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" Coldplay " X & Y: It's Easy To Play (It's Easy to Play)

When I was little I had a piggy bank complete with a requisite combination lock (needed to keep my younger brother from pilfering). Each week, on Friday night when I got my 50 cent allowance, I would lock myself in my bedroom, twist and turn the combination until I got it right and then I counted my prized stash of cash. I always knew exactly how much it would amount to, but I counted it nonetheless. My brother, on the other hand, never used his piggy bank; he put his quarters in his pockets and generally lost them within a few days.

Over time, I began to earn more money through babysitting and odd jobs, but the ritual never changed lock the door, open the safe and re-count my money. As I reflect, I think about the time I wasted re-counting my money but I also remember the delight I experienced each time as I dreamed and planned how to spend my dough! It would have been great to push a button and have a piggy bank statement printed at any time confirming that my money was where it should be and how much I had available. It would have been better still to earn piggy interest on my quarters! That would be real optimization!

These memories came flooding back to me when I was pondering the topic of IT Asset Management and how ineffectively some businesses track and manage PCs and other IT equipment. Demands for increased staff productivity and greater return on IT investments have pushed the need for better asset management and vital solutions.

Recently, I sat in the office of a large organization discussing this very subject with an IT manager. When I asked him if he had ever analyzed the use of software in his organization his reply was We dont really care if the software deployed on our standard image is used or not, its just easier to support if we give everyone all of the applications.

I shook my head; Ive heard this rational before, in fact, Ive used it myself in the past. What Ive learned since then has changed my way of thinking regarding costs and efficiencies.

Some IT managers believe that software licensing concerns are simplest to address by using a standard corporate image (a PC configured with standard software applications deployed to all users within the corporation). While it may seem simpler, one must ask what happens to standardization once that PC has been delivered to the end user? Ill tell you, in many organizations the end user immediately begins to alter the standard image to the point there is no longer any homogeny within the business assets.

My second question is this, why pay for software that isnt needed or used? Besides, why on earth would you continue to pay expensive maintenance on software that isnt beneficial to the company? Experts estimate that optimizing maintenance contracts can save a business from 5% to 15%. When was the last time you got a budget or salary increase in the 5-15% range?

According to The Gartner Group, enterprises that fail to integrate usage and inventory data to manage its software assets will overbuy licenses for 60% of their portfolio and still be non-compliant on 30%. With proper usage information, managers can make informed and more effective decisions about the needs of end users as well as the use of resources.

For example, one company recently monitored employee use of a particularly expensive software package. They discovered that, although the product was licensed and deployed to all users, only about 2/3 of the staff ever used it. In addition, it was discovered that an inexpensive emulator was a suitable replacement for all but the core power users. The results were savings of nearly a million dollars! I would say, certainly in this case, that end-user usage information can be very valuable to an IT manager. What's more, these are the types of savings that would make any CEO dance the rumba!

Additionally, Gartner experts estimate that up to 30% of an IT budget could be saved by effective IT asset management. Further, that 70% of organizations have a 30% discrepancy between planned and actual IT inventory. Ouch that hurts! Why not use that 30% to increase budgets for training, salaries, upgrades and new projects?

Besides software licensing and maintenance agreement savings, there are a host of additional benefits stemming from successful IT asset management. Every IT manager would benefit from saving time and effort expended planning for technology upgrades of any size. For years, most of us have tracked our assets in a spreadsheet, desperately hoping that it contained fairly accurate information.

When it came time to prepare for an upgrade, usually the low man on the totem pole (or an outside temp) was tasked with verifying the accuracy of the spreadsheet data. This method generally entailed walking from machine to machine checking against a list of criteria. The entire endeavor was painfully slow, dreadfully inaccurate and miserably inefficient, but hey - great exercise for the temp!

Once the data was gathered, a manual method was used to determine which machines needed what hardware and software. Once that task was completed one could price out the upgrades, prepare a budget for management approval and hope there wasnt noticeable margin of error. Yea, sure better add 10% just in case!

I really like living in the new millennium, the whole exercise of gathering data on IT assets has been revolutionized. Now, in a matter of a few mouse clicks, a good asset management application can provide up to the minute information needed to plan for an upgrade. Not only can these tools provide information on hardware, but also software versions, patches, etc. Having accurate data available in a dynamic system proves to be a huge forecasting timesaver and can also be used, among other things, to reduce virus incidents by identifying systems that are at risk. Besides planning for upgrades, simply keeping track of assets that seem to forever grow legs and walk away on their own can be a daunting task.

Another bright spot for IT managers who use asset management tools effectively is improved efficiency at the help desk. IDC reported that downtime can be reduced by 10% and person hours on recovery can be reduced by 22% for businesses that practice good asset management. I read another figure that touted a 25% reduction in average help desk call time. This enables the closing of more trouble tickets per day and gets end users back to work faster.

I certainly remember the days when a help desk call started out with questions such as What type of PC do you have? What version of Windows are you running? Did you install anything new recently? And if youre laughing now, its because you know the answer is always NO! I havent installed anything! End users never admit to installing or doing something that could have possibly caused their system to misbehave!

With todays tools, support staff can easily view hardware and software configurations without any end user interaction thus saving time on each and every support call. Having this IT x-ray vision debunks the myth that standard images are easier to support because a standard image generally fails to remain standard after deployment. Being able to see what has happened to morph that PC really does make support easier and faster!

Secondly, most good tools will provide a history or a change flag that can clearly identify what software changes have been made that might have triggered the problem. This feature can also be enlisted to enforce policies prohibiting users from installing unauthorized software onto their assigned systems. In the event of serious troubles, these records can provide valuable forensic evidence.

Moreover, good asset management tools and techniques can actually prevent the need for a support call in the first place by allowing for proactive PC management. If a flaw or vulnerability is identified in a particular software version, those affected PCs can easily be identified, isolated and a fix or patch pushed out before the problem erupts.

This proactive approach certainly beats the tar out of the old fashioned method of grab a disk and run when a caller reports a system failure. And it truly beats hearing the words its going to be a long night, better order in dinner, weve got to touch every machine before we can go home. How many pizza dinners in a row can your digestive system actually tolerate?

In general, businesses will see significant benefit from using an efficient asset management tool (in addition to an effective underlying process) in the areas of software licensing, maintenance costs, lease and contract management, support and help desk efficiencies, reduction in vulnerabilities and even with asset disposal concerns. (See my earlier article regarding IT asset disposal for a list of those worries!)

To get the most out of an asset management tool, carefully research the array of products available. Dont be penny wise and pound foolish by merely selecting the least expensive or most widely recognized products. Every IT environment is unique and requires tools that can adapt to, or blend with, those specific needs.

To get started on the selection process, create a company-wide team to evaluate asset management tools. Enlist the input from each department that has any role in relation to IT assets. The team should include members from finance, purchasing, accounting, IT, security, training, risk management, etc.

A good tool can and should help manage assets throughout the entire lifecycle cradle to grave. Consider what tool features would make it easier, faster and more accurate to budget, purchase, receive, deliver, upgrade, support, use and retire an IT asset. Once your team is in place, create a list of the top 25 features and benefits desired in a tool. Create a list of tool vendors offering products that meet your criteria and arrange for an on-site demo of the product for the whole team (not just IT).

At this point, hopefully, between face to face meetings with the vendor, the demo, addressing compatibility issues and pricing options, a short list of tools will emerge. Arrange for an on-site evaluation of at least two, perhaps three of the preferred tools. Assign specific roles to each team member in the evaluation process to ensure that all functions are fully experienced.

Once a tool has been selected, dont dare cheap out on training! At least one, preferably two, staff members should receive thorough training on the use and support of the product. Consider hiring an experienced professional to install, configure and document the program. Lost time due to inexperienced staff struggling to learn a product can quickly sabotage any project. Further, an experienced professional will be able to optimize the tool configuration and reporting functions.

