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Oral Fixation Tour (DVD/CD)

Customer Review: Fantastic
This DVD along with Live and Off the Record are simply fantastic. Shakira is the whole package from the voice of an Angel to a body...well, that's out of this world!! How could you not love this goddess!!!!!
Customer Review: Bought it for the price. Ended up liking it.
It was available for less than fifteen so I picked it up. I liked Shakira's first major Spanish album before her international success. I hadn't really listened to her newer stuff. When I put it in I was pleasantly surprised. The visuals are great and the sound is even better. To be honest I do skip a few songs whenever I watch it but I still consider it a good purchase for the price.

From the beginning of time, dance has been a societal activity. Dancing in groups was popular and dances were open, no close proximity touching of partners. In the nineteenth century, about 1880, a dance, the tango, emerged in Buenos Aires. It was born in the poor areas and brothels of the city and made its way gradually into the upper class homes of the rich. Argentina was a very rich country and many of its inhabitants had vacation homes in Paris and London. They took the tango with them when they went abroad.

The origin and meaning of the word tango appears to have come from an African word. Its translation by Europeans and others in the Americas was "a closed space where Negroes gather to dance" and then later the name of the dance.

The tango that was born in the brothels of Argentina had overt sexual undertones and many considered it vulgar. As it moved from class group to class group, the dance changed. The main ingredient of the dance, the connection between the two partners, did not change. It evolved into a more sensuous, acceptable form in society. If you watch ballroom dancing competitions, you will see the tango performed by the contestants. This is a diluted version of the dance.

Dancing itself is a romantic activity. When you dance, you are in close proximity of your partner. You move for and with each other. A truly romantic gift for Valentine Day is Argentine Tango lessons for the two of you. After you have learned the dance, create a romantic setting for the two of you:

  • Create an invitation for your loved one, inviting them to dinner and dance.
  • Purchase a CD of your favorite tango music.
  • Prepare a meal of their favorite food.
  • Add candles and flowers to the table.
  • Use your best china, silverware, and crystal.
  • Push back the furniture in the living room for dance space.
  • Eat your romantic dinner.
  • Dim the lights.
  • Work off your romantic dinner by dancing the Argentine Tango.
  • End your evening of romance in a way that suits the two of you.

The Argentine Tango is one of the most sensuous and romantic dances in the world. Each partner must concentrate and focus on the presence, the body, and the emotions of their partner. They must feel each other. The Argentine Tango is a dance in which the partners can express their desire and longing for each other.

What a truly wonderful romantic gift for Valentine Day or any time of the year.

Sandra researches and writes about topics that affect our everyday life. For more information and gift ideas for Valentine Day,

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Play Bass with " Coldplay "

It seems to me that too many bands spend way too much time playing what they want to hear, rather than what is right for the crowd at any particular moment. Whether this fact stems from rampant narcissism (Look at me!), an inability to read their crowd, or an extremely limited set list - the result is the same. Dancers tend to sit down when they don't know the tunes.

Conversely, some deejays and bands can't seem to make it through a single night without hauling out hoary old chestnuts like YMCA, New York New York, and The Macarena. While granting that there will always be a market - somewhere - for such tunes, these particular songs (along with Stairway To Heaven, Freebird, and anything from Mamma Mia!) run a very high risk of turning off a big chunk of your dancers. For that reason alone, they should be played sparingly (every February 29th, for example.) Alternate tunes - with a much lower "cheese" factor - exist which inspire many fewer cases of violence against music providers.

Even big-name performers can occasionally benefit from this same advice. I once sat through an entire Carlos Santana set without hearing a single tune I recognized (and I know a bunch). Now, you can add me to the list of former Santana fans.

But last night, the lovely Gina Tanner and I attended a concert performance by Gladys Knight. In a 90-minute set, Gladys perfectly balanced new songs and borrowed tunes (made famous by others) with all of her greatest hits. No matter how many times she has sung them, she knows that they are what makes the cash register ring.

