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The Absolute, Ultimate Collector's Edition of the British Band's Third Chart Topping Hit Album.this Limited Edition Issue Includes a Bonus Dvd with Six Bonus Songs (All Taken from the Backing Tracks of Three Singles Released in Conjunction with this Album): "Things I Don't Understand", "Proof", "The World Turned Upside Down", "Pour Me (Live at the Hollywood Bowl)", "Sleeping Sun" and "Gravity". Then, the Disc also Includes the Promotional Videos of all the Singles: "Speed of Sound", "Fix You", "Talk" and "The Hardest Part". Get Your Order in Quickly to Make Sure You Don't Miss this Very Special Package.
Customer Review: A good album with excellent bonuses
At this price you have to really like Coldplay. This is not their best album but great nonetheless. I will always enjoy Parachutes the most. This edition of X&Y includes the videos for "Fix You," "Speed of Sound," "The Hardest Part," and "Talk". It also includes two exclusive B-sides: "Setting Sun" and "Gravity". "Setting Sun" is actually a very good song. It's a shame it doesn't get more recognition. Did I mention the songs come in DVD-audio? Overall, this is a must-have for any hardcore Coldplay fan. All others can pass.
Customer Review: Best ever
This is my favorite CD ... I have listened to it over a 100 times! I am not tired of it. Great music!!!


Rueda de Casino originated in Havana, Cuba in the 60s. Rueda is a particular style of Salsa where dancers form a circle and dance in pairs (leaders and followers). All dancers perform the same moves as they are called by the "caller" and dancers swap partners quite a few times during one dance.


Rueda's music is exactly the same as Salsa music, as it is just a variation for the dance and not the music. The music is played in 4/4 with beats 4 and 8 representing a pause and the other beats representing steps. Claves, Congo or the tin drum are often used to mark the main beats of the music.


Rueda is a particular style of Salsa where dancers form a circle and dance in pairs (leaders and followers). All dancers then perform the same moves when the moves are called by one person in the circle. Most of the moves involve dancers changing partners and so, dancers find themselves moving around the circle during a dance. A lot of the moves have hand signals to represent them, which is particularly useful when dancers are dancing in a big circle or in a noisy environment when it is not particularly easy to hear the caller. Most Rueda moves are common to partner dancing in Salsa, whereas some are specific only to the group variation of the dance.

Latinos NZ Popularity Scale: 7/10

Rueda is quite popular in New Zealand and is quickly gaining popularity with more dancers getting used to the dance. On an average night out in a Latin Club in New Zealand, you will often see "Rueders" get together for a few Ruedas.

Why dance with just one, when you can dance with them all?!

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City of Men

As Seen on the SUNDANCE CHANNELFrom the team behind the Academy Award®-nominated feature CITY OF GOD including directors Fernando Meirelles (THE CONSTANT GARDNER) and K tia Lund comes the hit Brazilian television series CITY OF MEN a comedy/drama about two teenage boys growing up in a dangerous Rio de Janeiro slum starring Darlan Cunha and Douglas Silva featured in the motion picture that inspired this series.The CITY is a shantytown located in one of the many mountains of Rio de Janeiro. The MEN are two 13-year-old kids Laranjinha and Acerola. This series brilliantly mixes humor and reality to explore life in the "favelas" and in particular the indomitable spirit of two best friends growing up in one of most volatile communities in the world.System Requirements:Run Time: 570 minutesFormat: DVD MOVIE Genre: TELEVISION/SERIES & SEQUELS Rating: NR UPC: 660200314125 Manufacturer No: PALMDV3141
Customer Review: Close to being brilliant!!
"If you die your son will be like us. Fatherless." From a film-makers point of view, this film is a daunting task. It has many characters but still grasps your attention. There are so many very good foreign language films nowadays. I thought Tsotsi was top notch and now, City of Men. I mean, wow! The characters in the film are young men involved in gangs, carefully woven in their anger and paranoid youth is a sense of dread and being doomed. Excellent drama. This is a must watch for anyone who's remotely interested. There will be a scene where you will laugh really really hard. There's a little kid in the film that you'll want to cuddle. You'll never want to live the character's life though. Also ... it actually made me think about something most men don't ever think of. It's about fatherhood. Before I become incoherent, I'll just end by saying, this film is going to do really well and is a must must watch. Thankyou for reading.
This series does not follow the exact story or timeline as the movie City Of God but it takes place in Rio de Janeiro in the Favela. I was entertained and pleased with the acting, cinematography, and realness. I almost felt that I was there and I could have been there in my younger years.

