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How To Make Your Wedding Music Rock

Your wedding is one of the most significant days of your life, and as such, you want everything, from the moment you awaken to the honeymoon, to be perfection so you have great memories. Naturally, the reception also included, and this means you will want to take precautions in choosing the music for your wedding reception.

Ensuring that you have great music for your wedding reception means a lot more then just finding a guy who can play "The Chicken Dance" at some point during the evening. Choosing a good provider for the music at your wedding reception can set the tone for the whole evening and create more memories of your special day, whether good or bad. Knowing how to choose your wedding entertainment will increase your chance that those memories are good ones.

Ensure There's Music

It seems silly to state the obvious, but ensure that the person providing the music at your wedding reception has a wide range of music; you don't want to attend your reception and find that the selection of wedding music is limited to a handful of awful ballads that no one seems to like. A wide range of music in your provider's collection means that requests at the reception can be handled. If you'd like to hear a special song while at your reception, ensure that the person providing the music at your wedding reception can play it.

And while you talk with your provider about the music, ascertain that he will have all the equipment to play it. You don't want to host your wedding at your local community center only to find that the most your music provider has brought is his stereo system from home.

Ensure it Flows

Be sure to discuss with your provider before and how the music will fit accordingly with the tone of your reception. If you intend for the happy couple's special song to be played after the cutting of the cake, be sure to tell your music provider. It will seem awkward if the music at your wedding reception isn't played at the appropriate times. Don't hesitate to ask the person providing music at your wedding reception for advice on music to choose or timing for particular songs. If you've picked an experienced provider of wedding reception music, you will have a great source of advice about what has and hasn't worked for other wedding receptions.

And on the subject of finding an experienced provider, be sure to obtain references and make a point to check them. You don't want to discover on the day of your wedding that your DJ tends to hit the open bar more often then he hits the record table. With care and some planning beforehand, though, you'll have a selection of wonderful music along with your wonderful wedding.

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Old and Popular All Saints High School - Schools in Hyderabad

What you see - One of the oldest schools of Hyderabad and now a landmark at Gunfoundry, All Saints' High School marked the entry of missionary education in the land of the Nizams. The corridors of All Saints' have produced some of the best in various fields - whether it is Azharuddin in cricket or Sitaram Yechury in politics.

The building that you see at this school overlooks the city from a small hillock. It was constructed in 1942 and still retains its splendor. The sprawling cricket ground leaves you awestruck.

All Saints' has been among the most prestigious and sought after educational institutes in the twin cities. It was started in 1855 by Rt. Rev. Daniel Murphy, the Vicar of Apostolic of Hyderabad, in the name of the College of All Hallows. In 1858, Rt. Rev. Mgr. Caprotti became its first Rector. It earlier catered to the educational needs of the English and the Anglo-Indians. Now, however, it has students from different backgrounds.

The management of the school was taken over by the Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel in 1932. The school was an all boys' institution till 1998.

What you get - The co-educational school has strength of more than 3,000 students and over a hundred faculty members. The school follows the Andhra Pradesh state syllabus. Each class has a maximum of 60 students.

Examinations are conducted regularly. This includes four unit tests and three terminal examinations including the annual examination. Performance is gauged on annual examinations (50%) and the rest of the year results too. The internal exams (barring the board examination) are set by the Association of Catholic Schools.

The school has facilities for outdoor games like football, cricket, volley ball, badminton, basketball and athletic sports, apart from indoor games like table tennis, badminton, chess and carroms. Debate, essay writing, quiz and more are also encouraged. Same is the case with cultural activities like singing, music, dance and dramatics. There is also a cricket academy running there after school hours. It is open to children till the age of 16. The academy has produced many cricketers at the state and national level.

All Saints' has the distinction of winning the Montfort Literary, Cultural and Athletic inter-district overall championship for several years. It has dominated school cricket competitions since its inception.

Our verdict - Class strength is slightly high when compared to the new schools coming up in the city. Nonetheless, it focuses on all round development of a child. Annual tuition fee here is around Rs. 9,000 a year. Getting admission is tough because of the huge numbers applying. The school has a common admission form with its other institutions - St. Paul's and Little Flower. So you can apply for three institutions at one go.

