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"Esperanza," bassist/vocalist/composer Esperanza Spalding's debut on Heads Up International, is set for worldwide release on May 20, 2008. Armed with uncanny instrumental chops, a siren voice that spans three languages, and composing and arranging skills that weave together the best elements of the old-school with the progressive, this 23-year-old has crafted a debut album that takes a completely fresh and refreshing approach to jazz by borrowing from the rich traditions of soul, pop, world music and so much more.

Esperanza is joined in the studio by a crew of A-list session players, including flamenco guitar virtuoso Niño Josele, percussionist Jamey Haddad, drummer Horacio "El Negro" Hernández, saxophonist Donald Harrison and several other seasoned talents - all of whom collectively serve as further evidence of the kind of creative energy and magnetism that she radiates.
Customer Review: Can't get it out of my head
I'm no musician and cetainly no jazz expert. I just love beautiful, interesting, melodious music. This album took my breath away. Every time that I listen to it, I hear something new that catches my ear. The album seems to be packed with talent, but that combination of voice and bass is something else altogether.
Customer Review: Pure Talent
Ms Spalding is an incredible talent. She has been blessed with both an amazing musical ability and is already an accomplished college instructor. Take advantage of the opportunity to see her perform if she happens into your area.

What's the deal with so many white music artists singing black music? Why do white artists who sing black music get better promotion than black artists? Why is R&B music now synonymous with Hip-Hop?

These are some of the hot topics that often come up in private conversations with my industry associates and colleagues. I will attempt to shed some much needed light on these delicate, sensitive and somewhat controversial issues.

To really understand the phenomenon of white music artists singing R&B, you should begin with an examination of the motivation and purpose behind the establishment of black music divisions at record companies in the 60s. While the success of Motown as a black owned operation has been well-documented and highly publicized, many of the competing record labels of that time lacked the personnel to adequately exploit the abundance of musically talented black teens.

White owned record companies shrewdly appointed black music executives who were more in tune and in touch with black music (and the black artists that created and performed it), to help interface with them. This was, after all, a time when race relations were tentative and strained.

Many record companies and radio stations took note of the increasing popularity of R&B music among white teenagers and attempted to preserve racial barriers by denying them access to it. Their denial constituted a potential economic problem since the music industry (like most industries) thrives on supply and demand. Their solution: provide their darling teenaged kids with a "white" alternative; someone who "sounded" black and performed "black" music, a la Elvis Presley, whose popularity was soaring. It wasn't uncommon for records in that era often to have two different versions - a white version and a black version - which was serviced to the appropriate audience.

In the 70's, the push toward equality and peace gave birth to a more gregarious and unified music industry. Top bands like Sly & The Family Stone, Tower of Power, Earth Wind & Fire, and The Commodores emerged and enjoyed success throughout the 70s, but many lacked crossover appeal and forced black music executives to search for other viable options in order to save their jobs. One option was Disco - the hot novelty genre.

Disco was more than a new genre; it was a cultural release from the lingering social anxieties and racial tensions of the 60s and emerged as the dominant format because of its mass market appeal and universal acceptance. The music industry eventually sobered up from the lecherous activities and rampant drug abuse of the disco era in 1979, just in time to endure the worst financial year of its existence.

With slumping record sales and a gluttony of music acts that were signed to perform disco songs, the R&B music community returned to its soulful roots and searched desperately for an answer to rectify the problems that plagued it. The answer wasn't written on the wall, but it was found in the album "Off The Wall" by Michael Jackson, which helped to transition successful R&B music back into a more "Pop-friendly" format that was comparable to R&B in its last heyday of the Motown era.

While Michael captured the hearts and imaginations of white America with his unhuman dance moves, there were plenty of black music pioneers upholding the funky values and virtues of black music as we we marched into the techno era of the 80's. R&B music seemed to undergo a much needed resurgence.

The R&B bands of the 70s started to downsize in personnel as more emphasis was being placed on solo acts (a la Michael Jackson) and vocal groups. For the R&B music artist, the advent of technology superseded the need to be backed up by a band, ushering in the producer era which R&B music is heavily predicated on today.

It was also at this time that many record companies began merging and restructuring, which resulted in the loss of hundreds of jobs for black music executives who were worked in the black music divisions.

Shortly thereafter, we witnessed the birth of "blue-eyed soul" as white music artists who were performing R&B music begun to receive heavy and steady financial backing by their record labels. Hall & Oates enjoyed unprecedented success in the early and mid-80s and proved to be a litmus test for the acceptance of white artists performing R&B under the guise of Pop music.

While Hall & Oates may have raised a few eyebrows in the R&B music community, eyes were opened widely when George Michael, a former member of Pop teen group Wham!, won a Grammy for the best "black" album in 1989. It was the first time in history that a white solo music artist topped the R&B charts. The R&B music community was outraged as veteran black music artists Freddie Jackson and Gladys Knight denounced the political voting practices of the Academy that renders the nominations.