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KFOG 104.5/97.7 Live From the Archives 10

Customer Review: Track list
(1) JOHN HIATT: Drive South (2) COLDPLAY: Clocks (3) THE JATHAWKS: Save It For A Rainy Day (4) JASON MRAZ: You And I Both (5) TORI AMOS: Taxi Ride (6) BEN HARPER: Brown Eyed Blues (7) THE BEN TAYLOR BAND: Island (8) JACKSON BROWNE: The Night Inside Me (9) O.A.R.: Hey Girl (10) ROBBEN FORD: Up The Line (11) MATCHBOX TWENTY: Disease (12) STEVE WINWOOD: Why Can't We Live Together (13) NICKEL CREEK: Smoothie Song (14) THE WAIFS: Fisherman's Daughter (15) THE WALLFLOWERS: How Good It Can Get (16) JOE JACKSON: One More Time.

The very name "advertainment" sends thrilling vibrations up the spine of anyone with marketing in their blood or communication in their genes. And it produces a strong shiver of disgust from many of my colleagues in the music industry.

"I don't want my songs to be involved in advertising," they say, forgetting entirely that by wearing branded running shoes, a t-shirt hawking Fender guitars and a baseball cap emblazoned with the Peavey logo, their very lives are involved in advertising. Plus, if they attend an awards show, they happily state the brand and designer names of everything they're wearing.

They further ignore the fact that radio itself is a form of advertainment. What gets played has little to do with musical accomplishment or artistic merit, but is directly related to the backing of large corporate distributors. I have been told to budget anywhere from a quarter of a million dollars to $350,000 in promotional costs to obtain national radio play on (the appropriately-named) commercial radio stations. Is it any wonder that corporations are seeking ways to build a little brand awareness into the songs?

Turn on any rap, urban or hip hop station and you can start counting the product mentions in the lyrics, some paid-for, some just happenstance. In the electronic-pop field, I have done it myself. On my "Electro Bop" album are songs such as "Paranormal Radio" (which begins as a documentary about American Technology Corporation's HyperSonic Sound system), "Sheena Sez" (about talk radio host Sheena Metal), and "Check the Tech" (about the joys of watching the TechTV channel).

Has this advertainment hurt acceptance of the album? Not that I've noticed. Many e-mails from around the world cite "Paranormal Radio" as their favorite track. Not one person has complained about the ad messages, I assume because the audience for my dance-oriented music is pleased to receive information about technology and a far-out rock-talk jock such as Ms. Metal.

Ads and entertainment go hand-in-wallet in many other ways, some pretty strange. In music alone, we have all wondered about Bob Dylan's "Love Sick" in Victoria's Secret commercials (not to mention Mr. D himself smirking between shots of the lovely bodies wearing the lingerie). But don't overlook Keith Richards in the "Cover Girl" ad while "Honky Tonk Women" plays, or Willie Nelson's "Red Headed Stranger" in the Herbal Essence spot, or Iggy Pop's liquor/drug/sex-soaked "Lust for Life" blasting throughout the Royal Caribbean commercials. (Love to work with the Account Executive who was able to sell that concept!) By contrast, Sting crooning from the back seat of a Jaguar seems a very model of demographic compatibility.

And that's the point: ads and public relations are routinely dismissed as silly, annoying, intrusive or a waste of time right up to the moment when they are delivering facts the reader or listener wants. Then, suddenly, the sponsored message is viewed as helpful and instructive. Therefore, the trick is to achieve the right match between audience and message.

One problem is choosing your media. Just listing advertising outlets can be daunting: TV, radio, outdoor, newspapers, magazines, transit, direct mail, Internet banner. Many of these have subsets: paid inserts (advertorial) in newspapers and magazines, sponsored "newsbreaks" and infomercials on broadcast media, static or animated announcements at stadia, those dreaded 'Net pop-ups, brand names on sports uniforms and equipment (can you say NASCAR?), etc.

One of the most enjoyable categories for producers of both music and advertising is viral 'Net marketing, which has had some notable success stories such as BMW Films, the Seinfeld AmEx campaign, and of course, Burger King's Subservient Chicken.

We haven't even considered cooperative advertising, which can be anything from myriad logos at the bottom of an event poster to the branded music tones and flashing-light Intel trademark that ends every other commercial for someone else's computer products.

But it extends further. Consider: Magazines that sell cover stories; product placement in movies and TV (and yes, live theater); branded clothing; bumper stickers; even fliers stuck on parked cars. There are ad messages on private automobiles (and those anti-humanistic trucks that some insist are called SUVs). Pull up behind a vehicle in traffic and you can read an ad for the car dealership on the license plate frame, plus another piece of public relations for the state on the plate itself. (Come on, you don't think it's hype to put "Land of enchantment" on every vehicle licensed in the state of New Mexico?)

