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Unique Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

I always have a hard time buying my significant other something for Valentine's Day. I hate to be the guy who always gets my Valentine's either flowers or chocolates year after year without putting any thought into the gift. If you're like me, here are some great gift ideas to show her how much you care!

1) Personalized Gifts

Personalized gifts are great ways to show how much thought you put into a gift. Be aware, however, as you usually need to order these items in advance to be sure to have the gift in hand when Valentine's Day rolls around. Whether it be jewelry, clothing, accessories, or accessories, personalized gifts offer a great gift idea!

2) Dance Lessons

Why not get a gift you can both enjoy? Dance lessons are not only fun and thoughtful, but you can also get exercise in while you're at it! If you haven't danced together before, it's a fun activity you can both enjoy doing together.

3) iTunes Gift Cards

Everybody needs a little more music in their lives. That's why a gift card to the Apple iTunes store goes a long way to give your Valentines something they can use! This gift might work best as a supplement to a Valentine's Day gift staple like flowers and/or chocolates.

4) Framed Picture

Nobody said spending money makes the gift better. Framing a treasured picture of both of you will go a long way and definitely earn points! Make sure your Valentine looks good in the picture!

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A New Twist on Old Waltz

The term Ballroom Dancing is the most general and the oldest term that is used to describe formal dances and generally includes Waltz, Tango, Slow Foxtrot, Quickstep and Viennese Waltz dances as well as some of the Latin dances. There two types of waltz in this group, the Classic Waltz and the Viennese Waltz.

The Classic Waltz is known as the mother of dances as it was the first dance where people actually danced in front of each other. This made it a very exciting dance when it was first introduced. It is based on an 18th century Austrian folk-dance and the steps are based on a box step with a rotary motion. The Classic Waltz, or the 'slow' or 'English' Waltz as it is sometimes called, is known for a gliding motion with a slight rise and fall and is normally danced to a slow tempo which requires a large degree of control to dance well.

The Viennese Waltz on the other hand is elegant and beautiful to watch. It is sometimes seen in movies and even Disney cartoons! As the name suggests it is linked to Vienna where the Aristocracy danced the Viennese Waltz to music by Strauss and other classical composers. The Viennese Waltz is a faster movement than the Classical Waltz, and is danced at about 180 beats (58-60 measures) a minute, as opposed to about 90 beats per minute with 3 beats to the bar for the Classical Waltz.

The Viennese Waltz is a rotary motion where the dancers are constantly turning either in a clockwise (natural) or anti-clockwise (reverse) direction. This is interspersed with non-rotating change steps to switch between the directions of rotation. Furthermore, in a properly danced Viennese Waltz, couples do not pass, but turn continuously left and right while they travel counterclockwise around the floor following each other in procession. Although this dance is still danced on social occasions, it is more usual for the Classical Waltz to be used.

In the Standard dances such as the waltzes, men traditionally wear formal coat-tails, vests or waistcoats, and bow ties. Women wear elegant and colorful gowns, often with sheer fabric draped from the shoulders or arms. Partners remain in closed position facing each other, throughout the dance, and movements tend to be elegant and sweeping.

American Smooth allows more open work where the partners can separate from each other and dance in open positions. American Smooth can be best described as a variation of ballroom dancing with an enhanced range of movements and exciting steps. All basic principles and the technique of ballroom dancing still apply, however partners are not required to maintain a continuous body contact. The removal of the body contact restriction allows the dancers to perform a variety of new steps such as: lady under arm turns, spins, side by side positions, parallel turns, dips, drops and other variations that would never be allowed in the traditional ballroom dancing.

The term 'Ballroom' has been used to describe Waltz, Tango, Slow Foxtrot, Quickstep and Viennese Waltz as a group of dances together with a range of Latin dances such as the Rumba, Quickstep and Cha-Cha-Cha. Ballroom dances may have at one time also included historical dances like Minuet, Quadrille, Polonaise, Pas de Gras, and Mazurka. However there was no standard definition and so as different dances were introduced new terms were introduced to differentiate these. "Modern Ballroom" (in short "Modern"), was introduced in Britain to referring to Old Time, Sequence or Latin-American dances.