While the award was well-deserved in terms of record sales and radio airplay, the color lines of who qualified as a "black" music artist had been re-defined. When the smoke cleared, the music industry in general, and R&B music community in particular, would both be changed forever.

As we stood on the doorsteps of the 90s, more black music executives lost their jobs as record companies continued the trend of merging, restructuring and downsizing in an effort to diversify their business interests and increase their profits.

Rap music was (finally) being fully embraced as a commercially viable genre and record companies moved quickly to cash in on it. The appeal of low investments, and (potentially) high returns, constituted a major shift in business practices at record companies, and black music artists found themselves jockeying for position on the revamped priority lists of their now predominantly white music executives. After all, Rap was already achieving a high level of "underground" sales with DJs and word-of-mouth serving as its primary means of promotion.

All the record companies needed to do was to bring it to the surface and supply their distribution and marketing resources. Since much of the music was already recorded, they could also circumvent many of the recording costs as well. While the music industry made an overt and deliberate attempt to position itself to supply what appeared to be an insatiable demand for Rap music, it lost sight of the distinction between R&B and Rap.

R&B music lovers helplessly watched as orders came down from white music executives to incorporate elements of Rap music into R&B songs to make them more competitive with Rap, since Rap music artists posed a clear and tangible threat to the record sales of R&B music artists.

At the time, Mariah Carey and Color Me Badd were enjoying newfound stardom that came (once again) as a result of white music executives pushing a novelty agenda of white music artists performing R&B music. Both of the aforementioned acts were initially viewed (by black audiences) as alternatives to their black competitors (Whitney Houston and Boyz II Men respectively), but with such strong marketing and promotional support, both Mariah Carey and Color Me Badd were able to establish their own identity at a faster rate.

Today, the trend continues with white music executives diligently marketing and promoting white music artists such as Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, Joss Stone, Anastacia, etc. singing R&B. Some insiders say that the music industry continues to deliberately and intentionally find alternatives to black music artists to service to white audiences. Industry insiders say that Britney Spears is essentially a white clone of Janet Jackson; emulating her Pop/R&B format, choreographed dance moves, and calculated sex appeal.

It's suspect when newcomers like American Idol's Elliot Yamin are quickly embraced and heralded as "great" R&B singers when juxtaposed against longtime R&B survivors like Brian McKnight, Joe, and Anthony Hamilton.

While some will argue that it's not a simple matter of black versus white since since some of the artists mentioned in this article are not "white," but are of different ethnicities or even part black. The fact is that the widely held opinion in the black community is that if you don't look black (possessing obvious African American features), then you are not. You are something else other than black; and "white" becomes a reference to, or a description of, an undetermined racial category.

The new business model of the music industry has created new opportunities for black entrepreneurs, but many of them lack the financial resources to take advantage of them. As a result they are often forced to participate in the production of Rap music, or R&B music with Rap production as they try to manufacture or supply product and artists that will enable them to embark upon partnerships and joint ventures with the same record companies that dissolved their black music divisions in the first place.

History and research show that the music industry has continued to systematically reduce the role of the black music executive, as they are fired and laid off with greater frequency (and less justification) than their white counterparts. Many of those who remain are often relegated to the now dispensable role of liaison, gatekeeper and hand-holder for troubled Rap acts in this new Hip-Hop era. A far cry from a time when they were once responsible for finding, developing and supporting premier black music artists who created some of the greatest music that we now view as the soundtrack to the this country's history.

Those songs are still the choice of middle-aged Americans who tune into oldie radio stations across the country that have adopted "Classic Soul" as a new format. Where does that leave R&B music artists of today? They are left to compete or join forces with Rap artists since they have been lumped into the same "Urban" or "Hip-Hop" music category.

The formulaic use of R&B to inject a commercial element into Rap music has contributed significantly to the fusion, and confusion regarding the distinction of both genres. This can be traced back to the 80s when R&B acts such as Lakeside, Confunksion, and Teena Marie had huge hits with songs that incorporated Rap ("Fantastic Voyage," "Electric Lady," and "Square Biz"), R&B music embarked upon a trial marriage that turned out to be a permanent one.

R&B is now used to bolster the talent level perception, black audience appeal, and record sales of white music artists in every genre. Even Country (a genre that is guarded by a closed-knit circle of protective white executives), borrows heavily from R&B.

Country is a genre that is ripe for infiltration by conventional R&B artists, but unlike R&B music - which has become a community genre with no one race retaining the inherent rights to perform it - the likelihood of that occurring is slim because of the unquestioned and unchallenged exclusion of other races.

The significant issue in white R&B music artists versus black R&B music artists can be narrowed down to one question: who gets the greater commitment and promotion from their record companies to service a larger audience of consumers?

When one considers the commitment level, dedicated resources, and promotional opportunities which are more abundant for white R&B music artists, and that blacks only account for 15 percent of the population, and that white music artists inherit a larger audience to begin with, understanding the green side of white R&B becomes much easier.