An asset management tool can be a costly investment for any organization, but one which if installed properly and used efficiently, will provide for reduced cost of ownership for IT assets and such tools generally provide a positive return on investment within 12-24 months as well. When you add the benefits of increased staff efficiency and reduction of risk into the mix, the justifications for the expense will be well founded.

What is being done to manage IT assets in your organization? Are you continually tossing your IT budget dollars into metaphorical pockets or are you keeping accurate tabs on those valuables? Moreover, what has been done to not only track and manage the IT assets, but to optimize the return on those investments?

Donna Johnson Edwards has more than 20 years' experience implementing and managing IT projects for companies including the Federal Judiciary, IBM/Lotus and Hamilton Beach Proctor-Silex, where she was the senior member of the New Enterprise Technology Team.

Her clients include Fortune 100, 500 and 1,000 companies as well as not-for-profit entities. Her background includes both the technical and the business aspects of IT projects.

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Charlie Rose with Chris Martin & Joe Levy; Frank McCourt & Calvin Trillin; Ala Bashir (May 5, 2006)

Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin talks to guest host Joe Levy, executive editor of Rolling Stone, about the success of the band and their latest album, X&Y. Guest host Calvin Trillin talks to Frank McCourt, author of Teacher Man. Finally, an interview with Ala Bashir, Saddam Hussein's former physician. He talks about his role in the Hussein Administration, his work an artist and his book, The Insider: Trapped in Saddam's Brutal Regime.

This product is manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media.'s standard return policy will apply.

All social activities have rules of etiquette and social dancing is no different. There are general rules of etiquette that apply to all forms of dancingsmooth, Latin, Texas Two-step, even disco line dance. Knowing these rules will make the dance floor experience enjoyable for everyone.

Before the Dance

There is no delicate way to put this: Please practice good hygiene. Offensive body odors and bad breath are frowned upon on the dance floor. Many dance aficionados will go so far as to avoid eating certain strong foods on the days they are planning to dance. At the very least, a good shower, deodorant, and a swig of mouthwash will ensure that you dance the night away without offending your partner.

Clothing will vary by the type of event formal, semi-formal, dressy casual, even shorts but can also vary by the type of dance. You may choose to wear western wear for country line dancing, or dark themed clothing for Tango. This is not required but if you are a novice it is great way to get accepted into a new dance community. There are a few general rules that apply to all dances:

Avoid big accessories that can get caught in your partners clothing or, worse, scratch or bruise someone.

It is advisable to avoid tennis shoes or any rubber soled, spongy type shoe. These shoes tend to stick to the floor (as they are intended to); if you are executing spins and turns, you can injure an ankle or knee.

Remember that dancing will require a partner. It is not pleasant to touch someones damp, sticky skin so avoid sleeveless shirts and dresses.

Women with long hair should consider wearing it up or in a ponytail to avoid hitting a partner in the face during a spin or having your partners hand get caught in it.

Men should carry keys and loose change in their left pants pocket making it less likely to bruise their partner.

At the Dance

Before you hit the dance floor, you will need a partner. It is considered rude to dance with the same partner all night, even if it happens to be your spouse! If you came with a partner it is generally accepted that they shall have the first and last dance. It is also considered rude to dance more than two songs in a row with the same person.

When asking someone to dance, you should do so politely and accept a refusal just as politely. These days it is acceptable for men and women to ask someone to dance. If you are on the receiving end of an invitation, remember that it is rude to turn down a dance with someone and then accept an invitation from another partner during the same song.

Once a song is over, men should escort women back to their seats or to wherever they were standing prior to the dance. If someone has just finished dancing, wait until they are completely off the dance floor before inviting them back out again. Do not pounce on someone as they are leaving the dance floor.

Do not block access to the dance floor by standing and talking or moving chairs into pathways. Dance spaces are usually crowded so be considerate of others space.

Social dances are categorized into two types progressive and spot dances. Progressive dances travel the floor like the Polka, Foxtrot, and Waltz. Spot dances are typically danced in one spot and include Salsa, Rumba and East Coast Swing. Dancers move counterclockwise around the floor in progressive dances. This is known as the line of dance and is like an imaginary circle going counterclockwise. In addition to the line of dance there are two lanes, the outside or fast lane and the inside or slow lane. Dances such as the Tango, Waltz, and Foxtrot are danced in the two outer lanes. Spot dances such as the Cha Cha, Swing or slow dancing are danced in the inside lanes.

Newbie dancers should move toward the center or outer edges, depending on the style of dance. While newbies should concede more space to more experienced dancers, it is equally rude for experienced dancers to hog floor space with fancy moves which force other dancers out of the way.

By following these simple rules of dance etiquette, you are sure to have a great time dancing the night away!

This article was contributed by Master Portable Floors. Master Portable Floors is the floor of choice by professional dancers. The floors have been rated highest quality by the American Swing Dancing Association and the Ball Room Dancing Association. Master Portable Floors has a unique flex action that provides a comfortable dancing surface that reduces hip and joint injuries. To learn more about Master Portable Floors visit

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Coldplay Photos

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A Rush of Blood to the Head


Live 2003

Customer Review: 2nd copy
Lost my 1st...Not sure how! They just keep getting better and better in my opinion. If you like this one you HAVE to get Viva La Vida!
Customer Review: Average
6/21/08 Before you read this review check out Coldplay's latest CD "Viva la Vida". It is light years ahead of this CD "X&Y". I guess I am so addicted to Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, and other great bands of the 70s-80s that Coldplay falls flat on it's face for me. Or, my expectations of "almost uniformly" stellar British rock bands is unrealistic. As most people do when listening to music, one finds that you do compare the new with the old. And so, in fairness to the change in technology and my own personal taste, I compared this band to my current favorite in world rock music, the astonishing rock-your-rear-off Afro Celt Sound System Band whose singer Iarla O'Liondird's vocal range is so utterly astounding. (Even Josh Groban plays AFCSS at his live concerts). After listening four times to this CD "X&Y", I still found Chris Martin's nasal, and at times, irritatingly whiney voice boring and monotonously repetitive. He is up and down his vocal range over and over on nearly every song. About midway through the CD it felt like I was listening to the same song over and over with musical variations. For me the song lyrics were mostly juvenile and often trite. Especially on the song "X&Y". HOWEVER, Their band members' musicality and instrument talent is undeniable. For this reason I can say I somewhat enjoyed the CD. Overall, if I have to pick a listen to again, maybe, these songs merit a redux: "White Shadows"; "A Message"; "Low".

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Digital music service from MTV Networks.

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Coldplay Band Black And White Music Art Gold Wood-Mounted Poster Print - 24" X 36"

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We often talk about wedding receptions once the receptions are over. The people at the wedding, the wedding site, the food, the drink, the music, the pleasantries exchanged, the bonhomie and the steady trickle of joy of being part of a social event reminds us later that it was the greatest wedding reception that we ever attended. Whom you danced with, did your favorite band entertain. Was the location beside a lake or on a yacht every detail is embedded in your memory. Later the memories come rushing in to make you feel mushy.

Setting the emotions aside, wedding receptions are remembered for the sheer grandeur of the arrangements made in terms of food, drink, music, the wedding site, and the ambience. No wonder people are willing to spend lavishly on wedding receptions to make it a memorable one. Wedding entertainment has an endearing importance, as the bride and the groom are interested in entertaining the guests to make the day memorable. Variety is being added to songs, dances, food and decorations. Jugglers, fire-eaters, magicians, stand up comedians and professional band have all entered the scene as a part of wedding entertainment.

