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Home Movies - Season Two

Available just a few months after the arrival of Home Movies Season One Season Two features 13 more episodes of the irreverent animated series seen on Cartoon Network's [adult swim]. Squigglevision is gone replaced by Flash animation and the characters developed in Season One an alcoholic soccer coach a single mother who swears at parent/teacher conferences and an eight-year-old who makes art films and documentaries in his basement with his friends are in situations even more humorous than before. Great bonus features round out this must-have set!Disc OneEpisode #201: "Politics"Episode #202: "Identifying A Body"Episode #203: "Hiatus"Episode #204:"Business & Pleasure"Special FeaturesWinning entry of "Small Shorts" Film CompetitionBrendon Small interviews Melissa GalskyMemories Featurette: Guest stars remember Home MoviesAnimatics "Politics"Commentaries with Brendon Small Melissa Galsky and Loren BouchardDisc TwoEpisode #205: "The Party"Episode #206: "Impressions"Episode #207: "Dad"Episode #208: "Therapy"Special FeaturesAudio Anatomy Of A SceneAnimatics "Party"Interview with Brendon Small Melissa Galsky and Loren BouchardCommentaries with Brendon Small Melissa Galsky and Loren BouchardDisc ThreeEpisode #209: "Class Trip"Episode #210: "History"Episode #211: "Writer s Block"Episode #212: "Pizza Club"Episode #213: "The Wedding"Special FeaturesAnimatics with crew commentary "History"Home Movies music extended songs and music lessonHome Movies writer Bill Braudis speaks!Commentaries with Brendon Small Melissa Galsky and Loren BouchardFormat: DVD MOVIE Genre: TELEVISION/SERIES & SEQUELS UPC: 826663420999 Manufacturer No: D3D34209
Customer Review: Very happy
My mother is actually a big fan of this show and so i bought her the dvds. She loves them and watches em each night before she goes to bed. Good purchase and shipped quickly as well.
Customer Review: Easily just as good as the first season.
This season has so many great episodes with that classic Home Movies style of humor, that anyone who loved the first season would have no reason not to love this one too. Yes, the animation doesn't "squiggle" anymore but this shouldn't concern anyone thinking about purchasing as it doesn't detract from the show at all.

This may sound simple but you simply must take lessons and if possible take two or even three a week if you can; especially at the start.

Why do we recommend you take so many lessons each week? Salsa music is complicated, may beats interwoven, and it takes time to tune your ears and feet to the rhythms.

By taking so many lessons at the beginning it reinforces what you are learning and will pay big dividends later on in the learning process.

When starting to learn Salsa its better to join a group lesson; private lessons are great for working on specific parts of your dancing but you will not get them most out of them until you have the basics down.

When joining a group lesson pick one for your level; its better to under estimate your ability than over estimate it.

There is nothing more off putting then arriving at your first lesson and find yourself out of your depth; surrounded by come dancing contestants!

Some tips on choosing the right group to learn with.

1) A class that runs for 6 to 10 weeks at least once a week.
2) The lessons are progressive; this is where you build up each week on the moves learned.

In your firs couple of months you should look too:

2 progressive classes each week

1 night out practice session at a club or event

1 private lesson after approx 5 weeks or more not essential but great to work on specifics.

Your First Lesson

Well done you have made it to your first class. May be you have come on your own or brought a dance partner. One thing we can guaranty is that you are feeling nervous.

You are worried that you have no rhythm, that you have two left feet which are on backwards. Most of all you are worried about falling flat on your face not able to dance Salsa.

As this is a beginners class look around you will see every one is looking and feeling exactly the same. You are not alone.

Remember its about having fun Its not a competition.

Here are some basic rules about lessons you should stick to what ever your level.

1. Find a teacher that suits you, its not one size fits all. There are many Salsa teachers and many ways to teach Salsa each person needs different things to enable them to learn. If your first teacher dose not do it for you find another. Your learning so get the most out of it by having a teacher and class that suits you.

2. Stay focused on what is being taught. This may sound a little simple but if you only have an hour to learn why waste it on chatting; you can do that after at the bar.

There are 1000s of distractions in class, your partner, other class members, that new cute dance partner that your about to dance with. Remember youre paying to learn Salsa; get your moneys worth.