Gian Fiero is a seasoned educator, speaker and consultant with a focus on business development and music/entertainment industry operations. He currently teaches at San Francisco State University where he conducts courses on Music Industry Career Planning and Publicity/Public Relations. His affiliations include National Association Of Record Industry Professionals (associate director); CLA (speaker); West Coast Songwriters (consultant); The Muse's Muse (producer of the Muse's Muse Awards); and SBA (business advisor).

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Staring at the Ceiling

Staring at the Ceiling...a slew of radio-friendly, hook-driven, original songs - upbeat yet mellow, thoughtful but always accessible. Hackbarth selected tunes that spanned almost three years if writing, pulling material from many of the styles he has come to call his own. From the optimistic "Guam" to the quintessential love ballad, "Last Girl", there is something for everyone on one of the best alternative/pop albums of the year...
Customer Review: Great album from a great new band.
The release of Acoustic Radio's first album, "Staring at the Ceiling", coupled with my wish that great independent bands get the exposure they deserve, was enough to prompt me to review my first album. Having moved from Boulder to Los Angeles almost 2 years ago, I was thrilled to find that Acoustic Radio finally had an album out. Having followed the band, as well as the careers of members' prior to the bands formation, I could not wait to get my hands on my own copy of "Staring at the Ceiling". Every time I listen to this album I have a different favorite song. The lyrics are meaningful and insightful and, front man Andy Hackbarth's voice is one of the best in a crop of great, new and largely undiscovered voices. The melodies ebb and flow, at some times upbeat and addictive and at other times calm, peaceful and full of meaning. The musical talent in this band is unsurpassed. My favorites include the opening track, "Postcards from Florida", the catchy "7 Stairs", the upbeat, quirky "Anywhere but Here" and the soulful "Taxi". This is definitely an album worth checking out for both fans of popular alternative music as well as anyone looking for a fresh voice and sound. I can only hope they get around to visiting us out here in LA. I also know they have plenty of material and can't wait for their next album.

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T-Shirt Black " Latin Rap Equalizer " Music

This is a great shirt. Great gift. All TopExpressions products are made under strict quality controls. 100% heavyweight cotton, weight aprox 9oz.

Music will get your guests to dance but good lighting will create the right atmosphere and mood. Many a time the issue of lighting at wedding receptions has not been taken seriously resulting in making the place look like some any other room without ambience and the glamour it ought to have. The lighting will be part of the DJs or the bandsmen equipment and in the search for entertainment, you would take the utmost care to obtain the service that has both modern and impressive lighting to make your guests get into the right mood at your reception.

Of great importance is the strobe light. It has a large beam and it is used to accentuate an appearance. For example, it can be used to make the couple the spotlight of the event as they do the first dance. They can also be used to create a romantic or classy look as different people take to the floor to dance.

The light must be both reliable and attractive. Though the use of disco balls may not be appropriate for such a grand occasion, you can have UV black lights or moving mirror. They both create a fantastic atmosphere.

Aside the dance, the lighting also provides the feeling with which people could associate the music with. As the music rolls, the DJ or lighting man selects the best colors and intensity to match it. It helps the guests to associate themselves with the event.

In the event that you bandsmen or your DJ does not have the ability to manage the lighting well, you can hire a special lighting man to undertake the task. The lighting man has the experience and technical competence to manage the lighting at the reception. He knows which light is best for each mood, for video coverage and for what activity.

Lighting is one important part of your reception. You cannot afford to lose sight of the role it plays in both your reception hall ambiance and in the mood of your guests.

Information on wedding planning and wedding vows is readily available. You can also easily get advice about wedding favors.

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XM Artist Confidential: Exclusive unreleased live performances from the XM Satellite Radio Studios

XM Artist Confidential, Vol. 1 is an impressive collection of exclusive, live tracks selected from the archives of XM's critically-acclaimed performance and interview program, "Artist Confidential." Recorded live before an intimate audience of fans and friends at XM's state-of-the-art studios, the CD features stunning live renditions of "Clocks" by Coldplay, "Always On My Mind," by Willie Nelson, "Sweet The Sting" by Tori Amos and "Whole Lotta Love" performed by Robert Plant. The disc also includes show- stopping recordings from Bonnie Raitt, Roseanne Cash, Raul Midon, Phil Collins, Tracy Chapman, Joan Baez, Bruce Hornsby and Cyndi Lauper.

Lately I am thinking about the power that music has to influence especially the young generation.

I can say that some people are addicted to their ipods and their favorite artists are their new idols. Many of them are thinking that music is just a part of somebodys entertainment, but to me music looks a lot like a new religion.

Music is getting people together and music is separating people, music is bringing a new culture and music is ending a culture, music is mobilizing people for war and music is making them cry. Yes, music is more than few keys joined together, music is a strong tool that deeply changes the young generation.

Teenagers don't want to be like their dads (like in the past), but they want to be like their favorite artist. They don't faint when they see so much suffering around them, but they faint when they see their idol. It's like their idols are taken by their music into a whole new world - the world of fame and glory.

If you want to be successful, if you want to impress the people around you, you have to look and act like a famous singer. The same tendency comes to the Christian music too, almost everybody is looking and prefers to be like one of the singers they love.

