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Parachutes (VINYL)

I suppose you think that you learn guitar by playing guitar. Well, do you learn to say the right things by talking all the time? Let's take a look at the art of not playing guitar...

How can you learn to play guitar by not playing? Is it really possible to develop as a guitarist without touching the instrument?

In weight training it is an established fact that muscle growth takes place during rest, for example when you sleep. It doesnt mean that you will become a famous muscle builder by sleeping. Sleeping is just a part of the overall picture called muscle growth.

Dont ever think that you will become a good guitarist by not playing guitar at all!

But I define a good guitarist as a good musician. A good musician can convey his musical emotions to somebody else and this ability takes more than just practicing moving the fingers among all those guitar strings.

What can you do to become a better guitarist and a musician when you don't play? Let me give you a few suggestions:

1. If you play classical guitar, get into the habit of often reading guitar sheet music without your guitar. This practice gives you training in the art of hearing the sheet music in your head and also gives you a better chance to really learn notational symbols in the music and rhythmic subtleties.

2. Take a week off from your guitar playing every now and then and use all your musical energy listening to good music or just being a good citizen. Learn to spot musical and artistic heights in the music. Listen to all types of instrumentalists. With concentration. My best listening position is laying flat on my bed with headphones on forgetting the rest of the world. Maybe you have another approach.

If you feel and enjoy musical and artistic expressions in the music these will probably be implemented in your own guitar playing sooner or later.

3. Be a good musical friend by helping somebody else to play. It will help you become more unselfish and like people more. Well, maybe you already like people sufficiently but to learn to like people is part of our development as musicians as we are supposed to give of ourselves to others when we play.

4. Prepare your body and mind for playing guitar by learning the art of relaxation and stretching your muscles. You can of course find articles on these subjects on the net. Performing in a relaxed manner will help you enjoy your own music more and will help your public to relax and enjoy your music too.

5. Take time to sit down, or stand up if you like, and ponder about what guitar playing means to you. Is there something that you would like to develop in your guitar playing that will give you more joy and happiness. Set a realistic goal and write down what you can do every week to accomplish that goal.

I believe in practicing on my guitar of course but I hope that these pieces of advice concerning not playing guitar will increase your love for your guitar and the art of playing and giving musical joy to others!

Peter Edvinsson is a musician, composer and music teacher. Visit his site Capotasto Music and download your free sheet music and learn to play resources at

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Video Explosion

Customer Review: Menudo Mania!
I am so glad I found this DVD! I am a Menudo fan from way back but grew up in the Midwest. Not much Menudo merchandise was available so at this time in my life I am playing catch up. This DVD IS a must, must have for any Menudo fan. I would even suggest it to fans of Ricky Martin who discovered him after he left the group...especially those who discovered him after the Grammys. If you never had a chance to see this group in concert, buy this DVD! Seeing Ricky Martin at age 14 is like going down memory lane. Its amazing seeing the stage presence and star power he had at such a young age. It become obvious that he was a super star in the making and just the cutest thing on the planet! Its also interesting seeing Robby Rosa (now going by Draco Rosa, singer/songwriter/producer) back then. You could see that he was a talented artist in the making as well. Its also amazing to see how much he has changed since the 80's. This concert DVD is fun and it will put a smile on your face from begining to end!
Customer Review: Menudo Mania!
I always hear people go on and on and on about The Beatles, but let's face it - they were no Menudo!

As you probably already know if you're reading this article, this dance mat has been sold out all over the country because of the recent "Hannah Montana fever" currently in full swing. I purchased this for my daughter for Christmas. She also has the older version of the dance mat. Here is my review of both products - both the new version with the wig and dvd and the old version, without the wig. There's also a link for where to get these hard-to-find items at the end of the article.

The New Version Features And Price:

The new version is the one that is flying off of stores right now. It features a blond Hannah wig, a microphone and the mat itself, which lights up. The premise of this toy is that the kids can learn dance moves to three Hannah Montana songs: "Who Said?," "Best Of Both Worlds" and "This Is My Life. " Dancing instructions appear on an included DVD and teach dance moves to the songs.