Wedding entertainment mostly means music entertainment that can be live or otherwise. Wedding music bands, wedding DJs, solo wedding musicians, solo wedding singers, and wedding music ensembles all comprise the wedding entertainment schedule. Depending on the mood and atmosphere of the day, these performers can be hired to perform. While a DJ would play music as per planned, he also would ask the guests to request for songs of their choice. Music entertainment also means performance either by musicians and singers, solo or in groups. A pianist playing your favorite music while the guests enjoy the delectable food can be very soothing. If you wish, your guests to dance chose such music as Latin, Swing Band or even Rock and Roll. A Jazz or Cover band would give a more sophisticated feel. As far as live music entertainment is concerned the band selection offers choice across the spectrum that include Country, Cover, Dance, Jazz, Latin, Motown, Oldies, Reggae, Rock, Steel Drum, Swing, Top 40, and the periods like 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s band.

While live music entertainment limits the music to a particular genre once the selection is made, a DJ offers a mix of whatever you want, from any era, any musician and any song. You should make up your mind to what tune you would love your guests to enjoy and dance to, whether slow and romantic, or hip and exciting. Whether it is going to be Louis Armstrongs What a wonderful world or a Whitney Houston romantic song. The results are the guests would be left with an unforgettable wedding experience and treasure it forever.

Copyright @2006, 4th Media Corporation

You have permission to publish this article electronically free of charge, as long as the bylines and links in the body of the article and the bylines are included.

Natalie Aranda writes on love, relationship and family. Wedding ceremony are remembered for wedding music, wedding gown and wedding cake. Wedding receptions are remembered for the sheer grandeur of the arrangements made in terms of food, drink, music, the wedding site, and the ambience. No wonder people are willing to spend lavishly on wedding receptions to make it a memorable one. Wedding entertainment has an endearing importance, as the bride and the groom are interested in entertaining the guests to make the day memorable.

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MTV Unplugged

On March 6th, Julieta Venegas recorded her MTV Unplugged at the Churubusco Studies in Mexico City, where she presented new songs besides interpreting some of her greatest hits in an intimate atmosphere to a live audience.

This production counts on important and interesting collaborations like two time Oscar winner, Gustavo Santaolalla, who accompanied her with the banjo and sang the chorus of the song "Algun Dia (Someday)". Brazilian singer, Marisa Monte featured in song "Illusion", a new and beautiful song that combines the Spanish and Portuguese language.

Also Mala Rodriguez joined Julieta and included a strong hip hop movement to the song "Eres Para Mi (You are for Me)", whereas the vocalist of Porter, Juan Carlos had a unique participation in "Algun Dia (Someday)".

In addition, the very talented Natalia Lafourcade comprised of the orchestra and played several instruments during the night, whereas the talented musician and composer, Jacques Morelenbaum accompanied Julieta on the cello in "De mis Pasos (From my foot steps)".

DVD Track List:
1.Limón y Sal
2.Sería Feliz
3.El Presenta - Inédita
4.Algo está cambiando
5.Eres para Mi - A dueto con la Mala Rodriguez
6.Esta Vez
7.Algun dia- Inédita con la participación de Gustavo Santaolalla
8.Mírame bien
10.De mis pasos
11.Andar conmigo
12.Ilusión - Inédita A dueto con Marisa Monte
13.Como sé
14.Mira la vida- Inédita
15.Me Voy
Making of
Customer Review: A must have DVD - Compralo si o si
Como se ha escrito anteriormente este Unplugged es uno de los mejores en lengua castellana hasta la fecha (casi rivaliza con el Hello, el Unplugged del gran Charly Garcia) y consituye un hito en la carrera de Julieta Venegas mostrandonos asi el porque el maestro Joaquin Sabina, el mejor cantautor, ha dicho de ella que es una genia. Tocando con maestria varios instrumentos e imprimiendo sentimiento a cada canción que interpreta Julieta nos lleva por un repaso de su discografia, a la cual le imprime otro matiz, de una manera tan maravillosa que los 15 temas pareceria que acaban demasiado pronto. La calidad de la producción musical es impecable, los arreglos magnificos y los músicos en total sintonía con la idea que Julieta tiene del concierto. Imprescindible en cualquier colección. Gracias Julieta... creo que Sabina ya tiene su contraparte femenina. A masterpiece. So far the best Unplugged of this decade. Julieta performs great and also in a unique way, full of feeling. Ms. Venegas rocks ! Do a favor yourself and order this DVD now.
Muy gratamente soprendido por este material, es simplemente estupendo, Julieta se luce en todas suis interpretaciones dandoles nuevo matizes y colores, que decir de sus invitados , todos de primer nivel,,, el que en verdad me sorprendio mucho -y como dice el post de arriba- no conocia en nada a JUAN SON, que voz y que manera de interpretar. me muero por conseguir algo de el,, este dvd es algo que no deje faltar en su coleccion...altamente recomendable...

We all have special recollections from our childhoods of special times spent with our families - making forts, cooking together, playing board games. Some memories are quirky, some silly, and some sentimental. Although those moments are long past, the memories linger. And now that we're parents ourselves, we want to create the same kinds of memories for our kids.

Unfortunately, the easy and carefree days we remember from our own youth seem to have transformed into busy and chaotic ones for our children. Not only do kids today seem to be involved in more after-school activities like sports and music, even when everybody does happen to be home at the same time, the lure of the television, video games, iPods and computer command our attention. Needless to say, attempting to create special memories like the ones we had as kids seems futile.

But all hope is not lost! The world may indeed be faster-paced than it used to be, but the age of technology actually provides many fresh and exciting opportunities for memory-making moments. Maybe one of the following ideas will appeal to you and your kids:

1. Capture the Moment. Break out that digital camera and start snapping. Be silly, make faces or be serious. Once you've finished your photo session, upload the pictures to your computer and create a photo album, slideshow, or other inventive keepsake to look at time and time again.

2. Movie Making Moments. My kids love making movies with our video recorder and I have to say they do a great job behind and in front of the camera. Assign each person a role - writer, director, actors - or make every aspect a group effort. If you come up with something to really be proud of, why not post it on You-Tube or God-Tube to showcase your movie making talents to the world?

3. Let the games begin! So maybe monopoly just doesn't do it for your kids but a competitive game of Guitar Hero gets their adrenaline pumping. Show your kids you've still "got it" by jamming to those rock songs you used to love. Be sure to sing along, too - admit still know every word to Joan Jett's, "I Love Rock 'n Roll."

No Guitar Hero? Any video game will do. To make it fair, go to the video store and rent a game no one has played before. Who will emerge the champion?

4. Have a Dance-Off. Pop in the latest CD and put on your dancing shoes. Show your kids the old style and let them demonstrate a move or two for you. Better yet, try your hand (make that, feet) at Dance, Dance Revolution. An added bonus - you'll be getting in shape while making those memories! See who can go the longest without collapsing on the couch.

5. Family Movie Night. Remember how much you looked forward to the Disney Sunday Night Movie? Now, with so many DVD options, movie night can be any night of the week. Don't forget to load up on popcorn, candy and soda of your choice. Hey - at least all that sugar and caffeine will keep you awake! Consider setting aside one movie night per month. Afterward, discuss your thoughts over old-fashioned ice cream sundaes. (Not everything has to include electronic devices.)

So the age of technology offers many opportunities for memory-making moments. Just remember, when it comes to family fun, one thing will never change. It's not so much what you do that counts, but only that you're doing it together.

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It was the first warm night of the spring in Spanish Harlem, and the sounds wafting out of the FB Lounge on 106th ... Afro-Caribbean or Latin music . ...,0,6710122.story

Viva la Musica Latina: Live at Manhattan Center | MTV MOVIES
... New York's Manhattan Center, features performances by such Latin musicians as ... Specials 2008 Movie Awards 2008 Video Music Awards Choose or Lose Young Veterans ...

I was 14 years old and attending the high School of music and Art in Manhattan . ... Andy Kaufman , co-owner of Birdland, is a Latin music lover. ...