I've been to a Christian concert and I was shocked to hear that some of the well known Christian artists are doing a "special favor" to the present pastors, giving them an autograph... It's such a pitiful idea... Why does a pastor need an autograph ? We are suppose to worship Jesus and not people!
The main role for Christian music is to praise God and edify His people.

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The Playdate Kids: The I Like Me Dance

by Tim Friedlander

ISBN-10: 1933721073

What is the best message a kid can understand? The I Like Me Dance by Tim Friedlander spells it out clearlyto like yourself! Just right for preschools, daycare centers and kindergartens everywhere, this book with accompanying CD is going to be a fun chance for kids to dance!

A visit to the zoo with The Playdate Kids leads readers on a dance through exhibits of EAR-lephants, RhiNOSEros, T-EYE-Grrs, and ELBOWa Constrictors, as the CD plays a delightful song, I Like Me. The song speaks of liking my fingers and toes, ears and nose, liking myself night and day, that were all perfect in our own way, and to tell yourself that every day. The beat is just perfect for a zoo setting and will soon have children dancing and singing along. The illustrations, by W.M. Edwards are inviting and fun, showing the familiar Playdate Kids making faces or holding their breath as they groove through the zoo. The youngest readers will delight in pointing out animals and hearing this positive message.

This fun book is a must have for anyone who has young children in their lives. What 3 6 year old doesnt like the zoo, or to dance? The underlying theme, and clear message of self love is most important, and it is done in such a delightful way that kids will be clamoring to hear the song and do the dance every chance they get, reinforcing this significant lesson. Its a perfect non-quiet time activity for story hour. I am thrilled to see this simple and inspiring set and trust it will fast become a favorite.

Tim Friedlander is a talented author and musician who has training in music and psychology. His work with The Playdate Kids Musical Series shows promise of a bright future, for himself, and his readers. I cant wait to see what else he does!

Heather Froeschl is an author, award winning editor, and book reviewer, at and

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Luis Miguel returns in 2008 hotter than ever with his long awaited studio album, Complices. This sensational worldwide music artist has released 23 albums and sold over 52 million albums in his career. Internationaly known for his romantic ballads, crooning vocals, and chart topping hits, Luis Miguel has sold out shows around the world. Manuel Alejandro has joined in the production of Complices bringing even more star power to this this album.
Customer Review: A good album destroyed by three songs
The album Should have not included the three songs mentioned in the previous review. These songs cut the flow of the mood, they are faster and over produced. I can't believe Luis Miguel is still singing those poppy cheesy styled songs he used to sing in the eighties. It is a shame to ruin such a great line up of songs with three songs that should have been sung by Tom Jones. I believe an album that consists mostly of ballads should include mid tempo, sexy, groovy songs to break the monotony, not cheesy poppy disco songs with choruses that will make your woman jump out of your bed and attach herself to the ceiling like a freaked-out tarantula. Luis Miguel should sing ballads,R&B,soul,Jazz,even sexy chilled-out house, but leave those songs for Tom Jones, he is the king of that style.
Customer Review: Now the marvel of Complices.
This disk is for the sensitive people and the people that understand music. It's not a contemporary radioplay. Luis Miguel interprets beatifully every song. Passion and provocative poetry are in each song of the disc. Luis Miguel and Manuel Alejandro created a great joy for those who know about music.

The system of Indian classical music known as Raga Sangeet can be traced back nearly two thousand years to its origin in the Vedic hymns of the Hindu temples. Unlike Western classical music which has written scores, an Indian classical performance is based on improvisation, and anywhere from 10% to 90% of the performance could be extempore, depending on the creative imagination of the artist. The music is rendered orally to the disciple by his guru, popularly known as guru-shishya (teacher-student) parampara (tradition).

The very heart of Indian music is the raga, the melodic form upon which the artist improvises his performance. A raga is a scientific, precise, subtle and aesthetic melodic form with its own ascending and descending movement consisting of either a full seven-note octave or a series of six or five notes.

Every raga is characterized by its own particular mood. The acknowledged order of these nine sentiments, or emotions, is as follows: romantic and erotic, humorous, pathetic, anger, heroic, fearful, disgust, amazement and peaceful. Each raga, in addition to being associated with a particular mood, is also closely connected to a particular time of day or a season of the year. Thus through the rich melodies and rhythm of Indian music, every human emotion, every subtle feeling in man and nature, can be musically expressed and experienced.

In terms of aesthetics, a raga is the projection of the artist's inner spirit: a manifestation of his most profound feelings and sensibilities. The musician breathes life into each raga as he unfolds and expands it so that each note shimmers and pulsates with life and the raga is revealed vibrant and incandescent with beauty.

The tala, or rhythmic cycle of a raga, plays an equally important role in expressing the mood. There is a unique relationship between melody and rhythm. The intricacies depict the complexities and sophistication with which they are woven together. The division in a taal and the stress on the first beat, called sum, are the most important feature. The most exciting moment for a seasoned listener is when both the musicians, after their individual improvisations, come back together on the sum.