Old and popular All Saints has been written by Pranay who writes for MetroMela

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radio de reggaeton

MediaPost Publications - Latin Music's Long-Lasting Flavor - 06/09/2006
Reggaeton (pronounced reggae-TONE) is a fusion of Salsa, Hip-hop, and Rap that ... Like Clear Channel Radio's Hurban, Super Estrella--a format launched in the late ' ...

Free Radio Stations with Internet Radio . Instantly Listen to Music ...
Free Radio Stations Online - RadioTower makes it easy with details, descriptions, ratings and 1-click instant access ... Hip Hop, Reggaeton , Salsa, Merengue, ...

... Searches: Radio Fm Listen Fm Old Time Radio Radio Station ... Free Internet Radio . Over 50 free stations playing Latin music. Reggaeton , Cumbia and more ...

East Bay Express | Music | HD Radio on the Offense
HD Radio promises clarity and diversity. What it delivers is a whole different story. ... responded by granting iBiquity exclusive rights to digital radio . ...

BlueBeat.com - Reggaeton : Time Machine Details
Online internet radio . High fidelity digital radio . Listen to 500,000 music ... Listen to De Fiesta now! Add Album To Crate. buy album. Gemstar-N-Bigmato. Mas Pure ...

Yahoo! Asia Directory > Reggaeton > Tego Caldern
... reviews, music videos, personalised radio programming, and album information. ... Calderon - Includes a brief biography for reggaeton artist Tego Calderon. ...

Ticias " Blog Archive " Morey Launches New Latin Music Radio Station ...
Latino Music's Clout Grows in U.S. Radio . Ismael Serrano en Radio Universidad de Chile. Reggaeton gets solo tryout on station formats " ...

EURweb.com - Black Entertainment | Black News | Urban News | Hip Hop News
Your portal for black entertainment, black news, urban news, black expression, ... Systems kicked Los Angeles radio support of reggaeton up a notch in June ...

MyTuner :: Internet Radio ... Tune In, Listen, Dance
Showing results 6 - 7 of 7 total for jazz: Toma Radio Network. Freestyle, Salsa, Reggaeton , House, Trance, Now Playing: Reinaid-o - "Another night" ...

Welcome to www.newreggaeton.info
Reggaeton . Download Your Favorite Reggaeton Tracks Of Yesterday & Today. Free! www.Ez- Radio .com ... Ringtones Baladas, Reggaeton , y Ms Bjalos Ya Sin Tarjeta ...

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The History of St. Louis Imperial Swing Dancing

There are a total of eight swing dance clubs located in and around the St. Louis area (including M.U.S.I.C. in Collinsville, Illinois) that are members of the Midwest Swing Dance Federation, and all of these clubs are descended from the St. Louis Imperial Dance Club that was founded in 1973. The largest of these sister clubs, the West County Swing Dance Club, has the distinction of being one of the largest swing clubs in the United States with an active membership that totals more than a thousand dancers.

Imperial Swing got its name from the Club Imperial located at Goodfellow Boulevard and West Florissant Avenue. The building, originally called Imperial Hall, was built in 1928 as a dance hall, bowling alley and restaurant/bar complex. In the 1930s and 1940s, it was the dance spot of Northwest St. Louis, just as Arcadia (later called Tune Town), the Admiral Showboat in Midtown, and the Casa Loma on the Southside, were the most popular dance halls in their respective areas. In 1952, George Edick Enterprises purchased Imperial Hall and George Edick renamed it the Club Imperial. During the early part of that decade, he operated the club as a ballroom with the theme of "a nice place for nice people." He played "big band" music and catered primarily to private parties. He was able to regularly book guest appearances with popular performers like Stan Kenton and Louis Prima because Robert Hyland, of CBS and KMOX radio, broadcast his weekly "Coast To Coast with Bob Hyland" program from the Imperial Ballroom.