I want to say right off do not expect the wig to be the quality that you see Hannah wearing on TV. It isn't, but it's good enough to get the effect kids want. Also, your child will probably not be dancing like a professional dancer at the end of a play session, but your child will learn moves to Hannah songs. Kids basically just want to learn how to dance for the new Hannah movie or a Hannah concert and the Hannah Montana Mat accomplishes this while they have fun. The price of the new version mat is about $35 retail.

The Older Version Features And Price:

The older version does not have the wig included, but I would argue that the quality of the actual product is a bit better and the product will last a longer time. It plays the same songs as the newer version, but the lights and music sync better with the numbers on the mat. I honestly find this one more user friendly for younger kids. This one is very hard to find, but I think I like it better than the first.

All in all, my daughter loves both dance mats. She's a 7 year old little girl who just wants to dance and have fun. She doesn't expect she will dance just like Hannah. I love the fact that it gets her off the couch and she gets some exercise. Would I buy them again? Absolutely.

To see where to purchase either item for the best price, click here to visit the Hannah Montana Dance Mat Review Website.

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Speed of Sound

Japan Only EP Derived from Tracks Associated with their Third Album "x and Y".

Singing lessons are very useful for those of us who love to sing and would like to improve our vocal technique as well as our overall pitch and rhythm sense. However, some singing students may be a little overwhelmed whenever they attend lessons, and may not know how to best make use of the time that they have with their vocal coach or singing instructor!

Here are some important tips for all singing students, so that you will be able to make the most out of your singing lessons, and be able to improve quickly in your singing and vocal technique:

Get A Good Vocal Coach

For your vocal lessons to be genuinely useful to you in developing a better singing voice, you will need an experienced vocal coach who is able to 'diagnose' your voice and know exactly what exercises you will need in order to improve your singing! For example, you may need more exercises to strengthen your chest voice, or more pitching or rhythm training, or even some basic lessons in pronunciation and diction. Your vocal coach should be able to tell you what you need, and be able to communicate these ideas to your clearly!

Always Come Prepared For Lessons

Every singing lesson is an opportunity for you to talk to an expert in singing and to learn as much as you can from your vocal coach! So, always come prepared with questions that you may have had during the past week or are genuinely curious about. This will show your vocal coach that you are motivated about learning how to sing, and he or she will be more inclined to teach you even more! Your instructor will also be able to understand better what are your main concerns and how best to answer them so that you will be able to improve even more!

Practice, Practice and More Practice

Make sure you practice whatever vocal drills or pitching exercises that your singing instructor has given you during the singing lessons. Learning how to sing is just like learning how to play any musical instrument, and as with any instrument, practice is absolutely essential if we want to improve in our playing or singing skills! Also, pay attention to how you practiced during your lesson with your vocal instructor so that when you practice at home, you know how to do it correctly and certainly not inadvertently harm your voice during your self-practice!

Be Patient

Learning how to sing well takes some time and effort, and certainly does not happen overnight. Just like how it takes a piano player many years before he or she is able to be great at playing the piano, so it will also take us a certain period of time before we are able to master our singing voice! Even professional singers take regular singing lessons to keep their voices in top form, and to keep improving in their vocal technique!

One reason for a longer learning curve is because our voice learns through what we call 'muscle memory'. Many of the functions of our vocal cords and voice box are involuntary reflexes that we cannot control consciously. In order for us to correct our singing habits, we need to practice positive reinforcement through muscle memory, using the correct singing methods often so that our voice and our brain remembers them and uses them each time we sing!

Enjoy The Learning Process

One great thing about singing is that it is fun and enjoyable even during proper lessons, and we would certainly be able to enjoy the learning process that we must go through in order to get a better singing voice! Once we accept the long learning process, we will certainly be more relaxed during our lessons and be able to improve our voice even more! It is a virtuous cycle that singing students will be able to benefit from with the correct mindset and attitude.

