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Folk wisdom holds that we use about 10% of our potential in a lifetime. New scientific research suggests the percentage is dramatically worse we use a mere 1/10,000th of our capabilities over the course of our lives. What a waste!

Can you imagine the benefit that you would contribute if you developed the capacity to use just 1% more of your talents to achieve what matters most to you? Is 10% too big a reach for you? I think not.

Among my most provocative teachers in the field of performance potential are the jazz musicians with who I work in my speaking and seminar business. They are masters at bringing their unique forms of excellence together to generate value for their audiences. They are passionate about increasing their potential to perform by constantly exploring new possibilities for achieving their purpose.

Why Jazz?

Warren Bennis is one of the worlds most influential writers on leadership and performance. In the mid-1990s, he had a significant change of mind. Before, his favourite image for a leader was the conductor of a symphony orchestra, blending the talents of accomplished performers according to a detailed and carefully crafted score. After, he realized that a jazz group was a better image for leadership and performance.

Excellence in performance in a constantly changing environment, he realized, was about improvisation, and that is what jazz musicians did best. They embraced change as opportunity, not threat. They shared leadership according to talent and the needs of the performance. They greeted surprise as a chance to test their talents and dance to forms of music yet to be heard, generating new value through their exploration of new possibilities. And they recognized, as sax great Cannonball Adderley once said, that there were no mistakes, only opportunities to learn.

Five Key Lessons from Jazz

Here are five the key lessons from the wisdom and workings of jazz about building your capacity to generate value through your unique excellence in performance. They form an acronym for VALUE:







Your voice is unique. No one else has what you have to contribute in the style you have to deliver it. Your voice develops through the blending of your passions, talents, needs, and principles. Jazz musicians, pianist Walter Bishop Jr. once observed, learn in a three-step process: they imitate, assimilate, then innovate. They learn their craft from the masters, trying to imitate their sound. Then they take little bits of things from different people and weld them into their own style. Finally, they imagine how they can take the music to where it has never gone before and do it. That is when they generate their authentic excellence in performance. As jazz bassist and composer Charles Mingus once said, Im trying to play the truth of what I am. The reason its difficult is because Im changing all the time. You can meet the same challenges of improvisation with your unique voice in your chosen field of contribution.


You can survive by simply coping with the messes of the past and the present. But you will not thrive unless you focus the energy of your unique voice on new possibilities in the future. Jazz musicians exhibit a fascinating respect for tradition blended with a passion for innovation. They are constantly trying to imagine new ways of using their voices, to do new things with old melodies and techniques, to improvise on old ideas to stimulate new possibilities and achieve new results. They aspire to do better. Trumpet master Miles Davis said that he always asked his groups to play their best and then play above that. It was then, he believed, that great music happened. Excellence in performance is the same. It is achieved when we contribute our best and then more.


Learning requires listening. Band leader Duke Ellington once said that the most important instrument in jazz was the human ear. Excellence in performance arises when all the members of the band listen to what they are each contributing to their common purpose. It arises when they all imagine how they can use their voices to create the best result through a carefully coordinated effort. Jazz musicians are strong individualists, confident and even jealous of their own unique voice. But they choose to listen to, learn from, and cooperate with each other to produce something they know they cannot achieve on their own. They are genuine life-long and collaborative learners. Excellence in performance requires that you too constantly listen and learn from each other.


All that voicing, aspiring, and learning means little if you do not choose to utilize them to contribute to a broader purpose than your own pleasure. Jazz musicians thrive on their audiences. Duke Ellington saw his audiences as an integral part of his performance. The special moments for Ellington came when he and his orchestra, which he considered to be his instrument, felt the audiences appreciation building, responded positively to it, and utilized their passions and talents to create new heights of meaningful experience for everyone involved. Excellence in performance requires the positive utilization of your unique brilliance in the service of others.


Human beings are designed to collaborate. However alone you may feel at times, you belong to a species that thrives only in community. The whole dynamic and flow of excellence in performance depends on how well you choose to use your unique capacities to encourage excellence in performance in others. Jazz pianist Monty Alexander usually performs in a trio. At its best, he has observed, trio playing is a situation in which participants willingly support each other. Each player brings virtuosity, optimism, mutual respect, good will, and the desire to make it feel good. If we encourage each other in the alignment of all of those elements, we can create excellence in performance.

Generating VALUE through Excellence in Performance

When jazz musicians get into the flow of a great improvisation, they say they are swinging. Canadian jazz master Oscar Peterson told an interviewer that swing is a deep feeling, an emotion. When you are swinging, he continued, you have really gotten into it, really gone deep. When jazz musicians blend passion and talent to create VALUE, they are expressing their voices, reaching for their aspirations, learning from each other, utilizing their brilliance, and encouraging each other to play their best and then play above that. For them, this is Xcellence in performance.

Imagine, then, how beneficial it would be for you:

to discover 10% more of your unique voice

to elevate your aspirations by 10%

to learn 10% more about what matters most to you

to utilize 10% more of your capacity to use your voice to serve others

to spend 10% more time encouraging others to use their brilliance to get into the swing of contribution.

Aligning all those factors will generate excellence in performance in any field, not only for yourself, but also for all those within your circles of influence. The results will delight everyone.

Brian Fraser is the Lead Provocateur of Jazzthink. He is a professional speaker, author, and leadership coach who uses the wit and workings of jazz to help people and organizations improve their performance. Find out more at

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Rachel Latin Love (White Bikini, Close-Up) Framed Art Poster Print - 16" X 20"

This poster shows a close-up of Rachel Latin Love in a white bikini. This framed poster measures approx. 16" x 20" A bikini or two-piece is a type of women's swimsuit, characterized by two separate parts, leaving an uncovered area between the two garments. Two-piece garments worn by women for athletic purposes have been observed on Greek urns and paintings, dated as early as 1400 BC. Female athletes who play beach volleyball professionally are required to wear two-pieces.

Belly Dancing is a very popular form of entertainment in Turkey. It is quite common to find dancers performing in nightclubs and restaurants all over the country. However belly dancers are often hired for private events such as weddings, festivals, shows and parties.

In Turkey belly dancing has a long-standing tradition that has lately become a hot tourist attraction. In spite of its popularity these dances remain an intrinsic part of the private lives of all Turks regardless of age or class, and in its most basic form it is a dance for fertility.

In its native tongue it is called "Gobek dans" and it is still growing and changing even today especially as it comes under the influence of various cultures. And the authorities are mixed on where they believe the original dance came from, some say from the Greeks and others claim that it is from the Egyptians.

In The Clubs

The art is very popular in Turkish nightclubs and is a profitable profession for women who receive their tips from men literally showering them in paper money, or by stuffing bills into their costumes. And of course a little known fact is that men also belly dance. It is not uncommon for men to jump up out of the audience and accompany the woman on stage. Of course this happens more often at private parties or festivals than in the clubs.

Worldwide Popularity

As belly dancing spreads the globe it is enjoying increased popularity as it hits different parts of the world. Perhaps the allure of the dance is due to its rich heritage that makes it so unique as a dance style. Because of this heritage many people associate the belly dancing from Turkey with religion and exoticism. And of course this causes some strong opinions about the art; some love it while others despise it.

The Music

In Turkey the dancer is generally a well-curved woman, with strong abs muscles who dances to a backdrop of traditional music. She will often accompany the music with the use of clangs, which are the little bells used during a Turkish belly dance. The music is very rhythmic and the dance emphasizes the movement of the hips and chest. The movements are solid and organic as the dancer moves bare foot across the floor in order to remain connected to the earth.

The Movements

The cadence of the dancers body parts are the main characteristic of this style. The dancer moves with fluid, supple and well-integrated movements which are very sensual in nature. Most movements concentrate on the hips and shoulders, which alternate with shimmy and sliding moves.

Various other items are used by dancers, which are specific to Turkey such as serpents, swords, veils and candles. These items are most widely used in Turkish folk dances, and are said to have mystical powers. The use of a snake during dances come from the ancient cults and are a foundational element symbolizing male and female sexuality and even the concept of immortality.

Find out more about Turkish, Egyptian And Arab belly dancing visit a popular site for women who want to enjoy the beautiful art of belly dancing.

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X&Y 2 Disc Special Edition

Special two disc import set features the original X&Y CD with bonus tracks plus a special bonus disc entitled 'Blue Room'Coldplay's original EP.