During the late 1950s and early 1960s, Edick realized that the country's taste in music had shifted to "Rock 'n Roll" and he used his advertising-public relations firm, to aggressively promote the Club Imperial on KWK, KXOK, WIL and WGNU. The Joe Bozzi Quintet, Jimmie (Night Train) Forrest, Chuck Berry, Dolly Parton, the Monkeys, Glen Campbell, Ike and Tina Turner and a small vocal group now called the "Fifth Dimension" are among the many artists who began their careers at his club. He promoted a "Jitterbug" contest where a couple from the Club Imperial (Teddy Cole and Kathy Burke) won the National Jitterbug Championship. During the "Rock 'n Roll" craze, Edick held Tuesday "Teen Night" dances, and it was during these weekly dances that a jitterbug variation that became known as the "Imperial Style" of St. Louis swing was born. As the 60s progressed, music trends were changing again. The 'roll' started dropping out of "Rock 'n Roll," the 'rock' got harder, and the teenagers increasingly attended loud, psychedelic music concerts. Because the freak-out beats of their acid rock music was almost impossible to dance to, Edick gradually discontinued all public dances at his club.

In the 1970s, George Edick wanted to reintroduce more listenable and danceable music at Club Imperial and he found that hosting swing contests was just the ticket! He got together with Teddy Cole, the Jitterbug champion who was also a dance promoter in his own right, and they decided to sponsor a yearly St. Louis Jitterbug Contest "Imperial Style" to pick a "City Champion." These widely publicized contests prompted many of the older, experienced dancers to come around the club again, and Edick sponsored a number of "Salute Dances" to introduce these old timers to the newer dancers. As more and more people began learning the Imperial, they began organizing into small dance groups that met in apartment complexes around the St. Louis area, and George Edick kept in touch with many of their leaders.

In 1973 Al Morris conceived the idea of forming a club, and it was his group that first met at the San Miguel apartments in St. Charles which became the St. Louis Imperial Dance Club. The founders are: Dave Cheshire, Jan Cheshire, Rick McQueen, Joan Fritz, Debbie Dustman (Wheelis) and Veronica Lynch. The new club alternated their dances between Lynch's apartment complex in South County and the Wood Hollow apartments in West County. Edick contacted the Board and he told them that he was very interested in helping their club to fulfill their mission to keep swing dancing alive. The great promoter convinced them, with a persuasive new adaptation of his original 1950s theme, that their growing club should hold their future dances at his Club Imperial ballroom because it's "a nice place for nice people who like to swing dance!"

Good mottos never die but unfortunately people do, and on June 11, 2002 George Edick passed away. The building is silent now but it stands, not only as a landmark where Imperial Swing all began, but also as a tribute to a man who, over his colorful, eighty-six-year lifetime, was able to convert his dreams into reality . . . not a bad epitaph!

Copyright 2008 Skip Culver, Certified Swing Instructor. Member of the West County Swing Dance Club and author of the manual: "Imperial Swing Dancing" (visit: http://www.ImperialSwing.com)

Henry H. "Skip" Culver, Jr. is a member of the West County Swing Dance Club in St. Louis Missouri. He is a Gold Seal Instrument Flight Instructor and the author of the bestselling book on navigation titled: IFR 'Pocket Simulator' Procedures. In 2000 Skip turned his attention from aviation towards the dance floor. He became a Certified Swing Dance Instructor in 2004, and then with over seven years of detailed notes from various classes and workshops in hand, he began assembling the Imperial Swing Dancing manual which he published in June of 2007. Skip is a frequent contributor of articles on swing dancing to different club newsletters throughout the United States.

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Finding Time to Exercise

We are living in a world that runs on high speed 24 hours a day 7 days a week. In order to keep up, we have to be smart in planning our time and scheduling the things that are really important. Unfortunately for moms, we tend to put ourselves last, thinking that once everything else gets done, we can have some time for ourselves. We are lucky if this happens once in a while. We all know how important it is to exercise and maintain good health, we have heard the lectures about how we are more healthy, better parents when we choose to exercise and how we will live longer and be around to enjoy our children. So here are some tips to help you fit exercise into your busy life.

Tip #1 Always be prepared

Have a bag with your gym clothes and anything else you need to workout on hand. Keep it in the trunk of your car, if you have some extra time at work, you can take a walk, or if you get off early you can stop by the gym on the way home. Always having what you need on hand, takes away that excuse.

Tip #2 Think ahead

If you chose one day of the week and cook several meals ahead of time, you will not only have extra time to take a walk with your kids, it will eliminate the fast food drive through stop if you have had an especially crazy day.

