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Immortal Patriotic Songs in Bollywood

By supporting the communal harmony and national solidarity, our film industry has all along the played significant part. During the decades, a certain number of films signicatifs with interesting of the nationalist topics were made, and some of these films started from a major impact on the viewers of the ' spirits. And also important is the fact that our finer patriotic songs came from such films - the songs which now became a part of our ethos national.

Less than one year after we carried out independence, a film entided 'shaheed ' was made by Filmistan Studios. It held the first role Dilip KUMAR and Kamini Kaushal. Today, one remembers mainly this film for his song patriotic, rah Watan of ki hamen the nau watan of ke jawan shaheed Ho.. this song was written by Rajah Mehdi Ali Khan, together in music by Ghulam Haider, and was sung by Mohamed Rafi, Khan Mastana and chorus. It is still played by AIR of the important national days.

In 1954, a film of the children entitled 'jagriti ' was produced by the same banner. Perhaps no other film appreciates the distinction to have so much several of its patriotic numbers becoming so popular. Wise popularity, these songs are: Di of 'Of hamen the bina of khadag of bina of azadi dhaal, the diya kar kamaal. of of you sant of ke of sabarmati.. ', of 'Hum of bush hammer of hain ke nikaal of kishti of of ventilator too, is bachcho ke. sambhaal of rakhna of KB of desh only. the and the bachcho of 'Aao tumhen dikhayen the ki of Hindustan of jhaki, is the hai ki. balidaan of dharti of yeh of karo of tilak of of mitti.. ' all these songs were written by Pradeep and were granted by Hemant KUMAR.

Raj Kapoor was known to make the romantic films in which there was little place to adjust patriotic songs. But in a less known film produced by him and directed by Amar KUMAR, carries Nahin de Dilli of 'Ab' (1957), there were charming patriotic songs written by Shailendra and together with the music by Daftaram. The song was, hai of apna of will hamara of Shaman of ''Yeh, is... of hai of raaj of apna of EP of desh It was a song singing merrily sung by Asha Bhonsle and chorus. Very few people remember film today, but the song is always completely popular.

In 1957 B.R Chopra made the 'Naya Daur ' Dilip KUMAR and Vyjayanthimala to hold the first role. There was patriotic song in this film which became a fury with the active masses of cinematography. And the song was hai of desh of 'Yeh transfer ka mastano of ka of albelon of ka of jawano, is... of kahna of kya of yaro of ka of desh ' It was placed in music by O P. Nayyar.

Naushad director of music and author Shakeel Badayun of song collaborated to give us three excellent patriotic songs in the 60s. These songs equal are heard today. One of them was 'Ganga Janma of film' -. chal of EP of ki of 'Insaaf of the dikhao dagar ke. of bachcho. It was sung by Hemant KUMAR in its rich baritone. The second patriotic song, meant for children, is film 'Its of India ' - hoon of rahi of munna of Nanha. sipahi hoon. of ka of desh. . It was sung by Shanti Mathur. The third patriotic song is 'Leader of film ' - the sakte nahin. of mita of hargiz of fredonnement of KB of azadi of Apni.. it was sung by Mohamed Rafi and chorus.

Bimal Roy made a film authorized 'Kabuliwala' inside. 1961. In this film there was a beautiful patriotic song sung by Manna Dey in his incomparably mlodieuse voice. By depicting a nostalgic love of the man for the his/her motherland when it is in a certain foreign country, this song is unsurpassable. And this song was, alone pyare of Ai watan, only Shaman of bichhre of AI, the EP kurbaan. diluted tuj.. ' this song was parked by the lyric author Prem Dhawan, together in music by Salil Choudhry.

Chetan Anand made (Haqeeqat ' inside. 1964. It was a film which A depicts our confrontation not successful with the Chinese inside. 1962. The film has some patriotic songs moving. But that which is pointed out that today equal is, sathiyo Kar fidda jano-bronzing of fredonnement of chale, hawale sathiyo. watan of tumhare of ab.. ' this ditty moving was parked by Kaift Aazmi and together with an air of obsession by Madan Mohan.

In 1965 a film with the 'sikandar-e-Azam came from title'. a song of this film became so popular that it on several occasions is played today equal where us cdebrate our day of independence or Republic. And the song is, will base chidiyan by daal daal 'Jahan of hain of karti, the hai will mera. of desh of OE Bharat.. ' this song was composed by director Hansraj Behl of music.

The films of Manoj KUMAR have a marked patriotic bending. In its film 'Upkaar ' (1967), there was a patriotic song of wellknown, ugle of sona of dharti of ki of desh of Mere, the ugle here moti... , which really reflected the bleached image of India like 'sone Ki Chidiya '.
Surprisingly, the patriotic song most popular which was written by a lyric author of film, was granted by a director of music of film, and was behind sung by a singer of play really appeared in any film. It is in fact made up for a special occasion and was sung by Lata Mangeshkar in front of an assistance of the thousands of people. The first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru d' India , who was present on the stage at this occasion, was so much deeply moved by its interpretation in the voice pathetic-filled of Lata Mangeshkar which tears spouted out upwards in its eyes. The song, only logo watan of ke of Ai, paani bhar of WC of mein of annkh of will zara, unki of hain of tonality of shahid of OJ. . . this song was written by Pradeep and together with the music by C Ramchandra.

In current films, we seldom find songs patriotic. It is because the majority of films being made nowadays have hardly anything to make with patriotism. If time with other a patriotic film comes length and we hear a patriotic song in it, it, rather curiously, is forgotten soon. Why is it thus? Is because patriotism becomes now an out-of-date virtue? Or, the world moving now regularly towards its goal liked to make our planet is a generalized village and thus the national borders they slowly lose their statute of sacrosanct?

Perhaps it is true to a certain extent, but perhaps the principal reason is that we do not produce any more the songs of obsession which have in them the potential to live in our collective memory during decades together. The obsession of our director of music with stolen Western airs resounded the knell of died of our ragas traditional rich person on whom in the past the majority of the film songs were based. We can naturally still produce songs as the kishti toofan of of hain of bush hammer of ''Hum the ke that nikaal is ke sambhal... ''or... chidiyan daalpar 'Jahan of will only base hain of karti ' of bachcho of rakhna of KB of desh so only our directors of music turned to our own rich heritage of the classical music instead of imitating borrowed stupidly Western airs.

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Downloads Music

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Are You In The Mood To Dance?

Recently, from an opportunity in the Daily Mail I was fortunate enough to have an exclusive dancing session with none other than the very talented celebrity dancer Vincent Simone. He was simply one of the best teacher's one could hope to meet to learn the intricate steps involved in dancing. Vincent Simone is a World class Latin American dancer and I am a mere novice.

In this chaotic and fast paced lifestyle that we all seem to live isn't it about time that we create a space for ourselves to give more 'me time' and have more fun. What better way than learning to dance by exercising the body and calming our thoughts or more importantly to release the frantic ever active mind into the ever beating heart.

When we are healthy and radiating positive energy we literally attract a feeling of well-being and like a magnet draw pleasurable experiences into our lives. Conversely, if we are tired, stressed or feeling low in energy we may need to learn how to convert the negative energy into a blissful state and dance could be one of the ways to achieve this.

When you are dancing to enhance your mood it may help to visualise the seven colours of the chakras.

RED Passion

Visualise the colour red when dancing the Argentina Tango can help you to access the passion to give more energy and liveliness to this dance. When learning the technique coupled with the accentuated movements and maintaining the powerful posture. Tango is the uniquely intoxicating 'forbidden dance', a story of two people connecting passion and romance.

ORANGE Sensuality

Visualise the colour Orange when performing the Rumba can help with this slow, sensuous dance that has an almost teasing and rejecting quality between the two people involved. It has a rhythmical slow Latin beat with gyrating hip actions and dance expression that is more moody and has a serious quality.

