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The 'trois Gnossiennes' (1890) is a set of dance-like pieces of similar character, like the earlier composed 'trois Sarabandes' (1887) and 'trois Gymnopdies' (1888). The 'trois Gnossiennes' were first published by Satie as a set through Rouart, Lerolle & Cie. in 1913.

The Gnossiennes continue in the minimalist style of the Gymnopdies but add ornaments that give the pieces a destinctly oriental feel. Although the pieces are obviously composed in a 4/4 time signature, Satie did not indicate it in the score. He also omitted barlines, leaving one big "bar" for the entire piece. This gives the impression of great freedom for the pianist. The comments written above the score, like 'Du bout de la pense' (from the tip of the thought) and 'Postulez en vous mme' (wonder about yourself) also give much room for interpretation. This has proven to be true since there are few pieces in piano literature that have been interpretated in such diverse ways as the Gnossiennes.

The name 'Gnossiennes' can be explained in multiple ways. The ancient Greek word for 'knowledge' is 'gnosis'. Gnosticism was the name of a religious-philosophical belief which has its origins in Greek philosophy as well as early Christian and Jewish Apocalyptic thoughts. In this belief 'Gnosis' stands for 'True knowledge', which is supposed to lead man to true emancipation. Gnosticism also played a great role in the beliefs of Josphin Pladan's (1859-1918) 'Rose et croix' sect. Satie's collaboration with Pladan led him to take an interest in partly-heretical views. It is possible that the title of these works is an hommage to gnosticism.

The most common explanation however is that the title refers to the ritual dances performed by the inhabitants of the island of Crete, with its capitol city Knossos, famous in Greek mythology for the story of its labyrinth, Theseus and the minotaur. In 1890 Crete was in the news because of archeological excavations. Other works by Satie from the same period were named after dances as well. Namely the 'Sarabande', a dance which was first introduced in Portugal in 1586 and the 'Gymnopdie' which has its origins in ancient Sparta. Even so, it is very unlikely that Satie, a member of the 'Rose et croix' from 1891 to 1892, was unaware of the gnosticism relation when the second Gnossienne was first publicly performed in 1893.

In 1967 french composer Robert Caby (1905-1992) revealed many of Satie's posthumous and often untitled works, taken from sketchbooks and manuscripts. He named three of these pieces Gnossienne. These became Gnossienne 4, 5 and 6 respectively. The piece known as the fourth Gnossienne was composed in 1891, the fifth in 1889 and the sixth in 1897. These pieces were first published in 1968 by ed. Salabert.

Joffrey Wallaart started the Piano Society website to give the public easy access to classical piano music.

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The band first came together under the name Starfish at Camden Laurel tree, but the name Coldplay originated in a poem. From the very first it was obvious that in Chris Martin, a new and vibrant ?oice?had arrived and since their record signing in 1996
Customer Review: Passionate and Compassionate with Global Appeal
"It was musical love at first sight." ~Chris Martin talking about when he met Johnny Buckland Although this DVD doesn't contain any music by Coldplay, it is an insightful look at the band and how they made their way from playing in London pubs to playing on the stage of the world. Through short interviews with Chris Martin, you also get a sense of his higher mission and why there are more important things to worry about in the world, besides of course, buying ever album this band releases. His sense of humor and playful personality come across in his interviews and his admirable qualities include a sense of fairness. I was impressed by his idea to split the royalties equally amongst the band members. He not only promotes healing in the world, he is living his beliefs. He seems grateful for his life and you can see the fire of his soul radiating through his eyes. His soul is truly beautiful and I love the way he approaches life from a more poetic perspective. His lyrics have an emotive quality that do seem to be portraying his heart-felt concern for individuals and their struggles on the planet. As the story progresses various individuals in the music industry comment on how Coldplay developed their stage presence, how they had to deal with minor personality conflicts and then how their manager truly enabled their success through financial support. The main sections include: How it all Began First Gigs Let's Make a Record Get Signed Yellow Parachutes Breaking America A Rush of Blood to the Head The Future Bonus: Biography and Trivia Quiz - Questions about the bands original name and interesting facts about Chris Martin and how he was once a sign painter. The rise of any band to superstar status does seem to have common elements and if you are starting a band then this would be an excellent DVD to view for the chronological aspects alone, not to mention the realities of having to write hundreds of songs to find that one perfect song that connects with your audience. If you are a fan who is dying to know more about the members and their life stories, then this is an excellent introduction to the background and philosophy of Coldplay. The friendship factor is very evident in how Johnny Buckland and Chris play off each other intellectually, during the interviews. At times it seems like they are one mind as they engage in a humorous exchange. This DVD puts the bands rise to fame in perspective and is a great introduction to Coldplay's albums. The biography section is fairly short, however it gives enough information to get you interested in finding out more about each band member. ~The Rebecca Review