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Wolf Like Me by TV On The Radio on Yahoo! Music
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RADIO LEGS MUSIC . Main Page CD Store Songbooks Contact/Booking Concerts ... Radio Legs email. Radio Legs Music was formed in 1977 to publish and administrate ...

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Bucky Covington | Music | I'LL WALK at Radio Now!!
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Sweatshirt Black " Latin Rap Equalizer " Music

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Buy Various Artists - Latin Playground - Various Artists Latin Playground is a childrens CD from PUTUMAYO WORLD MUSIC . Released on June 11, 2002.

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Buy Complete WAVE Download. Rocktronica - Kirk Casey $15.00. Links. CD Baby ... World Soundtrack music with Latin , Middle Eastern, Indian and Celtic music influences. ... - Music Sound
... premiere resource for music - compositions, events, forms, ... Latin dance. Music of Brasil. Novelty and fad dances. Partner dance. Square dance. Swing dance ...
Latin Music . By Relevance. Buy Mp3 Online. Music Contests. By Popularity ... Latin Music Download Websites For Downloading Music Buying Music Online Music ...

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Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine - Homecoming Concert

Customer Review: Homecoming Concert One More Time...
This is the concert where I fell in love with Gloria and the MSM. The music is classic and the performance brings me back to my happy teen years. I have played the video at least once/week for the last 15 years and it never fails to make me feel good. Gloria's outfits are very sexy and alot of fun to look at. From the thigh boots and tight body outfit it to the chaps wearing biker chick look she oozes Sex Appeal. Hoping some day it'll be on DVD and re-released as a Classic. Joanne
Customer Review: Excellente (y Caliente?)
This is a classic concert. And I agree that it should be released on DVD. "Words Get in the Way" performed accousticly with John and Jorge on guitars, "FANTASTIC". Or how about Gloria looking "Caliente" wearing jeans covered by some leather cowboy stuff. Next year I went to the concert in Rotterdam, but she didn't wear the outfit. Hahahha. Should have asked my money back. No, seriously. This tape is EXCELLENTE (Y CALIENTE?).

It surprises us when this type of thing is said and revealed but it happens more often than we sometimes realise.

Spiritual inspirational leadership which is vibrant genuine and sincere is so needed.

King Solomon, with all his wisdom, fame, wealth, popularity and business acumen, became bored.

Do you ever hear people say that today? "Oh, I am bored. I have nothing to do. There is nowhere to go!"

People need God to give shape and purpose for their lives. It was only when Solomon turned away from Almighty God that he became increasingly dissatisfied.

The issues Solomon dared to write about are the same basic issues which bother many people today. Solomon's writings are highly relevant.

He has big important significant questions. Routine bored him. The sun rose and set every day. It never seemed to change. That is not monotony. That is order.

This man who had known such wisdom was baffled, and he began to find life wearisome.

That happens when you marginalise God.

When a man turns from God it is more serious than simple boredom and weariness. When a nation turns from the ways of God, it gets into a terrible tangle. How many nations are in just this very confusion and disarray in these present days?

Solomon decided to become involved in more things. That is not the answer either.

Surely our lives will suddenly change if we have more television, more radio, more travel, more music, more entertainment!

Solomon landed up in a sorry state. It was as though he was just going round in circles and getting nowhere.

He had wandered far and it showed. In his search for satisfaction he explored so many avenues.

If only, at that point, he could have heard these words of Jesus which Peter heard, "Follow Me and I will make you", and if he had responded as Peter responded what a transformation there would have been.

There is one thing you can be sure of - if you follow Jesus Christ you will never be bored!

Sandy Shaw

Sandy Shaw is Pastor of Nairn Christian Fellowship, Chaplain at Inverness Prison, and Nairn Academy, and serves on The Children's Panel in Scotland, and has travelled extensively over these past years teaching, speaking, in America, Canada, South Africa, Australia, making 12 visits to Israel conducting Tours and Pilgrimages, and most recently in Uganda and Kenya, ministering at Pastors and Leaders Seminars, in the poor areas surrounding Kampala, Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu.

He broadcasts regularly on WSHO radio out of New Orleans, and writes a weekly commentary at entitled "Word from Scotland" on various biblical themes, as well as a weekly newspaper column.

His M.A. and B.D. degrees are from The University of Edinburgh, and he continues to run and exercise regularly to maintain a level of physical fitness.

Sandy Shaw

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Coldplay - Parachutes - Rectangle Sticker / Decal

We also carry a full line of CD, DVD, Tape & Record Supplies! As well as thousands of discontinued and out of print sound recordings (CDs, LPs, Cassettes). Quantity discounts available - please inquire. We sell wholesale and retail.


