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A Rush Of Blood To The Head

James Paul McCartney was born on June 18, 1942 in Liverpool. He was the first son of Mary and James McCartney. His brother, Peter Michael McCartney, was born eighteen months later. Paul's mother was a midwife, who died from breast cancer in 1955 when Paul was just 14, this troubled Paul deeply. Paul's father was a cotton salesman during the day for A. Hannay Co., and a jazz musician with Jim Mac's Jazz Band at night. Paul did very well in school. He passed his 11-Plus examination in 1957 and entered the Liverpool Institute, a very popular high school. There, he met a younger student by the name of George Harrison whom Paul later brought with him into John's group, The Quarrymen. As a child, Paul showed no particular interest in music. Both he and his brother were sent to piano lessons, but these didn't last long. Then he was given a trumpet by an uncle, and he began to teach himself. His musical talent probably came from his father. Of all The Beatles, Paul's family was the only one with any musical background or interest. At the Liverpool Institute, Paul became popular. His dealings with young girls, however, had little effect on his grades. He was a top student, but he soon found that school was interfering with his social life. Like John and the others, Paul was influenced by early rock songs. Still, it was Elvis that formed the greatest impression on him. Paul first met John through a mutual friend, Ivan Vaughan. Vaughan invited Paul to see The Quarrymen play at the Wooton Parish. c The Quarrymen, and Paul accepted. Paul's first public performance with The Quarrymen was at a dance at the Conservative Club in Broadway. Paul was supposed to play a solo that night, but for some reason, he never did. What he did do after the dance was play John some songs that he had written himself. John was impressed and later tried to write songs of his own. Neither wrote anything of much value, but the two began collaborating, each egging the other on to better works. From that day until the end of The Beatles, they never stopped, and together they became "Lennon & McCartney," one of the most renowned song writing duos of the twentieth century. Once they had become established songwriters, Paul and John would often write independently of one another. John's songs were more raw rock 'n' roll, while Paul's tended to be more romantic. Songs like "Yesterday," "Michelle," and "Lovely Rita" are typical McCartney songs. An early agreement between Paul and John assured that all Beatle songs that either wrote would bear the trademark of "Lennon & McCartney." Paul met Jane Asher at a pop concert at Albert Hall. She was then seventeen. The Radio Times asked her to go along to the concert to give her impressions of The Beatles. After the concert, she was invited back to their hotel for a drink. That night Paul and Jane spent the evening together. "I realized she was the girl for me," Paul once said. Jane, however, summed up her impression of the boys by exclaiming, "They couldn't believe I was a virgin. " Paul wanted Jane to give up acting to be with him constantly. She refused. This led to a number of arguments, but Paul was still attracted to her. It was for Jane Asher that he wrote "I'm Looking Through You" and "And I Love Her." Marriage seemed inevitable, and on Christmas Day, 1967, Paul asked Jane to be his wife. She accepted (Bio..)(Paul Mc)

In 1969 rumors started to spread that Paul was dead. Rumors of the death were exaggerated. No one knows for sure where the "Paul is Dead" rumor began. Some rumors were spread that Paul had been dead for three years and that he had been replaced by a look a like. Beatles fans everywhere looked for clues that were left intentionally in lyrics, record covers and pictures that would reveal the truth about the hoax.

The idea that Paul McCartney was dead for three years surfaced during the release of Abbey Road in September of 1969. The first indications of the hoax were printed in two Midwestern College newspapers (Iowas Drake University Times-Delphic and Northern Illinois Universitys Northern Star). Russel Gibb, a Detroit radio jock for WKNR FM read about the story in the college newspaper articles and invented new "clues" for listeners. Listeners called the radio station and claimed to be able to hear secret messages by playing Revolution #9 and other songs backwards. A walrus is a Greek symbol for death. In the song Glass Onion, John Lennon sings, "well heres another clues for you all, the walrus is Paul," which connected Paul to his "death".

According to one myth. Paul left the recording studio in anger, following a fight with the rest of the group. Paul stormed out of the studio, jumped into his car and sped off (I Buried P). All of the clues point to a car accident that reportedly happened prior to Paul leaving the studio in anger. On November 10, 1966 a British newspaper reported that on Wednesday morning at five oclock someone was involved in a car accident, according to the newspaper the accident was so bad that the body could not be identified in any way. In A Day In The Life, John Lennon sings, "he blew his mind out in a car, he didnt notice that the light had changed, a crowd of people stood and stared, theyd seen his face before, nobody was really sure if he was from the house of god (in the song god sounds like Paul)(I Buried P)

Many visual clues were on the Abbey Road LP. The media began reporting the joke as a fact as soon as it was released. The rumors began to grow larger. In October of 1969 McCartney himself made a public appearance in which he stated the breaking up of The Beatles. In a 1970 Rolling Stone interview with John Lennon, Lennon was asked if any of the hidden clues were supposed to have any meaning. Lennon replied, "No. That was bull. The whole thing was made up."