Jazz Clubs in New York City
Manhattan . 55 Bar 55 Christopher St. (btwn. 7th Ave. So. & Waverly Place) 212-929-9883 ... At the bar, the music charge includes one drink. ...

Ritmo Tropical Hot Latin Music Links Salsa Merengue Musica
Ritmo Tropical salsa, merengue, cumbias, musica latina con sabor, free latino newsletter, nightclubs listing salsa dancing for latinos & hot latinas.

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latin music festival

History: Fiction or Science? (Chronology, No. 1)

Recorded history is a finely-woven magic fabric of intricate lies about events predating the sixteenth century. There is not a single piece of evidence that can be reliably and independently traced back earlier than the eleventh century. This book details events that are substantiated by hard facts and logic, and validated by new astronomical research and statistical analysis of ancient sources.

Customer Review: Treading on sore toes?
The professional historians faint as prominent mathematician Doctor Fomenko et al research the known historical data and come to fairly controversial conclusions. For example, the English historians rage at the suggestion that the history of Ancient England was de facto a Byzantine import transplanted to the English soil by the fugitive Byzantine nobility. As the sign of recognition of the special role of the English historians who consider themselves the true scribes of World History, the cover of the present book portrays Tintoretto's Jesus Christ crucified on the Big Ben. The Russian historians brand it as pseudoscience because Dr Fomenko asserts that there was no such thing as the Tartar and Mongol invasion followed by over two centuries of slavery, providing a formidable body of documental evidence to prove his assertion. The so-called `Tartars and Mongols' were the actual ancestors of the modern Russians, living in a trilingual state and aspiring Global Empire with Arabic and Turkic spoken as freely as Russian. The ancient proto-Russian state was governed by a double structure of civil and military authorities and the hordes were actually professional armies with a tradition of lifelong conscription (the recruitment being the so-called `blood tax'). Their `invasions' were punitive operations against the regions that attempted tax evasion. Fomenko proves for a fact that official Russian history is a blatant forgery concocted by a host of German scholars brought to Russia by the usurper dynasty of the Romanovs. Their ascension to the throne was the result of conspiracy, so they charged these German historians-imports with the noble mission of making Romanov's reign look legitimate. Dr Fomenko et al prove Ivan the Terrible to be a collation of four rulers, no less. These rulers represented the two rival dynasties - the legitimate Godounovs and the ambitious Romanov upstarts. The European historians fume not only because Fomenko blows consensual Russian history to smithereens, successfully removing a crucial cornerstone from underneath the otherwise impeccable edifice of World History but for asserting that all medieval European Kings and Princes were but breakaway vice-regents and vassals of the Global Empire who badly needed glorious and very `ancient' past in order to legitimize their new independence from the Empire. Dr Fomenko adds insult to injury, wiping out one by one: the Ancient Rome: the foundation of Rome in Italy is dated to the 14th century A. D., the Ancient Greece and its numerous poleis, which he identifies as the mediaeval crusader settlements on the territory of Greece, the Ancient Egypt: the pyramids of Giza become dated to the 11th to 14th century A. D. and identified as the royal cemetery of the Global Empire, no less. The civilization of the `ancient'' Egypt is irrefutably dated to the 11th to 15th century A. D. following the breakthrough in decoding of the ancient Egyptian horoscopes cut in stone and painted on the temple walls. Arabic historians may find some consolation in the crucial historical role of the Ottoman Empire as a part of the Global empire in the 15th - 17th century. The trouble is that this Empire was initially a proto-Christian state, with Hagia Sophia identifiable as Temple of Solomon, but built in 1550-1557 A.D. by Sultan Suleiman according to Fomenko and Islam with all its key figures is datable to 15th 16th century A. D.! The Chinese historians are also an unhappy lot because Fomenko wipes out the Ancient History of China outright. No such history. Period. The compilation of the so-called Ancient Chinese History is reliably datable to the 17th 18th century only. It is perfectly recognizable as the Ancient European history, reworked and transcribed in hieroglyphs as yet another historical transplantation. The Divinity excommunicates Dr Fomenko because the history of religions according to Fomenko looks as follows: the pre-Christian period (before the 11th century and Jesus Christ ), Bacchic Christianity (11th to 12th century, before and after Jesus Christ), Jesus Christ Christianity (12th to 14th century) and its subsequent mutations (15th to 17th cy) into Orthodox Christianity, the Catholicism, Protestantism, Islam, Buddhism, and so on..; and The Old Testament written after the New Testament in xiv-xvi cy A.D., if you please! Everybody served? Saint Augustine was quite prescient when he said: "be wary of mathematicians, particularly when they speak the truth."
Customer Review: Has history been tampered with?
Watch Video Here: Has history been tampered with? Yes, it has! Did events and eras such as the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, the Roman Empire , the Dark Ages, and the Renaissance, actually occur within a very different chronology from what we've been told? Yes, they certainly did! The history of humankind is both drastically shorter and dramatically different than generally presumed. Why is it so? On one hand, it was usual custom to justify the claims to title and land by age and ancestry, and on the other the court historians knew only too well how to please their masters. The so called universal classic world history is a pack of intricate lies for all events prior to the 16th century. World history as we learn it today was entirely fabricated in the 16th-18th centuries. It's likely that nobody told you before, but there is not a single piece of firm written evidence or artefact that is reliably and independently dated prior to the 11th century. Naturally, after what you've learned in school and university, you will not easily believe that the classical history of ancient Rome, Greece, Asia, Egypt, China, Japan, India, etc., is manifestly false. You will point accusing finger to the pyramids in Egypt, to the Coliseum in Rome and Great Wall of China etc., and claim, aren't they really ancient, thousands of years ancient? Well, there is no valid scientific proof that they are older than 1000 years! The oldest original written document that can be reliably dated belongs to the 11th century! New research asserts that Homo sapiens invented writing (including hieroglyphics) only 1000 years ago. Once invented, writing skills were immediately and irreversibly put to the use of ruling powers and science. The consensual chronology we live with was essentially crafted in the 16th century by the Jesuits. The world history was compiled from contradictory mix of innumerable copies of ancient Latin and Greek manuscripts and other irrefutable proofs delivered by late mediaeval astronomers that were cemented by the authority of writings of the Church Fathers. Early in life, we learn about ancient history. Children love the magical lessons of history - they are like fairy tales. Teachers recite breathtaking stories; very soon We learn by heart the names and deeds of brave warriors, wise philosophers, fabulous pharaohs, cunning high priests and greedy scribes. We learn of gigantic pyramids and sinister castles, kings and queens, dukes and barons, powerful heroes and beautiful ladies, emaciated saints and low-life traitors. Ancient history is based documents, manuscripts, printed books, paintings, monuments and artefacts - called primary sources. The problem is that neither these ancient documents, nor events described therein can be irrefutably dated, moreover they contradict each other for the most part. When a school textbook tells us that Genghis Khan in year X or Alexander in year Y, have each conquered half of the world, it means only that it is so said in some of the written sources. There are no answers to simple questions: When were these primary sources written? Where and by whom were these sources found? It is wrongly presumed that ancient and medieval chronicles, written by Genghis Khan's or Alexander the Great contemporaries and eyewitnesses, are readily available. Actually, only sources written hundreds or even thousands of years after the events are there, compiled mostly in the 16th 18th centuries, or even later. As a rule, these sources suffered considerable multiple manipulations, falsifications and distortions by editing. At the same time, innumerable originals of ancient documents under various pretexts were destroyed in Europe under various pretexts. The names of persons and geographical sites often changed meaning and location during the course of the centuries. Geographical locations became clearly defined on maps only with the advent of printing. This made possible the circulation of identical copies of the same map for purposes of the military, navigation, education and governance tasks. Historians from Oxford say: "hey, everybody knows that Julius Caesar lived in the first century B.C. `Julius Caesar' statement is only a point of view as there is simply no irrefutable documentary proof that Julius Caesar or any other great name of antiquity ever existed. Better than that - extremely rare sources that can be reliably dated back to the 10th-14th centuries A D, do not show the polished picture of classical history. They show a picture both contradictory and confusing. All methods of dating of ancient sources and artefacts are erroneous: Radio-carbon C14 method produces dating with exactitude of plus minus 1500 years, therefore it is too crude for dating of events in historical timeframe! The Almagest tractate, which lies as corner stone contemporary chronology, compiled in the 2nd century A D by Ptolemy, the founding father of astronomy, contains astronomical data of 9th to 16th century! The Bronze Age,that has supposedly began 5000 years ago. Bronze is made of 90% copper and 10% tin, but the technology for tin extraction dates back to 14th century A D!. All eclipses contained in manuscripts, like Thucydides one, relating 'ancient' events have exclusively medieval dating. All horoscopes cut in stone or painted in Egyptian temples, like Dendera have exclusively early medieval dating solutions. Not quite what you have learned in school? Open your eyes, and, you will find sufficient proof to reach step by step the inevitable conclusion that the classical chronology is false and therefore, that the history of ancient and medieval world universally accepted today, is also false. Have a fresh outlook on everything said or printed about "ancient" and "enigmatic" Roman, Greek and Egyptian, medieval as well as all other "lost and found" civilizations. Antiquity and Dark Ages are phantoms invented in the 16th 18th and polished in 19th 20thcenturies. Human civilization is in fact barely 1000 years old! This book will change your perception of History forever! What if Ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt were invented during Renaissance? What if The Old Testament was a rendition of events of the Middle Ages? What if Jesus Christ was born in 1053 and crucified in 1086 AD? Sounds Unbelievable? Not after you've read "History: Fiction or Science?" by Anatoly Fomenko, the genius mathematician. Armed with astronomy and computers Anatoly Fomenko turns History into a rocket science. Local Scene |
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Salsa - The Motion Picture