Mambo originated in Havana, Cuba in the 40s. The Mambo was originally played as a Rumba with an emphasis on 2 or 4. Once introduced, it fast led to other variations. Although Mambo did not last long and is only danced by advanced dancers today, it led to other styles that became popular such as Salsa and Cha-cha.


Mambo is an up-tempo dance rythm, usually around 200 bpm. Mambo, like Salsa is played in 4/4 with all 4 beats being evenly accented. Like a lot of Latin American rythms, percussion forms a very important part of the music.


Mambo is probably one of the toughest dances to learn, especially is you are already used to dancing one of the other Latin styles like Salsa. Although the music is 4/4, the stepping is quite different. The steps are taken on the second beat as opposed to the first beat, which is one of the main differences that throw most dancers off. The other difference is that the weight change takes place three times in every four beats whereas only two steps are taken!

Latinos NZ Popularity Scale: 1/10

Mambo is rarely danced in Latin clubs in New Zealand, and is rarely taught in training institutes.

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The Future is Unwritten-DVD Documentary

Julien Temple, one of the early documentarians of the London punk scene and director of the 2000 Sex Pistols film The Filth and the Fury, turns his attention now to that other seminal British band: The Clash--or more accurately, to the band's co-founder, lyricist, rhythm guitarist and lead singer, Joe Strummer. The Future is Unwritten is more than just a biography of Strummer; it is a tribute and exploration of a musician, artist and devoted humanist. Though Temple respects and admires Strummer (his influence is exalted by close friends, peers and fans like Bono and John Cusack), he doesn't romanticize this larger-than-life personality and presents Strummer honestly and not always in flattering light, though the director's fondness for his subject is constant. Most movingly, Strummer himself provides the narration via reassembled excerpts from a variety of interviews and the BBC radio show he hosted during the nineties. In the wrong hands, this could be contrived, but in this masterful documentary it serves as a testament to not just Joe Strummer the myth, but Joe Strummer the man, telling us his story in vivid detail. The Future is Unwritten is a moving and personal portrait of a musician who helped shaped not just punk, but modern music as a whole. --Kira Canny
Customer Review: Amazing movie about a rock legend
There have been several movies made about Joe Strummer but Julien Temple's is unique in its personal touch. Temple was a friend of Strummer's for many years and so had insight into the man behind the music that many people did not have. The movie consists of Joe's life story as told by many friends, acquaintances, fellow artists and others who knew him or were influenced by him over the years. Amazing music, very well put-together, and just a great story about a man who was a huge influence on rock & roll and politics during his time on this earth. Joe was taken from the world too early when he died unexpectedly in December 2002 and after watching this movie one can only wonder what more he would have accomplished. The opening scene of Joe singing "White Riot" a capella in the studio is complemented by the closing scene of Joe and Mick Jones reuniting on stage 20+ years later to perform the same song...even though they were old (and Mick a little bald!) they still ROCKED. If you like the Clash, you must see this movie!!

What exactly is the attraction when it comes to Bob Marley posters? They seem to be very popular amongst the college crowd for one. Walk through any college campus, and check out all the Marley t-shirts for starters. Carry it a little bit further, and start asking questions. I'll bet if you asked 100 students who Bob Marley was, the vast majority of them could tell you. A few could probably name a few of his songs, and if your really lucky a few more could sing you a few words. Your safest bet for this would be to ask the question around the music building. I'd hate to hear a Bob Marley song mangled by some engineering student that was rejected in the first round of American Idol.

Now, I don't suggest this, but if you were able to see what was hanging on the walls of many of those same students dorm walls, I bet there would be more then a few Bob Marley posters, photographs or prints. Why exactly is that? For an artist that hasn't released a single new song in over 25 years that is certainly a perplexing phenomena. Perplexing, but true. The reason for no new material, is that Bob passed away from cancer over 25 years ago. His music, artwork, and image still seem to pervade our culture. Only a few icons seem to have achieved that the way he has. A few others that come to mind would be Mariln Monroe, and John Lennon. The thing they all seem to have in common, is that there was more to them then just their art. They all had a message to was distilled in their work.

So why so many posters for Bob then? Here's some interesting stats for the Marilyn Monroe, John Lennon and Bob Marley. According to Wordtracker, there are approximately 5000 internet searches a day for the phrase John Lennon, approximately 10,000 for Marilyn Monroe, and approximately 18,000 for Bob Marley. Kinda interesting isn't it. What is it that makes Bob Marley almost twice as looked for as Marilyn Monroe, and almost fout times as looked for as John Lennon? Honestly, I don't know.