Everyone wants their wedding day to be special, unique and memorable, and weddings abroad are growing more frequent as young couples seek to avoid rainy days at home and seek out the most idyllic spots to say their vows. For those who like the sound of a Caribbean beach wedding, the natural choice is the island of Cuba. The island is so beautiful that plenty of newlyweds are tempted to spend their honeymoon in Cuba as well!

Some people are daunted by the thought of organizing a wedding abroad, but it doesn't have to be so difficult. Here are 5 of the most important things to get right for the perfect wedding in Cuba.

What you need

First, the boring part - paperwork. It may be the last thing you want to think about, but if you miss out a crucial document your day could be ruined! For a wedding in Cuba, the bride and groom both need to have:

-Copies of passports and birth certificates

-Details of their education, home address, employment and the full names of both parents

If the bride or groom is divorced or widowed, they need to have their Certificate of Divorce or their original Marriage Certificate and former spouse's Death Certificate. These need to be translated by the Cuban Consul, and the original copies taken to Cuba when you go to get married. Copies of these documents need to be faxed to your hotel three weeks before your arrival in Cuba.

Also, be sure to note that you need to be in Cuba for at least 72 hours before the ceremony begins, so use that as an excuse to arrive early and relax on the beach for a few days before your wedding in Cuba.

Where to get married

For most couples looking to plan a Cuban wedding, there are two clear choices - the city or the beach. Despite the temptations of a sunny beach ceremony, Havana can be a vibrant and romantic setting for a wedding in Cuba. Getting married in Havana can be like stepping back in time, with old fashioned cars and handsome colonial architecture. Despite the fact that Communism and religion have rarely got along very well, Havana has numerous beautiful stone churches that can be the perfect venue for a wedding in Cuba.

Those who want to get out of the city and have a Caribbean beach wedding will be spoilt for choice. Varadero is the most popular beach resort in Cuba, but Cayo Coco, Cayo Guillermo and Guardalavaca are all fine choices as well. Wherever you go, you are likely to find white sands, blazing sun and balmy tropical weather. But on the subject of the weather...

When to get married

The last thing you want on your wedding day is for it to pour down with rain. This is a problem most people expect to deal with if they are getting married in the UK, but not for a Caribbean beach wedding! It's an easy mistake to assume that Cuba is blazingly sunny all year round; as a subtropical country, it is subject to periodic bouts of torrential rain. The rainy season runs from May to October, and the island sometimes suffers hurricanes during this time as well.

You don't need to worry too much - even in the height of the rainy season in the wettest parts of the country there's rarely more than 7 rainy days a month. But for the best chance of a clear day for your wedding in Cuba, you might want to consider the 'shoulder months' of April or November, when it will still be hot and sunny but the chance of rain is greatly reduced.

What kind of dance

The married couple's first dance is one of the most memorable parts of any wedding, and choosing one of the many Cuban dances will add a little Latin spice to the occasion. There are plenty of styles to choose from, but most couples will be drawn to either Rumba or Salsa.

Guaganco Rumba is an overtly sensual dance where the man tries to 'catch' the woman with a vacunao, which is usually a flick of a handkerchief or a pelvic thrust. If you'd prefer something a little more genteel, Rumba Yambu (often know as "old people's Rumba") is a slower and more traditional way of dancing. For those who want a dance that is relatively simple and great fun, Salsa is the way to go. Whatever dance you choose, be sure to invest in a few lessons beforehand to make sure that you are up to scratch for your wedding in Cuba.

What to do on your honeymoon

If you travelled halfway round the world for your wedding, you might well consider staying for a honeymoon in Cuba as well. If you got married on the beach, a romantic city break in Havana can provide the perfect contrast. Of course, if you held the ceremony in the capital, it's the perfect time to find a cosy getaway on the coast.

For couples who want a more adventurous honeymoon in Cuba, swimming with dolphins, salsa holidays, horse riding and diving are all popular activities on the island. You might even want to time your trip with one of Cuba's big festivals, such as the Havana Jazz Festival in February or the Santiago de Cuba Carnival in July.

Whether you want the perfect beach wedding or a romantic honeymoon, a visit to Cuba can give you an experience to remember for the rest of your life.

Emma Lelliott is the general manager of Captivating Cuba, an independent Cuba holiday specialist. With offices in Havana and the UK, Captivating Cuba can help you tailor-make the perfect wedding in Cuba.

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Dawnbreaker is the debut solo album from former Chesterfield's frontman, vocalist and guitarist, Scott Sharrard. Imagine the soulful, funky rock of Prince and Lenny Kravitz combined with the confessional ballads of Coldplay or Zero 7 and fused with the virtuostic guitar styles of Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton... now you might start to understand the sonic landscape that is the music of Scott Sharrard. Diverse influences abound in Scott's musical palate and the resulting fusion becomes the kind of sophisticated pop music that we have not heard in generations. He is already a renowned songwriter, vocalist, guitarist and producer and Dawnbreaker also features his talents as a drummer, bassist, keyboardist and arranger. Scott Sharrards music was originally introduced to the world through his work as lead guitarist and vocalist of the New York City band, The Chesterfields. The band independently produced and released two albums (2001's Henry Street Soul and 2003's The Chesterfields-EP) to wide critical acclaim. The band received strong college radio airplay and performed and toured at a wide array of East Coast and Midwest clubs, theaters, and festivals. They also opened shows for such artists as Dr. John and Midnight Oil and received critical praise from Rob Thomas (Matchbox 20), Billboard Magazine, and Ahmet Ertegun. During this time, Scott built a solid reputation as a freelance guitarist, vocalist, producer, and composer; working with a variety of artists such as: P. Diddy, Marshall Crenshaw, Cornelius Bumpus, LewSoloff, Michael Powers, Matt Wilson, Jerry Vivino, Grant Green Jr., P.J. Lougrhan, KatyPfaffl, Brian Charette, and many others, performing all styles from HipHop to Modern Jazz. In 2003, Scott amicably parted ways with The Chesterfields and began recording demos for what is now his debut solo album, Dawnbreaker;, with Producer/Engineer Charles Martinez (Rob Thomas, Keith Richards, MickJagger) and drummer Charlie Drayton (Keith Richards, B-52's). Scott's music can tell stories of fast living and urban isolation (A Thousand Days and In Her Arms&), explore the trials and complexities of love (Down), or express a need for truth and spiritual redemption (Approval and Show Us The Way). All of these lyrical themes, combined with an endless palate of relentless grooves, soulful vocals, soaring guitar work, and dense harmonies culminate to create a universal soul music that is the music of Scott Sharrard. Dawnbreaker Written, Arranged and Performed by Scott Sharrard Produced by Scott Sharrard and Charles A. Martinez Mixed by CAM Music and Lyrics by Scott Sharrard, Copyright 2003/2004 (except track 1, additional music by Charles A. Martinez) Mastered by Michael Fossenkemper at Turtle Tone Recorded and Mixed at Halo Sound, Cold Spring, New York, 2004 Featuring: Scott Sharrard: all Vocals, Guitars, Bass, B-3 Organ, Key's, Drums and Percussion with: Charles A. Martinez: Bass (tracks 1,4, 6 and 9), Synth Bass (3 and 6), additional Guitar (1), Murf (9) Charlie Drayton: Drums (tracks 3 and 9) Brian Charette: B-3 Organ (track 3) James Dooley: Piano, Guitar harmonics and Strings (track 9)

The traditional record labels dominated music market is coming to an end. If you haven't noticed the latest MP3 download services on, you're missing the beginning of the end of traditional music distribution era.

The big players now are teaming with social networking sites such as to find new ways to sell music. Why? They can't help it. People don't want to pay for CDs anymore. Plus, there's no need to buy CDs when you can download them for free somewhere on the internet. After several years of battling, the big labels finally realized the trend is irreversible.

However, this is not new for the independent/unsigned musicians. Independent musicians have long been promoting their recordings via unconventional channels. The entry of the big record labels on the internet music communities will have an impact on the indie musicians. But unsigned musicians still have one obvious advantage over the big labels - giving out music for free.

Why should you give away free music on the internet? One obvious reason is that people don't want to pay any more. People I mean by teenagers and generation Y and beyond. Those are the audiences who don't understand life without the internet. You probably can find a free copy of any given song on the internet if you dig far enough.