Robby Rosa former lead singer of the super group Menudo stars in this sexy story of young dreams dangerous passions and dance-floor fireworks! With special performances by Salsa legends Celia Cruz and Tito Puente this high-energy musical sizzles with breathtaking choreography and all the spice of red-hot salsa! In a nightly escape from his day job as a mechanic Rico (Rosa) enters his true element: the wild exuberance of the East L.A. La Luna salsa club. Dreaming of making himself and his girlfriend the King and Queen of Salsa Rico pours all his energy into winning La Luna s Grand Salsa Competition. But when the club s gorgeous owner sets her sights on making Rico her dance partner Rico must decide what drives him his ambition or his heart.System Requirements:Running Time: 99 Min.Format: DVD MOVIE Genre: DRAMA Rating: PG UPC: 027616884619 Manufacturer No: 1004382
Customer Review: Fantastic energy!
Simple awesome movie and I was really enthralled by the charisma, the energy of the lead actor. The movie as such is similar to many 80's dance movies but being a Salsa dancer I enjoyed this one so much more. I now keep it in my laptop and watch the opening scene every time I need some positive feel or want to get into the mood of hitting the dance floors. Highly recommended to the Salseros.
Customer Review: Don't Waste Your Money
I bought this because my teenage son and his girlfriend loved Take The Lead and were interested in learning more about latin dancing. The dancing is marginal but the dialogue and acting are TERRIBLE! We couldn't watch it after the first 20 minutes - even the teenagers who, quite frankly, are not the best judges of acting!

With just a sprinkle here, and a dash there, you can awaken your inner confidence in no time. The best part: there is already a treasure of confidence within you. Its in there, waiting. This is just an invitation to wake up and feel it. Confidence is a state of mind. Sexiness is simply how you feel as your glowing, confident self. Use these tips to bring out your most confident self.
Here they are: 5 sure-fire ways to help you REALIZE your beautiful glow.

1. Embrace you body. Everyone has a favorite body part. Maybe its your eyes, or your thighs, or your hands or your breasts. Maybe its your rump, or your lips, or yourwhatever. Embrace your favorite part by accentuating this part with how you dress and care for yourself. Serenade yourself with confidence once you learn your favorite part. This is a magical attribute, which deserves some light to be shone on it. Focus on the good, and the rest will soon fall in place.

2. Dance. Use music to unleash your confidence beast. Shes in there. Shes waiting to get out. Dance her out. You can dance like no ones watching or dance like everyones watching. Its up to you. You can follow your inner diva to create a unique dance made solely by you, or utilize the many sources the web has to offer by self-teaching yourself new moves of belly dancing, hip-hop or interpretive dance. Embrace your body as you move. Treat your body as an art as you swerve your way to your newfound confidence.

3. Give Compliments Freely. Other women you meet may have confidence issues, too. Infact, it is likely. And the strangest thing is that even the most beautiful, skinny, likeable women have self-esteem issues. Confidence is an attribute, which must come from within. Without it, you will never feel pretty enough, thin enough, or good enough. If you start giving compliments to other women, you are leading by example. We are in this together. We can learn to be beautiful together. Say goodbye to the days where other women are competition. The most confident women know it is sexy to give compliments and embrace the beauty in everyone.

4. Love your body now. Dont wait until its 15 (or 5 or 50) pounds lighter; dont wait until you get your new haircut or give yourself a manicure. Although it is important to take care of our selves, so many women see it as a precursor to loving our selves. Nothing could be farther from the truth. If you love your body now, you will intuitively know what else needs to be done to remain healthy and vibrant. Yes, perhaps you do need that massage after a killer week at work. No, most likely you dont need that nose job if you can fully embrace your unique God-given look as an original woman in her own sexy skin.

5. Dont point out your flaws. If I constantly said: I have such a flabby gut. Ughh, I hate my stomach. Look at these rolls Well, guess where you will soon be looking? Yep, you guessed it: my flabby rolls. Stop bringing attention to these not-so-favorite areas. Go back to rule #1. Embrace your body. If you have trouble with this rule, please continue to check back with rule #1. Embrace, embrace, embrace.

As you can see these five ideas are fairly simple. But how often do we forget to embrace our bodies and shine from within? Use these ideas to stay on top of your confidence game. In no time, youll get be confident and radiant and youll be soaring to new heights of beauty from your treasure of inner confidence.

Sylvia C. Hall is a freelance writer and children's writer. Sylvia loves the creative process and enjoys living life as a confident, radiant woman. In May, Sylvia will receive a BA degree, with an Emphasis in English and double minors in Education and Psychology. Visit her Etsy store to see her photo shop:

And visit her two blogs to learn more about Sylvia C. the writer: &

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Coldplay (A Rush of Blood to the Head, Group) Framed Music Poster Print - 24" X 36"

We bring you the best selection of Movie Posters, Music Posters, Sports Posters, Art Prints, Television Posters, College Humor, and more! This is the premier destination for finding entertainment posters. Find authentic movie advertisements, increase your celebrity photo and poster collection, locate that missing pop idol piece you need to complete your set, or discover rare concert sheets from your favorite musicians and bands. Whether its that one rare framed art print youve been looking for, or you need to wallpaper your dorm room with the hottest, sexiest posters, this is the place to find everything. Brand new, perfect condition, fast shipping! Buy from the best!!!

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... was when everyone threw down some serious Descargas and a ... Support Latin music and local, non-commercial radio, who continue to keep la musica alive! ...

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Waiting for Tomorrow

Wanna be a cowboy? That's an easy order to fill in Bandera, Texas, nicknamed "The Cowboy Capital of the World." In this community, located 50 miles northwest of San Antonio on TX 16, you cant toss a horseshoe without hitting a dude ranch, rodeo ground, western wear store, or dance hall.