You might think that this plethora of options makes it easier for firms to get their messages across to their targeted demographics, but a good case can be made for the opposite view. TV audiences are turning to Tivo and pay-per-view. Radio audiences are discovering XM and Sirius Satellite Radio. Newspaper readership is becoming an oxymoron. Motion picture audiences can be heard groaning, mocking or booing the pre-feature commercials.

This means there are a lot of people working on new ways to get the product benefits into the brains of the consumers. I do it with humorous radio scripts and subliminally seductive music, but there are going to be some innovations in our industry, and at the risk of appearing foolish, I'm going to make a few predictions. Within the next few years, we'll see:

* Debit card scanners in TV sets, so you can order during a commercial with the flick of your remote.

* Barcodes in songs, so you can download from iTunes by swiping your XM or Sirius player with your Visa or MasterCard.

* Credit cards built into wristwatches, so your "plastic money" is always close at hand.

* Links to product sites in every scene of DVD movies or computer games. Do you want the shoes in the Tony Hawk Pro Skater game? Click-click-click and they're on their way to you via FedEx (note product placement for the big competitor to United Parcel Service).

* Broadcasts of infotainment and advertainment will pop up everywhere: in public restrooms, at the Starbucks, at traffic signals, at the gas pump, on your mailbox, in the packages you purchase, in the parcels that arrive at your door, etc.

* Captive broadcasts. Just as you can preview the music on packaged CDs (available in EU now, but coming soon to the USA), the product benefits, price points and warranty information will play as soon as you lift up a product in the store.

* Digitized logo placement in the rebroadcasts of syndicated TV shows ("Hey, we can sell the product placement another three times!")

* Branded ingredient lists on menus.

* Corporate artwork that takes you on a virtual tour of the company.

* Interactive ads, where you get to play Jerry Seinfeld and/or Superman (or the driver of the BMW) in a five-minute escape from reality (and from reality TV).

* Holographic projections of commercials from postage stamps, car and house keys, magazine covers and ad pages, etc.

And these are just the changes we'll be seeing in the next few years. We're not even discussing the opportunities for advertainment once we move beyond traditional broadcast methodology; when microchips are embedded under your skin, YOU will be the receiver for TV, radio, satellite, telephone, and global positioning system signals. And at that point, the possibilities for marketing communication via advertainment are going to become truly mind-boggling.

Are these prospects exciting, frightening, or both? My view is positive. After all, a lot of these new forms of communication are going to need my scripts and my music.

# # #

Scott G is president of G-Man Music & Radical Radio. His music is on commercials for Verizon Wireless, Goodrich, Monaco Motor Coaches, BAE Systems and more. A creative director of the National Association of Record Industry Professionals (NARIP) and a member of The Recording Academy (NARAS), he writes about music for and the Immedia Wire Service. The G-Man's albums are released by Delvian Records and are on Apple's iTunes. He can be reached via

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Coming Out of the Dark

Designed as a companion to the singer's 1991 Into The Light--World Tour concert video, this look behind the scenes in Gloria Estefan's career draws drama and urgency from her recovery following a disastrous bus accident, which crippled the Cuban-American performer even as her popularity pushed further into the pop mainstream. Produced for the video arm of her record company, Coming Out of the Dark is hardly an objective documentary, laced as it is with testimonials from executives and frankly designed as a valentine to the feisty star; when we're given an "informal" look at Estefan composing new material in her music room, there isn't a figurative hair out of place as captured through these expertly shot segments.

The story, however, is intrinsically compelling, and Estefan offers her fans glimpses into the genesis of the songs from her Into the Light album. The singer's steely resolve, which doubtless explained the speed of her recovery, is visible, too, as is her sure sense of command over recording sessions. Brief performance excerpts show her saucy style of salsa-drenched pop, as well as less satisfying stabs at boiler-plate pop-rock songs that were aimed squarely at the charts. A segment chronicling a video shoot with choreographer-turned-director Kenny Ortega reveals both the technical intricacy of shooting elaborate dance sequences and the hyperbolic coddling platinum stars can expect from their most diplomatic handlers. --Sam Sutherland
i thought that movie is the best gloria did a great job on her recovery and i thought it was great. the picture was a little fizzy but it goes away .. great movie get it ..
Customer Review: Re: ASAP
Does this Moves show the accicent and does it show her recovery

What in the world would you and I do if there was no such thing as music?