3. Swap partner during the lesson. Yes thats right dance with different people. You may have come with a friend or significant other and want to dance with them. If the instructor is asking you to rotate your partners join in.

Why do this? it will speed up the learning process and get you used to dancing with different people; you will be doing this in the clubs. The major benefit is learning to lead and read a lead; by changing partners it will teach you to make the connection with your dance partner which will make your Salsa experiences much more pleasurable.

4. Face the same way as the instructor you are trying to follow. This will simply help you pick up the moves they are teaching much quicker. Sounds simple but you will be amazed out how many people dont do this.

5. Count out loud yes in the classes count out loud this is the one thing you should do all the time in class. I stress do this in the class so you dont have to do it in the Salsa club where it would not be accepted.

Both you and your partner should do this in the classes. Dancing in time to the rhythm is the most important part of dancing salsa. The simplest of moves or sequences look amazing when danced in time with the music.

6. Write down the move or sequence. Give your self time at the end of the class to write down what you have learnt. You will quickly develop a short hand for the different turns and moves that make up a sequence.

Dont ever stop doing this at what ever level you are at. I bet your instructor writes down the new sequences they learn. Again a very simple idea but it will speed up your learning no end.

Ok here is something that you need to understand it will take approximately 2 months to start find you feet. Some people are quicker but every one has that moment of enlightenment eventually when they feel the Salsa rhythm in their sole and the feet begin to follow.

We have said this before its about having fun not competing.

Lee has been dancing salsa for over 3 years and enjoys travelling all over the world to learn more about salsa dancing. He is the webmaster for a Cuban Salsa dance website.

Did you find these tips useful? If you would like to find out more about Salsa dancing please visit and discover how you can learn to dance salsa and be a hit on the dance floor!

latin music video

Clocks 2

The Third of Three Single Parts of One of the Standout Songs from their "a Rush of Blood to the Head" Breakthrough Album. Each Part Includes Exclusive Live Tracks Recorded at Rotterdam's Famed Ahoy Ballroom in 2002.
Customer Review: Great CD-Set (very rare) Live in Holland
One of a three CD-Box only released in Holland. Actually, this is not Clocks 3, but Clocks 2 !! Tracklistings: Clocks 1: Clocks (Edit), Politik/Shiver/Daylight (Live), Clocks 2: Clocks (Album Version), Trouble/The Scientist/Green Eyes-Mooie Ellebogen (Live), Clocks 3: Clocks/In My Place/Everything's Not Lost/Yellow (Live). All Live Tracks are recorded in Ahoy, 5 Nov. 2002 and especially Green Eyes/Mooie Ellebogen is very rare, because the song didn't go quite well (wrong chord) and it features Coldplay's only Dutch song :-)

From the beginning of time, dance has been a societal activity. Dancing in groups was popular and dances were open, no close proximity touching of partners. In the nineteenth century, about 1880, a dance, the tango, emerged in Buenos Aires. It was born in the poor areas and brothels of the city and made its way gradually into the upper class homes of the rich. Argentina was a very rich country and many of its inhabitants had vacation homes in Paris and London. They took the tango with them when they went abroad.

The origin and meaning of the word tango appears to have come from an African word. Its translation by Europeans and others in the Americas was "a closed space where Negroes gather to dance" and then later the name of the dance.

The tango that was born in the brothels of Argentina had overt sexual undertones and many considered it vulgar. As it moved from class group to class group, the dance changed. The main ingredient of the dance, the connection between the two partners, did not change. It evolved into a more sensuous, acceptable form in society. If you watch ballroom dancing competitions, you will see the tango performed by the contestants. This is a diluted version of the dance.

Dancing itself is a romantic activity. When you dance, you are in close proximity of your partner. You move for and with each other. A truly romantic gift for Valentine Day is Argentine Tango lessons for the two of you. After you have learned the dance, create a romantic setting for the two of you:

  • Create an invitation for your loved one, inviting them to dinner and dance.
  • Purchase a CD of your favorite tango music.
  • Prepare a meal of their favorite food.
  • Add candles and flowers to the table.
  • Use your best china, silverware, and crystal.
  • Push back the furniture in the living room for dance space.
  • Eat your romantic dinner.
  • Dim the lights.
  • Work off your romantic dinner by dancing the Argentine Tango.
  • End your evening of romance in a way that suits the two of you.