The Beatles enjoyed attention. They were jokers; maybe they were just having a little fun with their fans. Some people today still believe that Paul is dead because of the many convincing clues. No evidence shows that any of the members were behind the hoax. No one can prove that it did or didnt happen. The fact of the matter is that Paul is alive today. He is currently married to an ex-model. He is touring the concert world. And he is still a Living legend.

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The Music of Coldplay, A Piano Tribute

Imaginative piano renditions of the music from the band of international fame.

Most dancers will tell you that belly dancing is a spiritual awakening of the soul. Others awaken from a deep sleep and learn what it is like to really live. For myself I became a little girl again and understood what becoming a woman was really all about.

With each move we learn, grow and when we put together combinations and create dances and choreographies we show the world our knowledge of who we are. Each choreography represents our path and how much we change with the seasons. Dance gives us that connection to mother earth but what happens when we become successful and we forget our purpose?

As of lately I have felt that I have forgotten my dance purpose which started out as a passion so intense that it engulfed my life and choices. I did it because there was nothing else I knew I was suppose to be doing. Today as a woman older and wiser I smile at this younger version of myself and wish I had half her determination.

It's not so much that I don't feel the passion, it's just that I have had to become a business woman to keep my dance going. I enjoy what I do, I just realized that sometimes the spiritual path takes a back seat to the business side of dance.

I've been wondering of late if the two can co-exist with each other or if by nature they need to be separate?

If we look at Cleopatra she was a good business woman. Egypt prospered under her rule and she was the embodiment of Isis through out her life. Perhaps there is much to learn from this because our temples never die out if we carry within us the fires of our passions.

After so many years I am wondering if my temple fires were forgotten. And I think it happened slowly so I didn't see them ebb. Looking back at where I stand today I can see that the one thing that was so natural for me to keep going when I was young became the same old routine as I got older. The fires didn't change...I did.

It occurred to me that what I have to pass on to dancers that come my way is a way to keep their fires burning.

It became clear to me that our spiritual path has to be full of our hopes, aspirations and dreams. The business side helps to make all of these a reality. So in a way they co-exist together as a parallel team. So keep the passion that burns inside you fresh and new. Remember the best part of your path is the journey along the way. Just remember why you walk your path so that you always keep inside the reason for dancing. When you make your dreams come true the business side just reinforces that you have always been on the right path.

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History: Fiction or Science? (Chronology, No. 1)

Recorded history is a finely-woven magic fabric of intricate lies about events predating the sixteenth century. There is not a single piece of evidence that can be reliably and independently traced back earlier than the eleventh century. This book details events that are substantiated by hard facts and logic, and validated by new astronomical research and statistical analysis of ancient sources.