Can you imagine a world without music? No songs, no tunes, no rock, no roll, no jazz, no hymns, no boogie-woogie, no country-western, no symphonies. No singing in the shower. No whistling Dixie.

Lovers wouldnt have songs to romance to. There would be no such thing as our song. Sinatra couldnt fly to the moon. Elvis couldnt complain about people stepping on his blue suede shoes. Tony Bennett would have to write a letter about how he left his heart in San Francisco. Willie might go on the road again, but without a guitar. And Ray Charles would look pretty strange up on stage without a piano telling us that Georgia is on his mind.

Then when the wedding day arrived, what would the bride march down the isle to? A poem? Silence? Applause? And when the happy couple marched out of the church together, would they do it to the bark of neighborhood dogs, or perhaps all the wedding guests talking at once?

And at the reception, what would they dance to? The Funky Chicken just isnt the same without music. Since rhythm is part of music, no drums would even be allowed.

And the honeymoon I suppose would take place with radio news on, or perhaps the educational channel accompanied by the drone of an air-conditioner.

When baby arrives, do we lull her to sleep with a reading from Shakespeare? Or perhaps random readings from the dictionary or encyclopedia? Could we bore her to sleep with words?

Nursery rhymes would have to be chanted or recited instead of sung. School music programs would of course be non-existent, as would school choirs and orchestras and bands. When the school football team plays, there would be no school fight song. Cheerleaders would have to cheer and dance minus any music.

And when those birthdays roll around, we would have to all recite together in a monotone happy birthday to you.

And when duty calls, what would soldiers march to? What would take the place of music in parades, since there would be no marching bands? John Philip Sousa would have had to get a day job.

And on the 4th of July there would be no patriotic songs just speeches. At Christmas time there would be no Christmas carols. No rousing gospel music at Easter, no hymns in church.

And can you imagine radio without music? Nothing but news and talk shows and bla bla bla bla.

I dont know about you, but Ive had it up to here just thinking about it. Im heading for the piano now to celebrate the fact that our Creator gave us the wonderful and inspiring and uplifting gift of music that we all take for granted.

I think Ill play a nursery rhyme or two, then the wedding march, then Silent Night, then Auld Lang Syne, then Fur Elise, then the blues, then a little jazz, then and then...

Duane Shinn is the author of over 500 music courses for adults including "How To Add Runs & Fills To Your Piano Playing" He is also the author of the popular free 101-week online e-mail newsletter titled "Amazing Secrets Of Exciting Piano Chords & Sizzling Chord Progressions" with over 63,400 current subscribers.

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Coldplay (Group B&W) by Anonymous - 24 x 36 inches - Fine Art Print / Poster

Fine art poster print

It's a well-known and respected fact among strings players that new violins and other stringed instruments have to be broken-in with play for the tone to develop.

Though there are many theories which attempt to explain it and there is validity behind the science but we honestly don't know why they require breaking-in. No matter the reasoning it's a no-brainer we string players accept without precise explanation and trust simply from pure experience.

Anyone who has purchased a violin fresh from the maker has witnessed amazing tonal maturity as the instrument is played regularly. A player see this change within the first few days or even hours of playing a quality new instrument. The tone will warm-up and become more rounded and deep.

Even more tonal maturity is easily apparent after 6 months and a violin is considered fully mature after a couple years of play. The longer you play it each day, the faster you will witness the tone improving.

I had a new violin which changed tremendously over a couple years of frequent play. Not only did the harmonics warm-up, but the tone seemed more "mature" and "solid." I used the violin in studio and have recordings which are proof of the tonal development the violin experienced.

This does not apply to all instruments, however. The new instrument in question must have been well-made in order to mature properly. A junky $200 beginner fiddle will not (maybe just barely with a lot of effort) open-up with play.

A player must carefully select an instrument from a reliable maker such as one who has won awards or where their instruments have supported testimonials from other players that the tone will, indeed, open up.

