Metro Remix)) in February 2002, "This Is Me... Then" in November 2002.
As an actress, Jennifer Lopez has played in An Unfinished Life, Anaconda, Angel Eyes, Antz, Blood and Wine, Bordertown, El Cantante, Enough, Gigli, Jack, Jersey Girl, Lambada, Maid in Manhattan, Money Train, Monster-in-Law, My Family/Mi Familia, My Little Girl, Out of Sight, Selena, Shall We Dance?, The Cell, The Wedding Planner and U Turn.
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A Taste of Salsa, Volume II (Spanish & English Language)

In Volume II, Lisa and Andres build on the steps and lead/follow techniques that were introduced in Volume I. In addition, they show you more advanced turning combinations and new ways of moving across the dance floor. They also pinpoint suggestions for developing your own style. In addition, equal attention is paid to both the leads and follows so that you become a dynamic couple and a solid individual dancer. With these new patterns, your passion for Salsa and your confidence on the dance floor will continue to grow.

In this volume, the following steps are covered:
Basic three turn combination
Hand over heart turning combination
Hand over shoulder turning combination
The wrap
Adding style to your dancing
The walk
Putting it all together

With a bit of practice, you will soon become a Salsero.

Instruction for all volumes in the A Taste of Salsa series is given in both English and Spanish.
Customer Review: Great basics
If you are a novice and looking to learn in a correct and structured way, these videos (Vol I & II) are very sound and easy to understand. The videos are introductory, so if you already know the basics, perhaps they are not for you. Don't pay attention to the criticism of those who weren't smart enough to read the description and look for more information about the videos from the internet or the instructors' website. The videos are clearly labeled basic. That's why they are titled "A Taste of...." I gave it four stars because even though the intent to make the tapes universal by making them bilingual is good, it does tend to slow the lessons a bit. Why not use subtitles for the alternate language?
Customer Review: Salsa Instruction Starts Here
For those who wish to learn salsa through videos, this is the one for you. True, there are excellent intructional videos in the market; but without a strong basics, all those fancy moves shown in more advanced videos will not work for you. The dance instructors give you enough tips and alert you of common pitfalls so you can start dancing with proper form and style.

After performing live as a main vocalist for close to ten years of my life, I still cringe at memories of those disastrous moments, hours or whole performances which tend to spring back into the memory now and again. Having experienced singing live to small and large crowds in glamorous Casinos, prestigious hotels, lounge bars, coffee bars and even solo in the ladies bathrooms, I present a few singing sins to be aware of and those that you really ought to avoid!

1. Boredom

Oh yes, it happens to everyone from time to time, especially after a good length of time performing to the same crowd, at the same place, at the same time yawn. Yep, after the excitement has gone, you realise that youre still standing their singing for your supper; hearing your own warbling again. and again. and. lo and behold, like any job, you eventually find that you might start to become bored!

To put back energy into your performance, make sure that you vary the song list from time to time. Make the effort to learn new songs and ditch old ones, especially those the crowd might not be reacting to as much! Its also a good idea not to focus on the same stain on the ceiling all evening, and its certainly not good to stare at one person all night, (unless he is six feet tall, gorgeous, and focusing every night on you!) Plus dont get into the habit of allowing your mind to stray. I could sometimes be half way through a song and find myself studying the flowery pattern on the curtains at the back of the room!

It was then that I realised that I had to change the scene, venue, songs..something!

Once boredom sets in, it becomes like any other monotonous job, and of course singing live to an audience is a fantastic way to earn money, so treat it as such and embrace every note, word and emotion with excitement and vigour. Show enthusiasm and speak to the crowd through every song you sing to them.

2. Move to the rhythm of the beat!

I often sang in very quiet, lounge-bar-like venues, which allowed me to sit back and put all my energy into my vocal performance. The emphasis was then spent on every note and the amount of emotion I could portray within the song. But a few of my performances were upbeat and energetic. It was then when it was necessary to get the crowd dancing. Put your best foot forward and move.

Whilst once listening to a singer audition for a weekly gig, he had everything going for him, except he hardly moved on the stage at all. Much frantic arm waving ensued, and what also appeared to be the manic swotting of invisible flies. This bizarre activity persisted throughout his entire performance, where his feet stayed firmly on the ground.

Whilst I advise not to kangaroo hop around the stage. Or even attempt to dance if you simply cannot dance, I do advise some form of whole bodily movement in time to more up-tempo music. Dont exaggerate the swinging of arms, or race around the stage in a frenzy either. and NEVER turn your back to the crowd (unless you are Jon Bon Jovi).