Today, Indian classical music is a permanent part of Western culture. Many composers and musicians have been influenced by our music. The openness, will to learn, and sincere enthusiasm of Western audiences are a continuing source of inspiration and delight. Indian music is one of the highest forms of music existing and nourished through its rich cultural heritage.

Shilpa Rao is a professional Indian Classical Music artist. Learn basics of Indian Classical Music system at

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Como Su Ritmo No Hay Dos

Customer Review: Pura Dinamita Get It
Absolutely essential latin music DVD. Ok, it starts nice but once it gets into YAMBU, just buckle up your seat belt because it just heavy descarga until the last number A Gozar Timbero. Along with Calle 54 and Fania in Africa (Incorrectly called Celia Cruz in Africa)indispensable videos for aghasting and open your friend jaws!!! BUT PLEASE WE NEED A DVD VERSION!!!!!
Customer Review: A must have for any latin music fans
This video is an absolute must have for anyone who considers him or herself a music fan. My only complaint is: WHERE IS THE DVD VERSION!

Many people realize that satellite TV is available in the United States, but not everyone is aware of the various locations where satellite television can be found throughout the world. Locations for satellite television include the Americas, Africa, Asia, Europe, and more.

In Africa, there are many locations where satellite television is the only option. The infrastructure for cable television does not exist in almost any part of Africa, nor would it be cost effective to install because most Africans could not afford the prices associated with cable television.

Therefore, satellite television opens up the possibility to channels that are broadcasted in English, French, German, and Portuguese, as well as some African languages. The masses in Africa can also access satellite television through Free2view, which broadcasts news from MSNBC, as well as other channels that continue to be added.

In the Americas, options and locations for satellite television vary for Canada, the United States, and parts of Latin America. In Canada, there are two legal options, which do not include American satellite providers. However, most people in Canada still have access to American services and pirated services, which are both considered to be part of the Canadian satellite television black market.

Similarly, Latin America's dependence on satellite television is limited to the Latin-based satellite system, SKY Latin America, in Brazil and Mexico, and DirecTV Latin America in the rest of the South American countries. DirecTV, which also has United States locations for satellite television providers, currently competes with Dish Network for household satellites services throughout the majority of states.

Throughout Asia, locations for satellite television providers are more numerous that in other areas of the world. In Bangladesh alone there are at least a dozen different satellite services. Other areas of Asia, including India and Malaysia, also have unique providers. While India has at least three primary providers, Malaysia is limited to Measat Broadcast Network Systems, which is the sole satellite television operator in the area.

In other areas, like Europe, there are large gains in the technology and locations of satellite TV. Depending on whether you are in Central Europe, the Netherlands, or Italy, your main providers will vary, as will the number of people who use this type of television programming as their primary service. For some areas, like Belgium and the Netherlands, the completion from cable networks that provide exclusive content can overpower the benefits provided by satellite services.

Competition in various locations for satellite television caused a competitive bidding war in the United Kingdom between Sky and BSB. However, eventually the two companies merged to form BSkyB, which later became Sky Digital.

Wherever you are located, there are sure to be a number of ways that you can research any available satellite television options for you. However, it is also important to keep in mind that in many locations, satellite television providers are offering free-to-air channels. Although these often include your basic channels, it can affect how satellite services are presented, and priced, in your area.

For more information about satellite TV or the programming options available for DIRECTV visit

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Karaoke MTV Latin Pop Music CD+G 2-Pack CD Volume 1 & 2

Remakes of some of the most popular Latin Pop hits have been compiled on an energetic two CD+Graphics set for karaoke fans to enjoy. Though it's geared for the teen set, grownups will undoubtedly join in when they hear these tunes and see accompanying lyrics for each track on their TV screens. It's easy, instant fun for future American idols of any age. There are two versions of each song: with and without vocals. All songs are professional re-creations and not sung by the original artists.
Customer Review: parental advisory
I bought this for my 8 year old daughter, assuming that because it was geared towards kids, it would be appropriate. I was disappointed to see that these cds had a parental advisory: "Explicit lyrics" sticker on them. It did not say this in the product description. I will be returning this item.
Customer Review: Karaoke CD review
I like this, because i love to sing. It educates you in music and is a lot of fun to do with your friends. Its not very durable though, but how many CDs are???

While Wolfgang Mozart showed an amazing aptitude for music very early in life, he also displayed an absolute affinity for women. His charm was alluring, earning him the title, "The Most Kissed Boy in Europe."

Unfortunately, his adorable charm began to fade when, at age seven, he proposed to the future queen of France, Marie Antoinette, and was rejected. Things got worse when his girlfriend and the love of his life forgot him after his absence during a musical tour of Europe. She didn't even recognize him when he entered the room. Ouch.

Imagine, were he alive today, young Mozart could have tried courting 21st Century-style with a date at the movies. This teen was the type of courter who, eager to scoop a handful of bosom in the dark theatre, would employ the "stretch and clutch" maneuver.