Learning any language can be a difficult task, learning any language in the quickest time possible, can be an even more difficult task. Rocket Italian can help you with methods that are not new, but proven to work very effectively.

There is no doubt that the best way to learn Italian quickly is full immersion, for example going to live in Italy, but obviously for many of us that's not an option. Another option could be to start to listen and talk Italian with family (if they are Italian) or friends, co-workers, etc. You could even find a study group or a Italian for English language exchange.

These methods will all help you in learning the Italian language quickly; however, I can understand that sometimes, in our busy lifestyles these methods can also prove to be less practical. Rocket Italian aims to provide you with the same environment. To immerse you in the language, by giving you audio and text to listen and learn, repeat and interact, to try to replicate immersion, so that you are part of the conversation.

Relatively, Italian may sound difficult at first, but really its is quite an easy language to learn, compared to English. This is due to the phonetics of the language, and the fact that the way you read, write and pronounce the letters and words is the actual way you would spell the words. Put simply, the way you read the word is the way you pronounce the word.

Another great reason why Italian could be a fun language to learn is that, really, we all already know, some form of Italian. Most of us already have heard or maybe even said the words "ciao" or "pasta", meaning hello/goodbye and pasta respectively. So adapting words that you already know can make it fun in learning Italian more comprehensively.

There are many reasons, why Italian is easy language to learn and can be learnt relatively quickly with dedication. It is a very flowing romantic language that also has many similarities to the English language, due to its Latin background, and the fact that words from the Latin language are used in both Italian and English.

So whether you're planning a holiday, going to study, or going to live in Italy, If you want to learn Italian by immersion, rather than just buying a book, I recommend one of the methods above, but if that's not practical, then start speaking Italian today with Rocket Italian here at

Valentina Capra is a qualified Italian Language teacher, who teaches private and group lessons in England. Her methods of teaching is borrowed from many sources, and her belief is that getting students to repeat and converse, rather than just read and write is the best and quickest way to learn Italian. Start speaking Italian with Rocket Italian at

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Coldplay Group Chris Martin X&Y Rush Of Blood Art Poster Print - 24" X 36"

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This is a great poster. The guys are beautiful and with the black and white photo used, it accents the spice of their careers

Some of the most common events are Conventions, Festivals, Corporate Events, Event Seminars, Business Meetings, Fundraisers, and Charity Events. Whether you are a beginner or veteran events planner, you still need to start on the right foot. The event ideas we mention here are intended to help guide you to success. Although there are many ideas, we will stick to a few popular ones.

Business Meeting Ideas

Creating meetings around various themes helps to give participants a sense of direction. Since a business meeting is supposed to be more work than play, music may not be a good idea, but a short documentary could crystallize company focus.

Building Something Great Together - Makes everyone involved feel needed and a part of the company's future. It opens the floor for constructive input enhancing company goals.

Please the Customer - have participants focus on what makes the customer happy and how to improve in service with a smile.

We Shall Overcome - Encourages attendees to persist and reach for success despite perceived obstacles.

Be creative when kicking off meetings to motivate and inspire.