Customer Review: Treading on sore toes?
The professional historians faint as prominent mathematician Doctor Fomenko et al research the known historical data and come to fairly controversial conclusions. For example, the English historians rage at the suggestion that the history of Ancient England was de facto a Byzantine import transplanted to the English soil by the fugitive Byzantine nobility. As the sign of recognition of the special role of the English historians who consider themselves the true scribes of World History, the cover of the present book portrays Tintoretto's Jesus Christ crucified on the Big Ben. The Russian historians brand it as pseudoscience because Dr Fomenko asserts that there was no such thing as the Tartar and Mongol invasion followed by over two centuries of slavery, providing a formidable body of documental evidence to prove his assertion. The so-called `Tartars and Mongols' were the actual ancestors of the modern Russians, living in a trilingual state and aspiring Global Empire with Arabic and Turkic spoken as freely as Russian. The ancient proto-Russian state was governed by a double structure of civil and military authorities and the hordes were actually professional armies with a tradition of lifelong conscription (the recruitment being the so-called `blood tax'). Their `invasions' were punitive operations against the regions that attempted tax evasion. Fomenko proves for a fact that official Russian history is a blatant forgery concocted by a host of German scholars brought to Russia by the usurper dynasty of the Romanovs. Their ascension to the throne was the result of conspiracy, so they charged these German historians-imports with the noble mission of making Romanov's reign look legitimate. Dr Fomenko et al prove Ivan the Terrible to be a collation of four rulers, no less. These rulers represented the two rival dynasties - the legitimate Godounovs and the ambitious Romanov upstarts. The European historians fume not only because Fomenko blows consensual Russian history to smithereens, successfully removing a crucial cornerstone from underneath the otherwise impeccable edifice of World History but for asserting that all medieval European Kings and Princes were but breakaway vice-regents and vassals of the Global Empire who badly needed glorious and very `ancient' past in order to legitimize their new independence from the Empire. Dr Fomenko adds insult to injury, wiping out one by one: the Ancient Rome: the foundation of Rome in Italy is dated to the 14th century A. D., the Ancient Greece and its numerous poleis, which he identifies as the mediaeval crusader settlements on the territory of Greece, the Ancient Egypt: the pyramids of Giza become dated to the 11th to 14th century A. D. and identified as the royal cemetery of the Global Empire, no less. The civilization of the `ancient'' Egypt is irrefutably dated to the 11th to 15th century A. D. following the breakthrough in decoding of the ancient Egyptian horoscopes cut in stone and painted on the temple walls. Arabic historians may find some consolation in the crucial historical role of the Ottoman Empire as a part of the Global empire in the 15th - 17th century. The trouble is that this Empire was initially a proto-Christian state, with Hagia Sophia identifiable as Temple of Solomon, but built in 1550-1557 A.D. by Sultan Suleiman according to Fomenko and Islam with all its key figures is datable to 15th 16th century A. D.! The Chinese historians are also an unhappy lot because Fomenko wipes out the Ancient History of China outright. No such history. Period. The compilation of the so-called Ancient Chinese History is reliably datable to the 17th 18th century only. It is perfectly recognizable as the Ancient European history, reworked and transcribed in hieroglyphs as yet another historical transplantation. The Divinity excommunicates Dr Fomenko because the history of religions according to Fomenko looks as follows: the pre-Christian period (before the 11th century and Jesus Christ ), Bacchic Christianity (11th to 12th century, before and after Jesus Christ), Jesus Christ Christianity (12th to 14th century) and its subsequent mutations (15th to 17th cy) into Orthodox Christianity, the Catholicism, Protestantism, Islam, Buddhism, and so on..; and The Old Testament written after the New Testament in xiv-xvi cy A.D., if you please! Everybody served? Saint Augustine was quite prescient when he said: "be wary of mathematicians, particularly when they speak the truth."
Customer Review: Has history been tampered with?
Watch Video Here: Has history been tampered with? Yes, it has! Did events and eras such as the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, the Roman Empire , the Dark Ages, and the Renaissance, actually occur within a very different chronology from what we've been told? Yes, they certainly did! The history of humankind is both drastically shorter and dramatically different than generally presumed. Why is it so? On one hand, it was usual custom to justify the claims to title and land by age and ancestry, and on the other the court historians knew only too well how to please their masters. The so called universal classic world history is a pack of intricate lies for all events prior to the 16th century. World history as we learn it today was entirely fabricated in the 16th-18th centuries. It's likely that nobody told you before, but there is not a single piece of firm written evidence or artefact that is reliably and independently dated prior to the 11th