This is a smooth and delicate movement where the suave pubescent pretends his arms need a stretch. After slowly lifting his limb closest to his target, he reaches around to her furthest shoulder and casually rests his hand there. Little by little he begins to feel the overwhelming force of earth's gravity as his hand creeps down.

This tactic sometimes backfires, leaving a buttery hand print across the attacker's doleful face and an angry phone call from the girl's father. In the event his device failed, he would have simply pursued her sister. It worked for him back in the 1700's!

Well, sort of.

His wife, the sister of the first "forgetful" girl, was described by him as "not ugly, but in no means a beauty." He went on to write, "She is not witty but has enough sound common sense to enable her to fulfill her duties as a wife and mother." Again, ouch!

Enough of Wolfgang. One fellow who never had any romantic charm to begin with was Franz Schubert, nicknamed "Little Mushroom" for his chubby stature, little round glasses, and shy, geeky nature. A crummy catch for most girls , he was a poor composer who couldn't even afford his own piano and composed his piano works on a cheap guitar.

At one point he thought the best way to woo a potential sweetheart was to write her a love song. Unfortunately, he couldn't sing to save his life ever since his voice broke at age 16. He devised a scheme where his friend, Schober, a handsome tenor, sang the tune to the girl with Schubert's piano accompaniment. Much to the mushroom's dismay, when the song was finished, the girl embraced Schober!

If only he were born in the mid-1900's, Schubert would have been much more successful in catching girls with his music. All he would have to do was holler out the song himself, strum a few chords on his Fender and gaze at her through his groovy, John Lennon-style glasses. The guy would have been a babe magnet, and I'd still love his music, be it changed.

Peter Tchaikovsky had disastrous relationships. His first marriage lasted only 9 weeks, which resulted in him trying to kill himself. Other affairs didn't get much better. He finally met a wealthy 46-year-old widow, but their relationship never went past writing letters for 14 years. They met once by pure accident and were so embarrassed that they ran in opposite directions.

Peter would have done very well had he the chance to date on the Internet. Thousands of on-line dating and matchmaker services offer a highly selective process in which the seekers specify the personality, physical appearance , income bracket and other details of themselves and their potential mates. Peter was a handsome lawyer who dressed very well and had expensive taste. This successful and famous musician was also sensitive guy who wasn't afraid to cry. This hunk would have cleaned house on

Even if he chose to continue his relationship with the widow on-line, it would've saved him oodles in postage stamps and would have been much quicker than mail delivery in 1880's Russia. Maybe he could've gone a step further and picked up the phone, or even hopped on a plane to take a visit! It's these modern-day miracles in technology that could have bridged an awkward gap in poor Tchaikovsky's love life.

As I write this I think of what my love life would have been like if I lived in the time of the great composers. Chances are, I would've married for money, or worse, against my will, and life as a woman would have meant serving my husband and fifteen-plus children. At least my corset would've had me too breathless to complain...

Even though life seems to be more complicated in the 21st Century than ever before, I'm blessed to have a relatively simple life with endless opportunities and to have found love. It's not romantic, but it's simple, it's real and it's mine.

**Rhiannon Schmitt (nee Nachbaur) is a professional violinist and music teacher who has enjoyed creative writing for years.

She currently writes columns for two Canadian publications and Australia's "Music Teacher Magazine." Writing allows her to teach people that the world of music is as fun as you spin it to be!

Rhiannon's business, Fiddleheads Violin School & Shop, has won several distinguished young entrepreneur business awards for her commitment to excellence. Her shop offers beginner to professional level instruments, accessories and supplies for very reasonable prices: Visit

Rhiannon is also Founding President of the Shuswap Violin Society which promotes violin & fiddle music and helps young musicians in need:

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Sweatshirt White " Love Latin Rap " Music

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1. Association

People need to associate with your music to something they know before they listen to anything, yet alone download anything. So make sure that you actually specify what you music sounds like. This is a fantastic way to get the "mental image download audience". By saying: "Tiesto sounding music to make your butt shake. Click here to dance for free." Is an extremely good mental image ticking all the downloaders boxes. 1. They are into that style of music, and 2. Its free. You are putting up mental images of kicking music because you have associated it with kicking artists and descriptive words.

2. Artist Pages

You have to know your audience for this to work. Hence doing prep work before you even start building a web site. Ask yourself, who actually is your audience? if you have created trance tracks you need to be building pages designed to attract trance listeners. A great way of doing this, but getting targeted downloaders is to make pages that review trance artists. If you list the "best trance artists" and then have a page dedicated to profiling each one, then you are netting a wide but targeted audience who likes trance. Then at the bottom of each page link to your own songs.

3. Placement

This is an area where I have done extensive research. First off, you need to figure out "what is your goal". Be realistic. If it is to get an album deal, then it means hard work, but if your goal is to spread your music far and wide then the actual placement of your songs on your pages will make a huge difference to downloads. If your songs are more than a few clicks away then you will not get that download.