YELLOW Confidence

Visualise the colour Yellow when dancing the Cha-Cha which is a happy, carefree dance expressing dynamic confidence and empowering everyone as they dance these steps. With the Cha-Cha's forward and back movements depicting the essence of give and take between the couple.

GREEN Compassion

Visualise the colour Green when performing the Swing as it is a lively, energetic tempo with accentuated movements of the hips and thighs. Imagine the rhythm of the Swing keeping in unison with the deep resonating beat of your heart.

BLUE Communicative

Visualise the colour Blue when dancing the Foxtrot similar to the blue sky or blue water that ripples downstream and flows with the music. The seductive slow tempo encourages the releasing of control and the willingness to surrender and communicate your deepest emotions.

INDIGO Imagination

Visualise the colour Indigo when dancing the Samba as it is a lively rhythmical dance that requires light-footed, circular movements of the hips and shoulders as you match and mirror your partner. The vivacious pulsating beat of the Samba creates seductive and animated movements that almost appear animal like.

WHITE Elegance

Visualise the colour White when dancing the Waltz with extreme charm, poise and elegance as you imagine Swans floating across the water gracefully creating breathtaking spectacle majestically gliding across the dance floor with ease.

The Art of learning to dance is a step-by-step process of leader and follower that requires trust, respect and timing creating a musical symphony that expresses the spirit of the dance between two people as they move as one.

The freedom that the dance gives releases the body, mind and soul that captivates the imagination of the audience and I am truly hooked on learning to dance.

Susie Newman, author of Simple Guide to the Chakras at designed to show you how to heal and balance the seven chakras coupled with powerful meditations. She is currently working on other projects helping to integrate tools and techniques to encourage awareness and enhance day-to-day living.

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Dave Matthews Band Listener Supported Rock Music CD Review

Listener Supported is the latest release from Dave Matthews Band, and I can only think of one word to describe it AWESOME!

It's a rare day indeed that I get a CD from an artist that I can truthfully say does not have a bad track in the bunch. I'm more than happy to announce thats exactly what I must say about this one. There simply is NOT a bad one in the bunch. No fillers here at all.

Dave Matthews Band is one of those groups that have the ability to just bowl you over with their collective talent. The kind of musicians its really a treat to be able to listen to.

Overall Listener Supported is excellent from beginning to end. One of those CDs that after a few listens the songs are just etched into your memory. A must have for the Rock fan. Really spectacular from beginning to end.

While this entire album is really very good the truly standout tunes are Disc 1 - Track 2 - Pantala Naga Pampa, Disc 1 - Track 7 - Crash Into Me, and Disc 2 - Track 10 - All Along The Watchtower.

My Bonus Pick, and the one that got Sore [ in "Stuck On REpeat"] is Disc 2 - Track 7 - Long Black Veil. This is a great track!

Listener Supported Release Notes:

Dave Matthews Band originally released Listener Supported on November 23, 1999 on the RCA Records label.

CD Track List Follows:


1. Intro

2. Pantala Naga Pampa

3. Rapunzel

4. Rhyme & Reason

5. Stone, The

6. #41

7. Crash Into Me

8. Jimi Thing

9. #36

10. Warehouse


1. Too Much

2. True Reflections

3. Two Step

4. Granny

5. Stay (Wasting Time)

6. #40

7. Long Black Veil
8. Don't Drink The Water
9. Intro To...

10. All Along The Watchtower

Dave Matthews Band: Dave Matthews, Boyd Tinsley, Stefan Lessard, Leroi Moore, Carter Beauford. Additional personnel: Butch Taylor (keyboards); Tawatha Agee, Chinah Bess, Brenda White-King (background vocals). Recorded at Continental Airlines Arena, East Rutherford, New Jersey on September 11, 1999.

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salsa music today

Salsa Fun
Overall, a variety of dances to enjoy a variety of music on the dance floor. ... it evolved into a separate dance which is today known as the Cha Cha Cha. ...

Club Clave Salsa Nights!
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Latin Energy Dance Company
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Los Angeles Salsa Kids
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Youcansalsa Salsa lessons, parties and events in the ... Salsa Diary. Salsa Diary. See by year. See by month. See by week. See Today . Search. Jump to month ...

... Salsa Lessons, Salsa Lessons in Los Angeles, Salsa ... Salsa Music Rap Video!! FREE Digital Salsa Vi deo! 14 Beginner Steps. Aug 10th, 10am to 4pm ! ...

Festival de Salsa
The SALSA music started in the 1940s in the Caribbean world, in the Greater ... and Central America and is today an enduring worldwide musical and cultural ...

Sydney Salsa " Sydney Salsa Home Page
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Salsa Racing Dance Studios, "Where Salsa & Fitness Become One"
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Learn Chinese

When discussing about interesting languages we can always take into consideration Chinese. You may want to learn Chinese because you want to go on a trip there, and it is far more interesting to speak with the individuals in their own languages rather than using a universal language. Of course, you may also want to learn Chinese because it is one of those exotic languages that is, without a doubt, worth knowing. When discussing about learning Chinese you have to know that there are a great number of dialects spoken throughout China, however, mandarin Chinese is spoken by more than 50 percent of the population, and understood by about 75 percent of it. It is recommended, if you want to learn Chinese to consider Mandarin Chinese because you would not want to learn a dialect that just a few people understand, would you?

When it comes to how difficult is to learn Chinese then what you must know that in order to master it at a fundamental level it is fairly easy. Many students find it hard to familiarize themselves with the signs that come as a replacement to the Latin alphabet with which they have been used to. Yet, with enough practice, these signs can be assimilated in no time at all. What a student that wants to learn Chinese must know is that words have different meaning depending on the tone used, meaning that you always have to be aware of the way you are speaking, or else you would be ending up saying enemy instead of friend. The great thing about Chinese is that you will soon find that is a language that has a simple structure, unlike Latin or even Germanic languages.

As mentioned before, if you want to learn Mandarin Chinese, no matter if you are going on a trip and want to learn bits and pieces of that language, or simply because you want to enrich your cultural level with a new language you should always get the proper teacher for it.

There is a great packet that will offer you not only the chance of learning Chinese in a very easy and fun way, but it will also give you the possibility of doing this in the environment and intimacy of your own home. Moreover, aside from buying this package you will not have to pay anything else: a teacher or any other books. In a short while you will be able to speak mandarin Chinese, and enter their culture in a proper way, but you can find more about it right here:

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mambo dance

Houston Ballroom Dancing and Waltz, Salsa, Foxtrot, Two Step and more
Arthur Murray Dance Studio provides Houston Dance students excellent dance instruction ... An offshoot of the Mambo , the Cha Cha (originally the cha-cha ...

Wild Wild West, Mambo No. 5, and Livin' La Vida Loca Dance Video ~ Videos
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DanceUniverse - Ballroom Dance - Dancesport - Dance CD's / Shoes ...
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The Mambo - The Cuban Rhythm That Makes Feet Dance
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Birmingham ArtsFest

The Birmingham ArtsFest is an annual festival that features the best in arts and entertainment that the West Midlands have to offer. This festival was inspired by the UitMarkt festival in Amsterdam. It was first held in 1998 with the purpose of showcasing the local artists' work and brings international attention to these talents.

ArtsFest is collaboration between the Birmingham City Council and Audience Central, a research agency dedicated to promoting and improving people's participation in the West Midlands' arts scene. In 2005 however, the Birmingham City Council started organizing the festival on its own.

The celebrations primarily take place at Centenary Square but activities are also held at Victoria Square, Custard Factory, Brindleyplace and Chamberlain Square.

The 2007 festival highlights are the giant air sculpture and an Arts Village. The air sculpture, called the Luminarium is a gigantic construction of tunnels and domes that can be explored by visitors. The Visual Arts Village features a wide array of artistic creations ranging from print-making to sculpture.