The latest proof to this is that big record labels are teaming up with the social networking sites to promote and distribute music. This is the marketing niche where independent musicians have had since the beginning of the internet usage. So how much impact will indie musicians feel? Big. The social networking communities have been independent musicians' marketing channel, the entry of big players will certainly push the small bands to the back burners. For independent musicians to achieve any form of success on the Internet, they have to take radical steps that big labels won't take such as giving away music for free. At this point we don't know how the record label/social networking music alliance will work out, but one thing for certain is that the music won't be all for free downloading.

Shilin Yin, Founder - Showcase, share, and sell original music - Free online music store.

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The Collected Poems of Octavio Paz, 1957-1987: Bilingual Edition

tr Weinberger, w/Bishop, Blackburn, Levertov et al
Customer Review: Collected Poems of Octavio Paz
This is an excellent edition of the collected poems of Octavio Paz, with English translations facing the Spanish originals. I purchased this as a gift for my Spanish teacher and she was delighted! My favorites are his poems written when he served as a Mexican diplomat in India and Japan. His sensitive mind absorbed the nuances of place and religion, which are recreated for us in the poems. His efforts at haiku en espagnol are enlightening, pun intended.
Customer Review: excellent poetry
I bought this book after reading an excerpt of one of Paz's poems at a camp. I didn't know what poem it was from, so I bought the book and scoured it until I found the poem. It was Brotherhood. The poetry is beautiful and moving. It is the type of poetry you can read and enjoy no matter if you understand what it is saying, the writing is that beautiful

Islamic Invitaion
Islamic Radios . Multimedia. THE NOBLE QUR'AN. Brief Guide To Islam. Comparative Religions ... kepada team yang telah begitu baik mengirimkan buku-buku gratis . ... Coming Soon!
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- Bravenet Blog
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www.worldof radio .com/dxld5061.txt
Je kunt RVi gratis ontvangen met een eigen schotelantenne en ontvanger. ... Tamaulipas 270 " Radio Universidad" msica popular en espaol/msica regional ...

The kmoerman Archive - Embedded vector processor is one way to tune software-defined radios ... HTML - De Nederlandse informatiebron op het gebied van HTML en CSS. go ...

Top Mobile Technologies & Applications sites - Hand picked by ...
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Fan's Corner: Guest Book

Integral Visioning - Michel Bauwens: P2P and Human Evolution: Placing ...
En tant que telle, toute configuration des rapports entre participants au projet ... Like a kind of TiVo for Internet radio , AudioFeast can be set to save hundreds ...

Yahoo! 360 - Facilitator - VIENNA OPERA BALL - January 31st 2008 ...
... radios locales et aussi en tlchargement lgale et gratuit sur www.itoubmusic. ... Gratis en Network... Alerts 25 USD - 25 Euros/Ano. Frei im Netzwerk...

straight forward: 11/23/2003 - 11/29/2003
eh gratis :) r' -BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE- Version: PGP 8.0.3 ... pesquisa US: 9 entre 10 adolescentes usam internet . falando em radios ... radio digital terrestre ...

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Sonido Amazonico!

Chicha is the name of a corn-based liquor the Incas distilled in the days before The Conquest, and the word's mysterious, boozy etymology makes it perfect for the musical style that bears its name. Chicha - the music - was spontaneously distilled during the culture clash of the '60s when the Indian population of the Peruvian Amazon blended Columbian cumbias with American rock & roll, particularly the twang heavy sound of surf music. With cheap electric instruments, Amazon Indians used the syncopated beat of cumbia as the foundation for melodies that sound to western ears like Andean folk music played on electric guitar supported by Tex-Mex style Farfisa. When the Indians moved to Lima, chicha became a thriving subgenre, but since the 70s the style has been dying out. Olivier Conan, owner of New York's Barbés nightclub and record label, discovered the music on a 2005 trip to Peru. In 2007, he put out a compilation called The Roots of Chicha. The music so captivated New York's downtown crowd that he put together Chicha Libre, a combo comprised of New York's musical scene makers, and started playing the old hits, and some new compositions, to packed houses. Part of the charm of the old chicha recordings had to do with their distorted, lo-fi approach, something that you can't match in a Manhattan recording studio. Nonetheless, Sonido Amazonico!, named after a hit by the chicha band Los Mirlos, is a sunny, upbeat collection guaranteed to bring a silly smile to your face. Vincent Douglas' plays a twangy guitar and Josh Camp plays a rare Hohner Electravox, an accordion-like instrument that sounds like a 70s Farfisa, anchor the band's timeless sound (the Electrovox is an electric hybrid; no air passes through it).

Like reggae, the chicha groove is so recognizable, and flexible, that almost any style of music can be played using it. The playing here has a lightness and humor that the originals lacked, but Chicha Libre's not making any claims about being authentic or keeping a lost tradition alive. They're playing it for kicks, and they supply plenty of 'em. ~ j. poet, All Music Guide

Biografias en espanol, Biografia de Jean CocteauJean Cocteau
Estaciones de radio en Internet . Tambin conocido por : Poeta, novelista, dramaturgo y director de cine francs ... Parade (1917), con msica de Eric Satie y ...

Spanish Talk Radio - Listen Online
Radio Mambi (WAQI) - Estaciones de Radio en Miami - 710 AM. Location: Miami, FL ... Radio Cadena Eco (ECO Radio) - Por Satelite A Toda Argentina Y America - 1220 AM ...

Revista Ser Indgena
... de este mundo, bueno creo que lo encontre, y doy gracias por la musica y letra ... genericos sildenafil sin receta viagra por internet disfuncion erectil ...

Tonalpohualli by Puuk Kaput
... "cuenta de los dias" era uno de los calendarios desarrollados por los ... solar de 365 llamado Xiuhpohualli que marcaba las estaciones para la agricultura. ...

Pulimento Course :: Krakow :: Krakow, Poland
... y equipadas con aparatos de msica , vdeo, proyectores, y pizarras. ... Por favor Lea nuestras Condiciones del Servicio y nuestra Politica de Privacidad. ...

ie, radio | Diigo
Gua de estaciones de radio. Tags: ... Sintoniza msica por estilos, ondas, rollitos ... Gua de radio Internet . Tags: TV-Radio -All Annotations (1) -About ...,radio

Horizons Unlimited Motorcycle Travellers' Stories - Hugo Albini
... puse gasolina y pregunte si haba estaciones en el camino, si muchas me ... el Hotel de Turistas en Camana, cable, internet , AC, desayuno por 80 soles, ...

MBN The Monte Bubbles Network: March 2007 Archives
Soon to be the internet's main source for news and entertainment. ... Hodge, Andrea Bowen as Julie Mayer, Shawn Pyfrom as Andrew Van De Kamp, Joy ...

Bilingual Newspaper/e/i/3b
... con Carreras sobre la msica centroeuropea? ... Los hijos de Frank Zappa en concierto ... En temporada Palau 100 que apuesta por la msica centroeuropea ...

ahistoryspanish units

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BECK - Legz - Yellow T-shirt

Brand New, never worn 100% cotton front print Yellow Authentic BECK T-shirt. The Front Reads: "BECK". THIS SHIRT IS YELLOW, NOT TAN COLORED AS IN THE PICTURE!!

Radio Stations lineup by country | worldtvradio
ABRadio Radio Latino . Czech. Ethnic. 32. Webcast. 0. ABRadio Radio Madonna. Czech. Rock & Pop ... Rock & Pop . 96. Webcast. 0. ABRadio RNB Style Radio . Czech ...

David Bisbal | Music Artist | Videos, News, Photos & Ringtones | MTV
Courtesy of Universal Latino ... MTV Radio . Download on Rhapsody. Genres. Rock. Pop . Hip-Hop. Soul/R&B. Indie. Tours. Billboard Charts ...

Adn's blog: Latino Ministers and Media Culture
... the title was "Comunicaciones (TV, Radio , Prensa, etc.). David Hayes-Bautista ... I used one example of current latino pop /rock that could be used. ...

Enter a brief description of your site here. ... impressive debut of mostly 80s and 90s pop , rock and soul in place of "Arrow 93" ... Latino radio blazes to top ...

Contact - Contacts
Digital 900, Spanish Radio Stations, Spanish Pop Music, Latino American Music ... Anuncio. Digital 900 2008. Created By ...