Remember, when you perform on the stage you are the entertainment, and you are the song, so give the audience something to get them going and want to dance along or move with you.

3. Deep breaths.

One of the hardest things for vocalists to control on stage is their breathing. Once nerves kick in and the heart starts to pump, it is almost as if there is only enough breath left to leap behind the curtains and disappear. Well stop! Because if you learn to breath deeply and control your breathing a couple of weeks before you perform live, youll be able to sing without worry.

A microphone is positioned in front of your mouth in order for the audience to hear your singing. Not the snorts, grunts and heavy sighs which might boom out scarily inbetween. Practice makes perfect, as they say, and it is a good idea to borrow as many willing ears and listeners as you can before you hit a stage; and dont forget to ask them if they notice any oddities with your breathing through the speakers.

4. Focus on no-one and embrace everyone.

I cant stress the importance of this. I once attended a gig where the lead singer appeared to stare at a fire hydrant in the corner of the room, throughout his whole rendition. What was he thinking? Its a good idea to view the crowd but dont hold your gaze at any one person for more than a few seconds. The point of this is so that you do not make any person in the crowd feel uncomfortable, and also, for nervous singers, if any one person in the crowd appears to be doing something strange (like picking their nose!) you may not be able to continue singing without wanting to laugh!

Many times I have spotted this type of thing and had to close my eyes to regain control of myself. However, laughter very much got the better of me when I was mid-way through a love song in a cushy little restaurant, when a tourist appeared out of nowhere and ambled up to me in some state of confusion. He then tried to catch my attention and appeared to be trying to ask me where the mens room was! Well, of course, some folks in the crowd laughed at this, and so I couldnt help break my vocal serenity for just a moment to produce a cackle!

But be warned, the strangest things can happen on a stage, so dont concentrate on one person alone, perform to the entire room.

5. Get the sound right!

As the vocalist, it is your duty to make the entire song come alive, no matter how good or bad the musical backing may be! If youre drowned out, make the engineers or the rest of the band tone it down. If youre unable to hear yourself you can place a small single monitor speaker right in front of you which will feed your vocals right back to you. Check all possibilities of feedback before you perform live. A little dose of a feedback mishap is tolerable, but your crowd wont be happy to go home with pierced ear drums.

The acoustics of sound vary from room to room and even the size of the room makes a difference, and then again, right down to how many people are in the room at the time, (people absorb frequencies did you know that?) You may very well have to increase the main volume, if the room becomes very full.

At the end of the day dont be too fussy or picky, and collaborate nicely with the rest of the band, unless you want a flying drumstick to pierce you in the neck! Speak as you would like to be spoken to when levelling with the band, its the best way to sort things out.

6. Make the microphone work for you.

Choose a good dynamic microphone and make sure all the microphone levels and positioning are sorted out well in advance. Many singers worst fear is that the microphone will quit working; fall on the floor or worse, fly across the room and whack someone on the head!

Only kidding about the last one! Well I never heard it happen yet!

Make the microphone do your job probably, not hinder it. The only point of the microphone is to make your voice loud enough to reach the ears of every one in the room. Thats it. (Plus the nice little reverb effect gives it a dreamy and effective delay.) But the whole point is not to be afraid of the beast and to use it to your advantage.

Some singers like to hold their mics in their hands (a little dangerous with very expensive microphones that pick up the slightest sound or tap). Others like to use a microphone stand (far safer, plus why would you want to miss your Freddie Mercury moment when you thrust it up high in the air!)

All in all, new singers should practice with a stand; when confidence and ability improve you can move around with your microphone with ease.

7. Dont forget to smile.

There is nothing worse than a really miserable expression, and if youre singing a joyful song, (and looking like youre vacuuming the carpet,) it is really going to have an adverse effect on your crowd. But did you know that facial expressions when singing is another art in itself?

Do not smile like youre face to face listening to your mother-in-law, (through gritted teeth)! Nor should you smile like you just saw an apparition of the holy mother of God.

Something in-between is probably appropriate.

It is a good idea to drop the smile when singing a sad love song; you really want to evoke that sad emotion in your listener too. Throw your feelings into your face and let the rest just happen.

Hopefully these 'seven sins to avoid' will bring your on-stage performance to life, and help you to keep practicing until you get it just right. You will most definitely know when that happens, and thats when you have more live bookings lined up than enough days of the week to perform them in!