Tip #3 Dance Dance Dance

Put in your favorite music and call the kids in to dance with you. There are games that incorporate dance, like Twister Moves, or you can just freestyle. This is great quality time that you can spend with your kids, encouraging their creativity and teaching them that it can be fun to move.

Tip # 4 Make an Appointment

Set an alarm for when it is time to exercise, when it goes off, stop what you are doing and take some time to move. I want to say let your kids know this is mommies time to exercise, but when you have really little ones it can be hard. Do the best you can to keep the commitment you make to yourself, to take care of yourself and you will feel better in many ways.

Tip #5 Have a family activity night

There are many family traditions when a family eats together. Break the mold and create traditions where your family moves together. Take a walk after dinner, when it is warm enough outside. See how many different trees you can find or how many types of butterflies you can spot. When I walk with my kids, they go to bed better and they really love the time we spend outside. There are many other activities you can do as a family. Have a family meeting and brainstorm things that your family would love to do together.

These are some easy ways that you can find time to exercise. Remember that you are setting an example for your children, not only that it is important to exercise but that they need to take time to take care of themselves, this is a lesson that will serve them well in life.

Over 90% of diets fail. Don't be another statistic! You can have the body you always dreamed of!

Let me show you howFinding Time for Exercise

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music video

Yahoo! Music on Yahoo! Video
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Lifehouse : Videos : Hanging by a Moment
"Hanging by a Moment" music video . iTunes Video . Media "Lost in Koreatown, Finale" ... 'Spin, Hanging by a Moment, The Sky Is Falling' (AOL Sessions)' Video " ...

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1960's Batman TV Series

Batman one of the best movie of all time, from cartoon series, tv series, and even on the big screen. Lots of people specially kids really love this movie. This movies have lots of award. Some of this are:

Batman Awards:


1989 Best Art Direction Anton Furst

1989 Best Art Direction Peter Young

Golden Globe

1989 Best Actor - Musical or Comedy Jack Nicholson


1989 Best Film (in Drama)

and more..

The 1960s Batman TV series focuses on Bruce Wayne, a multi-billionaire living in crime capital Gotham City. Bruce Wayne is Batman a crime fighting super hero that uses only his wits and some advance gadgets and vehicles to combat criminals and bring them to justice. When Bruce was just a child hes parents were murdered in front of him, because of this Bruce trained himself to become tough enough to fight thugs and criminals. Along with Bruce is Dick Grayson a former circus acrobat who became Batmans sidekick Robin, they secure Gotham from bigtime criminals such as the Joker, Penguin, Scarecrow, the Riddler and Catwoman.

Batman (1960s TV series)

The series debuted on January 12, 1966 and was marked for its high camp, and continues to be the version many associate with the Batman character despite it perhaps being least representative of the many versions.

Despite the abhorrence of the TV series by Batman's fans of the 1970s through the present day, the live-action TV show was extraordinarily popular; at the height of its popularity, it was the only prime-time TV show broadcast twice in one week as part of its regular schedule, airing on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

The hippie counterculture of the 1960s enjoyed the fact that even though they would eventually win and put the bad guys in jail, Batman and Robin portrayed the forces of "law and order" as being woefully humorless, "square", and unaware of the fact that the world was laughing at them.

The series was produced in the United States of America and debuted at 7:30, Wednesday evening, January 12, 1966 on ABC television, at a time when other popular TV series included The Andy Griffith Show and The Wild Wild West. The Batman series set a standard that identifies it as a product of the 1960s. It was known for its silly high camp humour and continues to be the version some associate with the Batman character despite it being least reflective of the Batman mythos as it is known today. (The series was very reflective of the character as portrayed in comics in the late 1950s and early 1960s.)

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Girls on Bass

At last female bass players are emerging! As a male bass player and music teacher I'd like to present some of my observations regarding the emergence of female bass players over the past 32 years. (That's how long I've been teaching music).

In 1976 there was hardly a female bass player in sight. This applied across the board, in any music genre. Things were changing, however, in all walks of life. Emancipation of both males and females was a priority in many minds. Especially art forms were undergoing the (r)evolution instigated in a huge way in the 1960s, and music was a driving voice.