Activities are varied depending on which cluster area you are visiting. The areas and their respective events for the 2007 festival are as follows:

Centenary Square - in Centenary Square, featured performances are:

  1. Painting on the Railings where local artists sold affordable artwork to visitors.
  2. Drum voice orchestra and kiss the ceiling accapella singers. This is where performances from African orchestra and an accapella group make the celebrations even more festive.
  3. Acrobatic arts performances
  4. The Birmingham St. Patrick's Festival
  5. Performance from the Birmingham Young Voices choir.

Chamberlain and Victoria Square Cluster - In this cluster you can witness the following:

  1. A comedy performance at the Custard Balti Comedy Club
  2. A singing workshop at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.
  3. A dance performance showcasing an eclectic mix of dance styles presented by the Windsor Dance company.
  4. A drama performance and a presentation featuring a combination of World music and poetry.

Brindleyplace Cluster - The Brindley Place cluster events included:

  1. A children's street dance performance based on "High School Musical."
  2. A fun carnival workshop where visitors could learn mask-making and such similar activities.
  3. A family-oriented and hands-on activities centered on a carnival theme.
  4. A fashion show held at the Brindleyplace fountain.

Rep Cluster and CBSO Cluster - Activities in this area includes:

  1. A workshop on t-shirt printing and badge-making.
  2. A den-making activity where kids can make their own hideouts.
  3. A songwriting workshop, storytelling, poetry and musical activities for children.
  4. A Jazz-Latin performance
  5. The Make your Mark with Art event, where visitors are asked to help make artwork to raise funds for charity.

St. Martin's and Eastside Cluster - The St. Martin and Eastside cluster featured events such as:

  1. The revitalization of oral traditions through storytelling
  2. A steelpans musical performance backed by Caribbean dancers doing street dance.
  3. An exhibit of clay sculpture and a clay workshop.
  4. The Festival of Extreme Building where a display of experimental buildings were showcased.

A street theater festival was also another highlight of the 2007 ArtsFest where performances and activities ranging from walkabout characters to circus troupe shows were featured.

For accommodation in Birmingham please visit: For more options

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slow salsa music

Nightclub Two Step
Salsa instructional video (Many salsa moves work in NC2S, you just need to slow ... It's perfect for medium slow popular music , for example Lady In Red from the ...

Step right up to that sensuous salsa beat By NANCY REDWINE Sentinel ...
... can slow the music down or ... like everyone wants to salsa . The music is wildly infectious. ... a musical instrument and the guiding beat in salsa music . ...

Salsa and Tango in New Plymouth
All three of these Salsa styles can be and are usually danced on the 123 567 beats of the music . ... Son can be slow or fast. ...

salsa lessons dance school classes in Fort Lauderdale, miami, Broward ...
Stepping light and quick one minute, slow and sensuous the next. ... Salsa music is a fusion of Afro-Cuban and other Latin American music with jazz ...

Salsa Music and Dancing - Club/Event Guide Manchester/UK, Dusseldorf ...
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The DanceTalk Message Board
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... is a distinct feel to some Latin music , which makes it Mambo or its cousin Salsa . ... There is no quick, quick, slow in Salsa because of the tap. ...

Music Options
Techno Jazz Reggae/ salsa Country Blues Reggae/Flute Blues Polka Jazz Blues #187 ... Slow , love music specializing on fiddle/flute combinations. ...

Telemark Records: Mi Tierra
... an extensive catalog of Dance music , with new items being added ... 9. Montuno, Salsa . 10. Hablemos el Mismo Idioma, Salsa . 11. Hablas de Mi, Rumba [ Slow ] ...

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todo sobre el reggaeton

HispanicTips " 2007 " September " 25
Reggaeton People's Choice Awards 2004: Luny Tunes - "Producer of the Year" ... Sigues dejndolo todo sobre el escenario", coment el cantante John Secada, ...

REGGAETON KLUB, Alacranes Musical, Mexicans. sobre mi. solo so. ... pedro8's Interests. reggaeton : ya tu saves so... me gusta de todo ma"pero mas el perreo. ...

... perrear a todo el mundo, el do reggaetonero fue acusado por un compositor ... all como el padre del reggaetn , los haba acusado de plagiar parte de su ...

Ideas For Latin Music - ShakiraMedia Forums
Cumbia sobre el rio - Celso Pia. Guitarras Blancas - Enanitos Verdes ... Todo mi amor - Paulina Rubio. Retrato - Paulina Rubio. Sirena - Sin Bandera ...

CHOMBO (LOCO) FEAT. LORNA - PAPI CHULO - Channel: proxemia on

by hacked yakisikLi Capraz ATeS TeaM !! Geri Dondum ULan!Sacredboy seni ...
Do you want a revolution? ... BAILAR SALSAme encanta el baqile y sobre todo si es tropical a ver si nos ... Destruir el reggaeton [] ...

Ajopringue " Tamames sobre Bjorn Lomborg
... ringtone Download motorola ringtones Nextel reggaeton ringtone Free ringtones cingular? ... Las pruebas no las tiene Zapatero, las tendr el juez en todo caso. ...

TTSO // Webzinism.: INBOX: Mochipet feat. Eriksolo
... latinos que van desde la cumbia tradicional hasta el ms reciente reggaeton . ... argentino, hablamos con l a grandes rasgos sobre este nuevo movimiento ...

MrBurnz's blog | Perreo Radio
Tune-In Tonight @ 6pm, Hablaremos sobre el caso de Don Omar y mucho mas. ... It's Monday, Tune-In Tonight To Hear The Best in Reggaeton & Hip Hop Latino. ... Search Engine
"Has dado todo por mi", filmado en Estocolmo Suecia, dirigido por Sebastian ... Manny Montes - Vida Dura - Videoclip - Reggaeton ...

90's dance music

Ballroom Dancing - A Brief History

When you think of Ballroom dancing, you generally think of flowing gowns and dark tuxedos. You also think of beautiful, willowy, women and tall, dark, handsome men waltzing their way around the dance floor. However, ballroom dance is not just the Waltz, it is a lot more. From the elegant and stately waltz, a hot, sultry and sexy Tango or Paso Doble, or a good bit of lively fun like the Fox Trot, Jive or Quick Step, ballroom dancing is all of these.

Technically, ballroom dancing is defined as "Any of various, usually social dances in which couples perform set moves". However, the word "ball" (not the child's toy) comes from the Latin "ballare" meaning to dance and forms the base for the word ballroom (a room for dancing), ballet (a dance), and ballerina (a dancer).

Ballroom dancing was very popular among the gentry (or upper class) of England, in the late 18th and early 19th centuries and didn't really catch on with the working class until the late 19th and early 20th century.

It wasn't until the early 1920's that competitive ballroom dancing began gaining popularity. As a result, the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (formerly known as The Imperial Society of Dance Teachers) formed a Ballroom Branch whose function was to standardize the ballroom dances.

Today, modern ballroom dancing revolves around five dances comprising: the Modern Waltz; the Viennese Waltz; the Slow Foxtrot; Tango; and the Quickstep.

Latin American ballroom is short for Latin and American - not a reference to Latin countries and its dances are the Samba; Rumba; Paso Doble; Cha-Cha; and the Jive.

The modern ballroom dances all involve a couple dancing in a closed hold and vary in tempo (beats per minute) and rhythm (structure). A closed hold involves 5 bodily points of contact between the couple. Three of these points involve the hands, the males left hand holding the females right, the females left hand on top of the males right upper arm (for the Tango the females hand would go behind his arm) and the males right hand on the females back resting on her left shoulder blade. The other two points of contact are the females left elbow resting on the males right elbow and the right side of the females chest touching the right side of the males chest. This dance posture provides a very elegant look as the couple floats across the dance floor and has its origins in the European royal courts.

There is some conjecture that the right side-to-right side contact of the closed hold may have originated from a time when men danced while wearing their swords, which were hung on their left sides. Additionally, this theory would also explain the counter clockwise movement around the dance floor as the man would've stood on the inside of the circle so he wouldn't inadvertently hit any of the people watching the dancers with his sword as he danced past.