DESI LATINO MIX songs - Remix - Songs, Soundtrack, Music, Lyrics ...
DESI LATINO MIX.Hindi music, Indian songs, Bollywood Movie ... Pop . Qawwali. Remix. Smash Hits. Tamil. Telugu. Home / Music / Remix / D / DESI LATINO MIX ...

Dish Latino Max
Latino Pop (Mono) LATNP. 824. 119 Azteca America. TVAZT. 825. 110 Univisin (Este) UNVSN ... LDS-BYU Radio Network. CD 31. 980. 119 Hawaiian Music. CD 32 ...

Search - New York Latino Journal
Ricky Martin, the singing pop star known for his "Livin' La Vida Loca," has been ... Mercado del Toro was born Thomas Edison patented the radio and the motion ...

LatinoLA | People :: " Latinos Love Laboe"
An interview with radio legend Art Laboe - by Gabriel San Roman | Published on LatinoLA: 2008-02-08 00:00:00 ... Latino artists so much, but a lot of them did ...

... Rios of Voces Latinas TV Show, "This Latino radio program has been long overdue" ... of Latino music with particular emphasis on International, Latin Pop & Rock, ...

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Toontrack EZX Latin Percussion Expansion Library (for EZdrummer)

The Latin Percussion EZX for EZdrummer contains the percussion sounds from the revolutionary, award winning pro drum sampler, dfh Superior from Toontrack Music. The EZX includes midifiles that will add that extra groove on top of your steady drumtrack. System requirements: 1 Gb free disc space, 512 Mb RAM, DVD drive, dfh EZdrummer installed.Instrument list Latin Percussion EZX Afuche MEINL Afuche LP Afuche Shakers Rhythm Tech Cans Light Shaker MEINL Small Shaker MEINL 8 Shake Small MEINL Apple Shaker MEINL Lemon Shaker MEINL Medium2 Shaker LP Shake It MEINL Pear Shaker MEINL StootEgg Shaker MEINL SmallEgg Shaker MEINL SmallerEgg Shaker MEINL Large Shaker MEINL Medium Shaker MEINL 8 Shake Large LP Gold Big Caxixis MEINL Caxixi MEINL small Caxixi Custom Caxixi Maracas MEINL plastic maracas LP skin maracas MEINL/LP mix maracas Bongo 1 MEINL Collection series MEINL fibercraft Bongo 2 MEINL Collection series MEINL fibercraft Cowbell MEINL small cowbell MEINL realplayer cowbell MEINL realplayer steel big cowbell LP small cowbell MEINL mambo cowbell LP salsa cowbell Cymbal 1 Emsing custom crash 20" PAISTE full crash 10" MEINL BYZANCE splash Cymbal 2 16" MEINL BYZANCE thin crash 16" SABIAN medium thin crash 6" MEINL BYZANCE splash Splash 8" ZILDJIAN A Custom Splash 8" MEINL BYZANCE splash Cajon Cajon Chimes MEINL Barchimes Pelle Hjelmers big chimes Mini chimes Conga 1 MEINL woodcraft MEINL fibercraft MEINL wood professiona...

< miami >
Spotlight Charity presents a Latin Luau Music Festival. benefiting Project Sunshine ... (or in Miami call Allyson Papunen at 954-275-3316) ...

Festival Miami showcases multicultural rhythms - News
Festival Miami showcases multicultural rhythms. Annual music event to feature dean, students ... and Latin musicians from around the world, including award ...

Chase Music & Entertainment - Miami Florida Wedding Bands
Miami wedding bands, wedding musicians, and wedding music for ... Quiet jazz, easy listening pop tunes, tropical and calypso, Latin and Brazilian favorites...

WBRY (1640 AM) - Barry University, Miami , Florida
Latin Music w/ Stephanie. Latin Music w/ Stephanie. The HM Zone w/Corie & Paulina. 10:00 " ... Copyright Barry University, Miami Shores, FL - Reporting ...

Fine dining restaurant with Caribbean cuisine, catering - Miami Beach ...
... restaurant in Miami Beach, Florida, for Caribbean and Latin American cuisine and ... in our nightclub with traditional music and a big dance floor for ...

Baltimore City Paper - SPECIAL ISSUES: Bachata at the Fringe
But in Baltimore, finding live Latin music is getting harder rather than easier. ... Quiones and Edwin Bonilla, both members of Gloria Estefan's Miami Sound Machine. ...

Miami Culture
... a tremendous Latin influence on the culture, the air in Miami is quite ... The Places to enjoy the most authentic and variety of music would include: ...

Jam Miami : A Celebration Of Latin Jazz
Jazz - All About Jazz | Music , Clubs and Culture ... Jam Miami : A Celebration Of Latin Jazz. Various Artists | Concord Music Group. By Jim Santella ...

:: Latin Street Music ::
Spec's Music . 501 Collins Ave. Miami Beach. ( 305) 534-3667. 1570 S Dixie Hwy. Coral Gables. ... 11600 N Kendall Dr. Miami . ( 305) 271-4487. Pembroke Commons. ...

Latin Lounge | Putumayo World Music - Official Site
Putumayo Celebrate's World Music And Culture - with music from Africa, Europe, Latin America, The Middle East, and ... composer based in Miami is a new voice ...

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City of Men

As Seen on the SUNDANCE CHANNELFrom the team behind the Academy Award®-nominated feature CITY OF GOD including directors Fernando Meirelles (THE CONSTANT GARDNER) and K tia Lund comes the hit Brazilian television series CITY OF MEN a comedy/drama about two teenage boys growing up in a dangerous Rio de Janeiro slum starring Darlan Cunha and Douglas Silva featured in the motion picture that inspired this series.The CITY is a shantytown located in one of the many mountains of Rio de Janeiro. The MEN are two 13-year-old kids Laranjinha and Acerola. This series brilliantly mixes humor and reality to explore life in the "favelas" and in particular the indomitable spirit of two best friends growing up in one of most volatile communities in the world.System Requirements:Run Time: 570 minutesFormat: DVD MOVIE Genre: TELEVISION/SERIES & SEQUELS Rating: NR UPC: 660200314125 Manufacturer No: PALMDV3141
Customer Review: Close to being brilliant!!
"If you die your son will be like us. Fatherless." From a film-makers point of view, this film is a daunting task. It has many characters but still grasps your attention. There are so many very good foreign language films nowadays. I thought Tsotsi was top notch and now, City of Men. I mean, wow! The characters in the film are young men involved in gangs, carefully woven in their anger and paranoid youth is a sense of dread and being doomed. Excellent drama. This is a must watch for anyone who's remotely interested. There will be a scene where you will laugh really really hard. There's a little kid in the film that you'll want to cuddle. You'll never want to live the character's life though. Also ... it actually made me think about something most men don't ever think of. It's about fatherhood. Before I become incoherent, I'll just end by saying, this film is going to do really well and is a must must watch. Thankyou for reading.
This series does not follow the exact story or timeline as the movie City Of God but it takes place in Rio de Janeiro in the Favela. I was entertained and pleased with the acting, cinematography, and realness. I almost felt that I was there and I could have been there in my younger years.

There is nothing like watching salsa dancers. They are so confident, sexy and dynamic. The music makes you want to get out there and dance too. So let's go. Yes, you! You can do this! Everybody has a little Salsa in their soul.

Like its culinary namesake, the Salsa is spicy and complex in flavor, yet surprisingly easy to create. Salsa can combine elements of several different dances such as the Mambo, the Cha Cha, the Rumba, Jazz and Latin Ballroom, among others. Salsa is a free and expressive dance that is continually evolving as newer and more diverse elements are incorporated into the style. Salsa has become extremely popular all over the world. You can go to a Salsa club just about anywhere you go now. From Sydney to Shanghai, everyone is learning to Salsa.

When you first become drawn to Salsa and begin to think about taking some classes, you may be a little intimidated. Salsa dancers with years of experience can make the most complex footwork and turn patterns look effortless, but that's not how any of them started. We all start at the beginning, and the beginning is just as fun as the more advanced moves you see in competitions. You don't have to learn any of the more elaborate moves to feel right at home in a Salsa club.

In a beginning Salsa class you and your partner will learn not only some basic steps and other body positions, but how to feel the music and begin to express the music through your body. There is a basic body rhythm and some easy footwork that will become second-nature to you very quickly. Rather than being a little unsure when you go out Salsa dancing, you will be able to go out on the dance floor right away. You will be surprised to see how a few simple movements will make you fit right in at any Salsa club.