With these important pointers in mind each time we attend our singing lessons, we will certainly be able to get the most out of our lessons and achieve a great singing voice through practice and patience!

Singapore-born Aaron Lim has been a Vocal Coach for the past 8 years, and has taught a variety of vocal students ranging from teenagers to mature adults. He is the founder of an online singing guide: , which provides a wealth of resources and tips available for any singer! Find out everything you want to learn about singing from this useful and comprehensive website!

Aaron is also the director of Intune Music School, a dynamic and vibrant music school in Singapore that provides professional music programmes in singing, songwriting, keyboard and guitar sing and play, music arrangement and audio engineering! Find out more by visiting the school website at:

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Gift Pack

There are few things more thrilling then standing on a stage playing an instrument or singing your heart out, while watching the fans below having a great time -- especially if a lot of them are of the opposite sex!

Yes, starting a rock band can be a lot of fun AND it can be profitable, if you follow a few easy steps while getting started.

1. The first part is getting together a group of like-minded people who want to play music together. Make sure the other people have similar interests, morals and don't smell too bad. You will be spending a lot of time with them, so you should get a long well with each other or you'll be spending more time looking for replacements than you will playing music.

2. Once you have the people in place, you need to agree on a style of music to play. If you have a songwriter in the group, you'll want to play those "originals." These are songs you will own, record and sell. If no-one in the group is a songwriter, you'll be playing "covers". When starting a rock band this is how most begin. Covers are other people's music that you like on the radio or from a certain era, or genre. (80s, 90s, or Classic Rock, etc.) While you can have a lot of fun and make a good living just playing covers, the real money and "rock stardom" come from playing originals.

3. Next, you'll need to think about where you want to play. Wedding bands are mostly cover bands with a very wide variety of music styles. Since the band is not the star of the show (the bride is) they tend to be a little more subdued. If you want to play a lot of loud music with lots of stage antics, you'll be playing at clubs and theaters. Corporate gigs are great, since they can pay a lot of money, but they tend to best suited for established "show" bands, usually with a female singer or two.

4. OK, so you've got the band together, you've learned the songs, now you're ready to go right? Wrong! Now is when you get ready to cash in on all the long hours you've spent learning your instrument and rehearsing with the band. This is where the band marketing and promotions come in. Think about the marketing of your band just like you would any other aspect of it. You wouldn't go on stage without your instruments, or a sound system, right? Well don't forget the marketing either.

Marketing Items You'll Need:

Band Name


Promo Kit (Online)

Web Site Auto Responder

5. Your band name will set the tone for your image. For example, if you are a heavy metal band, you'll probably want a name more like "The Devil Demons" rather than "The Cute, Fluffy Bunnies." Make sure your band looks and acts like your name name implies and relates to the music you play.

6. Get a banner made up at any local sign shop that you can hang up behind you wherever you play. I can't tell you how many bands I have seen and have no clue who they were because they didn't have a banner.

7. Next you'll need an online Promo Kit where you can store your band photos, demo music video of you playing, contact numbers etc.

8. Your web site should have info about the band, some sample photos, music demos, videos, etc. Be sure your phone number is there where someone can easily find it. VERY IMPORTANT - Be sue you have a place where someone can sign-up to be on your mailing list.

9. Which leads us to the Auto Responder. An Auto Responder creates a form on your web site so you can capture email addresses. It then stores them for you so you can automatically send out messages, or send them out whenever you want. This way your fans will know when and where you are playing. You can also send them notices of new music and merchandise you have for sale.

10. Be sure whenever/wherever you play that you have someone with a sign-up sheet getting people's email addresses. You will then enter them into your mailing list. I can't stress enough how important it is that you create this fan base. This list of people will be who you market your shows and recorded music to for a long as you want to make money with your music. Every show you do without getting these emails could be the difference between you becoming a hugely successful, professional musician, or just having a fun hobby.