The Argentine Tango is one of the most sensuous and romantic dances in the world. Each partner must concentrate and focus on the presence, the body, and the emotions of their partner. They must feel each other. The Argentine Tango is a dance in which the partners can express their desire and longing for each other.

What a truly wonderful romantic gift for Valentine Day or any time of the year.

Sandra researches and writes about topics that affect our everyday life. For more information and gift ideas for Valentine Day,

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Latin Percussion LPM196 Mini Tunable Djembe

This miniature drum is the exact replica of the full size LP Djembe, making it attractive to collectors and musical enthusiasts alike. Made from kiln-dried, environmentally-friendly Siam Oak, with a natural rawhide head, and chrome plated hardware it is also fully tunable. Its irresistible size, measuring in at 8-1/4" tall and 5-1/2" wide, makes it an ideal instrument for "drumming on the go!" Bring it anywhere you would like to add a bit of music therapy. Finished with a natural stain this charming miniature will instantly reach out to players of all ages. Sold with a tuning wrench.

During the 1970's, the island of Ibiza became a hotspot for British holidaymakers, soon sleepy fishing villages were being transformed into bustling tourist destinations, with the presence of hotels and holiday villas springing up to meet demand.

The third largest island in the Balearics - Ibiza has become synonymous for summer parties, thriving club scene and the world famous sunsets associated with chilled-out music.

Over the years there has been an increase in tourism to the region, with many attracted by cheap flights to Ibiza thanks largely to the boom of low-cost airlines, allowing a more affordable way to travel on a summer holiday.

The island has been featured in almost every form of media, from movies and television series to a wide variety of publications - including magazines, promotional CDs and radio stations.

As a result of such exposure, Ibiza attracts thousands of revellers to the island each year, eager to take in the sights and sounds of the bustling club scene. After a hard night of partying, revellers then flock to the beaches to relax and experience the glorious sunsets that have become famous the world over.

One of the most popular destinations for tourists to the island is San Antoni - which has been dubbed by some as the 'club capital of the world'. Thousands of young revellers flock to the area every year in order to soak up the sun on miles of white sandy beaches, taking a quick afternoon siesta before partying till the early hours of the next morning - repeating the process the next day if they've the energy.

Clubs such as Pacha and Amnesia have become some of the most recognisable nightclubs on the island. Many superstar DJs have found fame and fortune at these clubs and the surrounding summer beach parties, often making use of such events in Ibiza clubs to promote new material - as well as cranking out the classics for their fans.

The island of Ibiza has several major cities, which have a variety of different attractions to match different tastes. Whether you're into dance, trance or electronica - you'll find a club on the island that's blasting out the 'choons' you love to hear.

But it's not just dance music that dominates the Ibiza music scene, many rock and indie bands have performed at festivals around the island - which helps to add a degree of variety for those who are looking to experience a preferred genre of music whilst soaking up the sun.

For those who are looking to experience the more serene part of the island, there are a number of tourist attractions - such as national parks - around the island. For those who wish to stick close to the coast, you'll find companies along the beach offering water sports hire and boat excursions around the island.

Exposure in the media - particularly of music - has helped Ibiza to become associated dance music (as well as some unfortunate savoury subjects) however there are steps being put in place to try and make the island a little more 'family-friendly'.

Looking to give into your inner clubber and holiday in Ibiza? Shop around for cheap flights to Ibiza and hotels in Ibiza Town and other destinations on the island in preparation for your Balearic adventure.

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Dips, Lifts, and Solos to Spice up Your Salsa

Dips, Lifts, and Solos to Spice up Your Salsa

Featuring: Lisa Perez and Dave Morgan

Directed by Lee Soto Edited by Dave Morgan Distributed by Barrio Records
Customer Review: Weeeeeeell.....
The dips and lifts part is good. There isn't much instruction for the woman on this video other than curl your arm, keep clean lines, and other few things pointed out. I guess if you have a good leader and you are a good follower you wouldn't need much. I was disappointed with the solo part. I was expecting more instruction but she just does her thing and i guess you are supposed to learn by watching. I really would have preferred a breakdown. They did include a breakdown in the lifts that follow the solo. Overall, its pretty good, especially for the men or anyone leading, but found a little lacking on the woman's part.
Customer Review: Good selection
I would recommend this tape to anyone out there. The moves are excellant and well presented. If anything the lighting could have been better and there was too much space on the set such that the people seem to be too far back and you can't see their facial details. These are minor details however in the dance scheme of things. Good work overall.