Dart Board - Start off the meeting by allowing some shots at a dart board. Best shot gets to start off the meeting, appoint the moderator, or make the first suggestion about the topic at hand.

New Vocabulary - Ask your group to bring seldom used or obscure words to the next meeting. Have them use it in a way that applies to your business.

"If I Ran the Show..." - This can provide some insight into feasible changes that can improve things in important areas. Ask your staff what they would consider the perfect job, location, and work environment. Now that you have them thinking without boundaries, ask them what project would they work on or what special thing would they do if they ran the company, office, or department.

Fund Raising Ideas

Consider the following suggestions:

BBQ's - Everyone loves a BBQ, they can be a fun way to rally support for your cause.

A Raffle - There are many fashionable products that would strongly attract customers.

Car Wash - When the price is right a car wash is a valued service that can easily raise funds.

Charity Event Ideas

Promoting awareness as much as possible is paramount to your charity event success.

Dinner - Awards are distributed to honorees that helped to achieve landmark milestones for the organization. Tickets can be sold commercially or through your network of friends and supporter. Invitees attend a dinner where presentations are made regarding the organization's accomplishments and goals.

Bake Sales - A prize is awarded to the baked item voted as first place, second place etc. by attendees. Every one of the organization's members and their families can participate in producing their favorite specialties and these can sold at a profit to the organization at the "bake-off event".

Auction - Many favorite goods or services can be auctioned off to raise money for your non-profit organization. Another approach is to involve local businesses to donate merchandise, time or even money to start your auction with a bang.

Corporate Event Ideas

There are some interesting twists to freshen up the atmosphere with entertainment. Motivation is very important in a corporate environment, so celebrating anniversaries and achievements will boost inspiration on all levels.

Comedians - Comedians use specific appropriate topics that help put the audience in the right mood.

Live music or Professional sound system - It is essential to select entertainment that is suitable for your guests and your business personality.

Magic Shows - Can be a pleasant introduction that provides a playful atmosphere.

Seminar Ideas

There are various styles in which a meeting can be conducted. Choosing the one that fits the current working climate can help propel everyone in the right direction.

Human Resource Seminars - Offer all sorts of employee performance training, management, and career development seminars. Help build up the proper work environment in your business or company by coaching, succession planning, key employee identification, and organization development.

Sales Training Seminars - Can assist your sales force to hone their salesmanship abilities and educate them about new software or tools to become more adept in their sales role.

Management Seminars - Refine leadership qualities and exercise management abilities to help your executives and managers increase their performance.

Festival Ideas

These are entertainment-only functions, and can be geared to provide fun for families and groups of all kinds. Themes can be tailored to make any social event exciting and interesting.

Fun Foods - Pizza, Popcorn, Potato Chips, Snow Cones, Cotton Candy, Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, French Fries, etc.

Prize-Winning Games - Ring the Coke Bottle, Basketball shots, Shoot down cans w/water gun, Gaming wheels, etc.

Ride Rentals - Large and small Bounce houses, Choo-Choo Train, Ferris wheels, Roller coasters, Spin rides.

Convention Ideas

Conventions bring vendors and customers together in an open forum where contacts are made, new products are introduced, big ideas are discussed and new sales leads are developed.

Entertainment - Sound systems playing appropriate music, Live musicians or even stage performers.

Promotional Products - Key Chains, Picture Frames, Award Gifts, Bags, Pens with logo, etc.

Exhibition Tools - All shapes and sizes of displays are used to share space and provide maximum visibility.

Conference Ideas

A conference can be quite intense and needs slackening of tension at regular intervals.

Participants meet in order to discuss, consult, or exchange information about related fields.

Give Prizes - Prizes should be awarded to the people who have done something that helped the conference to be a success, whether something funny, silly or just plain helpful. If your conference is small, contributions to success can be rewarded after the conference.

Reception - Should have pleasing interior decoration, door prizes or gifts, etc.

Stand Up/Stretch Breaks - Play some music, have someone lead the break showing everyone how to twist, do aerobics, dance, or just a good march in place. Keep people energized and attentive. Have breaks between speakers.