Most aspiring musicians fail to succeed, not due to a lack of talent, but from a lack of knowing what to do. The difference between supporting yourself as a musician or having to live off macaroni and cheese is simply having the information you need, and then acting on it. You can get this information that wipes out years of "learning curve" and puts your music career on the fast track, by joining my music marketing newsletter at:

A hack guitarist himself, Brian Woeller now prefers to work behind the scenes, helping to promote musicians with "real" talent. His eBook, "How To Promote Your Band To Rock Star Status" ( will jumpstart Your music and get you in the spotlight, fast.

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Coldplay 2007 Wall Calendar

1-Practice-Its obvious but many people claim they want to learn how to play fast guitar but dont put the time in. You get out what you put in! Even if you dont have much time to spare, half an hour a day is enough to help you improve.

2-Focus your practice-You can increase the benefits of your guitar practice exponentially by practicing the same stuff each time. A good way to start this is to choose 4 licks or scales or parts of scales (anything except chords will work just fine), and play through each lick in a loop for 15 minutes. By the end of the FIRST WEEK youll be two or three times as fast as you were with those licks to begin with.

3-Think long term. Focused practice everyday is great, but its even better to have a goal in mind. for example if you want to learn a particular piece, gear your practice toward licks and techniques used in the piece and then dedicate the last 15-20 minutes(depending on how much time you have) to practicing the actual piece. Nothing helps you learn how to play fast guitar and stay motivated more than being able to see your daily progress.

4-Work on legato-Legato actually means smooth, or flowing, but in guitar circles it is the term given to fretting notes with your left hand and making them sound without actually picking anything with your right hand. It could also be called the art of hammering on and pulling off. Excellent practice as it will strengthen your left hand, not only making you faster and smooth, but will improve your vibrato and chord changes too. It just makes your hand fitter! A great way to practice this is to run up and down some scales, but only pick the first note on each string, so you will be hammering on going up and pulling off on the way down. Its tough at first but persevere and you will get rewards!

5-Use a metronome. Other musicians seem to use metronomes with no trouble, but guitarists are allergic to them, or at least seem to be! Ill spell it out - An hour with a metronome does A LOT more good than an hour without. Its simply the best tool for highlighting the weak areas and inefficiencies in your technique. There is a learning curve but stick with it-your playing will change for the better, permanently! Buy one!

6-Use a hard pick. Controversial? I know that people should use whatever pick they want to, but a softer pick WILL slow you down, and a harder one wont. Its simple physics. Most picks have a degree of flexibility, so after picking a note we have to wait for it to return to its proper shape before we pick again, or the note is not picked cleanly. Put it this way-trying to learn how to play fast guitar while using soft picks is like putting bicycle wheels on a Ferrari and then trying to drive fast. Not going to happen!

7- Start slow-Work on something until you can play it with no mistakes at all before you crank up the speed. This will do more for your all round musical skills than just pushing the metronome up a few beats every few minutes. If you move forward before your skills are ready your playing will be very very sloppy, and that will be a real hard habit to get out of!

Hopefully those tips will help you break out of a rut and get your fretboard burning!

Steve Higgins is an accomplished guitarist who enjoys seeing others improve their skill. To check out more tips visit his blog.

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A Taste of Salsa, Volume I

In Volume I, Lisa and Andres present the steps and turns at a pace you can keep up with. They share the "how to's" and "how not to's" for proper lead and follow technique and detail the connecting pieces that are too often left out. In addition, equal attention is paid to both the leads and follows so that you become a dynamic couple and a solid individual dancer. As a result, your Salsa steps will feel more natural and your confidence will grow. This is just the thing for a non-dancer ready to take on their burning dancing desire!

In this volume, the following steps are introduced: Basic step Hand positions - Palms Up and Palms Down Body positions - Open and Closed Side to side step Swing step Transitioning between the positions and variations Combining variations Basic turn combination. Numerous practice combinations

With a bit of practice, you will soon become a Salsero.