But in Europe the term "Modern" was already frequently used to describe a totally different type of dancing (eg. jazz or other form of solo dancing), so the term Standard was introduced instead. But "Standard" had an unclear meaning in America, where there is an American version of it called American Smooth. Therefore American's introduced the term "International Standard" to make the difference clear.

In spite of its historical image as a pastime for the privileged; formal competitions, sometimes referred to as DanceSport, allow participation by less advanced dancers at various proficiency levels. In the United States, amateur dance proficiency levels are defined by USA Dance (formerly United States Amateur Ballroom Dance Association,) The International Olympic Committee now recognizes competitive ballroom dance. It is doubtful that it will be included as an official sport in the Olympic Games especially in light of efforts to reduce the number of offerings, but the application has not been permanently rejected.

Of all of the dances, the Waltz is the perfect one to learn first. It can be learnt in a few minutes and yet can take a lifetime to master.

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How to Download Music to PSP

Have you been pulling your hair out trying to download music to your Sony PSP?

I am going to give you my quick and easy recipe for putting your favorite music on your PSP. There are only a few steps and it is a cinch on you know how.

1. First off you need to get what they call a cd ripper and while you are at it I would definitely grab a psp video converter. A cd ripper lets you pull music (rip) of your cd's
that you have now. The psp video converter will let you rip and convert video files to watch on your you can watch and listen to music videos and music, cool heh!

2. Load your cd and fire up your cd ripper select the song or songs you want to put on your PSP and hit the "extract and encode" to PSP.

3. If you already have music files on your pc then all you need to do is hit "add" from your cd ripper or psp video converter.

4. Make sure on all of the above you select the "PSP" format.

5. How to download or transfer your music to PSP? Just connect your PSP with your PC with the USB cable, and copy your mp3 file(s) into "H:PSPMUSIC" where H: would equal the drive of your PSP.

That's it. It is real simple to put music on your PSP!

Travis Sago is a computer technician and PSP enthusiast and fanatic. Don't have a good cd ripper or psp video converter? You can learn more about both at

How to download music to PSP

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Singing Lessons - How To Get The Most Out Of Them

Singing lessons are very useful for those of us who love to sing and would like to improve our vocal technique as well as our overall pitch and rhythm sense. However, some singing students may be a little overwhelmed whenever they attend lessons, and may not know how to best make use of the time that they have with their vocal coach or singing instructor!

Here are some important tips for all singing students, so that you will be able to make the most out of your singing lessons, and be able to improve quickly in your singing and vocal technique:

Get A Good Vocal Coach

For your vocal lessons to be genuinely useful to you in developing a better singing voice, you will need an experienced vocal coach who is able to 'diagnose' your voice and know exactly what exercises you will need in order to improve your singing! For example, you may need more exercises to strengthen your chest voice, or more pitching or rhythm training, or even some basic lessons in pronunciation and diction. Your vocal coach should be able to tell you what you need, and be able to communicate these ideas to your clearly!

Always Come Prepared For Lessons

Every singing lesson is an opportunity for you to talk to an expert in singing and to learn as much as you can from your vocal coach! So, always come prepared with questions that you may have had during the past week or are genuinely curious about. This will show your vocal coach that you are motivated about learning how to sing, and he or she will be more inclined to teach you even more! Your instructor will also be able to understand better what are your main concerns and how best to answer them so that you will be able to improve even more!

Practice, Practice and More Practice

Make sure you practice whatever vocal drills or pitching exercises that your singing instructor has given you during the singing lessons. Learning how to sing is just like learning how to play any musical instrument, and as with any instrument, practice is absolutely essential if we want to improve in our playing or singing skills! Also, pay attention to how you practiced during your lesson with your vocal instructor so that when you practice at home, you know how to do it correctly and certainly not inadvertently harm your voice during your self-practice!