Banderas Western heritage is a big draw to todays travelers but its roots date back to the founding days of Texas. Bandera Pass, located twelve miles north on TX 173, was first the site of numerous battles between the Spanish conquistadors and both Apache and Comanche Indians. According to one local legend, a flag (or bandera in Spanish) was placed here to mark the border between the forces.

Today the Wild West atmosphere lives on both in town and in the surrounding dude ranches. Whether youd like to "cowboy up" for a few days at a dude ranch or just grab some boots and dance to Western tunes along Main Street, Bandera has plenty of opportunities to get in touch with your inner cowboy.

Dude Ranches: Bandera is well known for its many dude ranches, the perfect way for you and your family to experience life as a cowboy for a few days. Properties like the Flying L Guest Ranch, the Mayan Ranch, Dixie Dude Ranch, and Twin Elm Guest Ranch will keep you busy with horseback rides, hayrides, fishing, cookouts, and more. You dont have to have any previous riding experience to enjoy the ranches. Typically the guest rates include three meals a day as well as Western entertainment and even supervised kids' programs. During the peak summer months, expect a minimum stay at many ranches.

Rodeos: Bandera is also synonymous with rodeos. One favorite held every Tuesday and Friday through the summer is at the Twin Elm Guest Ranch. For professional action, check out the Cowboy Capital PRCA Rodeo, held in May.

Honky Tonks: Another city might call them nightclubs, but there's nothing fancy about Bandera; this town proudly calls their downtown bars honky tonks. Live country music can be found most nights. One of the best known is Arkey Blues Silver Dollar. Dont miss the sawdust-covered floor (to encourage plenty of boot-scootin). Also on Main Street, the Cabaret Dancehall has shook to the sounds of country music for seven decades and often hosts many big name acts.

Cowboys on Main: During the warm weather months, downtown Bandera is transformed with a Saturday event called Cowboys on Main. Scheduled from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. right on Main Street, the event features horseback riding cowboys, storytellers, trick ropers, musicians, and a lot more. The event is sponsored by the Frontier Times Museums Living History Project. Save some time for a sop at the Frontier Times Museum. The museum dates back to 1927 and is a good place to learn more about Bandera's early days through cowboy paraphernalia, Native American arrowheads, and prehistoric artifacts.

For more information on vacationing in Bandera, call the Bandera Convention and Visitors Bureau at 800.364.3833 or 830.796.3045.

Paris Permenter and John Bigley are Texas guidebook authors and the editors of Travel Guide, an online guide to vacationing in Texas.

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Con Bajo Y Todo

How many times have you turned to music to uplift you even further in happy times, or sought the comfort of music when melancholy strikes?

Music affects us all. But only in recent times have scientists sought to explain and quantify the way music impacts us at an emotional level. Researching the links between melody and the mind indicates that listening to and playing music actually can alter how our brains, and therefore our bodies, function.

It seems that the healing power of music, over body and spirit, is only just starting to be understood, even though music therapy is not new. For many years therapists have been advocating the use of music - both listening and study - for the reduction of anxiety and stress, the relief of pain. And music has also been recommended as an aid for positive change in mood and emotional states.

Michael DeBakey, who in 1966 became the first surgeon to successfully implant an artificial heart, is on record saying: "Creating and performing music promotes self-expression and provides self-gratification while giving pleasure to others. In medicine, increasing published reports demonstrate that music has a healing effect on patients."

Doctors now believe using music therapy in hospitals and nursing homes not only makes people feel better, but also makes them heal faster. And across the nation, medical experts are beginning to apply the new revelations about musics impact on the brain to treating patients.

In one study, researcher Michael Thaut and his team detailed how victims of stroke, cerebral palsy and Parkinson's disease who worked to music took bigger, more balanced strides than those whose therapy had no accompaniment.

Other researchers have found the sound of drums may influence how bodies work. Quoted in a 2001 article in USA Today, Suzanne Hasner, chairwoman of the music therapy department at Berklee College of Music in Boston, says even those with dementia or head injuries retain musical ability.

The article reported results of an experiment in which researchers from the Mind-Body Wellness Center in Meadville, Pa., tracked 111 cancer patients who played drums for 30 minutes a day. They found strengthened immune systems and increased levels of cancer-fighting cells in many of the patients.

"Deep in our long-term memory is this rehearsed music, Hasner says. It is processed in the emotional part of the brain, the amygdala. Heres where you remember the music played at your wedding, the music of your first love, that first dance. Such things can still be remembered even in people with progressive diseases. It can be a window, a way to reach them"

The American Music Therapy Organization claims music therapy may allow for "emotional intimacy with families and caregivers, relaxation for the entire family, and meaningful time spent together in a positive, creative way".

Scientists have been making progress in its exploration into why music should have this effect. In 2001 Dr. Anne Blood and Robert Zatorre of McGill University in Montreal, used positron emission tomography, or PET scans, to find out if particular brain structures were stimulated by music.

In their study, Blood and Zatorre asked 10 musicians, five men and five women, to choose stirring music. The subjects were then given PET scans as they listened to four types of audio stimuli - the selected music, other music, general noise or silence. Each sequence was repeated three times in random order.

Blood said when the subjects heard the music that gave them "chills," the PET scans detected activity in the portions of the brain that are also stimulated by food and sex.

Just why humans developed such a biologically based appreciation of music is still not clear. The appreciation of food and the drive for sex evolved to help the survival of the species, but "music did not develop strictly for survival purposes," Blood told Associated Press at the time.

She also believes that because music activates the parts of the brain that make us happy, this suggests it can benefit our physical and mental well being.

This is good news for patients undergoing surgical operations who experience anxiety in anticipation of those procedures.

Polish researcher, Zbigniew Kucharski, at the Medical Academy of Warsaw, studied the effect of acoustic therapy for fear management in dental patients. During the period from October 2001 to May 2002, 38 dental patients aged between 16 and 60 years were observed. The patients received variations of acoustic therapy, a practice where music is received via headphones and also vibrators.

Dr Kucharski discovered the negative feelings decreased five-fold for patients who received 30 minutes of acoustic therapy both before and after their dental procedure. For the group that heard and felt music only prior to the operation, the fearful feelings reduced by a factor of 1.6 only.

For the last group (the control), which received acoustic therapy only during the operation, there was no change in the degree of fear felt.

A 1992 study identified music listening and relaxation instruction as an effective way to reduce pain and anxiety in women undergoing painful gynecological procedures. And other studies have proved music can reduce other 'negative' human emotions like fear, distress and depression.

Sheri Robb and a team of researchers published a report in the Journal of Music Therapy in 1992, outlining their findings that music assisted relaxation procedures (music listening, deep breathing and other exercises) effectively reduced anxiety in pediatric surgical patients on a burn unit.

"Music," says Esther Mok in the AORN Journal in February 2003, "is an easily administered, non-threatening, non-invasive, and inexpensive tool to calm preoperative anxiety."

So far, according to the same report, researchers cannot be certain why music has a calming affect on many medical patients. One school of thought believes music may reduce stress because it can help patients to relax and also lower blood pressure. Another researcher claims music allows the body's vibrations to synchronize with the rhythms of those around it. For instance, if an anxious patient with a racing heartbeat listens to slow music, his heart rate will slow down and synchronize with the music's rhythm.

Such results are still something of a mystery. The incredible ability that music has to affect and manipulate emotions and the brain is undeniable, and yet still largely inexplicable.

Aside from brain activity, the affect of music on hormone levels in the human body can also be quantified, and there is definite evidence that music can lower levels of cortisol in the body (associated with arousal and stress), and raise levels of melatonin (which can induce sleep). It can also precipitate the release of endorphins, the body's natural painkiller.