Instruction for all volumes in the A Taste of Salsa series is given in both English and Spanish.

The next tape in the series, Volume II, introduces more advanced turning combinations, new ways of moving across the floor and focuses more on styling.
Customer Review: Great basics
If you are a novice and looking to learn in a correct and structured way, these videos (Vol I & II) are very sound and easy to understand. The videos are introductory, so if you already know the basics, perhaps they are not for you. Don't pay attention to the criticism of those who weren't smart enough to read the description and look for more information about the videos from the internet or the instructors' website. The videos are clearly labeled basic. That's why they are titled "A Taste of...." I gave it four stars because even though the intent is to make the tapes universal by making them bilingual, it does tend to slow the lessons a bit. Why not use subtitles for the alternate language?
Customer Review: Save your money!
This has got to be one of the worst Salsa instructional videos I have purchased to date. For the price you get very little. It is repetative and annoying. You only learn 3 steps. I would definately not recommend this video to a beginner.

Many years ago my husband and I would often go to parties. We weren't Christians back then, so in our opinion, we considered that music had the sole purpose of being danced to.

We would dance a lot. But sometimes the disk jockey would get caught up in a certain kind of music we disliked. So we left the dance floor and we'd wait for our favorite music to play again.

Sometimes my husband would kindly request the disk jockey to play some favorite song of ours, or a special kind of music to dance to. And off we'd go again a'swinging and a'dancing.

Okay, but what has that got to do with self-directed learning? More than you think.

You see, the other day I heard somebody make a frustrating exclamation about his life, "They play the music and I have to dance to it."

Inevitably I had to ask myself, "Whose music am I dancing to?"

Immediately I realized that there are so many of us who are dancing to another's song.

You try to move and sway to the rhythm, but it doesn't come from the heart. You just go through the motions. Everybody else seems to be happily dancing, but you just cannot manage to tune in.

It's not your song.

We all have a unique song in our heart. A song God put there. And He specially designed and created us to dance to that particular song.

It is a song that would keep us on the dance floor forever. We'd never get tired of it. Because it is so deeply rooted in our innermost being. It is our passion, our dream.

Whether we choose to listen to it or not, that song will always be pulling at our hearts. Calling us to dance.

Today I want to ask you, "Whose music are you dancing to?"

Are you gong with the flow, or are you passionately pursuing the dreams God put in your heart? I'd like to invite you to go for it! Visit for tips and tools for creating and growing in your own learning process. Learn how to teach yourself in my FREE e-book: "The Power of Self-Directed Learning", and my FREE e-course: "Seven Steps to Consistently Change Your Life."

From Bettina Langerfeldt, who teaches people how to pursue their God-given gifts and talents by designing their own education with self-directed learning.

2008 Freedompioneer

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Original Richard Lugo Latin Pop Art Poster Print - 11" X 17"

We bring you the best selection of Movie Posters, Music Posters, Sports Posters, Art Prints, Television Posters, College Humor, and more! This is the premier destination for finding entertainment posters. Find authentic movie advertisements, increase your celebrity photo and poster collection, locate that missing pop idol piece you need to complete your set, or discover rare concert sheets from your favorite musicians and bands. Whether its that one rare framed art print youve been looking for, or you need to wallpaper your dorm room with the hottest, sexiest posters, this is the place to find everything. Brand new, perfect condition, fast shipping! Buy from the best!!!

spanish or english music ? For dancing, Which do you prefer: English or ...
I do like Spanish music from SPAIN (that's actually just like English pop/rock ... I get bored if it's only Spanish music , especially if by Spanish you mean Latin. ...

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Shanish Villancico ... Spanish Composers. As noted on the opening Music page, you will need to have the ... NoteWorthy Viewer to see or print the .nwc files ...