Watch the other people at the Salsa clubs when you go out dancing after you've taken a few Salsa classes. You may be really surprised to see that some of the moves that seemed complex a few weeks ago don't look quite as difficult that you once thought. That turn that looked so difficult the last time you saw it is just a modified version of the turn you learned in class. It will just take a bit of practice. You and your partner will probably be able to learn some more advanced moves just by having fun at the club.

Once you learn the basics and get more comfortable at the Salsa club, you can take some advanced classes and learn more elaborate footwork. Then you'll really be able to show off your dancing skills when you go out with your friends.

No matter whether you just take a few classes to learn the basics of Salsa or go on to advanced classes, the enjoyment you will get out of learning to Salsa is something you will have for the rest of your life.

Want to learn to dance? Wish you could move your body confidently on the dance floor? Or would you just like to have a great excuse to get out and meet people? Well for all of the above come and visit Dance Vogue where professional dancer and teacher Natalie Beck show you how to take the next step.

If you have your wedding around the corner and are worried about that first dance, Natalie has a lot of experience helping couples get confident and looking great dancing together in a short period of time. Have a look at her wedding dance lessons to get up to speed.

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Coldplay Photos

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A Rush of Blood to the Head


Live 2003

Customer Review: 2nd copy
Lost my 1st...Not sure how! They just keep getting better and better in my opinion. If you like this one you HAVE to get Viva La Vida!
Customer Review: Average
6/21/08 Before you read this review check out Coldplay's latest CD "Viva la Vida". It is light years ahead of this CD "X&Y". I guess I am so addicted to Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, and other great bands of the 70s-80s that Coldplay falls flat on it's face for me. Or, my expectations of "almost uniformly" stellar British rock bands is unrealistic. As most people do when listening to music, one finds that you do compare the new with the old. And so, in fairness to the change in technology and my own personal taste, I compared this band to my current favorite in world rock music, the astonishing rock-your-rear-off Afro Celt Sound System Band whose singer Iarla O'Liondird's vocal range is so utterly astounding. (Even Josh Groban plays AFCSS at his live concerts). After listening four times to this CD "X&Y", I still found Chris Martin's nasal, and at times, irritatingly whiney voice boring and monotonously repetitive. He is up and down his vocal range over and over on nearly every song. About midway through the CD it felt like I was listening to the same song over and over with musical variations. For me the song lyrics were mostly juvenile and often trite. Especially on the song "X&Y". HOWEVER, Their band members' musicality and instrument talent is undeniable. For this reason I can say I somewhat enjoyed the CD. Overall, if I have to pick a listen to again, maybe, these songs merit a redux: "White Shadows"; "A Message"; "Low".

Already making plenty of noise in the marketplace is a new concept called Playlist, which exists both as a club and as an online music competition (see for details on how to enter and what you can win).

Playlist is attracting attention for several reasons. First, as a part of what some are calling "iPod Culture," Playlist is helping disseminate music to a wide audience. And second, many of us just love the Warholian idea of a bunch of people showing up at a club to be a DJ for 15 minutes of fame.

So far, the Playlist club is only in London, but you can expect them to go global soon because this concept takes social networking and marries it to a party context. And who doesn't like a nice loud party?

Briefly, here's the rundown on the two forms of this new phenomenon:


You arrive with your favorite 15-minutes of music on an iPod or other digital music player, sign-up (first come, first served) and you play your songs through the club's sound system.

Or you sign up to be a judge of the quarter-hour sets. The best DJs win extra set time and prizes.

Or you just drop by the club and dance.


Anyone can register at the Web site and send a 15-minute playlist for judging. Again, there are prizes for the best set. Playlist does not yet feature streaming, downloading or Internet radio broadcasts, but you can bet that these are coming soon.


I spoke with Playlist's co-creator, Jonny "Rocket" Evans, who is excited by the unpredictability of his new venture. "What will happen at Playlist? That's just it. We don't know what will happen." Evans is happy to let the audience take control. "We can't say what the music will be, except that it will be diverse. We think it'll appeal to people with broad musical taste, a sense of humor and the desire to have fun. We also think we'll attract artists and musicians, who will want to explore the creative potential of the whole idea."

Evans sees the Playlist concept as inevitable. "I think music is about to enter a new boom time. It's going to be very interesting, because digital downloads (legal and peer-to-peer) have reinvigorated interest in music, and I think the most recent US album sales and downloads figures from SoundScan show this. This also encourages a sense of diversity in the music-loving audience. We think this is going to mean people want the unexpected. And this is why we think the Playlist idea is an idea that reflects its time."

The current consolidation of major media across the globe is somewhat counter-balanced by the Playlist concept. As Evans notes, "In the case of radio, for example, commercial radio playlists are designed to appeal to a particular demographic, which musician and music tsar Feargal Sharkey describes as 'Teenage girls,' as this group statistically buys the most music. And that's not good for music. We think we live at a point in time when digital diversity will propel music sales beyond anything ever seen before. And we really, really like the idea of harnessing a personal technology such as the iPod in a way that transforms it into a collective, social activity such as Playlist."


There is a philosophical element in the way Evans describes the culture surrounding Playlist. "Music is at once a deeply personal activity and a deeply social activity, both for players and listeners. I think music is tribal glue. And it's a truism, isn't it, that whenever music marries new technology it sees economic benefit that is good for companies, artists and all involved in the entertainment ecosystem," he states, pointing to the sales figures of firms involved in sheet music, juke boxes, 33rpm vinyl, and clubs, not to mention CDs.

"Playlist is all about the music, not the genre," Evans says. As their manifesto states: "The principle is simple: if you want to share your music, just turn up, sign in and play out. If you want to judge other people's music, turn up, sign up and speak out. If you simply want to party, just turn up, tune in, dance it out."

In the planning stages for months, Playlist is now launching down the block and in cyberspace near you. Everyone can participate, and everyone can be a DJ, at least fifteen minutes at a time.


# # #

Scott G is president of G-Man Music & Radical Radio. His music is on commercials for Verizon Wireless, Goodrich, Monaco Motor Coaches, BAE Systems and more. A creative director of the National Association of Record Industry Professionals (NARIP) and a member of The Recording Academy (NARAS), he writes about music for and the Immedia Wire Service. The G-Man's albums are released by Delvian Records and are on Apple's iTunes. He can be reached via

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Hardest Part

The Fourth Single from the Group's Multi-platinum No. One Album "x and Y" Includes a Mix of the Title Track by Tom Lord-alge and a Live Version of "How You See the World" Recorded at London's Earl's Court.

"Without music, life would be a mistake" is a famous old saying. However, without the great musicians there is no great music. Those who are really interested in live concerts would have come across the names Tom Petty, Kanye West, Kenny Chesney, and Jimmy Buffett. They are the real music legends. Spare a little time to reading on, to know more about these legends.

Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers

Tom Petty will be familiar as a singer, song writer, and a guitarist to those who love heartland rock music. The songs like "Don't Do Me Like That", "Refugee", "Runnin' Down a Dream", "The Waiting", "Don't Come Around Here No More", "I Won't Back Down", "Free Fallin'", "Mary Jane's Last Dance", "American Girl", "Learning to Fly" and "You Don't Know How It Feels", are heavily played hit singles by Tom Petty which act as medicines for broken hearts. Born and raised in Gainesville, Florida, USA, Tom was very much interested in rock and roll music early at the age of 11 when he met Elvis Presley. He began his recording career with Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, the band's 1976 debut album, which was initially unpopular in the United States. Their second album, You're Gonna Get It! marked the band's first Top 40 album.

Kanye West

Kanye West, who is one of the great American rap artists and a hip hop producer, released his debut album "The College Dropout" in 2004. His recent, third album being "Graduation" was released in 2007. All his albums received lots of awards (including nine Grammys). Kanye West who was born in Atlanta, Georgia was involved in a near car crash fatal in 2002 while driving home from the recording studio. The crash provided inspiration for West's first single, "Through the Wire". Kanye also won the 'best new artist' award in 2004.