But how does music succeed in prompting emotions within us? And why are these emotions often so powerful? The simple answer is that no one knows yet. So far we can quantify some of the emotional responses caused by music, but we cannot yet explain them. But that's OK. I don't have to understand electricity to benefit from light when I switch on a lamp when I come into a room, and I don't have to understand why music can make me feel better emotionally. It just does - our Creator made us that way.

Duane Shinn is the author of over 500 music books and products such as DVD's, CD's, musical games for kids, chord charts, musical software, and piano lesson instructional courses for adults. He holds an advanced degree from Southern Oregon University and was the founder of Piano University in Southern Oregon. Previous to that he worked as an assistant music therapist at DeWitt State Hospital in Auburn, California. He can be reached at He is the author of the popular free 101-week e-mail newsletter titled "Amazing Secrets Of Exciting Piano Chords & Sizzling Chord Progressions" with over 55,000 current subscribers. Those interested may obtain a free subscription by going to

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Coldplay: In My Place/Politik

1. In My Place (Karaoke Version) - Coldplay - Artist Name for Song Reference Only2. Politik (Karaoke Version) - Coldplay - Artist Name for Song Reference Only3. In My Place (Vocal Version) - Coldplay - Artist Name for Song Reference Only4. Politik (Vocal Version) - Coldplay - Artist Name for Song Reference OnlySystem Requirements:Karaoke Singles - Songs of Coldplay - These songs are performed by leading professional musicians and singers in the styles of the hit versions. This CD offers the highest quality and convenience for your karaoke enjoyment. This complete high-quality karaoke package includes: On-Screen Graphics Printed Lyrics Karaoke and Vocal Versions! Professionally recorded versions not original artist recordings.Format: CD Genre: MISCELLANEOUS/KARAOKE Artist: KARAOKE UPC: 787364049028

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Georg Frideric Handel
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WireImage: Listings
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Latest Breaking Radio and Music News - v2.0
An online daily source of news, new music , artist information, radio programming tips, show prep, and related music and radio links .

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LP RhythMix Conga with Carry Strap

Many people realize that satellite TV is available in the United States, but not everyone is aware of the various locations where satellite television can be found throughout the world. Locations for satellite television include the Americas, Africa, Asia, Europe, and more.

In Africa, there are many locations where satellite television is the only option. The infrastructure for cable television does not exist in almost any part of Africa, nor would it be cost effective to install because most Africans could not afford the prices associated with cable television.

Therefore, satellite television opens up the possibility to channels that are broadcasted in English, French, German, and Portuguese, as well as some African languages. The masses in Africa can also access satellite television through Free2view, which broadcasts news from MSNBC, as well as other channels that continue to be added.

In the Americas, options and locations for satellite television vary for Canada, the United States, and parts of Latin America. In Canada, there are two legal options, which do not include American satellite providers. However, most people in Canada still have access to American services and pirated services, which are both considered to be part of the Canadian satellite television black market.

Similarly, Latin America's dependence on satellite television is limited to the Latin-based satellite system, SKY Latin America, in Brazil and Mexico, and DirecTV Latin America in the rest of the South American countries. DirecTV, which also has United States locations for satellite television providers, currently competes with Dish Network for household satellites services throughout the majority of states.

Throughout Asia, locations for satellite television providers are more numerous that in other areas of the world. In Bangladesh alone there are at least a dozen different satellite services. Other areas of Asia, including India and Malaysia, also have unique providers. While India has at least three primary providers, Malaysia is limited to Measat Broadcast Network Systems, which is the sole satellite television operator in the area.

In other areas, like Europe, there are large gains in the technology and locations of satellite TV. Depending on whether you are in Central Europe, the Netherlands, or Italy, your main providers will vary, as will the number of people who use this type of television programming as their primary service. For some areas, like Belgium and the Netherlands, the completion from cable networks that provide exclusive content can overpower the benefits provided by satellite services.

Competition in various locations for satellite television caused a competitive bidding war in the United Kingdom between Sky and BSB. However, eventually the two companies merged to form BSkyB, which later became Sky Digital.

Wherever you are located, there are sure to be a number of ways that you can research any available satellite television options for you. However, it is also important to keep in mind that in many locations, satellite television providers are offering free-to-air channels. Although these often include your basic channels, it can affect how satellite services are presented, and priced, in your area.

For more information about satellite TV or the programming options available for DIRECTV visit

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LP RhythMix 7" Tambourine on Handle, with Note Name Cut-Outs

The Kentucky Derby is a pretty big deal, so much so that lots of people host their own Kentucky derby party. You can work to make your party a little original this year with some Mardi Gras flair to it. Guest will love the great food, loud music, colorful decorations and if you have the room and inclination the parade! Of course this is still a Kentucky Derby party so youll have plenty of horse and racing related decorations and you cant forget to give the guests their classic mint juleps for the party.

Make sure the guests know that the party is going to have a Mardi Gras theme to it in the invitations you send. You can pick up some invitations with a Kentucky derby or horseracing theme and punch them up a bit by adding some colorful glitter. Carefully outline the picture with a thin bead of glue and sprinkle the glitter on it. Wait for it to dry, shake off the excess glitter and send in the mail.

You can pick up some fun masks to hand out to the guests when they arrive to the Kentucky derby party. There are some fun horseracing wall hangings you can plaster to the walls and get lots of balloons in the Mardi Gras colors with an emphasis on green since it matches the grass of the racing grounds.

Take advantage of some excellent Creole recipes when thinking up appetizers for this party. Bourbon Chicken is a tasty dish that can be made for easy pick up by the guests with the addition of toothpicks. Red rice and beans is another traditional dish and its ingredients are cheap so you save a little money to get goodies for a big ole pot of jambalaya. The guests can dance to some music, share beads, eat good food and finally sit back to watch the races.

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Gipsy Kings Fuego! The Videos

Latin - LimeWire Store
Latin Music . Latin music is a catch-all term for a number of diverse styles from different ... smooth production techniques from American pop-rock and soft ...

Concientizacin 2005
... of a way of approaching music from the Latin American cultural perspective. ... in the United States and influenced a wide variety of other musical styles . ...

Latin American Songbook
John Santos is one of the foremost exponents of Afro- Latin music in the world today. ... breaking work in bringing together styles , rhythms, concepts and artists from ...

The Department of Music at Western Kentucky University
... of Caribbean and Latin American music styles , including calypso, soca, ska, reggae, and salsa. ... that are musically appropriate within these styles . ...

Los Gatos - Fusing High-Energy Latin Music and Contemporary Jazz
... Gatos performs a mixture of high energy Latin music fused with traditional jazz elements. Their performances ... Latin music and the fusion of styles and ...

Beyond The Latin Tinge
... been absorbed by what we think of as " American " styles jazz, ... In turn, these styles have expanded the musical vocabulary of North American popular music . ...

Raul Ramirez Music | Biography
Percussionist living in the San Francisco Bay Area. ... styles including jazz, fusion, Latin jazz, Brazilian jazz, and South American ...

Colby | Course Catalogue | Music
Latin . Latin American Studies. Literature in Translation. Mathematics. Music . Philosophy ... on analysis of the musical styles of individual musicians and ...

Home - Javier F. Len
Roberts: Cultural Blending: The First Afro- American Styles Roberts 1998: 37-71 ... Tulane Home Music Dept. Home Latin American Studies ADST ...

UW Libraries - Music Library - Music Library & Listening Center
A Selection of Ethnic Music Styles from the collections of the ... Latin America, the Caribbean, South America. Latin American Resources from Univ. of Texas ...

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Kalimoto have quite a unique sound, as anyone who has seen them live, or heard their cd's or mp3's will testify. Their sound might even be described as a testament to a variety of influences, although these influences are not always so obvious. Some critics have described the band as "goth", others as "indie pop", others as "alternative rock", others as "funky space rock"!

Reviewers have made various comparisons as diverse as Mansun, Verve, Coldplay, Doves, Clash, U2, Chameleons, The The, The Jam and Oasis right through to Simon & Garfunkel to DJ Shadow even.....