The dancing posture for Latin American ballroom varies from dance to dance with some dances using the closed hold and others where the partners hold each other with only one hand.

Both Modern Ballroom and Latin American Ballroom has been standardized for teaching purposes and has a set, internationally recognized vocabulary, technique, rhythm and tempo.

About the Author

Charly Leetham has an abiding interest in Ballroom Dancing with both of her children undertaking Ballroom Dancing classes and performing exceptionally well.

Learn More About Ballroom Dancing.

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Randy Jackson America's Best Dance Crew Season 1

The Randy Jackson's America's Best Dance Crew, the hottest dancing competition in US, has declared its winner. Among the 12 competing crews, the JabbaWockeez crew emerged as the victorious group as they crushed Status Quo with their remarkable performance on the finale. The JabbaWockeeZ's members were Jeff Nguyen aka "Phi", 26, from Phoenix AZ; Ryan Shawn Paguio, 26, from San Diego, CA; Ben Chung aka B-Tek, 26, from Mission Hills, CA; Kevin Brewer, 31, from Sacrament, CA; Phil Tayag, 23, also from Sacramento, CA; and Chris Gatdula, 26, from Las Vegas, NV.

The two groups fought their last battle onstage, but still, the JabbaWockeeZ seemed to steal the heart of Americans when millions of their votes declared the group as the ultimate champion. Status Quo's members who are Joshua Green, 20; Ernest Phillips, 21, Jayjion Greer aka "Jin Lao", 18; Jamal Weaver, 20; and Dwayne Hines, 18 (all from Boston, MA) did not lose in vain. They had served one of the best performances in the history of dance competitions in the US.

During episode 7, the three remaining crews which are the JabbaWockeez, Status Quo, and the Kaba Modern had competed and gave their best moves. Status Quo performed the first act. The judges were impressed by the group's amazing stunts, but failed to make an impression with their lackluster choreography.

Episode 6 showed one of the most exhilarating performances on the show. The four remaining crews fought their way up from the dance floor and were required to perform hip hop dances with a mixture of Traditional Broadway acts. The most remarkable performance was done by Status Quo as they showed off their own version of "Hairspray."

The competing crews performed Michael Jackson's "Thriller" in Episode 5. This was done in honor of the artist that has become legendary with his dancing prowess and also to celebrate his album's twenty-fifth anniversary. "Thriller" sold over 45 million worldwide, and it is considered as one of the biggest selling albums of all time.

During Episode 4, the crews were made to dance while portraying their own characters based on movies. The audience and the judges were awed by the amazing performances they had witnessed.

During Episode 3, the crews were made to perform popular dances that possessed remarkable stunts.

The eight remaining crews, during Episode 2, were made to perform an act that is based on popular music video. They must have a unique interpretation that still jives with the video. The competition started with 12 groups (consisting of six members) showing off their hottest moves, they were: Full Out, The Movements, Automatic Response, Enigma Dance Crew, Femme 5, Iconic, Live in Color, Fysh n Chicks, BreakSk8, Kaba Modern, Status Quo, and the JabbaWockeeZ.

The show creator, Randy Jackson, has been in the music industry for more than twenty years. This music veteran and Grammy Award winning producer has started his career as a bass guitar player when he was just 13 years old. He got his big break when he joined the famous band Journey.

The first judge was JC Chavez who started his career as a member of a Mickey Mouse Club. He is also a former of a now disbanded NSync. Shayne Sparks, who is also a judge, is a professional dancer who was known for his jaw-dropping performance every time he was onstage. Lil' Mama, another judge of this popular dance competition show, is an hip hop artist who got her big break when her Lip Gloss hit the radio waves in 2007.

The show was hosted by Mario Lopez, Layla Kaleigh, and DJ Rashida. MTV is giving opportunity to people to show off their grooviest moves and style. If you are interested to join, create a profile and start uploading your videos. Just go to for further details. The casting for America's Best Dance Crew Season 2 is now ongoing.

Ant Onaf is a content producer in association with (, a online retailer of learn to dance DVD and learn to dance video sets.

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Restringing A Floyd Rose Tremolo System On The Guitar

How many people have used a Floyd Rose tremelo system on their guitar? They are common on Ibanez Guitar and Jacksons as well as many others. But restringing can be a nightmare for a newbie.

Satriani and Vai use these systems as well as many other resepected players.

The idea is that the bridge pivots on 2 pins which allows you to use the whammy bar in both directions. The bridge stays in position via a fine balance between the springs on the back of the guitar and the tension of the strings.

The first time I tried to string up one of these it was a disaster. As soon as you manage to get something in tune it puts a diferent string out. I spent many hours trying to succeed. Exxtremely time consuming and stressful!.

It now takes me about 10 minutes to totally restring a guitar and have it in perfect tune - and stays in perfect tune.

Here is how I now go about this. Hope it helps someone.

The first important step is to put an object or some item under the Floyd Rose bridge to stop is moving back once you have loosened the strings. I usually use a folded piece of card or even my empty string packet to do this.

Next remove all the strings and attach the new ones to the bridge. Tighten the strings so they feel almost fully tensioned.

Now take away whatever you had holding the bridge up. With any luck the bridge should now be sitting in pretty much it's usual place.

Check that none of the strings are excessively tensioned. IIf they are, remembering it is all about the balaance, there has to be another string that is excessively loose. Tighten up the loose one first then take the tension off the the tight string.

Now here is the most important part - before starting to tune you should stretch the strings. If you do not do this they be constantly going out of tune. To do this rest the palm of your hand on the string by the bridge. Put your index finger under the string and raise the string up. Hold for 5 seconds or so and release. It's important not to overstretch the string here so don't pull on it overly hard.

Go through each seperate string and carry this out . Once you have done this then you should bring your guitar pretty much in tune. This should be quite easy now. Don't accurately tune any of the strings, just get them all so they are within one or 2 notes of being tuned. You will find as you adjust some others will go out of tune. This is completely normal.

Once tyou have completed this you need to go though the stretching procedure once more on each of the strings.

Now tune your guitar so it is accurately in tune. Again, do not concentrate on one string. bring them all to pretty much in tune then tune them individually.

Finally one last stretch of the strings. Hopefully by now you will only have some of the stings ever so slightly out of tune. Tune those back up and and you are done. Perfect.

Olly is the founder of Olly's Guitar World - Supplier of Cheap Guitars and Instruments. Visit the easy to follow Guitar Lessons and come and join the community in the Guitar Forums

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Beats Per Minute and Beats Per Measure - The Two Important BPMs of Every Song!

When should the male dancer begin to lead his partner into her six-count or eight-count footwork once the swing music begins? The answer is that he should begin leading her on any of the song's downbeats; that is, on the "1" count, the "3" count, the "5" count or the "7" count. These "base beats" are the backbone or pulse of a song! You don't need to be a trained musician to understand a song's tempo (or timing), just listen to music and pick out the rhythm section (drums, bass, guitar or piano).

To take the pulse of the song and determine its number of beats per minute (bpm), count these downbeats for fifteen seconds and then multiply by four. Very slow swing songs have around 70 bpm and very fast ones have upwards of 200 bpm. The swing songs that I personally enjoy dancing to the most, average about 125 bpm which coincidently approximates my optimum cardio-training heart rate when I exercise. Notice that these downbeats differ from the upbeats that occur on the "2" count, the "4" count, the "6" count or the "8" count. In St. Louis Imperial Swing, we begin stepping immediately on any of the music's downbeats; however, this is not true of all styles of dance. In the Cha-Cha, for instance, dancers begin stepping after any of the music's upbeats.