Kenny Chesney

Everyone who loves to hear music of country genre would have come across the name 'Kenny Chesney'. Born in Knoxville, Tennessee, Chesney has recorded thirteen albums, eleven of which have been certified gold or higher by the Recording Industry Association of America. 'I will Stand' Chesney's third album for BNA, was released in 1997. "She's Got It All", which served as the album's lead-off single, became Chesney's first Billboard Number One single, spending three weeks at the top of the country charts.. Yet another enthusiastic artist in the globe!

Jimmy Buffett

Jimmy Buffet, the 62 year old businessman is also a successful singer and a song writer. His band is known as "the Coral Reefer Band". He has also produced movies recently including hits such as "Margaritaville". Buffett began his musical career in Nashville, Tennessee during the late 1960s as a country artist and recorded his first album, the folk rock Down to Earth, in 1970. Jimmy Buffett has released over 30 albums, as of October, 2007. In 2007 Buffett received the CMA Event of the Year Award for his song "Hey Good Looking" which featured Alan Jackson and George Strait.


Simple words cannot explain the capabilities of these great legends. You need to catch them live in action to have the electrifying experience of their live concerts. Getting the tickets to the live concerts of these musical legends has never been easy before. However, websites like seat exchange helps you fans of these great artists find their events and get the tickets for them all in one place with ease. So what are you waiting for? Grab your tickets and let's experience the extravaganza.

Michel Stevenson writes articles on Concert Tickets, Tom Petty Tickets. Other information written by the author related to Kanye West Tickets, Kenny Chesney Tickets and Jimmy Buffett Tickets can be found on the web.

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Shakira Rockin' Concert Doll By Mattel (Camoflage)

Shakira Doll from the Rockin' Concert Series
Customer Review: shakira is a belly dancer
my sister is six she loves shakira you should really put a picture thank you suany

Why are we so stressed, why are we so full of anxiety these days? Is there so much pressure on us these days that we have to conform to every one else in society that we have forgotten who we are as people and that we have forgotten what we want in our life.It seems life of today is just one big competition of keeping up with the ego.

The media of today are always throwing so many ads on TV on how you can get this great car, stereo, Plasma TV, house, house extension or just more money and buy what you want for this interest free period and how easy it is to get ourselves into more debt. Then theres more stress and anxiety in our lives because of debt.

People of today have forgotten how to think for themselves, they spend so much time in front of the TV that they dont have to think, its all put in front of them. There are so many subliminal messages coming from the TV. Go do a search on subliminal messages on the TV; you would be surprised on how you are being programmed. Do you want to be programmed?

How about giving up TV all together. I gave up TV 4 years ago now and dont miss it at all. I gave up newspapers and radio. Now I dont have the media portraying to me how I feel today I make the decision how I feel today. People ask me but how do you know whats going in the world? If I really want to know I can look it up on the internet and I read the story for myself, you always know whats going on around the world but you know what you want to know not what the media thinks you should know. Yes we do have choices and options in this world and if we are in control of what is being fed to our brains then the less anxiety and stress we are going to have in our lives because we are taking control. Wouldnt it be an interesting concept that if we had a no TV for a week campaign.

So what do you do instead of TV, how about some music, think about it, when one of your favorite songs come on the radio how do you feel, you feel great and you smile. Then there are other songs that can make you feel sad. So if music can do that to you what is TV doing to you. So for a week try playing all your favorite music every night for a week, play music that is relaxing while you unwind from work and eat your dinner dont watch the news.

Then after dinner you can play high vibration music and turn it up loud let the music vibrate through your body dance around the house and sing, the worst that can happen while youre doing this is you will probably let go, let go of what? Well thats it isnt? Let go of all that doesnt really matter anyway and you will feel good again and thats what is important its about you not anyone else. Learn to let go its the only way to go in getting rid of stress and anxiety in your life.

This article was written by Cynthia Kerry for more information on how to conquer anxiety in your life and a list of high vibration music you can play to let go:

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My Girlfriend the Assassin

Spanish is spoken in many countries throughout Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean, as well as in the United States. Spanish people just love it when tourists and travelers speak Spanish to them. Spanish is the mother tongue or second language for over 500 million people around the world.

Learning a new language can open up your life to an exciting new culture, in a fantastic new country. There are many reasons to take the Rocket Spanish course.

Spanish language software programs like The Rocket Spanish Course are a great way to learn the language because you can learn at your own pace and in the privacy of your own home. Being able to learn at your own pace is a major plus because the course teaches you so quickly you find it hard to actually stop the lessons for a break. In fact, the course is so successful at speed teaching that it comes with a full 8 week money back guarantee.

Realistically, if you diligently apply yourself to learn the entire Rocket Spanish course, and if you then go out and find people to practice conversation with, this course could have you speaking pretty fluent Spanish in much less than a year's time. Maybe six months for the average learner, longer for some.

The Rocket Spanish Course is now the #1 selling Spanish learning system in the world today.

Because the course gives you step-by-step guidance of how exactly to learn Spanish in the quickest time, you can be sure that you will learn what you want when you want. It also includes interactive games to make things more fun and easy to follow.

Learning the basic lingo might be simple. Learning the vocabulary and retaining it is one of the difficult parts of learning a language, but by listening to it in the car as you drive, playing the games and things, it really helps improve your Spanish skills, especially in the area of grammar.

I have to say that the name is appropriate, because the course literally propels you at rocket speeds towards becoming a functional speaker of Spanish.

By immersing yourself in the course, you will no doubt learn about the language in record time. I would recommend the Rocket Spanish course to anyone looking to learn Spanish without paying the high cost most classes can cost.

The Rocket Spanish course looks the way to go.

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The Latin Real Book: C Edition

The only professional-level Latin fake book on the market. Features classic and contemporary salsa tunes, great Brazilian songs, and Latin Jazz classics. Bb and Eb versions contain many horn parts that wouldn't fit in the C version. Like all Sher Music fake books, it features composer-approved transcriptions, easy-to-read calligraphy, and many extras (sample bass lines, chord voicings, drum appendix, etc.) not found in conventional fake books.
Customer Review: Great Fake Book
Good tunes, easy to read charts, spiral bound to lay flat. What more do you need?

Omaha Indian Music - Contest Songs CD
The timeless songs on the Omaha Indian Music : Contest Songs CD from A2ZCDS will captivate you with their spirit of primeval celebration.

Developing Skills (7-11) Music Express Extra (Book & CD )
Sheet Music - 29.99 - Developing Music Skills - Book & CD's - Music Express Extra. ... Campbell, Debbie: Ocean Commotion (Book And CD ) (Novello) $22.17 ...

LIMP, Orion - Boomkat music download
... multi-talented Jonas Munk, otherwise known as Manual (Morr Music / Hobby Industries). Together with three friends from ... Catalogue Number: MORR 025 CD ...

Take the Lead/Classical Trumpet - Sheet Music Book and CD
Order the Sheet Music Book and CD for Take the Lead/Classical Trumpet online from the ... 13.95 (USD)Sheet Music Book and CD . Product Information. At ...

Scottish music at Music Scotland, plus Irish and Celtic music CD , DVD, video and ... order a CD , DVD or video. Red Hot Chilli Pipers ...

Subito Music Online Store
Subito Music Online Store : CD Sheet Music /Orchestra Library - Music by Genre ... of sheet music available on CD -Rom, including our CD Sheet Music line and The ...

Freemuse:Chechnya: Music of defiance published on CD
Some performers of the compilation album 'Songs of Defiance' have gone into ... The music on this CD is a magnificent testimony to the resilience of these ...

Special Music by Special People CD Store
Buy CDs from Special Music by Special People to help support our non-profit organization ... purchase our music at CD Baby or the iTunes Music Store. Also ...

Albums: The Offspring
... CD Maxi. Europe (Epitaph) CD Maxi. Europe (Sony) CD Maxi ... Short Music For Short Peo... ( 1999) Idle Hands Soundtrack (1999) Americana (Video) (1998) ...

Profiles of Successful Internet Businesses: Music to their Ears ...
... passionate about music since he was ten years old. He started playing drums and percussion and later studied music ... Music to their Ears: Virtual CD Stores ...

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Leadsinger LS-3C07 R&B, Motown, Latin Cartridge for LS-3000 Series Karaoke System (200 Songs)

200 songs for your Leadsinger LS-3000/LS-3700 portable All-In-The-Mic karaoke system / Contains songs from Stevie Wonder, Nat King Cole, Enrique Iglesias
Customer Review: Great Karaoke System
This cartridge adds 200 songs to the basic system. I has a good variety of music that I like. I highly recommend it.