If you've not heard them, check them out and judge for yourself! I think you'll agree, they are difficult to pigeon-hole and great to listen to.

Every industry is affected by the restraints of music copyright laws and the wedding industry is no exception. With the increase in enforcement of those that commit copyright infringement, wedding professionals including wedding videographers, wedding planners and anyone else choosing or using wedding music in their projects are not exempt from paying large fees for all wedding video music, music for wedding videos and any other music they need.

The ease of downloading all types of music, and particularly wedding music via the internet and through both illegal and legal file sharing programs has gone up exponentially as the availability of such programs has increased. Because of the increased availability of copyright protected music, large music providers such as BMI and ASCAP have begun to prosecute in cases where people have not paid appropriately for use of the wedding video music, background music and production music that professionals and other individuals use in their projects.

While it is impossible for large companies to prosecute all violators of copyright laws, many wedding video companies, both large and small have already found themselves paying exorbitant fees that total well over the amount they would have paid had they legally purchased the wedding music in the first place just to settle copyright infringement issues. Just because a video is not intended for public viewing does not make it non-infringing to use popular music as a background music or production music, and public performance is one of the reserved rights of the copyright owners.

Wedding professionals and videographers have a tall order to fill. Not only are they responsible for filming the ceremony, reception and all other aspects of the wedding day, but also they are responsible either for choosing music that compliments the spirit of the day, the couples personalities and the high quality of the video through an appropriate and rich soundtrack of background music and production music. Weddings today vary much more than they used to; more couples are seeking wedding music and wedding video music that strays from the traditional and ranges from contemporary to cutting edge and progressive.

Regardless of the couples preferences, wedding professionals must either choose fully representative wedding video music themselves from the huge amount available, or buy the rights to the music the couple asks for from a music provider. Unfortunately, the cost of paying royalties to large companies in order to use both traditional and contemporary original wedding music in videos, ceremonies and at receptions is extremely expensive. Wedding videographers and other individuals that handle many ceremonies, receptions and projects per month might expect to pay thousands of dollars per month in order to legally use popular wedding video music, music for wedding ceremonies and all other types of wedding music.

And because every client is different and has different musical tastes, these professionals must make sure they have a very large and comprehensive library of wedding music to choose from to make every project unique and make sure it accurately captures the spirit of the big day and the personality of the married couple. Not every wedding videographer and professional, and particularly those for whom weddings are only a small part of their total business plan, can afford to exorbitant royalty fees associated with wedding music and satisfying copyright laws.

So what is the answer for wedding videographers that wish to both avoid copyright infringement and provide high quality and original wedding video music that does not take a huge chunk out of their limited budget? Many wedding professionals avoid the use of buyout music and royalty free music because they find often it does not offer the best quality background music and production music to fulfill their complex needs and satisfy their discriminating tastes. Although it is very inexpensive, buying the wrong royalty free music for wedding videos can destroy a wedding video, ceremony or reception for the couple and family, and the memories can be lost forever. However, comprehensive and rich pieces of royalty free wedding music do exist.

Wedding videographers will find selections of royalty free music and wedding video music that can be seamlessly integrated as background music and production music, and represents every musical genre, from traditional styles such as classical to more progressive and contemporary styles like light rock, jazz and even Hip Hop, techno and dance music. The royalty free wedding music and music for wedding videos in this large library will express the unique personalities of every couple and preserve the memory of their special day for years to come. And because all tracks are royalty free music, clients will pay a one-time very low fee for unlimited use of the wedding music, allowing them to increase their library regularly and offer a larger selection to their clients.

Royalty free wedding music will become important as copyright infringement laws get stricter and more wedding professionals have to adjust the music they use to fit their budgets. Companies such as provide beautifully-crafted and performed royalty free music that will make excellent production music and background music for every type of wedding video, ceremony and reception. All the selections are performed by the best musicians in the industry that have worked with and performed with important figures in the classical music world, and with Grammy Award winning pop, rock and jazz recording artists that produce music heard throughout the world.

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Sonido Amazonico!

Chicha is the name of a corn-based liquor the Incas distilled in the days before The Conquest, and the word's mysterious, boozy etymology makes it perfect for the musical style that bears its name. Chicha - the music - was spontaneously distilled during the culture clash of the '60s when the Indian population of the Peruvian Amazon blended Columbian cumbias with American rock & roll, particularly the twang heavy sound of surf music. With cheap electric instruments, Amazon Indians used the syncopated beat of cumbia as the foundation for melodies that sound to western ears like Andean folk music played on electric guitar supported by Tex-Mex style Farfisa. When the Indians moved to Lima, chicha became a thriving subgenre, but since the 70s the style has been dying out. Olivier Conan, owner of New York's Barbés nightclub and record label, discovered the music on a 2005 trip to Peru. In 2007, he put out a compilation called The Roots of Chicha. The music so captivated New York's downtown crowd that he put together Chicha Libre, a combo comprised of New York's musical scene makers, and started playing the old hits, and some new compositions, to packed houses. Part of the charm of the old chicha recordings had to do with their distorted, lo-fi approach, something that you can't match in a Manhattan recording studio. Nonetheless, Sonido Amazonico!, named after a hit by the chicha band Los Mirlos, is a sunny, upbeat collection guaranteed to bring a silly smile to your face. Vincent Douglas' plays a twangy guitar and Josh Camp plays a rare Hohner Electravox, an accordion-like instrument that sounds like a 70s Farfisa, anchor the band's timeless sound (the Electrovox is an electric hybrid; no air passes through it).

Like reggae, the chicha groove is so recognizable, and flexible, that almost any style of music can be played using it. The playing here has a lightness and humor that the originals lacked, but Chicha Libre's not making any claims about being authentic or keeping a lost tradition alive. They're playing it for kicks, and they supply plenty of 'em. ~ j. poet, All Music Guide

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... La Banda, heavy & romantica Salsa, Merengue, Bachatas , Funky House, RnB, Latin hip-hop, Reggaeton & of course musica de Chupe (Julio Jaramillo, Trio los ...

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Hip Hop Instrumentals, Telenovelas, Musica , Calientes Latinas, Claude Challe, ... Cacique, Musica Latinas, Piedras Coahuila, Pitbulls, De Bachatas , Arabic Music, ...

Qu Es Hispanic?
Pero los africanos dejaron sus ritmos siempre presente en la msica de Caribe y Latin Amrica. ... bajas en la Republica Dominicana son conocidas como bachatas . ...

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Lo Mejor De La Bachata Vol. 2. Bachatas Kings. YOYO USA, Inc. ... Lo Mejor De La Musica Vallenata 1. Various. Discos Fuentes/Miami Records. Lo Mejor De La Salsa ... | Conoce y Haz Nuevos Amigos - a Latin Hangout
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Video - Letra | Pump It | Black Eyed Peas | Videos Musicales
Otro gran xito musical Pump It interpretado por el grupo musical ... Alejandro Sanz Avril Lavigne Bachatas Baladas Belinda Britney Spears Cumbia ... - Sony International - Video > DVD

Dominican Family Producions & Entertainment - Long Island City Dj ...
... bodas, bautizos,ect, musica en vivo, dj ,sonido, luces, maquina de humo, ... de luces laser,fotos,videos,nosotros mesclamos las mejores bachatas ,merengue ...

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30 Bachatas Pegaditas: Lo Nuevo y lo Mejor 2008. Various Artists. Our Price: $16.99 ... Comfort y Msica Para Volar [DVD] Soda Stereo. Our Price: $16.99 " see ...

PRESENTACION DE NUESTRA DISCOTECA ,,,, La mejor msica latina, el mejor ambiente ... La mejor msica latina, el mejor ambiente y la mejor gente. Salsas, bachatas ...

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