Spanish Music - Learn Spanish - Nightlife in Madrid
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Spanish Fly
Played-A-Live ( Spanish ... Universal Music (Denmark) 2000. Played ... Universal Music (Denmark) 2001. Baya-Baya (CD, Maxi, Promo) Baya-Baya ( Spanish Fly...

Music in Spain during the Eighteenth Century - Cambridge University Press
... music of the period influenced (or was opposed by) Spanish composers ... source of late eighteenth-century Spanish keyboard music Benjamin Lipkowitz; ...

Music in the Spanish -Speaking World. Salud en los pases hispanohablantes - new ... THE AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF TEACHERS OF SPANISH AND PORTUGUESE ...

Latin Music and Our Music : A Mirror Image? (El Club de Espaol ( Spanish ...
It was not until I was 13 that I had Spanish class again. ... MUSIC . ... that are used in everyday life in a Spanish -speaking country are in their MUSIC . ...

More Boca Beth Music
Catchy sing-alongs in both English and Spanish --set to familiar childhood melodies--make it easy and enjoyable for everyone from baby to Dad to learn ...

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Learn to Salsa Dance Video Series, Vol 1: Salsa Dancing Guide for Beginners

Never danced? No problem! Join us on the dance floor with this fantastic 2 hour salsa dance DVD. The instruction is clear & concise. The productions values are stellar, and the quality is amazing. Yes, you will be salsa dancing, with your partners, by the end of this video! It's a step-by-step approach, tailored and refined by teaching thousands upon thousands of students how to dance salsa. This video covers the very basic steps, the foundation of leading and following, and a couple of nice salsa patterns. This stellar 2 hour DVD provides everything you need to know to get yourself dancing! Purchase it today, and be dancing tomorrow.
Customer Review: No rhythm no problem
I will say this I'm Hispanic so I did know some Salsa before I purchased this DVD. I wanted to learn some advanced moves and I realized before I purchased this video that prob wasn't for me. It wasn't but it did teach me some basic concepts in general. It also taught me how to turn. I'm a natural dancer but it gave me concrete steps which I just do without thinking. That being said I do believe this will teach ANYBODY to dance. He gives so much detail and repetition there is no way you won't be able to pick it up. I love the hand tricks. Also I didn't have a partner and this a partner video. Don't buy if you have dance experience.
Customer Review: Easy to follow.
The instructions are clear and easy to follow. My husband has absolutely no rythym and he picked up the steps.

When you need a photograph changed to art form, you can commission a portrait. Now what do we need for commissioning a portrait? All you need is a photograph even a fuzzy old photograph will do.
The artist tries to make an exact replica of the photograph given. When there are missing elements in the photograph the artist adds those details through active imagination, bringing the image to life.
Portraits can be made of headshot, half-length or full length for the same price. The artist makes various changes and shows the work at various stages through digital image of the portrait being made. The details can be viewed to the last stroke of pain. Once you are happy with the painting, you can purchase by paying the amount through a secure money payment service such as This is a SSL (secure socket layer) based service, which means that even the site would not have access to your information.

When you do not like a painting or require refinement this is done very easily. The money is refunded if you surrender the painting within seven days. If you require refinement of the finished painting after delivery, you would have to mail back the portrait purchased so that the necessary changes could be made and returned to you.

Prerequisites for commissioning a portrait:

1. An email of the photograph to be commissioned

2. Written permission of owner of photograph if it doesnt belong to you

3. One-third the payment made in advance so that the artist has assurances of payment to begin working.

So now that we know what and how to commission a portrait, all we need to know is where to get it

To get a portrait made is to have the memories from past imprinted on canvas. So we need artists who are efficient in performing what is needed. Once that portrait is made we have to get the work of art safely delivered and framed so that the memories become part of our life forever.

There are a lot of websites that offer portrait services, but there are very few that you could trust to make an exceptional work of art and have it delivered to you safely. Make the payment transaction hassle free and secure.