Musicians seeking to enjoy the many benefits of playing a new instrument may glean some knowledge from the following suggestions:

1. Play it, Play it, Play it!

Simple. Just play the darn thing!

Regular, consistent play breathes life into an instrument. No one knows exactly why this is, but it's been witnessed over centuries that playing an instrument keeps it "alive." Why do you think the top museums and shops have their instruments played daily by professional musicians to keep the tone?

Just pick it up and play it a minimum of an hour a day to witness the tone improve. What do you think we violin shop owners do for hours each day? Sit around and pick our noses? Naw, that gets boring, even for us.

2. New Strings Breathe Life into an Instrument

Would you drive a new Ferrari with ragged all-season tires? Your strings are like the tires on a performance vehicle. Bad strings will drag down your instrument's tone.

Therefore, replace your strings every 6-12 months. Don't let them fade out and blame the instrument for the dull tone. Also experiment with different types of strings to find the tone you most prefer. My strings of choice are Pirastro Evah Pirazzi strings.

3. Upgrade Your Bow

Are you still using the cheap bow that came with your first violin? Naughty musician, no bisquit.

Remember the bow you use should match the instrument and that a good bow makes all the difference in the tone you produce on your instrument. Not only will you find it easier and more enjoyable to produce a better tone, but your instrument will break-in faster.

4. Let your Fiddle Enjoy Your Stereo

It may sound ridiculous, but your instrument will benefit from a daily music listening session by the stereo speakers. Or keep your instrument in a room where the television is on much of the time. The vibrations from the speakers will cause your violin, viola or cello to resonate and will speed up the tonal break-in period.

5. Adjustments & Proper Setup

To follow the Ferrari analogy, you need to give your instrument a "tune-up" from time to time. You've put all this money into buying the darn thing, you should pay a bit to keep it running smoothly!

Always check that your instrument set up properly as you tune it. Correct the bridge angle as you tighten the pegs as it be pulled toward the pegs by the strings. Also check inside the F-hole and memorize where the soundpost is set. The soundpost could be budged loose during shipping and it's good to know what to expect when you look inside.

Even if you can't see visible changes it's a good idea to have your luthier check the bridge/soundpost configuration for optimal tone. Also ask him or her to look for any buzzes, seam cracks, wear or any other problems which may crop up. We owe it to our instruments to make sure they are kept in good health and tone.

6. Careful Storage and Transport

It can never be stressed enough how important careful storage and transport routines are to your instrument's health. What good is a gorgeous-sounding cello if you're going to trip on it in the dark and smash it to bits... That was a rhetorical question, by the way.

Never, never leave your instrument in the car. Big no no. BAAAAAAD viola player. Not only could it be stolen, but it could be damaged by the extreme heat, humidity, cold and dryness which are more extreme in vehicles throughout the year.

When travelling by car make sure the instrument will not fall over or be damaged where it is stored. Try to travel with it in the back seat on the floor rather than in the trunk or boot.

Don't let the airline check your fiddle. Get hostile and froth at the mouth before you let them put it under the plane. Tell them Rhiannon gave you that advice and watch airport security laugh at my little joke. Really, I'm sure they'll get a kick out of your enthusiasm for your music!

Really, try not to fly with your instrument under the plane. It's just a risky proposition.

Use a hygrometer if extreme dryness is a concern where you live. The Dampit is best as it goes inside the instrument and humidifies it from within.

Wrap your instrument in a cloth before putting it in its case. [Not great advice for cellists or bassists: you people should just cough up the cash and get a proper hard-shell case with wheels so you won't break your instrument or your back, hence the wheels.]

Don't keep the violin in its case under your bed, where it tends to be cold and dusty. Instead find a large space on a bottom book shelf where the case can rest.

If you like leaving the instrument out where it is easily accessible, use an instrument holder or stand rather than resting it on its back on your cluttered coffee table or greasy dinner table. [Okay, anyone who knows me has seen me put my fiddle on my paper-infested office desk, but I do have a very nice violin rack which I also use].

Just don't leave your violin *ON* your bed. Dumb thing to do, especially if you are a teenager and prone to throwing things across the room and whacking your violin. Not naming any names... Mary...

7. "Tone Guarantees" Provide a Safety Net

Since some new instruments may take a while to break in, their tone may not open up within the limited time they play it in shop or have on trial period in their homes.