The bass guitar had only been commercially available for about twenty years - just one generation. It is a lot less cumbersome than the double bass, and apparently more suited to petite hands. The double bass, however, after being set up correctly, is only slightly more physically demanding. Both instruments fulfill the same function in almost all musics: to provide the centre of rhythm and pitch.

My main comparative observation - so far - has been that females intuitively have a superior sense of both rhythm and pitch (sorry guys). That's a killer combination, because the result is usually melodic bass playing (I'm in heaven!).

In my teaching, I've gone from zero female bass students to about 15%, which roughly equates to the real world of music performance and recording. I would love to see this percentage increase dramatically - because I love bass and I know what girls on bass can do.

Besides being an innovative and highly respected music educator, George Urbaszek plays double bass, guitar, bass guitar and bassitar. He has over 3000 performances and 120 recording sessions to his credit and has toured Australia, Central Europe, Canada, USA and the Pacific Islands.

George has performed with artists ranging from Rolf Harris through to Judith Durham, Beccy Cole, Marina Prior, George Washingmachine, Thelma Housten and the New York production of Porgy and Bess. His former students include Brendan Clarke (winner of the Australian National Jazz Award), Kim Khahn (Robbie Williams, Mel C, Natalie Imbruglia) and Rory Quirk (John Butler Trio).

After lecturing for thirteen years in the Jazz Department of the Australian National University, George is now residing near Byron Bay, Australia, where he works from home teaching students from all over the world using an innovative approach of step-by-step online bass lessons. These lessons cost as little as US $3.46 each and are available at http://www.creativebasslessons.com

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types of salsa music

Trombone With An Attitude: Music : Omar Torres: CenterstageChicago.com
... MUSIC SHOWS. Search Music Events. Find Music Events By... Genre & Type : ... Bosch's choice to introduce the true sound of Salsa Dura to the Chicago audience. ...

Salsa classes in Medellin (Poorbuthappy in Colombia!)
salsa is huge here but they listen to a different type of salsa then they do in Cali. ... fock the salsa music , bring billy fokin joel and listen to that chit ...

360Cafe.net: Salsa
... but above all the quality of salsa music we grew up accustomed to in the 60s and ... type of expressive salsa , salsa full of crasftmanship but, overall, ...

Salsa Entertainment - Services
The types of services we currently offer are: ... video, music in this website are copyright of the Salsa Entertainment Group, ...

Bitmunk: Collection: Learn to Salsa Now by
Type Collection (audio) Copyright Owner Learn to Salsa Now. Music Label Learn to Salsa Now ... Users can also Learn how salsa music is created by turning on ...

... if any, (3) name of band and/or DJ, (4) type of music /dancing, (5) name and ... Dance/ Music Type : Salsa , merengue, bachata & cha cha ...

Putumayo World Music - Latin Music
... contemporary club music with the funky grooves of old- school salsa , while bands ... "Nuevo Latino" was coined to describe a new type of cuisine that blends ...

Maria Fioras Dance Studio
Here are some examples of types of music with their dance: ... What is the difference between Salsa & Mambo? The 2 dances have 4 beats in each measure of music . ...

Salsa Rivera Learn to Dance
Learn to Salsa Dance with Salsa Rivera, Private and ... are done to slow Salsa music . ... Exhibitions done for all types of social clubs, parties, opening ...

Salsa Jam - Go dancing - Dance - Time Out London
Club until 2am. All types of salsa from Puerto Ric... Music . Festivals. Classical & Opera. Art. Theatre. Comedy. Dance. Books & Poetry. Clubs ...

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How Good Are Toy Pianos?

I'm sure you've seen the ads: Schoenhut, Dexter, Fisher-Price. These are all brands of toy pianos that are marketed to parents of toddlers.

Many parents are attracted to them because of their look and their size, saying to themselves, "Oh, that would be perfect for my child. It's so cute!"

But have you ever tried a toy piano? While they may be cute and fulfill a need for a certain kind of toy and nursery furniture, they may leave much to be desired in terms sound and providing an instrument for musical development.

Let's see if the advantages of toy pianos outweigh the liabilities.