Beats per minute became common terminology in popular music during the disco era because of its usefulness to DJs; and it remains important in dance music today because both our style of dance and our footwork rhythms are determined by the tempo of the music! The original or classic style of Imperial Swing, which is danced "in the round," is performed to music with a faster tempo (130-185 bpm) using primarily the slower single step and double step footwork rhythms. Today's contemporary style of Imperial Swing, which is danced within a slot, is a combination of both East Coast Swing (135-175 bpm) and West Coast Swing (75-115 bpm). Dancers perform this popular, "slot-bop" hybrid to music with a slower tempo (100-135 bpm), and they use primarily the faster, triple step footwork rhythms. Remember, the terms are music timing (or tempo) and footwork rhythms (or steps) but not vice versa!

The "time signatures" of different music styles tell dancers how many beats there are to a measure, and which note represents that beat. Swing music uses 4/4 timing; that is, there are 4 beats to a measure (4/4) and the quarter note gets the beat (4/4). For example, on the 1 and 2 count of your six-count, triple step footwork, the "1" is an eighth note (or a half-beat) and the "and of 1" is an eighth note (or a half-beat). Together they add up to a quarter note or 1 beat; and the "2" count is a quarter note or 1 beat. On the 3 and 4 count, the "3" is an eighth note (or a half-beat), and the "and of 3" is an eighth note (or a half-beat). Together they add up to a quarter note or 1 beat; and the "4" count is a quarter note or 1 beat. These 2 beats bring the cumulative total up to 4 beats or one measure.

Finally, on the 5 - 6 breakstep, the "5" count is a quarter note (or 1 beat) and the "6" count is a quarter note (or 1 beat). These final two 2 counts bring the total up to six beats or one and a half measures. To summarize this footwork count, dancers take eight steps in six beats of the music. Good dancers let the music tell them what to do with their feet. If they begin their footwork on any of the song's downbeats, and then end it on the sixth (or eighth) beat, then they are dancing in time with the music and finishing their steps when they are supposed to. As Skippy Blair, the renowned swing dance teacher, author and recipient of the California Swing Dance Hall of Fame Award, tells her students: "please don't tell me how long to hold the beat; just tell me what the count is, so I can place my feet!

Copyright 2008 Skip Culver, Certified Swing Instructor. Member of the West County Swing Dance Club and author of the manual: Imperial Swing Dancing (visit:

Henry H. "Skip" Culver, Jr. is a member of the West County Swing Dance Club in St. Louis Missouri. He is a Gold Seal Instrument Flight Instructor and the author of the bestselling book on navigation titled: IFR 'Pocket Simulator' Procedures. In 2000 Skip turned his attention from aviation towards the dance floor. He became a Certified Swing Dance Instructor in 2004, and then with over seven years of detailed notes from various classes and workshops in hand, he began assembling the Imperial Swing Dancing manual which he published in June of 2007. Skip is a frequent contributor of articles on swing dancing to different club newsletters throughout the United States.

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Try Writing A Humorous Or Novelty Song

If you are a songwriter, you may sometimes feel like you're in a rut, like you keep coming up with the same basic ideas and situations to write about. One way to break out of this endless loop is to purposely write a song dealing with something lightweight, funny, or just plain strange.

Let's face it. Most pop and rock-type songs are about one and only one subject: good old-fashioned L-O-V-E. That's right, in music it's always boy meets girl, boy loves girl, boy loses girl, singing about it the whole time. There are songs about being lonely and songs about being trapped. There are songs about good relationships, and even more songs about the others. And of course, there's the physical side of things.

Back in the Ancient Days (i.e. the 50s and early 60s), most of the songs were about love all right, but there were always two or three "novelty songs" on the charts and on the radio. The very first song I remember learning to sing along with was "Witch Doctor," by David Seville, with its evocative chorus, "Oo ee oo ah ah, ting tang, walla walla bing bang." Good stuff. There was also "The Purple People Eater," written by Barry Cryer, about a creepy alien who....well, you remember. And who can forget the Chipmunks? (Especially since they're apparently still around.)

Some songs were basically about love, but with a novel take on the subject. Does anyone remember Dodie Stevens singing "Pink Shoe Laces," written by Mickie Grant?

He wears tan shoes with pink shoelaces

A polka dot vest and man oh man

Tan shoes with pink shoelaces

And a big Panama with a purple hat band

It's a little hard to picture the guy she's singing about, but you have to admit they're novel lyrics!

Laugh At Me

There just don't seem to be as many humorous or novelty songs around any more, unless I'm looking for laughs in all the wrong places. As a songwriter, you can take it as a challenging exercise to write at least one song that has an noticeably light touch. But where would you get an idea for such a song? Don't make me laugh! There are ideas all around. The next time your friend cracks you up, make a mental note of what you were joking about and what she said. Odds are you can build a song around it! (I'm serious. This works.)

If someone (maybe you) tells a funny story that has everyone in stitches, guess what? That's another possible subject for a song. You must have heard the ultimate story-song, "Alice's Restaurant," by Arlo Guthrie. Your story doesn't have to be as involved as that one to make for a good song. And feel free to fudge the facts! It's a song, not testimony. Use your imagination. Embellish.

People on TV are always saying things that could be song titles or lines from songs, if you'll just set your ears to listen for them. I've written a lot of songs based on things people said on TV. One of them is "Shut Up and Dance," which was something someone said on an otherwise lame sitcom I saw one night. You can listen to the song here.

As soon as I heard that phrase, I thought it would make a good call-and-response chorus, going back and forth between "shut up and dance" and something else. Once I started writing the verses, I got it all written right away, which is rare for me. I usually have trouble with the third verse, especially when there is a tight pattern of rhyme and rhythm. I really got into being this frustrated guy who just wants to dance. I could have written even more verses if I'd needed them!

Something you might find interesting about this song is that the chord pattern in the bridge is the same as the chorus. I can't remember whether I did that on purpose (probably not), but I can't remember another song where that's true.

Anyway, the point is, if I can do it you can too. Unless you're in a Norwegian death metal band or something, your music is sure to benefit from a touch of humor, a dash of wit. Go for it!

Mark Bendig is The Cheap Advice Guy, owner and operator of, offering "Tips from the trenches on Songwriting, Home Recording, and Live Sound." A series of eBooks on these very topics will be available on the website in Summer 2008.

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Music Review of YogaMotion - White Swan Yoga Masters Volume 4

Lauren Peterson, another nationally recognized yoga practitioner and teacher, meticulously crafted Yoga Motion: White Swan Yoga Masters Vol. 4, as a sacred blend of male and female energies. Lauren is one of the few advanced (Fourth Series) ashtanga yoga practitioners in the United States. She has been featured in many magazines including Yoga Journal, as well as on television in the PBS series Healing Quest. If you're familiar with Dance Wave or Sweat Your Prayers events, you will readily appreciate the fabulous selection of music Lauren made for Yoga Motion. Starting with the slow, sensuous "Invocation to Water" by Shaman's Dream, by the third track, "Partner World" by Mass Ensemble, you'll be dancing like there's no tomorrow.

Of course, you may choose to do yoga or other forms of movement instead of dance with this incendiary collection of songs, but dance is my thing. "Napas," the next track, by Mercan Dede, continues the intense, even outrageous world beat groove. But then, a few tracks later, Jai Uttal and Ben Leinbach slow things down a bit with "Mahadeva." Before this exquisite CD concludes, we're treated to Prem Joshua and Manish Vyas doing "Habibi" and Deva Premal singing "Guru Rinpoche Mantra" as only she can. In short, Yoga Motion: White Swan Yoga Masters Vol. 4 takes the listener on a most extraordinary journey. With over 77 minutes of music, by the time you're finished moving your body to this delicious selection of tracks, you'll be ready for a break.

As is often the case with great compilations, one of the joys of Yoga Motion is the opportunity to get to know some terrific artists who you might not otherwise get to hear. I urge you to spend some time soon with the exotic, over-the-top joy of Yoga Motion: White Swan Yoga Masters Vol. 4.