It definitely indicates an interes in Bob Marley, and all things related to Bob Marley, such as music, lyrics, artwork, videos, photographs and posters. I think a little further research is warranted here, to explain these numbers. Suffice it to say though, that Bob Marley was about more than just Reggae music. There was a tone and timbre to the man that went message deep. But, what exactly was that message. Peace, love, brotherhood, understanding, compasion, passion? Yes, actually it was all the above.

If you like to see my favorite Bob Marley posters, or simply browse through a listing of some really cool Bob Marley posters in your inbox be sure to visit

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LP RhythMix Conga with Carry Strap

Guitar lesson software or learning how to play guitar from computer software is getting more and more popular today. The softwares are widely available from the music or book store in VCD or DVD format. Besides, you also can buy it from the internet as there are tons of guitar lesson software products available from various websites for you to choose.

I personally like to purchase the guitar lesson software from the internet simply because I can test and try the product to ensure that its worth the money Im paying for and the quality is up to my expectation. Searching and shopping for the guitar lesson software from the internet is not an easy task. There are too many products currently being sold in various websites. If you did not equip yourself with buying guides youll be lost in the jungles of information in the world wide web.

With this in mind, I have compile 6 simple guitar lesson software buying guides for you to use. These simple guides will help you to find the high quality software with excellence customer service at reasonable price.

(1) Professional website and reputable coach

First of all, look at the website and see if it is look neat and clean like it was designed by professional web designer. Also, see if the website contains the picture of the guitar coach or guitar guru. Browse through the page to see if the guitar lesson software is recommended by others in the same industry. All these are very important to ensure that the guitar lesson software that you going to buy is developed by professional and reputable guitar coach.

(2) Excellence Customer Experience

How to verify of if the owner of the product is providing you with the excellence customer experience when shopping in the internet? What you can do is to send an email to the owner (or customer service representative) of the guitar lesson software product and see how long it takes to reply your email. The rule is, stay away from any website that take more than 24 hours to reply to your email. The professional and reputable website usually provide the visitors with the FAQ (frequent ask questions) and the online help desk that you can submit the ticket for any inquiry in addition to the email contact.

(3) 100% Money Back Guarantee, No Question Ask!

Look for the guitar lesson software that is offering 100% money back guarantee with no question ask. No question asks mean, they will refund you right after they received your request (normally by sending them an email). If this is not enough, check if the website is registered with FAT (Fair Trade Authority). FAT members will be provided with the electronic FAT logo that will be placed in the website.

(6) Exclusive free gifts or bonuses

There are huge differences between bonuses and EXCLUSIVE bonuses. Exclusive bonus is the bonus that exclusively designed and developed by the owner of the guitar lesson software and offer exclusively ONLY on his or her website. If you have seen it somewhere else, it's not exclusive bonus but bogus.

(5) Reasonable Price Tag

How much should I pay? What is the reasonable priced tag? From our analysis and extensive study done, the price tag for the high quality guitar lesson software is between USD30 to USD50 for an instant download version. Instant download version is the version that you could instantly download the whole package from the internet. Some product is offering both instant download and CD or DVD version. If you want to get the CD or DVD version ship to your house, be prepared to pay between USD250 to USD350.

(6) Jam track (Optional)

This is optional. But if the online guitar lesson video website is offering jam track feature at no extra cost, you might want to consider this. What is "Jam Track"? Jam Track is the recorded music track of the other instrument such as drum and bass guitar that cover a wide range of musical styles such as rock, jazz, country, blues and dance. Having jam track is like having your own band. You can practice and jam with your band at home.

When it comes to buying or choosing the guitar lesson software, you must remember that each website or product will provide you with various features and goodies. For this reason, it is recommended that you to investigate those websites by using guideline above so that youll get the guitar lesson software that is high in quality with reasonable and affordable price. But, if thats too time consuming for you, just visit our website Ultimate Guitar Review. Weve done the entire verification base on the guidelines above plus some other test for you and short listed only the guitar lesson softwares that meet our strict passing point for your consideration.

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Coldplay 8X10 Framed And Matted Color Photo

This is a beautifully framed and matted 8x10 glossy photograph. Total size is approximately 12x15 inches. This framed and matted photograph will look wonderful in any room of your house. Ready to hang right when you take it out of the box!

The Birmingham ArtsFest is an annual festival that features the best in arts and entertainment that the West Midlands have to offer. This festival was inspired by the UitMarkt festival in Amsterdam. It was first held in 1998 with the purpose of showcasing the local artists' work and brings international attention to these talents.