If they are 1 click away then you will get a much better response rate. 1 click away downloads are only available if you have a nav bar that says 1. free music, 2.links on other pages that link directly to your music download page (not many people jump straight into your homepage, most will jump away from it as most traffic generated is search engine led) that state there is free music to listen to.

4. Offer a download

This may seem pretty insane, but it is strange how many people don't offer this. It is mainly because they don't say that people can download their tracks or have them tucked away from public view. personal bug to download. I am not going into that, but all I am saying is that don't get people to pay for your tracks. You are supposed to be promoting your tracks- so don't put up a cash barrier. Offer a free album download to newsletter subscribers. This offers to spread your tracks and increases your subscriber base at the same time.

5. Pre-sell

It may sound strange, but getting the download is all to do with selling, even though you are offering something for free. You see, point 2 in combination with point 3 will get the most recognition from downloaders because they are wanting to download your song. If you go onto a site with reams of MP3s, unless you know the artist or have a love of their music them then it makes no sense to download anything- what on earth are you downloading? IamHere.mp3- what is that!?

We must realise that downloaders have a vast choice out there, so we must make their site visit pleasurable, and easy to get what they want. Having flash and "in your face" animations seem cool, but they don't really add to your pre-sell, they just annoy and don't lead the downloader to what they want.

So to increase your downloads, you must always think of pre-selling. This can be simple as putting a streaming link on your page, playing the track when someone comes onto the site (beware download rates).

Even putting a brief description with the track (key word= descriptive/ relevant/ see point 1) and even asking to rate your music (you can see then what people like and dislike- an easy tool to modify your future music creations. You could even put remixes of various artist tracks (having a page per song to get better ranking in search engines and to attract the targeted audience).

Describe what you have done, get interviews from like themed artists, appear on other artists sites...Offer something for the downloader.

Dominic Hough has created "The Complete Music Making, Marketing and Selling Bible". From idea to number 1 success, see how YOU can create a Techno smash with free music software. Click here to find out more.

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Launch CD-Rom 50

March 2001 CD-Rom magazine. Features an exclusive interview with the band and exclusive version of "Shiver". Also has features on Jeff Beck, Buckcherry (with a live version of "Ridin'") and much more.

Ballet is a dance that beautifies our movements and builds gracefulness into our body and limbs. Transcending centuries, ballet has a long history. With roots in the Renaissance court spectacle in Italy, ballet has taken its form from the French ballet de cour.

Enchanting and graceful with unbelievable steps, ballet is an extremely difficult dance to be learnt perfectly. Great determination, undying spirit, hard work, unbounded practice, and pain are required to master the steps and make a graceful and superb dancer.

To enable dancers to perform perfectly, there are special shoes available - simply called ballet shoes or ballet slippers - made out of leather, satin, or canvas which makes ballet steps and movements possible without causing any injuries to the dancer.

Research shows that some brands are particularly known for making good ballet shoes of different types, materials, and designs. Angelo Luzio, Freed, Gamba, Grishko, Leo, Patterson, Sansha, Art Stone, Bloch, Capezio, and Danshuz are some brands among others which specialize in ballet shoes or slippers.

Ballet slippers are always preferred to be snug but not tight, and to have enough room for the toes to spread out comfortably. Good ballet shoes also have ribbons and elastics to allow for flexibility and feet comfort. Options exist as to the type of sole pattern desired - split or full sole.

Multitudes of ballet schools exist which have brilliant teachers imparting ballet lessons to people of all ages. Apart from the normal ballet lessons, there are even summer intensive courses and some special courses to children of aged 3 or 4 years. Such courses help to tune in their movements to music. However, most professional courses begin at the age of 9 years.

American Repertory Ballets Princeton Ballet School, School of American Ballet, the San Francisco Ballet School, and Canadas Royal Winnipeg Ballet are some schools which impart professional ballet dancing lessons.

Some talented and famous dancers include Anna Pavlova, Vaslav Nijinsky, Alicia Alonso, Briely Movric, Paloma Herrera, and Mikhail Baryshnikov, besides many, many others.

An expressive dance form, ballet continues today in its ever-growing popularity, stealing hearts of millions of people all over the world.

Ballet provides detailed information on Ballet, Ballet Shoes, Ballet Classes, Ballet Dancers and more. Ballet is affiliated with Ballet Flat Shoes.

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X And Y

Music is an essential part of a childs development so enjoy the music of Wiggles at your child's birthday. It is no small wonder that music and sound is present in almost all the toys and television programs that cater to our young. In recent years The Wiggles singing group has created dozens of fun and great songs that appeal to children everywhere. This Australian band sings songs with upbeat lyrics and musical accompaniment that not only engage children but encourage them to grow and learn two very important words to any parent. You can take advantage of your childs love of music and The Wiggles to create an excellent party that theyll talk about for weeks afterwards.

For your Wiggles party youll need lots of party supplies that are bright and colorful. Dont forget to pick up musical instruments for the kids too. They can serve as decorations or cool take home party favors. You neednt break the budget in order to get musical instruments for the party either. Save some cash and purchase a package of a dozen colorful Maracas for the party. Youll find that there are Maracas of all different sizes and shapes, from plastic to wood, and toddlers love shaking them to make noise. Tambourines are another cheap instrument that you can find plenty of in the form of party favors.

