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In this article I will be basically showing you the different types of guitar. This article is based at first time beginners.

There are two types of guitars and then two different styles of those two type of guitars. So we will start with the acoustic guitar. The acoustic guitar produces noise by the sound waves echoing through the hollow body. There are two style of acoustic guitar which are:

Nylon: A Nylon means that the strings are made out of nylon. The top strings may look like they are made out of steel, but in fact they are coated (with a special type of metal that I cant remember the name of) and are made of nylon in the inside. Nylon guitars are great for the classical sound and relaxation. Since these guitars are soft stringed I highly recommend them to any beginner as they help you get the gist of playing guitar.

Steel: A steel stringed acoustic guitar have strings that are made out of steel as you would have guessed. These guitars here are generally played either strumming or finger picking and can create a relaxation sound or a catchy beat. Many artists use the acoustic guitar like Jack Johnson and Pete Murray. These guitars can be hard to play for some people as it requires you to push the strings in pretty hard on the fretboard to make a clean sound. You can get acoustic electric guitars which are still a still stringed electric but have pickups inside the hollow body.

Now we get to the electric guitar. Electric guitars make there sound by the pickups located under the strings. The sound is "picked up" with these and sends the sound through a cord to an amplifier. This then amplifies the sound which can be changed by the different knobs located usually at the top of the amp. The two types of electric guitars are:

Solid Body: Solid body guitars are steel stringed guitars. These guitars are generally used in Metal, Rock, Blues and Pop Music. These guitars are great because if you turn the distortion up, it can sometimes hide your mistakes. It is better though to practice in a clean sound so that you get used to perfecting the notes and getting a good nice clear sound.

Hollow Body: These electric guitars also have steel strings. These are basically the same as a solid body but as the name suggests they are hollow. Sometimes they are only hollow by the f notes you see on the old fashion basses, Chellos ect. These guitars are generally used in Jazz and blues category.

Now strings. Guitar strings are wonderful because they come in many different types. If you are a beginner you should start off with low gauged strings so you can develop how to play the notes clean and well. Strings should be changed regularly because the oil on your fingers and other chemicals in the air damages the strings an can make the sound of your guitar not as good (bad phrasing).

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