ArtsFest is collaboration between the Birmingham City Council and Audience Central, a research agency dedicated to promoting and improving people's participation in the West Midlands' arts scene. In 2005 however, the Birmingham City Council started organizing the festival on its own.

The celebrations primarily take place at Centenary Square but activities are also held at Victoria Square, Custard Factory, Brindleyplace and Chamberlain Square.

The 2007 festival highlights are the giant air sculpture and an Arts Village. The air sculpture, called the Luminarium is a gigantic construction of tunnels and domes that can be explored by visitors. The Visual Arts Village features a wide array of artistic creations ranging from print-making to sculpture.

Activities are varied depending on which cluster area you are visiting. The areas and their respective events for the 2007 festival are as follows:

Centenary Square - in Centenary Square, featured performances are:

  1. Painting on the Railings where local artists sold affordable artwork to visitors.
  2. Drum voice orchestra and kiss the ceiling accapella singers. This is where performances from African orchestra and an accapella group make the celebrations even more festive.
  3. Acrobatic arts performances
  4. The Birmingham St. Patrick's Festival
  5. Performance from the Birmingham Young Voices choir.

Chamberlain and Victoria Square Cluster - In this cluster you can witness the following:

  1. A comedy performance at the Custard Balti Comedy Club
  2. A singing workshop at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.
  3. A dance performance showcasing an eclectic mix of dance styles presented by the Windsor Dance company.
  4. A drama performance and a presentation featuring a combination of World music and poetry.

Brindleyplace Cluster - The Brindley Place cluster events included:

  1. A children's street dance performance based on "High School Musical."
  2. A fun carnival workshop where visitors could learn mask-making and such similar activities.
  3. A family-oriented and hands-on activities centered on a carnival theme.
  4. A fashion show held at the Brindleyplace fountain.

Rep Cluster and CBSO Cluster - Activities in this area includes:

  1. A workshop on t-shirt printing and badge-making.
  2. A den-making activity where kids can make their own hideouts.
  3. A songwriting workshop, storytelling, poetry and musical activities for children.
  4. A Jazz-Latin performance
  5. The Make your Mark with Art event, where visitors are asked to help make artwork to raise funds for charity.

St. Martin's and Eastside Cluster - The St. Martin and Eastside cluster featured events such as:

  1. The revitalization of oral traditions through storytelling
  2. A steelpans musical performance backed by Caribbean dancers doing street dance.
  3. An exhibit of clay sculpture and a clay workshop.
  4. The Festival of Extreme Building where a display of experimental buildings were showcased.

A street theater festival was also another highlight of the 2007 ArtsFest where performances and activities ranging from walkabout characters to circus troupe shows were featured.

For accommodation in Birmingham please visit: For more options

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Coldplay: In Our Words

Salsa Dance Styles, Various Salsa and Latin dance types
Salsa dance classes and Latin dance lessons in Christchurch New Zealand, Danza Latina Latin dance school teach linear salsa, ... an afro Cuban heritage and are ...

The Winner's Circle
Please check back often for more information. The Winner's Circle Site is still under construction. ...

Cuban Bass Player Israel Lopez 'Cachao' Dies -
But he is best remembered as the man who invented the mambo . ... revolutionized Cuban music with a composition they titled "Danzn Mambo . ...

Brooklyn Zone's Jazz at Sunset- interviews
Maybe their immediate history was a Cuban thing, but over the years they have ... And in New York there are thousands of African-American Mambo dancers. ...

Salsa Sources
Tired of living la vida loca ? These clubs, radio shows, and record stores ... seventies salsa and fifties Cuban mambo with shots of charanga's surging flute. ...

Cubana Tapas Bar - Sexy Salsa Cubana Sheffield, Salsa classes Sheffield ...
Cubana Tapas Bar in Sheffield don't just serve the best tapas in Sheffield. ... Cuban dance styles, notably the rumba of the 1930's and the mambo of the 1940 ...

Jade Dance - The History of Dance
... of cha-cha-cha evolved from mambo . In 1951, Cuban composer and violinist Enrique Jorrn introduced ... it contians African and Cuban rhythms that meld into a ...

JJA Library
... about the significance of the mambo (" Cuban music had timing but no syncopation before Cachao" ... "greatest generation of Cuban piano stylists," describing ...

Latin Dance Show | hot caribbean salsa mambo conga show band dancers ...
variety Latin dance shows and interactive entertainment ... theatrical Show production conga Cuban carnival Comparsa dance Show Carnival ...

Biography of ... Although the popularity of the mambo faded in the late 1950s, ... Mambo Holiday, Harmony HL 7040. Kenya-Afro Cuban Jazz, Roulette SR-52006 ...

best salsa music