My shop carries instruments from many award-winning and respected Asian, Canadian and European makers. I know these instruments are of substantial quality that I offer the safety-net of an unprecidented "Tone Guarantee."

The tone guarantee promises that the new instruments' tone will improve greatly as played and be completely different instruments after a year of play or your money back. This guarantee takes the risk out of the purchase and helps the player settle into a new instrument which will improve in tone and value.

8. Enjoy your Instrument!

Keep life simple, just play your fiddle or cello and enjoy it. The tone will open up and you will want to play it more every day... until the next upgrade!

**Rhiannon Schmitt (nee Nachbaur) is an award-winning classical violinist/fiddler and music teacher who operates Fiddleheads Violin School & Shop. has won several distinguished business awards and offers beginner to professional level instruments, accessories and supplies with exceptional personal service. Instrument trials across North America are available and all new instruments are covered by a "Tone Guarantee."

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Puro Huetamo

GL Bluex Womens Bluetooth MP3 Watch

The GL Bluex time pieces are as much electronic Swiss army knife as Swiss watch. Listen up to 1,000 or more of your favorite tunes on your wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headset while never missing a call from your mobile phone. Record and listen to your voice messages. Store your music files, picture files, and important documents so that you can take them with you wherever you go. One more can also tell the time. With the Audiophile in mind, the G-Lite Premiere Bluetooth Stereo Headset captures the essence of superb wireless sound quality at an affordable price point. Stylish and comfortable, the G-Lite Premiere works with any Bluetooth enabled device to deliver high fidelity listening at home or on the go. The over the ear earpiece mutes out unwanted background noise. Available options include a 3.5mm Bluetooth Adapter and USB Bluetooth Adapter for your PC.

Voted one of People Magazines 50 Most Beautiful People of 2004, Gwendolyn Renee Stefani is a singer, songwriter, fashion designer and an occasional actress. Born on October 3, 1969, she was raised by her parents Dennis and Patti in Fullerton, California and grew up along with her two brothers and sister. Her brother Eric formed the band No Doubt together with friend John Spence in 1987. Gwen joined as a co-singer together with Tony Canal. They dated and became steady until they break-up. That came the song Don't Speak in memory of their seven-years relationship.

Eventually after Eric left the band to pursue his career as a cartoonist and Spence's suicide, she step a notch higher from being a co-singer to the lead singer. Their album Tragic Kingdom made its mark for success as this went on to Billboard Number one charts and accumulate two Grammy nominations for the group. In 2000, the band released their less popular album, Return of Saturn. The song's lyrics are based on her on-the-rocks relationship to then Bush guitarist Gavin Rossdale. This album received good feedbacks from the audience as two of it's singles Hey Baby and Underneath it all received Grammy awards.

She even did collaborations various artist like Moby (South Side), and Eve (Let me Blow Ya Mind). The song "Let me blow your Mind" won Grammy Award's Best Rap/Sung collaboration. In 2004, she decided to release her first solo album via Love, Music, Angel, Baby. This album tackles about her love life, music as her profession, and her baby which she considers as her angel.

Nominated for Album of the Year at 2005 Grammy Awards, this album also bagged 5 hit singles in charts all over the world including Cool, Crash, Luxurious, Rich Girl and What you're Waiting for. She also set a trend in using equally gorgeous and equally hot Japanese girls as her back-ups dancers that she later called Harajuku girls. Her single first single What you're Waiting for was nominated Song of the Year from different award-giving bodies. Apart from that, she did a cover song from a 1990 British pop song If I were a Rich Man which used in the musical Fiddler on the Roof, entitled Rich Girl which is her second collaboration with Eve.

Aside from her top hit singles, she is also known for her distinct taste in fashion. She is known for her red hot lipstick and also into midriffs and short skirts to expose her sexy legs. Being a natural brunette, she sometime change her hair color from pink to blue and use wigs of different styles and colors. She also adopted Japanese fashion with high-knee socks and miniskirts topped with marine-collared blouses. That way of clothing makes her a hot rock diva even if some of fashion critics despise the way she dresses.

Another interesting facet in her career is her marriage to Gavin Rossdale. They met in December 1995 in a No Doubt concert and keep their relationship in the eyes of media to avoid controversy. They got married twice, one in 2002 at St. Paul's Church in London and the second in Los Angeles two weeks later. They got a son named Kingston James McGregor and Rossdale's illegitimate daughter Daisy. Their marriage surpass the odds and keep their relationship for keeps.