Happy singing!

Carla Acheson is a musician, and freelance writer for a variety of subjects, mainly the independent music industry. She is the Director of Independent Record Label http://www.melodrift.com, and the Assistant Editor for news site http://www.indienewslive.com.

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Parachutes (Enhanced)

Asian Version featuring a Bonus Five Track Enhanced CD.

Not sure whats happening with me on this one, but it seems like the more I listen to it, the better Under The Table and Dreaming gets. Under The Table and Dreaming stated simply is one of their best CDs to date.

Under The Table and Dreaming opens with an outstanding track, The Best Of What's Around, that I suspect will be heard on radio stations everywhere, and deservedly so. It really is a very nice track.

Under The Table and Dreaming is a pleasantly varied, mix of 12 tracks that are very well written and brilliantly performed songs by these clearly talented musicians. With many of the songs displaying a lot of the kind emotion that makes for a really great listen. Clearly drawing from what I can only imagine are their own real life experiences. At different points touching on the most real emotions of love, and the pain of failed relationships can certainly be heard.

Overall Under The Table and Dreaming is excellent from beginning to end. One of those CDs that after a few listens the songs are just etched into your memory. A must have for the Rock fan. Really sensational from beginning to end.

While this entire album is outstanding the truly standout tunes are track 2 - What Would You Say, track 5 - Typical Situation, and track 11 - Pay For What You Get.

My Bonus Pick, and the one that got Sore [...as in "Stuck On REpeat"] is track 1 - The Best Of What's Around. Good stuff!

Under The Table and Dreaming Release Notes:

Dave Matthews Band originally released Under The Table and Dreaming on September 27, 1994 on the RCA Records label.

CD Track List Follows:

1. Best Of What's Around, The 2. What Would You Say - (with Michael McDonald) 3. Satellite 4. Rhyme & Reason 5. Typical Situation 6. Dancing Nancies - (with Michael McDonald) 7. Ants Marching 8. Lover Lay Down 9. Jimi Thing 10. Warehouse 11. Pay For What You Get 12. #34

Dave Matthews Band: David Matthews (vocals, acoustic guitar); Boyd Tinsley (vocals, violin); Leroi Moore (vocals, flute, soprano, alto, & tenor saxophones); Carter Beauford (vocals, drums, percussion); Stefan Lessard (bass).

Additional personnel: John Alagia, Andrew Page, Jeff Thomas, Michael McDonald (vocals); Tim Reynolds (acoustic guitar); John Popper (harmonica); Steve Forman (percussion).

Recorded at Bearsville Studios, Bearsville, New York.

Lenovo Laptops

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Puro Huetamo

GL Bluex Womens Bluetooth MP3 Watch

The GL Bluex time pieces are as much electronic Swiss army knife as Swiss watch. Listen up to 1,000 or more of your favorite tunes on your wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headset while never missing a call from your mobile phone. Record and listen to your voice messages. Store your music files, picture files, and important documents so that you can take them with you wherever you go. One more thing...you can also tell the time. With the Audiophile in mind, the G-Lite Premiere Bluetooth Stereo Headset captures the essence of superb wireless sound quality at an affordable price point. Stylish and comfortable, the G-Lite Premiere works with any Bluetooth enabled device to deliver high fidelity listening at home or on the go. The over the ear earpiece mutes out unwanted background noise. Available options include a 3.5mm Bluetooth Adapter and USB Bluetooth Adapter for your PC.

A while back I was driving along the Jerusalem highway scanning the radio stations. On one frequency, a very intense dance beat was exploding out of the speakers. I was about to move the dial some more in search of a Jewish tune when the vocalist started in. Shock of shocks, he was a heavily Hassidic singer, complete with eastern European pronunciation. And what was he singing? "Kumee oy'ree ki va oy-reich.." from 16th century Rabbi Shlomo Alkavetz' classic Sabbath poem, L'cha Dodi. Before he had began his rendition I had been expecting something like "Oh baby, the way you move with me ..."!

I had to ask the old question, "Is this good for the Jews?" And I had to give the old answer, "Does hair grow on the palm of your hand?"

Of course it's not good for the Jews, I felt. Poor, unfortunate L'cha Dodi, dragged from the fields of Tsfat on the Sabbath eve and infected with Saturday Night Fever! Lovingly done by a Hassid, no less!

Speaking of Tsfat, I recall meandering about their Klezmer festival once and hearing a contemporary setting of Psalm 126. It was to a funk rhythm, and the words did not fit. The singer had to split words in two, which rendered them more or less meaningless. Good for the Jews? Nah.