Steve Ryals has been writing music reviews since 1994, and to date has published more than 1200. Steve specializes in World Beat, Native American, New Age, Meditation, Contemporary Instrumental, Chanting, Devotional Singing, and more. He currently writes two music reviews every month as part of his Drunk with Wonder Newsletter. To sign up for his FREE newsletter go to

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canciones de merengue

Latin Music
Canciones de Amor ~ Various Artists Masters Intercontine Various Artists ... Asi Es el Merengue de Siempre ~ Various Artists Continental Music Various Artists ...

Todomsica Online
Megastore de musica e instrumentos,CD's,Audio Profesional,Reproductores ... discos titulada "Complete Clapton", en la que rene 36 de sus mejores canciones . ...|602517461932

Sitioco :: Video Y Letra :: Simple Plan: When I`m Gone
Simple Plan: When I`m Gone :: Los mejores videos musicales. ... Emisoras De Reggaeton. Trailers De Cine. Juegos Multijugador. Letras De Canciones ...`m-Gone.htm

Latin Dance, Latin Entertainment, Se habla Espanol , Dance Lessons,World ... Dance, Reggaeton, Modern-Contemporary, Merengue , Salsa, Cumbia,Jarocho,Tex-Mex, ...

The Official Site of Tito Puente, Jr.
... music, with a musical fusion containing elements of House and merengue music. ... en el programa cantando dos de sus canciones : "Ran Kan Kan" y "Qu Ser" ...

Music from Anibal Arteaga Reyes mp3 downloads. CD: Canciones Regionales ...
... this artist's albums in mp3: Canciones Regionales Del Estado de Guerrero ... lo-fi, meditative, merengue , metal, musical, national folk, native american, new ...

Grandes Exitos
... Todo Cambio and Coleccionista de Canciones and was a huge success in Mexico, the ... Merengue . Pop. R&B. Reggaeton. Rock. Vallenato. Zouk. Archives. June ...


Y t con cul?? [Archivo] - Los foros de la aficin de Chivas
[Archivo] Y t ... NO NO TIENES QEU PONER LA LETRA DE LA CANCION SI NO SE ARA IGUAL ... El viento alla canciones flacas. Gente (hay una peste!) como ... | Grupo Musica | Escuchar Msica | Musica Aqui ...
Descargar Las Ultimas Canciones En Las Listas De Exitos. 100% Gratis! ... Musica Merengue . Canciones Para Bajar. Video Musica. Make an offer ...

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How To Energize Your Workout With Music Downloads

Listening to upbeat vibrate music during an exercise workout is an excellent method for completing a set. Music downloaded to a MP3 player directs your thoughts and actions while in a gym or jogging outside. Your brain and body react to the tempo, the genre and the volume of music to the ears.

A group of discouraged workout clients were recently polled asking why they feel burned out trying to get back in shape. The most common answers received were boredom and lack of concentration to stay the course.

In the quest to provide the best environment for guests, the health club industry has invested heavily in flat screen TVs and wireless audio transmitters. What they failed to test was the medium. TV is still TV. Whether on a big screen or small screen, the shows have not changed. In fact, if you want a serious down mood, watch the local noon news. That will not get you pumped up to push harder!

In fact, my gym invested in a new wireless transmitter system for the six new flat screens. Guess what? I have never seen anyone actually hookup their headphones to the fitness equipment. Why? It is still TV.

If you choose not to listen to the daily tube antics, you soon find yourself spacing out. You can chat to your neighbor, or hum a song in your head. After awhile, you start to feel the pain of your arms or legs or both. Then you notice the sweat dripping constantly down your back.

You start to think about your body type. You may look around and ponder the bodies that are rock solid and fit. The self conscious voices may start to talk about your "looks". The result of this inner conflict is a slowing in intensity of the exercise. When will this be over? Maybe I will push the "cool down" button on the bike. No one will notice but me.

The secret, my friend, to a vigorous cardio workout that stays the course is positive, lively music. Think about the last time you were singing in the car, clapping your hands and swaying back and forth to a tune. Yes, we all do it hoping not to be seen! Your mental mood is much happier.

The invention of the small MP3 player has transformed the music industry. Now, a computer, the internet and the MP3 player create an on-demand library of virtually any type of music. Music from around the world is easily downloaded and stored.

I have a love for contemporary Christian music. The more drums and trumpets a song has the better. I will get online at night and within a few minutes download music of my choice, my genre, and my tempo for my workout.

After starting out with slower music to clear my mind of the day's events, I step it up to rock the elliptical machine! You will find yourself wanting to sing out loud because this is your favorite music.

What happens next is the miracle. You glance down at the computerized display on the cardio equipment. You are already one half of the way through your workout. This is the best time to ADD more minutes to the clock.

You also have not heard any moaning from your body. You hear no inner voices wanting you to stop. Your mood is incredibly positive. Some songs will actually have the same beat as the pedals on your feet. This is fantastic when it works. You are in the zone now.

After 10 songs are over, you have pedaled right through the cool down cycle and the clock has stopped counting. What a rush that creates. Will you contain yourself and not dance down the hall to the showers?

More than likely, you are reading this article on a computer. Download music from the many sites available for nominal cost. Our website's Blog has numerous links to great music download sites.

In conclusion, skip the TV. You owe that to yourself. Do not allow the boredom and lack of concentration to derail your workout. Power up the MP3, load some great songs with fast beats. Mix up the music tempo if you are moving from one set of equipment to another. It is now OK to sing back to the showers!

All rights reserved Keith Crovatt

Are you looking to get back in top physical shape without the hype and lies? Keith Crovatt has assembled leading experts, tips, tricks and techniques to guide you. Sign-up for the FREE newsletter and get the mini-course "Why You Should Say No To Quick Weight Loss!" Click here=>

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Why Multimedia Content Is Good For You!

Whilst competition is, in many instances, a good thing, in terms of pushing up the quality, reducing the cost to the end user, creating greater choice in the marketplace and harbouring innovation it presents the problem of engagement, particularly in the online sphere.

The rich media and applications of sites like the BBC, YouTube, Trip Advisor, the quality editorial of shopping portals including Amazon and the major social networking sites of Facebook and Bebo fight for attention against conventional platforms, and whilst this statement doesn't consider the innumerable users and their diverse online needs it goes in some way to illustrate the state of the playing field, and how the bar really has been raised.

But what is your strategy? How can you engage customers? How do you compete for their attention? And once you've got customers, how do you retain them? In addition, how can you make cost savings in your marketing by turning visitors into loyal repeat customers who might in turn spread the word about your products and services?

One such engagement tool is multimedia content, which encompasses audio and video content. These multimedia mediums, allow business and website owners to engage with users and communicate differently to the traditional static pages of text and images users might expect from much of the web.

An excellent example of this might include branded videos which describe your services, 'sell' your products and encourage readership in a way that pages of content just can't, as well as differentiating yourself from the competition.

This user centric approach serves the needs of the ever savvy user, who craves information and will just as quickly move off your website if they cannot find the information they need, and multimedia content is another tool to effectively communicate.

Multimedia content needn't stop at video either as the use of podcasting technology represents a further opportunity to demonstrate authority in your sector by communicate news, interviews and other discussions in the form of a downloadable podcast, over, or in additional to, traditional static pages.

Therefore the opportunity to increase your conversions is presented when harnessing multimedia content, which can

- Heighten the perception of your brand

- Cement your position as an authority within your field

- Enhance the user experience

- Naturally attracts links to your website

- Differentiate from your competitions and

- Encourage customers to visit the other pages of your website or 'find out more'

In this age of competitively, engagement is a key consideration, and this is just one reason why multimedia content is good for you.

Adventure Connections specialise in stag weekends and hen weekends all over the UK, offering an extensive and exciting range of stag party ideas.