World Salsa Champion Ships | Links
world salsa scene, music ,calendar of events, plus local/international ... workshops, interviews with your favorite artists , reviews on CD's, books and ...

Salsa Celtica + The Weekend Planet + 29/04/2006
On paper our featured artists & #8217 particular brand of ... It was tfirst ' salsa ' song ever heard by the young Scottish ... music .com ) ...

Philadelphia Salsa Congress - Official Website
... salsa education and awareness, as well as bringing the dance and music alive in the city. ... ever " Salsa on the Parkway" bringing together artists such as ...

Cincinnati Salsa Festival 2008
... (as an extra), several salsa music videos (beginning in 1992), traveling ... to perform alongside major salsa recording artists formerly of the Ralph Mercado ...

Hispanic - February 2006 - Features
Salsa fans attending a Larry Harlow performance may be subjected to a familiar ... Sure, those artists were the rock stars of the Latin scene, but they were also ...

Salsa , Latin Dance, Rumba
The Rough Guide to Salsa (New Edition) Artist : Various Artists . Manufacturer: World Music Network ... Music products for Salsa : I Love Salsa : Essential Dance ...

Home Artists Programm Workshops Hotels Galerie Reviews Tickets ... of knowledge about Salsa music and its history, his music library, and ability ...

Genres: National Geographic World Music
... GEO MUSIC MAIN ARTISTS VIDEO & DOWNLOADS ... Scottish salsa ? ... Get weekly audio downloads and meet the international artists behind the music . Subscribe Here ...

2006 West Coast Salsa Congress - Musician Seminar
THIRD ANNUAL SALSA MUSIC SEMINAR. Where: LAX MARRIOTT HOTEL. Los Angeles, California ... have been associated with top artists , such as; Tito Puente, Machito, ...

Summer Salsa Extravaganza
... combine many music and dance styles with lively salsa music and choreography. ... and performed with many recognized artists such as, Michael Jackson, The Buena ...

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Rachel Latin Love (White Bikini, Close-Up) Art Poster Print - 16" X 20"

This poster shows a close-up of Rachel Latin Love in a white bikini. This poster measures approx. 16" x 20" A bikini or two-piece is a type of women's swimsuit, characterized by two separate parts, leaving an uncovered area between the two garments. Two-piece garments worn by women for athletic purposes have been observed on Greek urns and paintings, dated as early as 1400 BC. Female athletes who play beach volleyball professionally are required to wear two-pieces.

The legend of Bob Marley means something different for everyone. While his musical styling will always be remembered in the reggae genre, his music and message were varied and emotional. His songs touched on basic human needs for love, togetherness, equality and peace. But he often sang from the darker of human deeds as well. Slavery, war, and political injustice were all far targets for this musical prophet of Kingston, Jamica.

Even in passing, Bob Marley still continues to reach generations who weren't even born till after his death. His message is universal, timeless and evocative. It still speaks generations later, and will continue to do so decades from now. His albums, cds, artwork and posters continue to spread his message.

One remarkable phenomena is the fascination young people have with the images, photographs and posters of Bob Marley. Posters of his live concerts, and personal life outside the music stage continue to sell and be collected by people of all ages and walks of life. The young especially. It's not unusual to walk into any dorm room from Florida to Alaska, and find images of Bob Marley adorning the walls.

Bob Marley was a devout follower of the Rastafari. It influenced his life, his music, his actions, his beliefs and ultimately his death. While it is common knowledge that the herb he so openly enjoyed was a part of this religious devotion, many don't know that part of the Rastafari belief is that the body must remain whole. Which is why he decided not to have a foot amputated that was stricken with cancer. Ultimately that cancer spread through his body, and took him from us. It seems a harsh injustice, but you have to admire the man for being true to his beliefs.

Could it be his universal messages of love and devotion. His political stance against apartheid and other governmental injustices seem to connect with many people young and old.

Bob Marleys message was important, and it's good to see it still entrenched in the spirit of the young. They are the future, and the message in the music still reaches them. Especially in todays troubled times. Our leader seem to have forgotten the message of one love, that Bob so adamantly echoed through our consciousness years past.

Let's hope the ghost of Bob Marley continues to live on through music, artwork, photographs, t-shirts, and posters. It reminds us all of what it means to be human.

To see more about Bob Marley posters, and help spread the message, please visit, and see some truly brilliant Bob Marley posters.

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Violet Hill

French only physical CD release of the first single lifted from the British band's 2008 album Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends. Features 'Violet Hill' plus 'Lost?'. EMI. 2008.
Customer Review: Harder Coldplay
There is no doubt the feeling of Coldplay's deep and soulful style that has shown to keep up with the times. This time around, on the groups' latest single, Voilet Hill, the first single from the upcoming album from their upcoming album Viva La Vida, shows a much harder and darker edge to Chris Martin and the band's deep alternative following. The song is very eye-popping, but still shows that Coldplay has kept making good songs, after the massive success of X & Y and A Rush Of Blood To the Head. I definitely know this song beats other songs like the so-called American Idol winner David Cook's Time Of My Life, and other songs that are downloadable. I hope the upcoming album is worth it for Coldplay fans. Violet Hill already is a mountain. Song: B
Customer Review: Can't ever go wrong with Coldplay
It was a relief to see Coldplay still has it after all the years of silence! Great song.

CMI * Chiapas * IMC - noticias, 1 pgina(s)
... meses mas tarde, un famoso animador latino form una orquesta de salsa, entre ... amigo, el cual trabaja en una estacin de radio inglesa...Hay que ver los viles ...

Web Exclusive: Manu Chao - News - Manu Chao
Manu Chao & Radio Bemba at Serbia. ... released Proxima Estacion : Esperanza in 2001, you were quoted as saying you ... lots of the crowd that comes are Latino , ...

Triple Scoop Music : Search Results
Triple Scoop Music is a royalty-free music licensing site for ... Save Favorite. 4. Estacion Buenos Aires (Instrumental) (7:00) ARTIST: Bernardo Monk ...
radio . satellite tv. video. Afrika. ambazonia. canarias. estrecho / madiaq. kenya. nigeria ... en frente de la estacon de la Patrulla Fronteriza esta ...

Radio Stad Den Haag 97.2 FM
super estacion la mejor musica quisiera contactar a alguien que me proporcione material saludos. ... biggest mobile Discotheque in Latino America has met 27 ...

WYCE Radio . drei92000. Sazz Vint.. Bongo Surf. Dale. Dale Stacey ... Estacion .. ERV. New Friends| # A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z ...

MisterBryans: July 2006
Weblog of music producer and management company (Telmary) ... XM Radio Widens Loss; Losing Subscribers ... But practically, XM satellite radio is just like a ...

Got loads of presents, most spoilt person in the world ever! ... is stuff we`ve all heard before, Radio 1 / 5fm stuff...then...what is this I hear? ... - Videos |
smartiecandytv - Discover all videos on tagged with smartiecandytv. Watch free videos: "Daniel Bonilla, Half and Half" - "LA QUINTA ESTACIN EN ... - Latin Pop: Time Machine Details
Online internet radio . High fidelity digital radio . Listen to 500,000 music ... Listen to Proxima Estacion : Esperanza now! Add Album To Crate. buy album ...

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Includes unreleased b-side track.
Customer Review: "Talk" is Coldplay's first club single
Several single versions of Coldplay's "Talk" have been released to date, most which contain live tracks as B-sides. However, you may not know it, but several club mixes of "Talk" have been made as well, and the track is fast becoming Coldplay's first real club hit. (A remix of "Clocks" also got some play in clubs but not to this extent.) While at first glance this may seem surprising it actually makes perfect sense. You see, the melody of "Talk" is actually sampled from Kraftwerk's 1983 electronic single "Computerlove". The remixes of "Talk" are official mixes and have been promoted to clubs in both the U.S. and overseas. Thus far, I haven't seen any of the "Talk" remixes included on a the maxi single releases, but they may be included at some point. However, they are available on iTunes, and definitely worth purchasing. The remixes promoted in the U.S. include the Junkie XL and Francois K mixes. Junkie XL has done a number of notable club remixes of rock tracks in the last couple of years. Their mix is outstanding - it maintains the beauty and emotional intimacy of the song but adds a distinctive "buildup" at the beginning and a strong rhythm underneath to bring it up to a whole new level. The Francois K remix of "Talk" is a complete reworking of the song - bringing it more in style towards Kraftwerk's original "Computerlove". Very electronic, very "detached" - definitely quite an accomplishment but in my opinion not as good as the Junkie XL mix. "Talk" will reach #3 on the Billboard Dance/Club Chart as of early March 2006.
Customer Review: Only B-side!
I just got this today and there is only the Sleeping Sun song and the radio edit version of Talk. There is contradictory information on this page and, even though I would have bought it anyway, it was quite a disappointment when I opened it up and saw only one. :( Maybe there's a version out there with both b-sides, but I haven't found it yet. The Sleeping Sun song is great, of course.