What bothered me about this so-called Jewish music? To put it briefly, besides the words, it just wasn't. It was dance, trance, shmantz. It was hip, driving, suggestive. If this music was asked where it wanted to play, the synagogue or the sin-skin club, the answer was clear. If Jewish music is to be defined as such, it must have authentic Jewish roots. And so much contemporary music simply does not. Where was the source of this tradition? Nowhere. That's what bothered me.

But, as Tevye reminds us, there's another hand. After all, go listen to classic Hassidic nigunim (melodies). Then go listen to Russian folk songs. Eerie, no? Weren't those folk songs the "dance" of their day?

Even stronger, go watch the religious kids. They love contemporary popular music and all its villains. What these new Jewish groups do is take what's hip and put Jewish content into it. Isn't that what the original Hassidic nigunim were all about? If we don't want to lose our young people in the culture war, we have to compete. Didn't Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch bring the choral works of Lewandowsky and Japhet in to the synagogue service, even though they were completely in the style of the German composers of the age, such as Schubert and Mendelssohn (he needs an asterisk because he was halakhically Jewish)? So maybe I should not only calm down, I should applaud this phenomenon.

Hold on. We're both right, I believe. Here's how I reconcile the difference, and my earnest appeal to all who create Jewish music. The most important thing is to ask, "To be or not to be?" That is the question.

Every song has a purpose, a message. It can be joy, faith, pensiveness, determination, anything. The message is in the melody and rhythm, which create the atmosphere. It's in the text, which gives articulation to the message. And it's in the performance, which makes the message personal between the performer and the listener. If the message is congruent, if the music and the lyrics are a perfect union that inspires the performer, then you have a great piece of music. If the message is mixed, if there's a battle going on between the rhythm and the words, then we are troubled. That was why that "kumee oy'ree" was so absolutely awful. It was a mixed message of licentious music with holy texts.

We love to set verses from the liturgy to music, and that's wonderful. Composers have a special responsibility to make sure that the music conveys the message and colors the words with deeper meanings. Do that, and I'm fascinated, I'm inspired, even if it's a contemporary style.

But be very, very careful with verses. We tend to ask, "Do you think Adon Olam goes to this?", when we would do better to ask, "What is this melody saying?". If it says Adon Olam, good. If it does not, then WRITE YOUR OWN WORDS. To keep with the idea of message, if you have a great tune that can say something worthwhile (something human and real, not negative or immodest), say it your way. That satisfies.

The foundation of Jewish music has always been expressing what's in our hearts as a prayer to God. That expression must be congruent, pure, sincere. There is room in the Jewish music world for great innovation, if it comes from our hearts, not from the charts.

Seth Yisra'el Lutnick is a singer and composer who has performed on stage and screen. His CD is called Gesharim, and he is also a trained cantor. Visit his website, http://www.greatjewishmusic.com for music and more.

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Por el Mundo

Customer Review: POR EL MUNDO IS A GREAT CD!
What can I say I LOVE THIS CD! But whats so good about it well number 1 I love the lead singers voice (Jose Guadalupe). To me he has a voice to kill for but thats just my opinion you might think diferently. But as far as i'm concerned i think this is a super album to buy cause every song on here is so good my personal favorite well... it would have to be number 3 (Aqui No Mas.) I just love that song I can not explain the feeling I get when I hear this song it makes me feel so good inside not to metion like I want to dance. but the song (Espinas) is good to hey there all good thats why I think you should buy this cd you will love it if you like banda musica like I do. Look i'm going to be honest with you I would never tell someone to buy a cd I never herd or thought was not a good cd to buy thats how I am but everybody has different taste in musica so u may like it may not but I know I love it and i'm so glad i bought it I would never get rid of it. Even though it is an old album of theres I still listen to it to this day thats how much I love this cd it was one of the best investments i ever made. I am a musica freak and I love mexican musica and and if you do to buy this cd.

Jell-O Without Whip Cream

Do you like Jell-O? It's okay I guess; I mean it's not a hot fudge sundae is it? But if you add a little whip cream, then my friend you've got something worth calling dessert. My question to you is, does your website have that something extra, that dollop of whip cream on top that says, "oh mama let me at it," or does it just lie there squirming in your dish with the sound of Peggy Lee's voice ringing in your ears, "is that all there is?"