century. Naturally, after what you've learned in school and university, you will not easily believe that the classical history of ancient Rome, Greece, Asia, Egypt, China, Japan, India, etc., is manifestly false. You will point accusing finger to the pyramids in Egypt, to the Coliseum in Rome and Great Wall of China etc., and claim, aren't they really ancient, thousands of years ancient? Well, there is no valid scientific proof that they are older than 1000 years! The oldest original written document that can be reliably dated belongs to the 11th century! New research asserts that Homo sapiens invented writing (including hieroglyphics) only 1000 years ago. Once invented, writing skills were immediately and irreversibly put to the use of ruling powers and science. The consensual chronology we live with was essentially crafted in the 16th century by the Jesuits. The world history was compiled from contradictory mix of innumerable copies of ancient Latin and Greek manuscripts and other irrefutable proofs delivered by late mediaeval astronomers that were cemented by the authority of writings of the Church Fathers. Early in life, we learn about ancient history. Children love the magical lessons of history - they are like fairy tales. Teachers recite breathtaking stories; very soon We learn by heart the names and deeds of brave warriors, wise philosophers, fabulous pharaohs, cunning high priests and greedy scribes. We learn of gigantic pyramids and sinister castles, kings and queens, dukes and barons, powerful heroes and beautiful ladies, emaciated saints and low-life traitors. Ancient history is based documents, manuscripts, printed books, paintings, monuments and artefacts - called primary sources. The problem is that neither these ancient documents, nor events described therein can be irrefutably dated, moreover they contradict each other for the most part. When a school textbook tells us that Genghis Khan in year X or Alexander in year Y, have each conquered half of the world, it means only that it is so said in some of the written sources. There are no answers to simple questions: When were these primary sources written? Where and by whom were these sources found? It is wrongly presumed that ancient and medieval chronicles, written by Genghis Khan's or Alexander the Great contemporaries and eyewitnesses, are readily available. Actually, only sources written hundreds or even thousands of years after the events are there, compiled mostly in the 16th 18th centuries, or even later. As a rule, these sources suffered considerable multiple manipulations, falsifications and distortions by editing. At the same time, innumerable originals of ancient documents under various pretexts were destroyed in Europe under various pretexts. The names of persons and geographical sites often changed meaning and location during the course of the centuries. Geographical locations became clearly defined on maps only with the advent of printing. This made possible the circulation of identical copies of the same map for purposes of the military, navigation, education and governance tasks. Historians from Oxford say: "hey, everybody knows that Julius Caesar lived in the first century B.C. `Julius Caesar' statement is only a point of view as there is simply no irrefutable documentary proof that Julius Caesar or any other great name of antiquity ever existed. Better than that - extremely rare sources that can be reliably dated back to the 10th-14th centuries A D, do not show the polished picture of classical history. They show a picture both contradictory and confusing. All methods of dating of ancient sources and artefacts are erroneous: Radio-carbon C14 method produces dating with exactitude of plus minus 1500 years, therefore it is too crude for dating of events in historical timeframe! The Almagest tractate, which lies as corner stone contemporary chronology, compiled in the 2nd century A D by Ptolemy, the founding father of astronomy, contains astronomical data of 9th to 16th century! The Bronze Age,that has supposedly began 5000 years ago. Bronze is made of 90% copper and 10% tin, but the technology for tin extraction dates back to 14th century A D!. All eclipses contained in manuscripts, like Thucydides one, relating 'ancient' events have exclusively medieval dating. All horoscopes cut in stone or painted in Egyptian temples, like Dendera have exclusively early medieval dating solutions. Not quite what you have learned in school? Open your eyes, and, you will find sufficient proof to reach step by step the inevitable conclusion that the classical chronology is false and therefore, that the history of ancient and medieval world universally accepted today, is also false. Have a fresh outlook on everything said or printed about "ancient" and "enigmatic" Roman, Greek and Egyptian, medieval as well as all other "lost and found" civilizations. Antiquity and Dark Ages are phantoms invented in the 16th 18th and polished in 19th 20thcenturies. Human civilization is in fact barely 1000 years old! This book will change your perception of History forever! What if Ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt were invented during Renaissance? What if The Old Testament was a rendition of events of the Middle Ages? What if Jesus Christ was born in 1053 and crucified in 1086 AD? Sounds Unbelievable? Not after you've read "History: Fiction or Science?" by Anatoly Fomenko, the genius mathematician. Armed with astronomy and computers Anatoly Fomenko turns History into a rocket science.