Keep Up the Momentum - If you put on a grand finale it will make a lasting impression and may influence your participants decision to come to your next conference.

Plan surprises for attendees at least on par with your welcoming reception. Don't let the conference lose color towards the finish - even if the staff has to fake it, keep things going. Have entertainment and 'walk out' music. Organizers should be present at the door to thank the participants.

Everything you need to know about Event Planning and Management, including ideas for marketing your events, can be found at: Event Planning

Get all of your logo-imprinted merchandise for promoting and marketing your event at: Promotional Products

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Latin Percussion LPM196 Mini Tunable Djembe

This miniature drum is the exact replica of the full size LP Djembe, making it attractive to collectors and musical enthusiasts alike. Made from kiln-dried, environmentally-friendly Siam Oak, with a natural rawhide head, and chrome plated hardware it is also fully tunable. Its irresistible size, measuring in at 8-1/4" tall and 5-1/2" wide, makes it an ideal instrument for "drumming on the go!" Bring it anywhere you would like to add a bit of music therapy. Finished with a natural stain this charming miniature will instantly reach out to players of all ages. Sold with a tuning wrench.

The music industry has been bemoaning its fate, as the costs of promoting artists and their songs soar while sales slump. It seems that it's facing a slow, self-inflicted implosion. It blames its demise on the Internet and the easy access that fans have to music that has yet to be released for public consumption. Independent record labels, on the other hand, are reveling in the public attention that the Internet brings to their artists. According to independent record labels, business is booming and prospects have never looked better.

An expense that major record companies have that Indie labels have been clever enough to avoid is playtime on commercial radio stations. Major labels have to pay from $400,000 up, in order to get one song on air. Indie labels tend not to even approach large commercial stations as they know that they can't afford all the promotion costs that are included in the deal. They prefer to work with college and public radio stations that are usually more receptive to music that is not mainstream and conformist.

Another marketing strategy that has helped to increase album sales for indie labels is that they target consumers who are still willing to pay for music. This group consists mostly of grown-ups who feel that they have to pay for what they own and don't have a "if I can get it for free I will" attitude. Adults have a greater sense of ethical responsibility and a respect for hard work, and are less likely to download music for free.

Many artists are adopting a more extreme independent approach by forming their own record labels. This allows them to have complete creative control over the record making process and is the ultimate in self-expression for any indie artist.

Most artists think that signing with a major label will be their ticket to the big time and that the money will come rolling in. In fact, artists have to sell about 1 million albums before they start seeing their share of the profits, as their studio time and all of the "perks" of the business, such as the limo rides, are charged against their royalties. Royalties might also be heavily weighted in favour of the label. Many artists are surprised to find that they earn only $1 per disc sold.

Compare that with an indie label, which with careful planning and budgeting, is able to keep marketing and overhead expenses within a manageable range. With expenses down, the profit margin is larger. They also have fairer profit sharing deals, often splitting profits equally between the label and the artist. When it comes to selling discs, indie artists can sell discs at a concert and make a decent profit from sales numbering in the thousands only.

One of the biggest and perhaps most distinguishing differences between indie and major labels is that indie labels let artists keep the rights to their work. Large labels have the option of not releasing any music an artist has recorded, and all the while the artist remains bound to them by contract and can't sign up with any other label. The artist is taken out of the public eye and effectively has his or her career terminated at the whim of the label.

Many experts involved in the music industry have predicted that major record labels are going the way of the dinosaur. They attribute this mainly to the large labels' inability to read and react to activity in the music market. Large labels create such huge promotional vehicles around their artists that it takes them too long to react to a drop in record sales, and change their marketing strategy. Conversely, if an artist's sales pick up after a slump, it takes the label too long to get a large promotional and marketing strategy off the ground. Indie labels, on the other hand, are ideally placed to take advantage of market movements, as they are small and can move quickly to capitalise on opportunities or invest in some damage control.