Be Patient

Learning how to sing well takes some time and effort, and certainly does not happen overnight. Just like how it takes a piano player many years before he or she is able to be great at playing the piano, so it will also take us a certain period of time before we are able to master our singing voice! Even professional singers take regular singing lessons to keep their voices in top form, and to keep improving in their vocal technique!

One reason for a longer learning curve is because our voice learns through what we call 'muscle memory'. Many of the functions of our vocal cords and voice box are involuntary reflexes that we cannot control consciously. In order for us to correct our singing habits, we need to practice positive reinforcement through muscle memory, using the correct singing methods often so that our voice and our brain remembers them and uses them each time we sing!

Enjoy The Learning Process

One great thing about singing is that it is fun and enjoyable even during proper lessons, and we would certainly be able to enjoy the learning process that we must go through in order to get a better singing voice! Once we accept the long learning process, we will certainly be more relaxed during our lessons and be able to improve our voice even more! It is a virtuous cycle that singing students will be able to benefit from with the correct mindset and attitude.

With these important pointers in mind each time we attend our singing lessons, we will certainly be able to get the most out of our lessons and achieve a great singing voice through practice and patience!

Singapore-born Aaron Lim has been a Vocal Coach for the past 8 years, and has taught a variety of vocal students ranging from teenagers to mature adults. He is the founder of an online singing guide: , which provides a wealth of resources and tips available for any singer! Find out everything you want to learn about singing from this useful and comprehensive website!

Aaron is also the director of Intune Music School, a dynamic and vibrant music school in Singapore that provides professional music programmes in singing, songwriting, keyboard and guitar sing and play, music arrangement and audio engineering! Find out more by visiting the school website at:

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Common Usage Errors

i.e. vs. e.g.

Use i.e. , to re-name, restate, or to clarify, as in, "He fell out of the window, i.e., down." This is an abbreviated Latin term (id est) that roughly translates as, "which is to say..." or "meaning..."

Use e.g., to provide examples, as in, "He liked falling from heights, e.g., out of windows, from airplanes, off of ladders." This is an abbreviated Latin term (exempli gratia) that translates as "For example..."

[And don't forget the comma after either one.]

Data is plural

Example: "The data are complete; we conclude that falling is dangerous." [We hear data used as a singular noun so often that the mistake seems right, but it isn't.]

Like vs. Such as

Use like to show similarities, as in, "He was falling like a rotten tomato that missed the stage."

Use such as to provide examples, as in, "Everything falls at times, such as tomatoes and bodies from windows." [Not: "Everything falls at times, like tomatoes and bodies from windows." Another correct way to say this is "Everything falls at times, e.g., tomatoes and bodies from windows."]

Everyone is singular

Example: "Everyone needs to jump out of his window." [Not: "Everyone needs to jump out of their window." You could use "his or her" to be politically correct.]

Comprise vs. Compose

Comprise means to gather multiple parts into a single whole. A good synonym is assemble. For example, "The band comprised [assembled] many different players." [Not: "The band was comprised of many different players."] Here, you have a whole and are describing its parts.

Compose means to make a whole by putting together multiple parts. A good synonym is create. For example, "The band was composed [created] of many different players." Here, you have the parts and are showing how they are put together to make a whole.

The difference is subtle, but what you need to consider is whether you are emphasizing the whole (the band) or the parts (the members of the band).

Staff is not a person

Use staff to refer to the entire group of employees and colleagues, and it is singular (the plural is staffs). A good synonym is team. For example: "The staff [team] is upset with the pay raise."

Use staff person or staff member to refer to an individual person on the staff. So, you would write, "Six staff members are not coming to work today." This refers to the individual people. If you want to refer to the entire staff at once, you would write, "The staff is not coming to work today."

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Dance Meditation - 2 Easy, Energizing and Relaxing Techniques

Meditation is an ancient practice that focuses on breathing techniques and quieting the mind: observing what is happening at the present moment, enhancing relaxation and awareness. Dance meditation is easy, stress reducing, energizing, and an effective way to relax muscular tension. Both men and women find that dance meditation induces a relaxed and focused body and mind.