Unhappy medium

The feminine principle has been suppressed for millennia. In recent decades, we have also learnt to suppress the masculine and relate in a safe, neutral way. Relating in a neutral way is expedient for all of us at times, but part of the richness of life and opportunity of this time, is for all of us to develop a wider spectrum of strengths and choices, and dance more freely with others, especially in intimate relationships. To dance we have to be willing to be and express something other than neutral. In doing so, we help others express more of themselves. In particular, when we are more feminine, we leave space for others to be more masculine.

How to be more feminine :-

1. Please ourselves - Women have been conditioned for many generations to get and keep a man. Even in these enlightened, liberated times, studies show that women who are not in relationship are less confident about their appearance than women who are in relationships. This feminine obsessions with being wanted, loved, attractive and in relationship can get in our way.

When we are feminine for our own sakes, we do not feed these obsessions or attempt to manipulate others, which is something women learn to do when they have no direct access to power. When we pay most attention to how we feel, rather than to the response of other, we own our own power and are authentic.

2. Explore, experiment, create, express - To please ourselves, we have each to explore what being feminine means to us and what helps us to feel feminine, and to enjoy and express the many different aspects of our femininity. This might include exploring creative outlets such as art, writing, music or dance, or creating a home or garden, or connecting with children, nature, the earth, sea, women, men, intuition ...

3. Reclaim choice - To change deeply entrenched habits, we need to be aware of our liking for what is familiar and, hence, comfortable. For many of us, that includes responding in a neutral or masculine way. Only when we are aware of doing so, do we have real choice.

4. Connect and flow with life - The power of the feminine comes from connecting and co-operating. This is usually seen as co-operating with others but it can also apply to flowing with life and change. The feminine, which is associated with intuition and feelings, is well placed to do this, provided we own our feelings rather than resist them or dump them on others.

5. Connect with others (in an isolating culture) - The feminine is associated with and, to some extent, discovered through, connection and co-operation with others. Now that we are all so busy and many of us are somewhat isolated, this can be challenging.

A resource which is useful for this and for learning to flow with life is improvisation, in dance and in theatrical games. Look out for theatrical or comedy improvisation, Action Theatre, Five rhythms, The Wave, contact improvisation, Biodanza.

6. Connect with our bodies - While the masculine has a narrow, mental focus, the feminine has a broader view which includes our bodies, sensuality, feelings, hearts and all life. There are many forms of movement that are useful for connecting with our bodies. Some of these, such as sacred movement and dance, also help us to connect at other levels.

Look out for belly dance, which connects us with our bodies, sensuality and femininity. The emphasis is not on body shape but on using and enjoying what we have. That said, dancing in front of huge mirrors can be challenging but meeting that challenge helps us get over our obsession with having 'perfect' bodies and come to terms with what we actually look like, which is extremely liberating. There is also growing movement of dance which fuses the dance of different traditions. This is particularly useful for experiencing different aspects of the feminine (like the proud, earthiness of tribal dance; fiery flamenco, softer Indian dance). Look out for tribal fusion or ATS classes.

7. Open - The more we inhabit our bodies, the more we open, which allows us to feel more feminine.

One aspect of this is sharing ourselves. In 2007, a study revealed that, contrary to popular myths, men talk just as much as women. It does seem to be true that women talk more about people however. This can descend to gossip, or we can help others to share themselves and connect with others in a fuller, deeper and more meaningful way.

8. Praise - "The feminine grows through praise" David Deida.

According to Deida, the masculine grows through challenge and the feminine through praise, at least in part because praise helps us to open. Deida does not however, tell us how to meet the challenge (in the UK, at least) of getting praise! The best answer I've come up with is to praise myself freely and often, and to notice signs of approval in the responses of others (like being more open with me, giving me their time, attention or a smile).

9. Take great care of yourself - When we are nurtured and 'loved up', we are softer, more open and feminine. The feminine is the great nurturer, so lets love and pamper ourselves. This includes choosing the company we keep with care and ensuring we always have the support we need. When we take great care of ourselves we can keep our hearts open.