It's been said that big labels have forgotten what's important in the music industry, that the artists are the resource to be treasured and not the songs. Indie music and, as a product, indie labels have never forgotten this fact. Artists have always been recognised as respected contributors to the music industry. They have always been fairly counted into whatever profits there may have been. Indie labels do their best to adhere to the principles and culture upon which the indie scene has been built. By doing this, they have managed to achieve comparatively more success than the big boys in the industry. This must be a big blow to those who believe that non-conformists will never be successful in life.

Recommended site:

Sandra wrote this article for the online marketers Indy Music News indie music news one of the leading suppliers of news, trends and upcoming events in the indie news industry.

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Coldplay - X&Y Faces T-Shirt

This Coldplay - X&Y Faces T-Shirt is 100% cotton navy adult t-shirt with Coldplay group faces in X & Y album colors printed on front, and Coldplay X & Y Album cover artwork printed on back

Reggaeton's Rise on Radio Shows Change Isn't Bad - New York Times
A few years ago, the Latino hip-hop offshoot known as reggaeton ... act, too, cautiously adding reggaeton to a playlist full of salsa, merengue and bachata. ...

TEXAS REBEL RADIO - "THE FAN" IS MAKIN' NEWS. Behind the Lines. Angels and Outlaws ... took the first survey of radio stations on the Internet last fall, ...

Sal Y Pimienta Show - Bienvenidos!
... a nuestra pgina web del show de radio "Sal Y Pimienta", que se transmite de ... con msica pop, baladas, rock en espaol, merengue , salsa y regional mexicano. ...

Prodland - Your better option to buy CD and Videos of Latin Music
Online Shop of latin music, salsa, merengue , videos, dvd, electronicos ... El Color De Mi Rumba DVD-CD. Best Price :$17.99. Los Zafiros: Music From The Edge Of Time ...

The Dalles Chronicle.shtml
When you hear the sound of Wall of Voodoo's "Mexican Radio ," you know it's time. ... Salsa and Merengue had a small following, but not big enough for broad appeal ...

NJN - New Jersey Public Television and Radio
DOMINICANS: BEYOND THE MERENGUE ... Privacy Policy | Copyright 1996-2007. NJN Public Television and Radio , all rights reserved. ...

All Too Flat
Alright, so what is this site all about? I think Yahoo describes ATF the best: "A web site that ... At, quirky humor is the name of the game. ... :: NEW YEARS LIVE BROADCASTED (Discount Tickets ... :: NEW YEARS LIVE BROADCASTED (Discount Tickets) presented by Fusion Miami featuring BROADCASTED LIVE ON POWER 96 RADIO STATION CELEBRITY GUEST HOST " ...

Maya & Miguel . Friends (English) . Andy . Question and Answers | PBS ...
... and I listen to them on the radio when I get ready for school in the ... Chrissy played a CD of merengue music for us when we were hanging out at her ...

Latin American Radio Stations -
Latin American Radio Stations from and Multilingual Books. Practice your Spanish through free ... Salsa/ Merengue . Guatemala. Atmosfera 96.5 FM ...

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De Colores and Other Latin American Folksongs for Children (Anthology)

Bursting with color and spirit, this collection of Latin-American songs is a tribute to Latino culture. From traditional tunes to rhymes and hand games, De Colores has songs for all occasions and moods. Each song is accompanied by simple musical arrangements, with lyrics in both English and Spanish. Slightly abridged from the original edition, this is ideal for classroom use, multicultural studies, or just plain fun.

"Rich and resonant." --Booklist
Customer Review: My boys love this book.
This is a wonderful book of popular songs in Spanish, which my triplet boys latched onto immediately. The songs are very engaging, and each page has lovely artwork. I speak Spanish, and my boys were born in Spain. I have been trying very hard to help them maintain a little Spanish, and this book has been very helpful. It doesn't come with a CD, but you can easily learn the tunes of the songs if you know how to read music. And even if you only speak rudimentary Spanish, I think it's possible to learn the songs and enjoy them. This book quickly became the boys' favorite bedtime routine. I hear them singing the songs during the day as well. I highly recommend it.
Customer Review: Great book
I love the colorful pictures in this book and that it has music to all of the songs. It is a wonderful book and my baby loves when I sing to him!