This one sexy mama can act, her interest in film drive her to audition for Mr. & Mrs. Smith but her debut performance is by playing Jean Harlow in the critically acclaimed film The Aviatorwith Leonardo di Caprio. She also dubbed her voice for a PS2 and Xbox video game Malice. She has also her own clothing line that she called L.A.M.B. which is taken from her first solo album. As of this date, she already released her own perfume collection.

What makes her at our one hot sexy celebrity list is her natural self being expressed through her music and fashion. Only few celebrities can do that, being able to connect with their audience and to transmit her message effectively. Whenever she appears on screen or perform at stage, you will always see that glint of anticipation and admiration in the eyes of spectators. Along with her sexy disposition as a performer and her interesting personality really brings forth the success in her endeavors.

More celebrity facts at

I am a new blogger on the loose.

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The Jamorama software has so many reasons for the modern guitarist to buy it-I mean, just think about how you can get a head start on learning patterns, chords, scales and more! Study the guitar at your own pace-no more embarrassment from your guitar instructor b/c you didn't rehearse your guitar scales for the week!

Who requires all that hard work anyway?

You don't need the hassle from those guys because the guitar software from Jamorama takes all that stress of studying guitar out of the picture-virtually completely. I think back when I was starting to learn how to play guitar...

I hated my guitar lessons-really!

I had to go to my dang lessons every week, and it seemed that if I didn't know my scales right or have the right amount of perfection each time, my guitar instructor would be upset at me.

But, I needed to discover how to play songs!

I didn't know that the scales were really a part of that- I felt like Karate Kid, doing all those chores. The only difference was, my guitar instructor never really explained that these melodic scales would kick open many doors- I just felt eternal frustration and disappointment inside.

I wasn't getting to the meat- I was chewing on mush. bring in on the rock, I thought!

The good news is-

Jamorama Keeps You Inspired and Excited About Taking Guitar

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You Get 148 Guitar preparation Courses In The Jamorama Guitar Software

So, with Jamorama, no annoying guitar instructor or 'guru' that you feel like you have to impress or you aren't 'studying your instrument right' or something like that. You get to use Jamorama in the freedom of your own base, at your own pace- that is a huge gain.

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Wannabe producers always have at least one fatal flaw. Now the flaw varies from person to person, but they basically fall under 3 categories. So to lets list out the rules to keep you in the game.

People Skills

Lets start with the granddaddy. This is a people biz hombre. You deal with people all the time, whether it be label execs, engineers, or the talent you are producing.

Because of this critical point your people skills will make or break your career. This may seem overrated if you come from the school of thought that says, "if I get a single it will be enough." Honestly, maybe. But your success is so much more likely if you treat people in a way that makes them feel good.

That is what brings Rick Ruben success in this industry. That man is unquestionably the biggest thing on the scene. He has hits in all genres from Rap, to Country and people want to work with the cat because he makes them feel good, and alive.

Do you do this?

If not maybe its time to learn. Go get a copy of How To Win Friends And Influence People by Dale Carnegie. It could be a career changing book


The second mistake that many produces make is to cast a looming shadow over an entire project. This is usually because the producer is a control freak. This type of producer has their fingerprints all over an album, and the artist feels suffocated by their presence.

Music is supposed to be an outflow of a vision. A song comes to life out of an artist, if they feel stifled by an overbearing oppressive regime you are not going to get the best production out of them. That is the truth.

Now, that does not mean that a good producer cannot point out flaws and errors, it just means that it should be done in a way that makes the talent want to change, not hole up and die.

Work on allowing the artist to breathe. Give them space to be an artist, but yet keep the project moving forward. Its tough, but hey that's your job.

Limited Chops

The last area that hang up wannabe producers is a limited pallet of chops. This shows up in the inability to get the sounds, beats, or vocal takes because of lack of knowledge. A know-it-all attitude is a sure way to shoot yourself in the foot.

This kind of problem rears its head in a production the has a good song but sounds like crap.

Luckily this problem has an easy fix: Learn to become a successful Pop Music Producer by Learning Production Chops. There are great video based resources on the web starting with this one Click Here >

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