The following points are to be remembered while making a service request to commission an Oil Painting Portrait:

Look for sites that have experienced artist

Site should have exact specifications for requesting a commission of Portrait

Site should have a clear FAQ about the process involved in making a Portrait

Look at the samples done before, so that it satisfies your expectations. If not contact the site administrator to have your doubts clarified.

Verify whether the site uses a secure payment method such as 2checkout or 2CO

Check if there is refund policy if you have any problems with the delivered art work

Look through the catalog or gallery to check out the work being done or done before.

Thats it now you are equipped to go and commission a portrait.

Travis Jonesrecommends Canvaz ( ) for oil paintings

80's dance music

Reggaeton: Hot Latin Hip Hop (Apple Loops - AIFF, REX, WAV)

Over the past several years, reggaeton has emerged from the underground dance scene to storm onto the urban music landscape. Deeply rooted in reggae, dance hall, hip-hop, bomba and merengue, the reggaeton revolution has only just begun. "Reggaeton: Hot Latin Hip Hop" construction kits give you the power to create music with this scorching new Latin sound. Producer Josquin des Pres, along with his Track Star Studios team, once again calls on his vast experience in producing current Hip Hop and Latin music to deliver this authentic collection. So if you're ready to mix up your own brand of hot Latin flavor, turn up the heat with Reggaeton!

Terms & Conditions Part One.

Having a terms and conditions on you website when you are operating online are vitally important. It cannot be emphasized enough that you require legal protection.

What are Terms & Conditions then?

The word term comes from the Old French terme meaning limit which came from the Latin terminus or end. A simple definition from the Oxford English Dictionary is: stipulations made; conditions offered or accepted.

The word condition originates from the Latin com - together and dicere - say. A simple definition from the same Dictionary is: something required as part of an agreement.

So one could say that terms & conditions:

Are perimeters or boundaries and requirements agreed upon and within which all transactions between two or more parties must take place for an agreed upon result to occur and without which no transactions take place.

In short it is your armour to ensure you are not taken by surprise in the rear!

A proper and legal agreement is required that sets out the terms & conditions of any proposed transaction or sale and the consequences of it. Therefore this is an area where you would do well to consult with your legal representative in order to draw up a set of terms and conditions for your particular circumstances. I have seen many web sites with no or skimpy terms and conditions that leave the merchant wide open to legal action which may be quite unwarranted but can cripple the merchants business. Ask yourself, why do all the larger companies have such an extensive and involved terms and conditions? Take a look at Microsoft or Procter & Gamble or any of the larger corporations. You will not find lip service paid to terms and conditions. You will see a page maybe two or more of legal terms and conditions. If you study the larger corporations well you will see they are protected with legal iron clad armour surrounding them on all sides including their backside.

Your terms and conditions should reflect your policy as relates to fraud as well as privacy and complaints and the client or customer should be acknowledging and agreeing to the terms and conditions prior to any sale taking place.

Permission to use this article is granted provided the link to Author Services is included.

Michael Moore

best salsa music

Rhythm & Romance

Legendary saxophonist extraordinario Kenny G returns with this romantic collection of Latin music, featuring original songs and classic favorites. Contemporary love songs with a Latin twist!!! Kenny G: THE SMOOTH JAZZ KING!

Has SOLD MORE THAN 38 MILLION CDs in his career!



Customer Review: SAXOLOCO put on your dancin 'shoes
Im far from a Kenny G fan, but another late night comin home from a ballgame , another 6 innings at 3rd base gig, tired and on an adrenaline journey I had to wait 30 minutes, parked in my Metro Atlanta driveway! why?, this song reached out over WJZC and grabbed me by the collar sayin..."Hold on mon!! dis is a gateway tune!!! find out who this is, although Kenny's distinctive soprano sax shouldve alerted me. Gateway indeed, up temp and pleasantly surprising moving me from that post game mood into a grab my babe, put on my dancin shoes, and Brasilia, here we come!!! I could care less about the criticisms, the minutia or esoterica, by other reviewers of more "refined" jazz tastes.... these songs, individually, or collectively made me feel good, perhaps its cause my babe/lady/ wife is lightly latin and these songs got me ready to move n groove... SAXOLOCO was the door opener for a pleasently refreshing, mood enhancing experience for me/us.... Hey isnt dat what de moosic spose to do bro!!!! garmankirk
Customer Review: GREAT CD
I bought this CD for my parents who love to ballroom dance. THEY LOVED THIS CD!!!!!!