I've taught children who had toy pianos at first, and there is never any damage done, far from it, if a child plays a toy piano. I think they enjoy it simply because it makes pretty sounds. Anything that interests them in music and piano is good for their intellectual development.

But that is not our point today, but rather to see if there may be an alternative for toddlers that works better in providing a musical instrument adequate for musical development.

First let us enumerate the advantages of toy pianos:

1. They are attractive and this alone may interest the child in music.

2. They are inexpensive and portable

3. They have a standard keyboard setup with groups of two and three black keys.

4. They are mechanical devices, so you don't have to worry about electrical connections, outlets and safety issues.

5. The younger your child, the more appropriate a toy piano may be.

The only real alternative besides a real piano is the electronic music keyboard, such as the inexpensive Casio brands you see for around $99. You see them at Circuit City and electronic appliance outlets as such as that.

Here is a comparison of an electronic keyboard versus a toy piano:

1. Children's electronic music keyboards have real width keys, inch wide, while toy pianos often have "mini" keys to accommodate their tiny hands. It may be better to have the child get used to what real piano keys are like. On the other hand, anything that attracts your child to touch a musical keyboard is a good thing, correct width keys or not.

2. Electronic keyboards make a wide variety of sounds besides the standard piano sound of a toy piano. This may attract your toddler, or may confuse them. More sounds are available on a small keyboard but not usually on a toy piano, although undoubtedly there are products out there called "toy pianos" which make sounds in addition to something piano-like.

3. Toy pianos produce a sound made on what are usually small bell-like surfaces called "tines." It sounds more like chimes than a piano. An electronic keyboard's piano sound is usually very faithful to a real piano sound.

4. Electronic keyboards must be used with batteries to get around the safety issues of outlets, power cables and connections. Toy pianos usually are mechanical devices that require no power, and therefore have the advantage of safety and convenience.

Whatever choice you make, a toy piano can be a great introduction to music, which will eventually produce many benefits such as increased math scores and better handwriting.

Better to get a toy piano at first and then upgrade than not get started at all. Music skills develop at a very young age.

By John Aschenbrenner Copyright 2000 Walden Pond Press. Visit http://www.pianoiseasy.com to see the fun PIANO BY NUMBER method for kids.

John Aschenbrenner is a leading children's music educator and book publisher, and the author of numerous piano method books in the series PIANO BY NUMBER.

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the history of salsa music

Cubanisimo " home
History of Salsa . Music of Cuba. Contact. Where we are. Our Other Sites. CubanThursdays ... music schools, Leo went on to play with many top Cuban salsa bands ...

Peter's Dance Pages
Wikipedia shows a a long and confusing history for these words. ... A series of Afro-Cuban rhythms. If the music doesn't have a clave rhythm, it's not Salsa . ...

The Ultimate Music of Brazil - American History Information Guide and ...
The Ultimate Music of Brazil - American History Online Reference Guide ... salsa and samba rhythms mixed to form a type of dance music called fricote. ...

Scottish Arts Council - Archive - Style: Salsa dancing
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Salsa del Caribe: History
Spice of the Caribbean... History . Welcome to Cuba! ... The Cubans welcome you with open arms, excited to share their music and dance no ...

World's Greatest Latin Music !
Hall of Fame CD Review. History of Our Music Best Latin Dancing in NYC. Welcome to the World's Greatest Latin Music ! Afro-Cuban and Old School Salsa at its Finest ...

earthcds - Real music from real places.
Original recordings of music from Cuba, Africa and Europe. ... .com - resource for the history of salsa music & dance with articles, photos, ...

Salsa City - Afro-latin Music & Dancing, Salsa Dance
Links to top quality salsa , afro-latin dance and music websites ... Website of Josie Neglia, Los Angeles salsa teacher. Salsa Roots. Afro-latin dance & music history ...

Salsa Iowa
The Warehouse. 3280 100th Street. Urbandale IA. Admission $5. Music starts at 8:30 ... If you have a known history of photosensitive epilepsy and/or seizures, please ...

Salsa Radio Stations on the internet! SalsaPower.com
Radio Stations on the Internet - The best source for Cuban Casino-style Salsa , dancing, salsa music , live internet radio, cd reviews, exclusive artist interviews, ...

ballroom dance music