If your website disappointments, you need something that provides the 'eureka factor' and that can be provided with a creative, informative Web-video.

The Chicago Bulls Without Michael Jordan

How the mighty have fallen, at least in terms of brand personality. I mean it's not like the Chicago Bulls stink? It's just that without MJ they're not the Chicago Bulls of old. When Michael played we all watched, he was magic, he wasn't just a great basketball player, he was a great personality and he gave the team it's character; no Michael, no personality.

Is your website like the new Chicago Bulls, a talented group of players with skills but no singular personality? Time for a humanity injection, add a Web-video featuring a signature character host who can generate some excitement and establish your unique business personality.

Television Without Sound

You're watching your favorite television show, say CSI, the Vegas one not Miami, and the phone rings. It's your mother. You turn the television's sound down so you can hear her but you're still watching the show. You love your Mom but Grissom has just discovered a new miniature killer clue and you need to know what is going on, but your Mom is carrying on about how your Dad needs new dentures or something Frustrating. No audio, no information.

Does your website have the same effect as watching television without the sound. It's there, people visit, but they leave without getting your message. Time to add a little life to your presentation in the form of a Web-video that tells your story out loud.

Words Without Meaning

Have you ever reread someone's website copy several times and still not understood what the heck they're trying to tell you, or maybe you understand every word but still can't figure out what they're selling?

Words have meaning, they are meant to convey a message not hide it. A lousy video script is no better than lousy print copy. Your Web-audience has no patience for mumbo-jumbo that masquerades as information or for text and dialog that says nothing in as many words as possible in an effort to attract the search engines. Words have meaning, say them with style and deliver them with conviction.

The Rumba Without Rhythm

Have you ever sat at a wedding and watched people dance? There are the people who know how to move, how to respond to the their partners and to communicate with the slightest of gestures or movements. And then there are the others who look like they've got something icky stuck to the bottom of their shoes and are trying desperately to remove it.

If you want to communicate to your audience, you have to use all the techniques available. Communication is more than just copy, its voice, gesture, movement and meaningful dialog.

Romance Without Kisses

Ah the first kiss, something special that can seal a relationship or sour it forever. Your landing page is like that first embrace. Is yours as exciting as it could be, or is it like the guy who spends the entire first date talking about his double entry booking keeping skills?

A well-crafted, expertly presented marketing message is like a seduction; if you're not generating any excitement don't expect to produce any sales either. Boring mission statement gobbledygook and keyword-laden palaver are not the same as an enticing video. An engaging business story, well told, is like a juicy wet-one planted right on your audience's lips.

A Joke Without A Punch Line

Everybody likes a funny story. A good joke is nothing more than a short story with a set-up, an escalation, and a twist, but the real key to a good story lies in the telling. Even comedians with second-rate material can get their audience's howling if they know how to deliver their material.

It's all well and good to repeat the mantra, "websites are about content," but if that content isn't delivered with some style and panache, don't expect anybody to pay much attention.

A Song Without A Hook

Hit songs are highly structured stories with verses that function as chapters or acts, and a chorus that provides the hook that sticks in your audience's heads. Add a toe tapping beat and some instrumental flourishes and you've got something that people will listen to over and over again.

Does that sound like your website presentation? Are people willing to come back to your site just to watch your presentation, or does your website leave visitors with a 'been there, done that' impression?

Information Without Knowledge

Just because you're in business doesn't mean you've got to be boring. And just because you dump a lot of facts and figures and bulleted points onto your Web-pages doesn't mean you're making a convincing argument for anyone to buy your stuff.

Web audiences demand more. If you won't give it to them, you can be sure someone else will, like maybe your competition.

Interactivity Without Purpose

Can we all just stop and take a breath and think about this whole interactivity thing. Let's all get interactive, why? I mean what is interactivity anyway? Is it developing a hugely expensive game that people can play on your website to avoid working, or is it getting them to click on the "Tell Me More" button?

I vote for the interactivity that leads to opening a dialogue with a potential client, one that gets visitors to pick up the phone and call you to discuss their needs, not the one that generates a "Game Over" message. Of course that assumes you're willing to actually talk to customers.

Frequency Without Resonance

I happened to like vinegar on my fries, okay it's weird I admit it, but the Dutch like mayonnaise on theirs, even weirder. I once had a chef in a Tucson restaurant come out of the kitchen and confront me when I asked the waiter for vinegar (it's a Canadian thing). The chef approached the table and asked who ordered the vinegar? I reluctantly raised my hand. "You must be from Canada," he said, "I'm from Victoria, where you from?"