Have you ever been at a party where all of your friends were dancing, or perhaps you saw one or more adults dancing? If you removed yourself from the picture entirely, the whole thing might look utterly ridiculous to you. However, there is something- some appeal when it comes to dancing that makes us want more. If you watch any of these music videos that are out nowadays, there is usually some form of dancing taking place. It makes you wonder how exactly music is tied into dancing. Does one need the other? What is the psychology of someone who loves to dance? And why is it that it only really seems acceptable (in certain situations) for females to dance over males.

For instance, you never hear of males getting together and talking about going to the dance clubs so that they can hang out and dance; and if males are having this conversation, then they are usually perceived by others as being gay. The same can be said of those males who choose to go to school to major in dance. It seems that in a lot of cases, dancing has been reserved as a strictly female-only sport. There are some situations, however, where it may be socially acceptable for heterosexual males to dance. For example, if a group of heterosexual males get together and want to go to a dance club, they would then have to qualify that statement by saying that they wanted to go to the dance club to "pick up girls" or to "grab a bite to eat and throw back a couple drinks". If they did not qualify the statement that they wanted to go to the dance club, then it would be interpreted by others (and perhaps misconstrued) that the males did, in fact, want to go to the dance club to dance.

Therein would lie the question about their sexuality. Perhaps, the whole dance craze has gotten out of control with the recent release of several dance shows on television. Perhaps there are parents out there who are getting nervous about their sons going out to clubs and getting into trouble. Whatever the reason, dancing nowadays has taken on greater significance when speaking about social norms and what is socially acceptable. There are plenty of reasons that we dance. Young people and old people alike are getting into the dancing groove. For some people, dancing is a form of comfort while for others, it can be a form of exercise or self expression. When you watch a male and female figure skater skating together, for example, it is a form of self-expression that is both athletic and artistic.

There is also scientific proof, which has informed us that dancing is beneficial to our health because it raises the level of our endorphins (those things that make us feel really good). So, the next time you're at a party, whether you're young or old, a guy or a girl, feel free to get up and get out there on the dance floor because it's good for you!

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Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine - Evolution

Customer Review: Lot of music for the money!
Gloria arrived on the music video scene in the mid eighties. You will see some videos from that era. What was played on MTV or VH1 was that `cat video,' "Bad Boys". Even way back then, the cat costumes and makeup are very well-done. "Dr. Beat" is a goofy, conglomeration of people in a hospital setting. There are some concert stage videos "Betcha Say That" and "Words Get In the Way." Early music videos required color and dance to attract the attention of viewers and "Rhythm is Gonna Get You" fits that category as well as "Conga" and "Get On Your Feet", and "1-2-3." A superb balladeer with a sultry voice, you will see videos "Can't Stay Away from You." Although I am not a "Gloria fan", this collection is good because it is strictly music, no interview, no extra non-music footage. I like a collection with JUST MUSIC! For the people who love Gloria, you will see the English and Spanish versions "Oye Mi Canto" "Don't Wanna Lose You", and "Anything for You" and "Here We Are." If you are new to Gloria or love Gloria's music, this a great collection. It will introduce you to her evolution in music....Mzrizz
Customer Review: A must have for any Gloria fan or pop fan.
Very good collection of her early hits with Miami Sound Machine. It covers her songs from 1984(Dr. Beat) to 1989(Here We Are). My favorite Estefan song is on this video,(Can't Stay Away From You).

As with any competition Kimmie is involved in, I usually don't watch until after I've read about the results; or I can fast forward my "Tivo" to the scores to see her standings. Then I decide how to watch that particular event. But this competition was unusual, I had no choice but to endure the anticipation of being in the crowd; part of it. However, it was still too nerve wrecking to watch.

Kimmie was the last to skate. Once she had performed, she sat patiently awaiting her scores. However, her body language spelled anticipation; meanwhile, the commentators, while the viewers and the audience were on an edge, felt compelled to comment on Kimmie's past performances, from the good ones to her recent "disasters." Soon everyone stood, wondering what was taking so long; I heard some people say that they were tabulating the scores, while others said they were counting her jumps. This part alone should have told me something was strange because this is not the norm.

A reporter came to the crowd speaking on behalf of Kimmie, proudly saying how he knew she had it in her, when another one of Kimmie's fans pulled out a recent article written by this fellow discrediting Kimmie. Anticipation had kept me from watching Kimmie's actual performance. It meant too much. However, my gut reaction was that she had won! I started to dance around, some people chanted with me, others clapped. While some glared. The scores had not come out yet. However, there was this feeling in me that she had won! After all she is a winner!

Soon after the party had simmered down, there was a disquiet in the large arena; Kimmie was being interviewed. She had regained her "World Title." It was exhilarating.

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Con Mucha Potencia

dean's music
my music includes a mix of trip hop, dub, trance, ... afrobeat, latin beat, funk, breakbeat. ... i danced to psytrance all night at a CCC warehouse party. ...

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... Music Festival noon to 5 p.m. Saturday at the Warehouse , 350 W. Fayette St., Syracuse. ... a blend of "jazz, swing, Latin , folk, blues, country and Irish ...

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Lavender Warehouse . Orange Warehouse . Blue Warehouse . Yellow Warehouse . THEME PARTY MUSIC ... LATIN FIESTA CD. Price: $12.99. Qty: ITEM IS IN STOCK AND READY TO SHIP ...

... be at the Irvington warehouse , but gawkers beware: It ... Latin American News. European News. Asian News. African News. Australian News. Middle East News ...

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... sabian cymbals, paiste cymbals, latin percussion, toca percussion, sonor ... On-line Music Warehouse with the best prices on guitars, violins and musical ...

VASCON4 - Travel Arrangements - Washington D.C. 2008 Georgetown University
This 19th-century lumber warehouse was remodeled into a hip and ... The music varies, from contemporary Rhythm & Blues, to live jazz, Latin and DJ dance music . ...

irish dance music