This article is free for republishing - One link must be active. 2008 Simon Dance

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Mark Knopfler Kill To Get Crimson Rock Music CD Review

The exceptionally talented Rock artist Mark Knopfler has released him CD entitled Kill To Get Crimson. I am very confident and happy to announce that I believe Mark Knopfler fans, and Rock fans alike will be pleased with this one. With the release of Kill To Get Crimson Mark Knopflers artistic excellence is on full display as Knopfler has once again delivered a brilliant collection of tracks that could very well be him best work to date.

Unfortunately, its not everyday that I get a CD from an artist that I can just pop in and comfortably listen to from beginning to end. There is usually a song or two that I just cant force myself to get through. Not at all the case with Kill To Get Crimson. Every track is enjoyable and was pretty easy for me to listen to from start to finish.

Mark Knopfler possesses the characteristic of being able to win you over with him talent alone. The kind of artist I frankly just flat out enjoy listening to.

This is a first rate CD, delivering a little something for everyone. I give it two thumbs up. Its quite simply great listening. A must buy if you're even mildly into Rock music.

While the entire CD is outstanding some of my favorites are track 1 - True Love Will Never Fade, track 9 - Behind With The Rent, and track 12 - In The Sky

My Bonus Pick, and the one that got Sore [ in "Stuck On REpeat"] is track 7 - Punish The Monkey. Outstanding!

Kill To Get Crimson Release Notes:

Mark Knopfler originally released Kill To Get Crimson on September 18, 2007 on the Warner Bros. Records label.

CD Track List Follows:

1. True Love Will Never Fade

2. Scaffolder's Wife, The

3. Fizzy And the Still, The

4. Heart Full Of Holes

5. We Can Get Wild

6. Secondary Waltz

7. Punish the Monkey

8. Let It All Go

9. Behind With the Rent

10. Fish And the Bird, The

11. Madame Geneva's

12. In the Sky get useful information for actors and extras.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Practicing Drums - Drum Practice Cheat Sheet

A lot of drummers don't really sit down to practice their instrument, but rather just sit down to "play." Just sitting down to play what you already know is fun and can be great for maintaining certain techniques, but little progress will be made.

If you are into drumming only for a hobby, then making progress is probably not really a great priority for you. If that's the case keep doing what you are doing, and enjoy it.

On the other hand, if you want to progress as a great drummer, you will have to focus. You just can't expect to sit down at your drum kit every once in a while and just beat around the skins. You need to be clear what it is you need work on, and then apply it.

Each one of your drum practice sessions should create a challenge for you to accomplish something not previously mastered.

When you sit down at your drum set do you know what you should be practicing? Many drummers don't have a clue what they need to be practicing to become better. This lack of information can kill your potential to really excel at your instrument.

Sometimes, even if we know what to practice, our drum practice sessions can still be weak simply because of a lack of focus.

If you have ever caught yourself saying, "I don't know what to practice" or, "What did I forget to practice" when you get on your drums, this cheat sheet will do you good. Hang it up on your wall and pick which exercises you want to work on before you begin your practice session.

~ Stick control

~ Playing with a metronome (playing with, behind, and ahead)

~ Odd timing

~ Finger control

~ Left hand lead

~ Double bass drumming

~ Fast tempos

~ Slow tempos

~ Odd groupings (3's, 5's' 7's and 9's etc.)

~ Polyrhythms

~ Beat displacement and/or metric modulation

~ Shuffles

~ Showmanship (stick twirling, etc)

~ Creating your own patterns and ideas

~ Filling around accent patterns

~ Triplets around the set

~ 16th's around the set

~ Left hand and foot isolation

~ Brush technique on the snare drum

~ Crash cymbal technique (which one to hit, when, how hard, etc.)

~ Two handed cymbal rides

~ Soloing

~ Recording yourself and listening back

~ All 40 drum rudiments

There are probably many more things you can practice, particularly your own technique and signatures. But, just remember, you want to be working on something new at all times.

The main thing is, keep challenging yourself by never being satisfied. Strive to constantly improve during each practice session. Just never say again, "I don't know what to practice."

Danny Brown has been drumming since 1976, and is the author of "The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Drums and Cymbals!" Subscribe to his Free Newsletter and learn the mental aspect of drumming! Find out what it really takes to truly be a great drummer...

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Why Learning How to Improvise is So Important

Imagine asking a beginning writer to write a short story from scratch. Our writer does not yet have much experience in writing but accepts the challenge and begins to plunge ahead.

He has to start somewhere so he begins to examine how to construct a short story. He learns all about plot, character, and structure and now believes he is ready to begin writing.

As soon as he begins to write, he discovers something. He can't move forward. He is blocked. What's the problem? He knows how to construct a short story and should be able to forge ahead right? The problem is he has not allowed his "voice" to unfold naturally. His internal critic is blocking the natural voice inside his head and the pen stops cold. What to do?

Our writer must learn to freewrite so words can flow freely and not be stopped by the editor voice. The same principles can be applied to us as musicians!

We may want to compose our own music and we may also know all about how to do it, but unless we are able to improvise freely and allow our own natural "voice" free reign, the music stops and we lose the ability to move forward.

This is why learning how to improvise is so important. It allows us to move forward! This benefits us in two ways. One, we begin to understand that the joy of music making itself is its own reward. Second, we begin to trust our voice and feel confident in our ability to move forward without judging the "quality" of the music.

Edward Weiss is a pianist/composer and webmaster of Quiescence Music's online piano lessons. He has been helping students learn how to play piano in the New Age style for over 14 years and works with students in private, in groups, and now over the internet. Visit now and get a FREE piano lesson!

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The Most Overdone Figure Skating Music

Choosing the right music is always a challenge for skaters and their coaches and choreographers. What suits one skater or pair or dance team may not suit another. It's a constant challenge figure skaters have -- picking music that fits their style, however also selecting something that the judges will like as well. Another challenge that exists in choosing a piece of music is that it fits the time constraints of a program and that technical elements can be performed to it. Figure skating music needs to incorporate quick beats, slow parts and some breathing time. The new judging system, with its intricate scoring, makes it even more difficult to fit skating to the music.

How often do you hear the first beats of music to a skating program and groan? Not "Carmen" again or, no more "Swan Lake. There should be a rule, that once a skater earns a title with a piece of music, that it shouldn't be played again for at least a couple of seasons. With that rule in place, we would not be subjected to hearing "Swan Lake" or "Carmen" or "Romeo and Juliet ever again; or at least for a while. New music can be exiting, but skaters, might find it to be a bit of a risk. It is understood if a skater doesn't want to take that risk, however skaters Should then go all out in their exhibitions and do something exciting.

There should be some middle ground between choosing an overdone piece of music and something totally unheard. I don't think skaters have to necessarily summarily dismiss music that has been used in the past, I just think they should think carefully before taking up something that's done over and over by multiple skaters unless they have a totally fresh idea for it.

Here is a list of music that should not be played anytime soon in a skating rink near you.


This is a classic skating piece because it naturally gets the crowd involved.


Kwan did a great number with that one. She is talented, it is expected.

"Swan Lake"

It's been so overdone that Rudy Galindo performed both his short and long programs to this piece in 1996 Others have used it as well including: Baiul in 1994, Nancy Kerrigan, Shizuka Arakawa 2004, and Sasha Cohen even tried her hand with this one.

"Romeo and Juliet"

Who hasn't tried this music? In the 2006 Olympics a commentator said that the difference between Sasha and other skaters is that they skate to Romeo and Juliet and Sasha becomes Juliet.

"West Side Story"

Great music, however, absolutely everything, from "Maria" to "America," has been played one too many times.


This is a great Spanish guitar piece, but should not be used unless the skater can truly keep up with the tempo and offer absolutely great footwork.

"Nessun Dorma"

Again, beautiful music, from Puccini's "Turandot," but nonetheless, overdone by everyone from Sarah Hughes to Brian Boitano. It did not bode well with Meissner this season (2007/2008) This piece should be put to rest.

Some others:

The Feeling Begins

On the Waterfront

Swan Lake

Rachmaninov 2

Paint It Black

Moonlight Sonata

Zorba the Greek

Concerta for Coloratura.