10. Clothes, hair and energy - I was tempted to call this section 'appearance' but there is much more to it than that. Clothes, fabrics, colours and even styles, all have an energy and affect how we feel (confident, happy, sexy, attractive etc.). Very often, it is this feeling that attracts people's attention, rather than the outward change, which brings us back to pleasing ourselves.

11. Love, relationships and heart wisdom - Despite the feminine obsession with love and intimate relationships, most divorces are initiated by women. The love, intimacy and deeper heart felt connections we long for are only possible when we drop down into our hearts and risk keeping our hearts open. When we do so, those around us naturally drop down into their own hearts, and open more, deepening their connection with themselves and their heart's wisdom, their environment and with us. This is the gift of the feminine, a gift the world sorely needs.

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Coldplay - Studio Photo T-Shirt

This brown cotton t-shirt from Coldplay features a great, sepia toned photo of the band in their studio. The back has the band name printed near the lower hem.

Is your student body planning a high school prom, dance, or party? Do you need ideas for your themes? Well look no further we can help spark your creative juices by going over several factors that determine a successful prom.

High School Homecoming

Most High School Homecomings are organized by Student Council Advisors. Now the main idea for a homecoming is to promote school spirit. The planning that goes into a homecoming or party is not as involved as your High School Prom. This does not mean that the decorations should get overlooked at your schools homecoming. We will discuss those ideas later.

High School Prom

At a majority of High Schools, their Proms are planned by the Junior Class Prom Committee. The prom is the send off for the school's upper class students. There can be two separate proms depending on the size of your junior and senior class. Some schools in different districts go as far as to combine proms due to smaller class sizes. Since the High School Prom is a formal event, it is usually receives more attention and funding.

High School Homecoming Dance Ideas

So you and your committee are looking for ideas for your homecoming, dance, or party. Your themes depend mostly on the traditions of your school. Try to tie in what your school mascot. If your party or dance is something more casual, then it may be predetermined. The basic ingredients for successful school homecoming dance are music, hype, and energy. The company you hire for the Michigan DJ can make or break your ticket sales for the next dance depending on how the music was balanced. How well your committee hypes the party will determine the outcome as well. Do not forget that the energy level at your school homecoming dance will be based on how much decorating your group does.

High School Prom Themes

Your High School Prom theme deserves more attention than the typical High School Homecoming. This means spending more time selecting a reputable venue location, caterer, photographer, and Michigan DJ Company. Here is a list of High School Prom themes for you to choose from.

A Dream for Us

A Kiss is Just a Kiss

A Midsummer Night's Dream

A Night at the Oscars

A Night in the Clouds

A Night of Mystery

A Night on Treasure Island

A Night to Remember

A Night with the Stars

A Red Carpet Affair

A Stroll down Broadway

A Taste of California

A Taste of International Flavors

A Walk in the Clouds

An Affair to Remember

An Evening in (Place)

An Evening of Stars

Arabian Nights

Between Your Heart and Mine

Big Band

Born to Be Wild

Box Office Bliss

Bright Lights, Big City

Broadway Backstage

Can't Fight the Moonlight

Captured in a Dream

Caribbean Nights


Carried Away


Casino de (School Name)

Cherished Moments

Come What May

Cupid's Ball

Daring to Dream

Deep Blue Destiny

Depths of Love

Destiny Awaits

Destiny Awaits

Enchantment under the Sea


Eternal Elegance

Everything You Want

Fire and Ice (Worlds Collide)