You need only walk and sway with music to enjoy the benefits of dance meditation. It is not necessary to be a skilled dancer to have a fulfilling meditation experience. Dance meditation is not about dance technique; instead, it is a movement meditation where it is fine to dance in any way that feels good to you.

Almost any activity can become a meditation by quieting the mind's internal chatter and allowing relaxation to take place. Any of these popular meditation techniques may be combined with dance meditation:

* Visualizing images from nature such as a beach scene or the night sky;

* Focusing on where muscles are tense and then relaxing them one by one;

* Observing the rhythm of your breathing, flowing in and out;

* Focusing on an external object, such as a candle or statue;

* Verbal meditations with a prayer, chant, or song;

* Walking meditations.

There are different forms of dance meditation, just as there are different forms of dance: belly dance and tribal dances evolved from ancient times and merge well with meditation. Belly dance and meditation are both ancient arts that have evolved into modern times. Some belly dance instructors teach movement meditation techniques for stress relief and relaxation, since belly dance and meditation merge so well.

There are differences between dance meditation and other meditations. The eyes remain open during moving meditations to avoid colliding with surrounding objects, whereas many other meditations are done with eyes closed. Instead of mudras (prescribed poses of the fingers, such as those used in yogic meditation) dance meditations use abstract gestures of the arms and hands.

What you need for a basic dance meditation:

* Relaxing music with a slow tempo.

* A relaxed, quiet and safe environment.

* Comfortable clothing you can move in - no restrictive waistbands or tight pants.

A basic belly dance meditation technique:

* Use a slow song from a belly dance CD to inspire dance movements.

* Begin in a standing position, arms relaxed at sides.

* Focus on the rhythm of your breathing, slowly flowing in and out.

* Let your arms lift up, down, or any way that feels comfortable; mirror the rhythm of the music, or the rhythm of your breaths.

* Sense your body relaxing; allow stress to float away with each exhalation, releasing outward.

* Sway, walk, or do simple dance steps, moving with the rhythm of your music.

* Continue this for a time, becoming more and more relaxed.

* Slowly wind down, ending your meditation by sitting quietly and observing the relaxed feeling you attained. The next time you meditate, it will be easier to get to this relaxed place, because you have already experienced it.

Veil meditation

Meditation with a veil is another popular form of belly dance meditation to try; it is simple to learn and quite relaxing. To do a veil meditation, play with a soft three yard length of fabric about 40 inches wide, allowing it to flow in the air as you move it around with your hands, reflecting the flow of the music and rhythmic energy.

Ramona is the author of Dynamic Belly Dance, the Joyful Journey of Dancemaking and Performing. See free belly dance videos, read book excerpts, and order an autographed copy at

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Thumbplay - Torre De Babel ( Reggaeton Edit) Music ringtone - David ...
Download Torre De Babel ( Reggaeton Edit) Music ringtone, by David Bisbal ft. Wisin & Yandel, to your Cingular, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint or Verizon cell phone. No ...

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La Covacha Nightclub - Reggaeton Music - Miami on Yahoo! Video
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Reggaeton Radio Spanish Music Latino Music Daddy Yankee Latin Music Don Omar Reggaeton Ninos Rebelde Ricardo Arjona Reggaeton Video ... Childrens Music Recordings ...

Free Reggaeton Music Codes - Tons of free reggae/ reggaeton music codes for your page

Top Music Blog " Reggaeton
Reggaeton star Don Omar on first US Tour to promote King of Kings album ... limits of reggaeton and bring a new level of artistry and innovation to my music . ...

DJ MIGUELON ... ZONA REGGAETON - MUSIC ONLINE. EL TOP REGGAETON PERUANO DE ... MIX REGGAETON PERUANO 3 2004/2005 Enlace actualizado. Mix TAPE PERUANO ... In Tune Reggaeton Sessions: Various: Music In Tune Reggaeton Sessions: Various: Music ... In Tune Reggaeton Sessions ...