The Wiggles themed party supplies are essential to make this party work. You can find plenty of paper supplies to serve food on in the form of plates, napkins and tablecloths. Also blue, green, and yellow streamers add an eclectic but properly themed color mix to the party area. Kids also like balloons so you can blow up a few in the previously mentioned colors and just leave them around the room.

Put on some Wiggles music and youre ready to have a great party. The Wiggles encourage kids to dance and sing along with them so make sure you have a large area cleared for activities.

Mrs. Party... Gail Leino takes a common sense approach to planning and organizing events, celebrations and holiday parties with unique ideas for birthday party supplies and fun free educational party games. She explains proper etiquette and living a healthy life while also teaching organizational skills and fun facts. The Party Supplies Hut has lots of party ideas with hundreds of free coloring sheets, printable games, and free birthday party activities. Over 100 adorable Party Themes to fit your birthday celebration, holiday event, or "just because" parties is at the Party Theme Shop. Party themes include cartoon characters, sports, movie, TV shows, luau, western, holidays, and unique crazy fun theme ideas.

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Anyone who has ever been to a social dancing event knows that not everyone has a good time, or at least not equally so. Some sit out many (if not all) dances, while others never seem to sit down. Why the difference?

There is only one reason for dancing at a social do: to have fun. There is no competition, no need to be absolutely perfect in the steps, and no reason to be stern and serious while cutting a rug. The key skill is the ability to socialize while keeping feet in time to the music.

This is easier said than done for some people, and is what makes the difference between sitting on the sidelines and hitting the floor. Many people are very self-conscious about dancing, either because they dont know the steps or because they think they look silly. Others are so intense while doing the steps that they can barely look up, and even when they do, conversation is impossible because they are silently counting and concentrating on foot movement.

Beyond the basics of dance etiquette, there are some rules of thumb that warrant following to master the art of dance floor socializing. Here are some examples:

Prepare yourself. If you know that there is a big event coming up that will include dancing beyond the non-contact freestyle sort, learn the steps. Take a social dancing class or two to master the basics. And practice. When the event comes along, you will be able to take to the floor without worrying about your skill and having to count in your head.

Dress to dance. Think about the dancing part of the event when you plan your outfit. Shoes need allow you to move safely, clothes need to make it easy for a partner to make contact as you move through various steps and turns.

If you want to be asked to dance, put on your happy face. Looking stern will make you appear unapproachable. Tap your fingers or toes to the music, smile, and make eye contact.

On the other side of the coin, try not to refuse an invitation to dance. Most songs are no more than three or four minutes long, so dancing with someone that might not be your ideal partner should not be too much strain. Be gracious, be polite, and you will be rewarded!

Dont dance with just one person. Dancing with a wide set of partners is a cornerstone of social dancing. Dance with everyone, and get everyone to dance.

When you make it out onto the dance floor, keep the fun going. Again, some rules of thumb:

Be entertaining. While having a good time yourself, engage your partner. Think of dancing in terms of moving to music while carrying on cocktail party conversation. Dance at a level you both enjoy, and exercise a good sense of humor. And smile!

Make your partner feel appreciated. The most popular dancers are not the most skillful, but the ones who clearly appreciate and enjoy their partners. Most people are not interested in dancing with someone who is obviously bored or feeling put upon, no matter how great their footwork may be.

Never blame your partner for anything that may happen on the dance floor.

Do not start teaching on the dance floor, unless your partner asks you to do so. Unsolicited lessons are more likely to embarrass your partner than to make them happy. If you are a more skilled dancer, you should be able to match yourself to your partners level of ability.

If you are leading, do so comfortably. Cranking your partners arm to force a turn or pushing and pulling them into position will not be a pleasant experience. If your partner is not doing what you want, your lead probably was not clear enough or beyond her own skill level. Tone it down and lead steps that can be transmitted and received enjoyably.

If you are following, dont start back-leading. It is disrespectful to your partner when you steal the lead.

Protect your partner. If you are leading, anticipate the movement of the other dancers and move your steps into empty areas of the floor so that you dont run into other couples. If you are following, keep an eye out behind your partners back. If a couple is bearing down in his blind spot, let him know with pressure on his hand or shoulder, or simply by telling him.

Avoid humming or singing along with the music you are dancing to.

Social dancing is social. Each dance is a brief encounter that should be fun for both partners. Approach the floor with a good attitude and sense of humor, concentrate on the enjoyment of dancing rather than technical proficiency, and dont worry if there are missteps or other mistakes. Youll go home well exercised and happy!

This article was contributed by Master Portable Floors. Master Portable Floors is the floor of choice by professional dancers. The floors have been rated highest quality by the American Swing Dancing Association and the Ball Room Dancing Association. Master Portable Floors has a unique flex action that provides a comfortable dancing surface that reduces hip and joint injuries. To learn more about Master Portable Floors visit

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