Proverbs come from the Latin word proverbium. It is a phrase that has a lot of meaning metaphorically. So if you want to tell somebody do not sit idle else it may work against you, you can say, "empty mind is a devils workshop" which means if you sit idle you will end up thinking and doing evil things.

If a proverb is distinct from others with good phrasing it can be termed as an aphorism. When a proverb is used to describe a rule of conduct, it can be termed as a maxim. Proverbs were generally derived from different cultures and human experience that came from seniors in the society who knew how a situation and how should it be dealt with.

The books of Proverbs from the Bible and Latin language from the medieval times have played a significant role in spreading proverbs. A few proverbs are mentioned below so you have a thorough understanding of these powerful sentences.

-A friend in need is a friend indeed.

This famous Shakespeare's proverb used in his plays meant if a friend helps you out in your time of difficulty then he or she is truly a good friend.

A burnt child dreads fire

When a person comes across an accident it changes the person's attitude, fears, likes and dislikes for life.

-First come, first served

This is a very common proverb. Used by retail outlets, as and when offers are given out. Sometimes even at one's home it may be experienced, as the person who comes in first may get served with a dish and the person coming in later may miss it as it is over.

-As you sow, so shall you reap

This proverb is taught to us in schools where we are taught to think right and reap its benefits. A similar proverb is what goes around, comes around.

Some more include:

-A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush

-Between the devil and the deep sea

-Birds of a feather flock together

-A rolling stone gathers no moss

-Every cloud has a silver lining

-Fire is a good servant but a bad master

-All that glitters is not gold.

Just to summarise proverbs are nothing but short sayings or short stories which we have learned in our child hood days just as the nursery rhymes

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God Put a Smile Upon Your Face

One of my favorite places to facilitate music-making and foster growth and social interaction is at an Alzheimer's center or assisted living community. As a music therapist I bring a different perspective and methodology to the group experiences at these locations than the usual invited entertainers or activity leaders. I have been asked to come back to visit the Alzheimer's center based on the fact that I involve the residents in active music-making and encourage interaction and self-awareness. Given these reactions, I want to explore and recommend some of the strategies I use when approaching a group of older adults with dementia or Alzheimer's disease.

I say that these groups are some of my favorite clients to work with mainly because of the dramatic change in demeanor that occurs during the music activities. When I walk into a room full of thirty to forty residents and all I hear is the sound of silence, it is sometimes intimidating. In my experience it is kind of like being in a doctor's office waiting room where nobody talks to each other! This is a very sad situation for the residents because they see each other every day but just don't remember who their neighbor is or even where they are or why they are doing a certain activity. Then the "miracle" occurs during the music-making...

The residents literally begin stirring, lifting their heads, looking around, and moving their hands and feet to the rhythm of the music. Suddenly several people start singing words to the music and others begin playing tambourines and maracas that were laying in their laps. Smiles abound and laughter filters through the crowd. I love to see the recognition on faces when some of the residents realize that they are sitting next to someone, or when they are invited to dance by a caregiver! These events are short-lived, but I think incredibly powerful injections of humanity into a place and people that time forgot.

I keep the following ideas and strategies in mind when facilitating these groups:

1. Use a microphone -- I do not have a loud voice, so it is even more important that I use amplification, not only for my voice, but also for my guitar. Even with a microphone there will still be some who complain that they cannot hear very well. The sound of the live accompaniment should be strong and supportive whether it is from a guitar or a piano. I do not recommend using a digital keyboard, but a digital piano is just fine.

2. Use songs and music from the resident's young adult years -- Research with people who have Alzheimer's has shown that memory loss happens generally in retrograde fashion. It also seems that most people tend to have a connection with music especially from their teenage and young adult years. I currently use much music from the 1930's very successfully with my groups (i.e., Alexander's Ragtime Band, Side by Side, etc.)