DJ2BIG.COM :: :: Chicago's #1 DIsc Jockey
Juan 2 Big Perez, the hottest disc jockey on the planet. Download dj mixes for free, itunes podcast, hip hop, reggaeton , freestyle music , chicago house music

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Hep and Happening, Bottles & Chimney - Pubs in Hyderabad

What you see - With the boom in the social scene and a considerable increase in purchasing power, the metro finally got what it desperately needed with Bottles 'n' Chimney - an exclusive night-club with plush sofas, winding staircase and thumping music.

What you get - The first level of B&C (as it is popularly known) is a quiet lounge, while the ground floor has a lot more life in it. And the bar - bang in the center of the floor - is the obvious hub of activity. There are also two tiny dance floors, one on each level, with the music being played ranging from trance and club music to remixes and Indian theme music.

The club also has a large screen put up mainly for movies and sports. In fact during FIFA, the club was transformed into a football-lover's paradise. This tradition has continued through all the sporting events that followed. In fact this was the place which set the precedent in terms of starting the pub and cricket obsession in Hyderabad by putting up large screens. B&C also holds various events including concerts, food festivals and beer-guzzling contests, to entertain its guests.

Finally, for the uninitiated, Bottles & Chimney got its name from the surnames of its owners - Sanjay Batla and Sanjay Chimnani. Now how's that for subliminal self-advertisement?

The verdict - The crowd frequenting this place consists of working professionals in the age group of 25-35. Therefore, apart from good crowd, the assets of B&C are great music, affordability and a decent variety of drinks. However, the club could do with better lighting as it has too many corners plunged in darkness.

Hyderabad Pubs has been written by Shah Barkha for MetroMela

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My "Cold Case" TV Fantasy - Getting Lilly and the "Cold Case" Detective Squad Busted!

I watch "Cold Case" on CBS regularly even though I admit I hate the shows Detective Squad as well as how each case is solved by an unnecessary confession from the killer and then the victim's ghost appears like in a music video, the end. No, I'm not on crack!

The thing I hate most about "Cold Case" is the detectives attitudes. They think they have the right to go gangbusters and accuse every person they interview of being the Anti-Christ. These suspects in turn say they didn't do it and like musical chairs turn the arrogant detectives onto another person to smirk at and be nasty too.

At the end of each episode, without any real solid evidence that would actually get the murderer tried in court or convicted, the killer who has concealed his "perfect crime" for like forever, suddenly decides without a lawyer present, to confess. Magically, the victim's ghost then appears in a trance like kind of music video to swirling or slow dancing music. The end.

I realize "Cold Case" is supposed to be dramatic entertainment for which writers take dramatic liberties to fit the show in an hour format but its a lot easier for me to suspend belief for a show like "Prison Break" then "Cold Case". "Cold Case" tries to present itself in a somber realistic manner but there are a lot of people watching who say, Bogus Man!

If I had my way, as payback to the detectives, I'd do a sequel to a previous episode where it now turns out that the detectives, pressured "the obvious killer" to give a false confession and he's found innocent in Court and truly never did the crime. It would make a great season finale and give the detectives pause for thought on their methods. To top it off, you could have the Ghost of the victim then appearing when the killer is found innocent, finger scolding the detectives to the music of "Ride Your Pony" and see the innocent non-killer smiling with a big grin. The End.

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Rodgers and Hammerstein II, the Greatest Musicals Partnership of all Time

Over the weekend, I drifted to my nearest local EZY video shop. While waiting to be served, I drifted to the comedy, musicals, and the crime sections. It was the musicals that greatly attracted my interest. Ive always loved musicals, something amiss nowadays, replaced by films with much violence, sexual overtones, political, science fiction and other action-packed Hollywood offerings. Slowly, my thoughts lingered to refreshing movies with music The Sound of Music, Carousel, South Pacific, Camelot, My Fair Lady, and Mary Poppins among others. Yes, I particularly mean movie musicals!

Soon enough my memories wafted to the greatest musical collaboration of all time, that of Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II, the most successful legendary songwriting team in musical theatre history. Rodgers wrote the music, and Hammerstein wrote the lyrics. Most of the stage musicals of Rodgers and Hammerstein were made into movies, also with phenomenal success, in particular, The Sound of Music.