Have you ever gone into an audition and thought to yourself I should have come in better prepared? Every teen I know, who is involved in auditioning for theater, has voiced this to me over the years. There are some very simple procedures that will allow you to come out of every audition feeling as if you have done your best. From my experience, this is all an actor can expect of his or herself. It should be the focus of any audition you attend. Here are the ten things to keep in mind for that feel good experience after each audition. Make them a habit. Follow them each time and you will feel like a winner, whether or not you get the part.

  • Become familiar and learn a much as possible about the audition requirements before going to the audition, then practice, practice, practice.
  • Choose age appropriate monologues and audition songs, if required.
  • Make eye contact and greet the panel warmly as soon as you enter the audition room.
  • Smile, relax and be yourself.
  • If you are singing, go directly to the accompanist with your clearly marked music and if you need to instruct them as to the tempo, sing a few bars not snap your fingers.
  • Introduce yourself and the material you will be performing in a confident, clear voice.
  • Memorize the names of the composers or playwrights who authored your selections.
  • Pause in between pieces, but practice before hand to stay within the allotted amount of time, if there is one.
  • Be sure to understand the play from which a monologue or song is chosen in the event the director asks you questions about the show.
  • Thank the panel when you finish your pieces, smile and pause briefly for any additional instructions from them, but do not linger in the room.

Keep in mind that every audition, in reality, is a job interview and that you are being observed from the minute you walk into the audition room. Take the opportunity each time to demonstrate not only your talent, but your personal characteristics. Let your personality shine through, and remember that the casting director and audition panel are not there to judge you harshly. They are there to do their job, which is to cast a show to the best of their ability. Learn to take auditioning in stride, as this is part of an actors life. If you decide to work professionally, it is something you will be experiencing for a long, long time. Take it seriously, but have some fun, too. Break a leg!

Beverly Stone has volunteered with a performing arts kids group for the past ten years. During this time she has worked in various capacities on the production of many shows but her main job has been to facilitate the training of the group's members. Many of these kids have gone on to become professionals, several of them are currently on Broadway. She recently decided to bring her knowledge online and created a Website and Blog which serves as a guide for kids and teens interested in singing, dancing and acting. She is dedicated to young people who are interested in training to work in professional theater by becoming "triple threats".

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CP 9" & 10" Red Fiberglass Conga Set with Stand

Total height of the set ranges from 33" to 45-1/2" (from the floor to the top of the drum heads). A great conga set for musicians in the early elementary or middle school age range!

Eric Bachman played the Casbah Thursday to an emptier house than he is accustomed to. He was traveling solo this time. He played a handful of new songs and some of his classic Crooked Fingers pieces. It was very interesting to see him play solo.

He started the night off playing electric guitar with his pod effect pedal that allowed him to get a loop going that he played over. I was hoping to hear more of that.

You know, more layers of sound. Playing solo and listening to soloists can be terribly difficult and boring. We've all seen our share of guitars and singers. But, Eric's voice is what warms your heart. He sings songs of love and horror. Mature lyrics coupled with his experience of being on the road forever.

He picked up his nylon string guitar and played a handful of new songs that were both great and difficult. In the full band of Crooked Fingers you can get this amazing drone of sound, loud sound. With the nylon string guitar he would approach these driving songs and sometimes hit and sometimes miss. The fragility itself was riveting. The out of key notes added flavor.

This man knows what it means to play live and soloing for anyone is a challenge. I had an interesting night of thinking listening to his songs.

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