Good advertising is all about delivering a message that resonates with your audience. It doesn't matter how many times you run an advertisement if that advertisement doesn't make an impression on your audience. You can't be afraid to be creative or even a bit weird.

Humor Without Laughter

Dr. Max Sutherland in his e-mail newsletter report, "False Alarm Theory: How Humorous Ads Work" describes how laughter is a hardwired residual mechanism that developed in our ape days as an 'all clear' signal once a danger had past. The 'all clear' message is passed on from one ape to another, until the entire troop is screeching with the ecstasy of survival.

A guy slips on a banana and breaks his neck - that's not funny. A guy slips on a banana, jumps up and looks around to see if anybody saw - that's funny. Humor is based on creating some sense of uncertainty or tension that is ultimately relieved with a humorous punch line or comforting resolution. The safe or amusing resolution creates a chain reaction in the audience that signals, "hay guys, all is well; everything is back to normal."

Without tension there can be no relief, no opportunity for an entertaining resolution that creates a cascading viral reaction among your audience. So don't expect your website to be passed on to friends and colleagues unless you deliver a compelling presentation that offers the opportunity to signal the rest of the world that all is well.

Jerry Bader is Senior Partner at MRPwebmedia, a website design firm that specializes in Web-audio and Web-video. Visit http://www.mrpwebmedia.com/ads, http://www.136words.com, and http://www.sonicpersonality.comContact at info@mrpwebmedia.com or telephone (905) 764-1246.

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Coldplay - A Rush of Blood to the Head

P/V/G arrangements for every song from Coldplay's 2002 Grammy winner for Best Alternative Music Album and Best Rock Performance by a Group. 11 tracks: Amsterdam Clocks Daylight God Put a Smile upon Your Face Green Eyes In My Place Politik A Rush of Blood to the Head The Scientist Warning Sign A Whisper.
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I look forward to going home every night (and probably much to my neighbors' and roommate's dismay) to try to play and sing at the same time. The music is for the piano to accompany the rest of the band, so it doesn't always carry the melody. But it's awesome and not too bad. The abundance of sharps and flats may scare some, such as me, but in the end the chords are not too difficult; there is a lot of repetition. I am particularly fond of many of the songs. I hope this helps! Personally, I prefer Parachutes.
Customer Review: Great Condition, Great Content
It feels great to order something and get exactly what you intended and had in mind, all at the same time it being in wonderful condition. It was a smart order.

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Coldplay X& Y: For Piano, Voice and Guitar (Pvg)

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We Never Change (Polyphonic Ringtone)

This product is a great sounding polyphonic ringtone for your cell phone. Ringtones are musical tunes and sounds that are played whenever your phone rings. Your phone must support polyphonic tones to use this product.

Magic is an art of several kinds, we know. Generally, close up, conjuring, mentalism and stage shows are the categories. Sleights of hand and illusion magic (sleights on stage!) are yet another. Some even divide magic according to the props used - cards, coins, ropes or apparently bigger instruments and so on.

Classification becomes complex when it is done in terms of the effect produced: transformation, transposition, telepathy, vanishing, appearing and what not!

Have you ever noticed that even amid such a fascinating diversity, magic is an art of socialism? In magic, the trick you perform using a coin or a feat you accomplish using a huge illusion prop, leaves the same shock of amazement in the minds of the viewers. This is one aspect of that socialism.

Whatever preparations you do, how much you talk, whatever backdrops you use, to measure the value of your performance, the layman has got just one occasion: the moment when the effect emerges. Yes, nothing but only the effect prompts your spectators to certify the magic they see. If the effect fails, everything fails - the speech, the decors, the music, the costume, all turns vain.

A rich magician should not necessarily gain audience praise simply because he has invested a lot, unless he takes care of the beauty of his effects. A financially feeble magician, on the other hand, may earn more accolades simply for being so perfect with his effects. Thus magic upholds another aspect of socialism.

There was a magician, who at first used to get not the money he expected, but what the organizers decided. Undeterred, the magician invested a good part of his meager income for replenishing more cute effects. The demand increased. At last he got the ball in his court. He got that freedom to pick the most appropriate client and most legitimate fee. Remember, this is magical socialism. In magic opportunities are equal.

In magic, not the money, but your creativity makes you a prudent investor.

[Prepared by K.P. Sivakumar on behalf of magician Gopinath Muthukad as an editorial for June 2008 issue of Vismayam Magical News]


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