At 16, Richard Rodgers (1902-1979) initially wrote a number of successful songs with Lorenz Hart, a partnership that lasted for over twenty years. Hart died in 1943. The same year Rodgers and Hammerstein (1895-1960) teamed up and started their first musical collaboration with Oklahoma! based on a play called Green Grow the Lilacs by Lynn Riggs. Oklahoma! is very different from most musicals written up to that time where they were mainly songs and comedy, with little plot. Usually, the songs had little to do with the story. Oklahoma! has a plot. The songs either help move the plot along or help the audience understand the characters. The story is partly fun, and has a serious side too. This is because Rodgerss background was mostly in the old-style, "fun" musicals, while Hammersteins background was in opera and operettamore "serious" types of music. When Rodgers worked with Hart, he wrote the music first, and then Hart wrote the lyrics. But in this new team, Hammerstein wrote the lyrics first and Rodgers created the music to fit.

Audiences loved Oklahoma!. It played on Broadway for 2,248 performances, breaking all Broadway box office records for shows until that time. It also won the Pulitzer Prize for drama in 1944, which changed the face of stage musicals an emotional story told through music, dance and lyrics as never before. After Oklahoma! Rodgers and Hammerstein went on to create Carousel, South Pacific, The King and I and The Sound of Music. The impact on these shows for Broadway and amateur stage, both in terms of popular appeal and their influence on other writers, was overwhelming.

Carousel, the duos next big hit in 1945, had an even more dramatic plot than Oklahoma!. Instead of the usual overture before the show begins, the show opens with the whole cast performing a ballet as the orchestra plays.

South Pacific, written in 1949, and based on Tales from the South Pacific by novelist James A. Michener, is set during World War II. It has the most serious plot of any Rodgers and Hammerstein show because it confronts both war and racism. South Pacific also won the Pulitzer Prize.

The King and I is about conflicts between cultures. It is based on a true story about Anna Leonowens, a British governess who went to Siam (now Thailand) to teach the kings children. Anna finds life in Siam very different from what she is accustomed to, but she and the king come to like each other despite their differences.

Rodgers and Hammersteins final collaboration was The Sound of Music, in 1959. It is also based on a true story, about a young novice nun who becomes the governess for seven children of a widower, Captain Von Trapp. This musical also has a serious sideit is set in the days of Nazi Germany, and the Von Trapp familys freedom is at stake. The beautiful song "Edelweiss" from The Sound of Music was the last song Rodgers and Hammerstein wrote together. Hammerstein died of cancer on August 23, 1960. After Hammerstein's death, Rodgers wrote other shows with other lyricists, including Stephen Sondheim, but none reached the heights of his work with Hammerstein.

For always, I will relish the most beautiful and poignant legacy of their partnership. How can I forget such immortal, refreshing, and most wonderful hit songs on stage and film history as these:

Oklahoma! - "Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin'," "People Will Say We're in Love," "Many a New Day," "I Can't Say No," and the final rousing chorus of "Oklahoma!" itself.

Carousel "Youll Never Walk alone" and "If I loved You."

South Pacific "There is Nothin' Like a Dame," "This Nearly was Mine," "Younger Than Springtime" and "Some Enchanted Evening."

The King and I "Getting to Know You," "I Whistle a Happy Tune," "Something Wonderful" and "Hello, Young Lovers."

The Sound of Music "Edelweiss," "My Favorite Things", "Climb Ev'ry Mountain," "The Lonely Goatherd", as well as the title song.

Who knows, we might yet have another Rodgers and Hammerstein in the making, an anodyne to all these turbulence and disarray in our world today. As I write this, nearby, my sound system is playing Carousel, softly beckoning me to join in. That I never cease listening to their music and at times singing their songs is a privilege. Im at it now, " how I loved you if I loved you."

Tel Asiado is an Information Technology professional turned writer, author and consultant. Employed by multi-national organizations in information technology, computing and consulting, she has several years of varied experience as project manager, business solution manager, process and information analyst, and as a business writer. Her writings also reflect her passions for inspirational/motivational and Christian insights, and classical music. Visit one of her websites:

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