3. Use song cards -- Make song cards with pictures on the front and the lyrics on the back. The song cards are a good visual to help cue the group about what they are singing. The song cards are also perfect for facilitating choice-making by individuals or the group.

4. "Pass the plate" -- Use something that necessitates interaction with your neighbor. I have used a big beach ball, a treasure box, or some other object that relates to a theme. Think of an item that is good for a show and tell. Pick a song or some recorded music that indicates that the object should move around the room. When the music stops, the person holding the item can choose a song or share a memory or story that comes to mind.

5. Themes -- Group activities built around thematic ideas are a perfect way to encourage reminiscing and discussion. Consider using holidays, seasons, news events and local traditions as the basis for the songs and music selections. One of my favorites is using the sun, moon and stars as a theme whenever the space shuttle takes off or there is an eclipse or meteor shower in the news. There are many songs that talk about the sun, moon or stars that the residents know and love!

6. Have a drum circle -- Community drum circles are appropriate for all ages and adaptable to almost any situation. The drum circle promotes group interaction and allows for individuals to be creative while participating at their ability level. Some clients will feel self-empowered by being drum circle facilitators. Please see my posts under the categories section for "drumming" for an extensive set of articles about how to use drum circles with groups who have disabilities.

7. Go with the flow! -- This concept may take some trial and error and experience, but planning is the key. Try to arrange the activities for the group experience into a contour of activity that begins and ends with less energy and has increased energy in the middle of the music session. The residents need time to wake up and begin feeling the music stimuli before they will be willing to dance and play instruments. It is also appropriate to help them return to a normal mental, emotional and physical energy state before stopping the group activities.

8. Shakers, drums and bells, oh my! -- Use as many different types of small percussion instruments that you can find so that everyone has something to make music with. Active music making is very important and cannot be left out. Playing instruments immediately changes the passive listener to a more focused participant who will be more likely to answer questions, make choices and provide spontaneous feedback.

9. Dance! -- Movement to music can also include dancing while sitting down. Props like scarves, ribbons, gloves and costume pieces are useful in cuing movement to music. Using recorded music for the activity can provide valuable time for you to personally interact with the group members.

10. Have fun! -- It will show, and your energy and excitement will be contagious.

Mr. Tague is a board certified music therapist with nearly a decade of experience working with children and adults with disabilities and health issues in various settings. He currently serves as director for a music therapy company and is a frequent presenter for local and regional conferences and trainings. For more information about using music effectively, please visit his websites: Music Makes Sense, and Music for the Heart,

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HOT HOT HEAT - Plumbage - White Slim Fit Jersey T-shirt

Brand New, never worn front print White Authentic HOT HOT HEAT slim-fit jersey T-shirt. If you do not like a tight fit, order this shirt one size bigger than normal!..

Celebrate Chinas magnificent heritage in a Spectacular way as we usher in the Year of the Pig. Each year NTDTV hosts an exhilarating Chinese New Year extravaganza worldwide where the best of Chinese theatre, music and dance come together, bringing to life the myths, legends, and the divine beauty of traditional Chinese culture for Western and Chinese audiences alike. This year the Spectacular will play at Radio City Music Hall from February 14 17.

The Spectacular has something for everyone. A world-class production of performing artists of excellence, it features outstanding vocalists and instrumentalists showcasing grand stage designs, hand-painted backdrops and authentic costuming from ancient Chinese Dynasties. Classical Chinese dance along with traditional dances of various ethnic styles help weave a tale that touches on the themes of compassion and virtue -- and the never-ending battle between good and evil

The show takes you on a magical mystery tour said a friend who saw the Spectacular in San Francisco. When asked what was his favorite part he said: The Dunhuang caves--its just surreal! I can understand why that is. It was said by the ancients that dun meant great, and huang meant to flourish. Dunhuang is the pride of the Chinese culture. The graceful feitian, or heavenly beauties, together with tranquil and elegant Buddha images, reflect the glory of the history of Chinese nationalities in the Dunhuang Cave Dance.