And, there are pieces of music which have been overused at one time but are no longer overused--or used at all. The bell suite and love theme from Ice Castles was too popular in 1979-80, but might be a nostalgic piece now. There is also the option to use a lesser used bit of the score, as Kwan did with Carmen. The Rondo from the Moonlight Sonata isn't overused however. Look beyond the easily overused classics and the currently popular theme.

The Moonlight Sonata , Swanlake, and, any Tchaikovsky piece should take a back seat. Choose something different. The point is, people need to get original with their music. Debby Thomas of USA and Katarina Witt of Germany both skated to Carmen. They were known as the "Battle of the Carmen from the 1988 Winter Games. Carmen, swan lake, anything Beethoven, and Pirates of the Carribean are totally overused! The objective should be, to always look for more fun music. I think the judges would appreciate newly, exciting music.

There's some risk in choosing a classical piece of music. It will still have that edge of familiarity that will make the judges comfortable. But in choosing a classical piece that hasn't been used by numerous skaters before, you leave yourself more open to originality. There are pieces that aren't used as frequently in the skating world that would in no way be new to most of the judges.

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How To Play Piano Despite Years Of Lesson

Why is it that after years of studying something as a child, we forget later in life what we learned? Such is the common question of how to play piano despite years of lesson. Here i get you back to playing music even if you think you've lost it, and have begun to give up on how to play piano despite years of lesson.

First, realize that you have had lesson in piano, years of it perhaps, and that DOES count for a whole lot. How to play piano despite years of lesson entails mentally realizing that you really are only a step or two away from being able to play piano. The problem is that it seems like that first step is a big hurdle, and obviously a frustrating one having already had lesson, but unable to play.

Second: Start slow, do scales. Get the basic scales out and go through them. It took me actually having to number my keyboard at first, i had forgotten so much. From there i was able to translate the numbers to notes, and the scales began to get familiar. So often in trying to figure how to play piano despite years of lesson we don't want to succumb back to the simple things. This scale practice is also preparation for the next step.

Third. Twinkle twinkle little star. That's correct. I can't think of a better way to get back in the game and figure how to play piano despite years of lesson than to go back to a simple melody or song and start playing it over and over. This connects everything - the notes, fingerings, melody and sound - all together as one, and the simplest route is by practicing a simple children's song. Again the hardest part is going to mentally get over the hurdle of playing little kids songs when you "feel" as if you should be playing grander pieces. But if one wants to get to grander pieces and answer the question of how to play piano despite years of lesson, then one has to bite the bullet and get back to raw basics.

Finally, one should research new ways of learning to play piano! Since most people last took lessons years ago, they may not realize that new methods or techniques have come out that can cut to the chase much more clearly and quickly than before. From teachers to online courses, there are different outlets and methods to now explore while realizing how to play piano despite years of lesson is definitely an achievable goal!

Quick and Easy Piano learning methods do now exist. Check out for Chess's blog to further find out how to play piano despite years of lesson. Thanks so much for reading and feel free to check out Thanks!

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London Ontario Attractions and Events - From Music to Shopping to Theatres and Sports

Halfway between Toronto and Detroit, Michigan, on the banks of the Thames River is the city of London Ontario. London's population growth continues today, now surpassing 460,000 residents, many of whom are drawn from rural southern Ontario communities such as Sarnia, Guelph, Chatham and Waterloo. The region's economic growth was strongly spurred by the transportation industry. Many trucking firms have London as an important strategic location for their operations. The highway 401 corridor is Canada's busiest transportation route.

First settled in 1801, the city of London has become a dynamic city and the hometown of many business and entertainment celebrities. Famous residents include Hollywood actors Rachel Macadams, Ryan Gossling, Hume Cronyn, and Kate Nelligan, sports stars Eric Lindros and Joe Thornton, environmentalist David Suzuki, country singer Tommy Hunter, Skip Prokop of the band Lighthouse, brewing magnates John Labatt and Thomas Carling, and Ted Gianoulos known as the San Diego Chicken.

Things to Do in London

You'll love strolling the charming streets, unique attractions and old world charm of London, Ontario. There are several large malls for great shopping. There is also plenty of old architecture at more than 100 historic sites. Notable buildings in the city include the London Armouries, Friar's Street Bridge, The Federal Government Building, Middlesex County Court House and the St. Peter's Cathedral Basilica. The Fanshawe Pioneer village contains a replica pioneer village depicting life in 18th century village of London.

Victoria Park

Located in the heart of London is the city's largest park. It even has its own web site. Victoria Park is more than 18 acres in area, which is a just a portion of the original site of the 32nd British Regiment Garrison and Cricket Grounds. Its military past can be seen in the military equipment you'll see there including canons, tanks and war cenotaphs. Look for bands playing at the bandshell in summer and ice skating on the rink. The International Food Festival held in June, offers plenty of culinary tastes for the whole family. 60 local restaurants highlight their cuisine.

Festivals in London

London also offers many festivals throughout the year including the London International Children's Festival, Home County Folk Festival, Taste of London Festival, and the London Ribfest which is the second largest rib festival in North America. If music is your interest, Sunfest, a World music and culture festival happens in early July at Victoria Park. This years festival, the TD Canada Trust Sunfest '08 will showcase more than 200 unique food & crafts exhibitors along with 30 top professional world music & dance and jazz bands.

For live theatre, try the Grand Theatre where you can buy dinner and theatre packages for plays and musicals. The London Fringe Festival in first two weeks of August attracts innovative performing artists for unique shows.

Live music is big in London. Top spots to hear great live music are Call the Office on York Street, Molly Bloom's Irish Pub, and the Richmond Tavern on Richmond Street, along with the Embassy Hotel. Major music groups and performers entertain at the Labatt Centre downtown. Tickets can be purchased from the Labatt Centre website or

London Restaurants

Keeping on the live experience of London, there are a good number of restaurants offering good food, fine wine and ale. Archie's Seafoods has several locations across the city, and for fine dining, you may want to try Michael's on the Thames, Blue Ginger lounge & grille, Auberge du Petit Prince, Volker's on Hyde Park and the Armouries Grille Restaurant downtown.

London can make a great spot for a weekend getaway for a couples or the whole family with comfortable hotels and festivals, it will be a great summer vacation.

Gord Collins enthusiastically shares the news about Canada's best travel experiences including London hotels, attractions and festivals in London Ontario. Canada has many unheralded tourist destinations that may just offer the getaway you and your family need this summer and fall. The parks of London along with the downtown's small town ambiance will appeal to those looking for an alternative to the noise and traffic of Toronto and Montreal.

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Developing A Conflict

One of the most important things you can do in a scene is find the conflict. Whether it is a monologue (internal conflict) or a scene with a partner (external conflict) there is always something that is at stake for the character you are playing. Think of it this way, if there is no conflict in a scene why are you watching it? People do not want to see everyday activities, they want to see drama.

With that being said, the question of how to find the conflict arises. First off let's define what conflict is. Conflict is two opposing forces trying to get what they want at the same time. For instance, one character wants a bag of money and the other character wants the same bag. This creates dramatic tension as both the characters will try by whatever means necessary to get that bag of money! What makes the scene interesting is the conflict between the two characters and the bag of money. If they both decided to share the bag of money and went happily on their way, there would be no reason to watch. It would be absolutely and excruciatingly boring.

People watch movies and plays to be transported away from reality. They watch it because it is often times much more interesting than their everyday life. If you do not find what your character wants in the scene then you might as well not even be in it. It will be boring and unentertaining without knowing exactly what forces are opposing you and how to overcome them. However, if you know what your objective is and you know how to attain it, it will add brilliant dimensions to an otherwise dull and pointless character. Think about scenes that really stand out in film or theatre and what makes them so great. Usually it is the tension between the two characters over something very important at stake. Don't take my word for it, just watch some of the great films and the conflict that gives them life.

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