Fly Me to the Moon

Forever Tonight

From this Moment

Garden of Enchantment

Glamour and Glitz or the 20's

Got to Believe in Magic

Greek Paradise

Happily Ever After

Heaven in Your Eyes

Heaven on Earth

Here's to the Night

Hollywood Night of the Oscars

Hollywood Nights

Horary for Hollywood

Hour of Enchantment

I Believe

I could not ask For More

I Promise you the Stars

If only for one Night

I'll Always Remember You

In The Still of the Night

In the Still of the Night

It Might Be You

It's a Jungle Out There

Larger than Life

Let the Good Times Roll

Magic under the Stars

Magical Memories

Mardi gras

Masquerade Ball

Memories of Tonight

Memories to Last a Lifetime

Moonlight In Paradise

Moonlight on the Nile

Moonlight Rendezvous

Moving On

Mystical Journey

Mystical Twilight

New York, New York

Night in New Orleans

Night with the Stars

Nightlife 200-

One Sweet Night

One upon a Time

Our Treasured Night

Paint the Town Red

Paradise Awaits

Parisian Romance/Escape

Picture Perfect

Putting on the Glitz

Remember Me Always

Retro Romance

Romance in the Park

Saturday Night Fever

Save the Last Dance for Me

Saving Forever for You

Shores of Venice

Show Me the Meaning

Simply Forever

Simply the Best

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Space Odyssey

Springtime in Paris

Stand By Me

Star Struck

Starlight Fairytale

Still the One

Sunset Serenade

The Perfect Prom

The Way You Love Me

These are the Times

This Magic Moment

Time after Time

Time of My Life

Tonight is the Night

Tonight's Dream...Tomorrow's Memory

Tropical Paradise

Under the Sea

Underwater Paradise



Voices That Care

Waiting for Tonight

Waiting for Tonight

Waltz under the Blue Moon

What Dreams May Come

When You Believe

With Upon a Star

Written in the Stars

You'll be in my Heart

The Ultimate Dance for your Students

Selecting a theme and going over ideas will help guarantee a fun and memorable event. This is a key component in producing an unforgettable prom or homecoming dance. First, think about the type of prom you want to have, whether you want it to be romantic, fun, or mysterious. Most schools develop themes that generally set the guidelines for the prom colors and decorations. Some schools have become more creative by revolving the entire dance party around the theme and ideas. This goes all the way down to the students costume attire to decorations. Whatever theme your committee chooses, make sure it fits the personality and customs of your student body.

Robert Reno DJs for High School Homecomings and Proms. He has vast exposure with ideas and themes for high school dance parties. He works for Encore Entertainment & Productions. For further information about DJs please visit their High School Prom page or High School Prom blog.

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Sweatshirt Black " Latin Rap Equalizer " Music

This is a great sweatshirt. Great gift. All TopExpressions products are made under strict quality controls. 100% cotton, weight aprox 25oz.

Learning how to play the keyboard has several advantages over learning how to play the piano. Although you might think learning one is as simple as the other, the keyboard as an instrument is superior in many ways.

With a piano, you only have one type of instrument that you can play...the piano itself. Electronic keyboards allow you to mimic the sounds of dozens of different instruments. Some more expensive models can mimic the sounds of hundreds of instruments and allow your to lay tracks...right on the keyboard!

When you learn how to play the keyboard, you are learning all of those instruments without having to take additional lessons. Sounds can include:

Many types of pianos (grand piano, electronic, etc.)

Percussion instruments

Organs of all kinds (even harmonica!)

Stringed instruments (violin, viola, cello, contrabass)

Brass instruments (trumpet, tuba, trombone)

All of the Woodwinds (clarinet, flute, saxophone)



Bag Pipe

The piano sounds that come from a keyboard can include grand piano, electric piano, honky-tonk and many, many more! There may even be special effects available like bird noises, telephone rings and other novelty sounds.

When you learn how to play the keyboard, you'll also get to choose from a variety of background sounds that can accompany your main melody. You can normally choose from one of the following:







More advanced keyboard models may have more choices.

Learning play the keyboard is perfect for beginning music students. There are keyboard models that will show you each note that needs to be played next. It is an easy method of learning that guides students into a better understanding of music.

Playing with a keyboard is also more portable than playing a piano. A keyboard, if it is small enough, can go anywhere with you. This makes it easy to practice in different environments. Keyboards are easy to find. While pianos can cost thousands of dollars, you can find a keyboard for as low as in the classified ads.

There are more complex keyboards that cost much, much more. But for a small investment you can decide if playing the keyboard is really right for you. In the future, you can upgrade your keyboard choice to a more featured model.

Learning play the keyboard is one of the easiest and most fun ways to get into music. There are plenty of songs available for the keyboard, and with practice there is no limit to what you can play! You can experiment a lot with the keyboard; and even create your own one-man band, complete with drums, piano, horns, string instruments and possibly even your own voice. Who knows? You may even produce a demo that you could send to a music executive. The possibilities can be endless!

Claim your free PianoLessons eBook! Get ready to add a new dimensionto your life. Everything you need to learn piano is right here. And new articles are added each week, so keep coming back for all the free tips, lessons and and helpful advice you can handle!

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