The Mogao Cave in Dunhuang, which is known as Thousand-Buddha Cave, features fresco art narrating stories from Buddhism. Musical fairies, feitian, and heavenly kings are included in the images of the multiple heavenly beings. All the multiple heavenly beings are the guarding converts of the Buddha: the heavenly kings safeguard the Law of Buddhism with weapons in hand, feitian hold flowers and tributes, and the musical fairies dance festively and sing.

Feitian is called goddess with fragrance and beautiful sound in Buddhist art, and was named Gandhanra in Sanskrit, referring to a kind of beautiful fairy who is good at playing music and dancing. Feitian is able to fly airily and freely in the sky with all-over fragrance and fluttering ribbons on her body with flowers and colorful clouds in her hand. This artistic image from Indian Buddhism, once combined with the images of Chinese flying fairies and those who succeeded in cultivation, connotes an extremely rich sense of magic and fantasy.

We can see that NTDTV is working at pains, and we can see new culture from the traditional roots. That is very valuable. We hope the NTDTV can stick it out and can truly turn all these into its tradition, said Ambassador Andrew Xia, Director General of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in New York after seeing the show.

Last years production at New Yorks world-famous Radio City Music Hall ranked the top 7th show internationally on Billboard magazines Box score in February 2006. In 2007 the Spectacular will play in 30 cities across four continents, including 15 major cities in North America.

Be part of the experience and treat yourself to a rich, meaningful and unforgettable cultural eventthe NTDTV Chinese New Year Spectacular.

Xiqiao Su is a Performing Arts Teacher and works in her studio in Manhattan. For more info about the NTDTV Chinese New Year Spectacular in your area, please visit:

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Turn the Lights Down

Full Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon oppose each other, and this opposition between the two big luminaries of the sky creates a certain unbalance. It's like we're in the middle of a strong magnetic field and loose balance as soon as we try to move out. We tend to have accidents - whether it's a fall or a car crash. On a full Moon night I slipped on a patch of ice in the street, fell and broke my arm. Not unsurprisingly, when I arrived at the hospital the surgeons were really busy - there had been two traffic accidents that afternoon and evening. A friend was attacked by a mad dog, thrown to the ground and broke her hip on a full Moon morning.

Another effect of the tension of the full Moon is violent outbreaks. Especially where there are religious and ethnic conflicts, like in northern Ireland and the Middle East, there tend to be a peak in violence close to full Moon. And watch your own irritation level at full Moon! Isn't this when you easily snap at your kids or husband, or generally tend to feel tense? It's common to suffer from insomnia by full Moon and I've found that people with a strong Moon influence in their natal chart, for instance a person with the Sun, Moon or ascendant in Cancer, is more likely to not be able to sleep. We all know the word lunatic. It comes from the Latin word for Moon, luna. Someone who's lunatic is full of full Moon. Restless, nervous, tense, violent, angry. Mad, mad, mad. French law used to excuse a person who committed a crime at full Moon. (Or at least so rumours say). It was like he wasn't quite at his senses - and it wasn't his fault.

The full Moon was to blame. Actually, the word mood in French, lun also origins from Latin luna. So they say a person is in bad or good moon, not mood. Very accurate!A person who's born at full Moon will have Sun Moon opposition in the natal chart - which is a bit like carrying a full Moon inside you. The person tends to be restless and always discontent, never satisfied, wanting something, not knowing what. But this frustration also creates a strong drive, and subjects with Sun Moon opposition are very often great achievers. Finally, it's just a myth that more babies are born on full Moon! A study of several thousands of births in the hospital in my hometown Trondheim showed no connection between the phases of the Moon and births. Thank God, I'd add. We don't want too many people in this world with Sun Moon opposition in their birth chart - that would just lead to too much stress, tension and violence!

Written by Tove Cecilie Fasting, writer and webmaster at Your Fabulous Life, the spiritual woman's guide to health, wealth, happiness and gorgeous handbags.

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