We, as teenagers, attend parties to have FUN. We want to get away from the tough school hours during the week, kick back and ENJOY life a little. Parties, for that reason, are always filled with high energy, blasting music, drunken teens, laughing, fighting etc. The point is... parties are FILLED WITH EMOTION. There are generally two types of people at these "high energy" parties:

1) The "Wallflower". (Those who grab their drinks -> sit/ stand out of the spotlight -> quietly enjoy their night).

2) The "Entertainers". (Those who are the centre of attention/life of the party -> usually create the excitement/ laughs/ entertainment of others).

Teenage women view the "entertainers" as usually the charismatic, confident, funny, outgoing personality type, whereas the "wallflower" is seen as an insecure, bored, closed personality. Fact is... teenage women (and all women for that matter) GRAVITATE towards the "entertainers" of the party. Teenage women of our era generally live pretty mediocre, boring lives. They look for their male counterpart to give them that extra push for an exciting, adventurous, unpredictable lifestyle that they just don't have.

Women are totally sexually attracted to positive energy exerted by males, SO BE A FUN GUY! Become the life of the party (I don't mean get drunk as hell and make a fool out of yourself) but confidently and casually waltz around the party with a smile on your face and socialize with EVERYONE. Make short conversation with all women there, but make it fun, exciting, and sexually stimulating (by flirting with them). I find that becoming the LIFE of the dance floor, is a GUARANTEE SUCCESS in attracting women. Women LOVE guys who dance, and if they are the centre of attention in the biggest spotlight of the party, girls will by FAR be impressed.

You see...the key to meeting teen women at these not going straight up to them and forcing out awkward conversation. The REAL KEY... is to make yourself known at the party, and others will flock to YOU (guys and girls) because were all attention seekers. It's a contagious thing... think about it. If one girl is impressed by your dancing and "not giving a shit" attitude, she will approach you. When the other girls see you talking to/ dancing with that girl... they will sub consciously label you as "desired", and THEY will approach you (girls get EXTREMELY jealous from other female competition, so use it to your advantage). Once the guys see that you're mingling on the dance floor with a group of girls who are subtly talking/ near you, THEY will want to join in on the success... and approach to start dancing near you... or just to say "what's up?"

Before you know it, you're suddenly the centre of attention of the party, and EVERYONE will glare at you in either awe or jealousy. You will seem charismatic the way people are gravitating towards you, and it is a CHAIN REACTION. How do you start the chain reaction? You do this by slowly initiating POSITIVE energy and getting on that dance floor. Your main goal is to just get that ONE girl NEAR you... or dancing WITH you. You will not believe the utter success that flows from that... it's almost magical. It literally puts a smile on my face because I've done it SO MANY times. I'm not talking out of my ass here boys... it WORKS.

Just build the confidence to become the life on the dance floor in the first place... and all else will follow. Try not to gain your confidence through alcohol consumption, but rather look within yourself, realize you only live ONCE... and hit the dance floor GUNNIN.

My most successful philosophy in attracting teen women at parties is dancing. I'm not saying I'm a good dancer... but as long as girls know I am having the time of my life... they will be impressed. If there is no dance floor... you still need to somehow become the life of the party. I truly value the power of dancing, but I do understand that there are "non dancers" out there... and many of them. So if initiating that exciting, confident "aura" on the floor just isn't your thing... you will need to stick with me here... well... at least until lesson: 21.

This and MUCH more will is discussed in a complete FREE program I have designed based upon the fundamentals of the psychology of attraction. The best thing you can do at a party to attract women... well, visit my website and find out for yourself: Attract-Teen-Women.

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T-Shirt Black " Latin Rap Equalizer " Music

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Are you wanting to lose those extra pounds gained during the winter months but dreading the boredom of the gym? Are you looking to maintain fitness and health for life? Dance your way to fitness! With the increasing popularity of ballroom dance, more and more places to dance are springing up across the country. Some even offer free lessons. You can learn to waltz, fox trot, rumba, tango, salsa, and cha-cha while you shed those unwanted pounds and tone your entire body.

Dancing requires you to use muscles you don't normally use in the gym. Not only does it work your muscles, it's also great for your mind. Medical researchers agree that dancing is a powerful way to alleviate depression. You will be so busy learning the moves that you won't realize what a workout you are getting. The short bursts of energy required for dancing will give your metabolism a boost and burn unwanted fat. Don't be concerned about making mistakes. The other dancers are too busy to notice. The basic steps to most dances are easy to learn and you can learn additional steps as you progress. It's a fun way to work out and you can practice as you move around your house, with or without a partner. You'll dip, spin, glide, turn and side-step your way to fitness in no time.

Ballroom dance is a great way to increase self-esteem and adapt social skills. You'll interact with others and make new friends who share your passion for dancing.

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Every industry is affected by the restraints of music copyright laws and the wedding industry is no exception. With the increase in enforcement of those that commit copyright infringement, wedding professionals including wedding videographers, wedding planners and anyone else choosing or using wedding music in their projects are not exempt from paying large fees for all wedding video music, music for wedding videos and any other music they need.

The ease of downloading all types of music, and particularly wedding music via the internet and through both illegal and legal file sharing programs has gone up exponentially as the availability of such programs has increased. Because of the increased availability of copyright protected music, large music providers such as BMI and ASCAP have begun to prosecute in cases where people have not paid appropriately for use of the wedding video music, background music and production music that professionals and other individuals use in their projects.

While it is impossible for large companies to prosecute all violators of copyright laws, many wedding video companies, both large and small have already found themselves paying exorbitant fees that total well over the amount they would have paid had they legally purchased the wedding music in the first place just to settle copyright infringement issues. Just because a video is not intended for public viewing does not make it non-infringing to use popular music as a background music or production music, and public performance is one of the reserved rights of the copyright owners.

Wedding professionals and videographers have a tall order to fill. Not only are they responsible for filming the ceremony, reception and all other aspects of the wedding day, but also they are responsible either for choosing music that compliments the spirit of the day, the couples personalities and the high quality of the video through an appropriate and rich soundtrack of background music and production music. Weddings today vary much more than they used to; more couples are seeking wedding music and wedding video music that strays from the traditional and ranges from contemporary to cutting edge and progressive.

Regardless of the couples preferences, wedding professionals must either choose fully representative wedding video music themselves from the huge amount available, or buy the rights to the music the couple asks for from a music provider. Unfortunately, the cost of paying royalties to large companies in order to use both traditional and contemporary original wedding music in videos, ceremonies and at receptions is extremely expensive. Wedding videographers and other individuals that handle many ceremonies, receptions and projects per month might expect to pay thousands of dollars per month in order to legally use popular wedding video music, music for wedding ceremonies and all other types of wedding music.

And because every client is different and has different musical tastes, these professionals must make sure they have a very large and comprehensive library of wedding music to choose from to make every project unique and make sure it accurately captures the spirit of the big day and the personality of the married couple. Not every wedding videographer and professional, and particularly those for whom weddings are only a small part of their total business plan, can afford to exorbitant royalty fees associated with wedding music and satisfying copyright laws.

So what is the answer for wedding videographers that wish to both avoid copyright infringement and provide high quality and original wedding video music that does not take a huge chunk out of their limited budget? Many wedding professionals avoid the use of buyout music and royalty free music because they find often it does not offer the best quality background music and production music to fulfill their complex needs and satisfy their discriminating tastes. Although it is very inexpensive, buying the wrong royalty free music for wedding videos can destroy a wedding video, ceremony or reception for the couple and family, and the memories can be lost forever. However, comprehensive and rich pieces of royalty free wedding music do exist.

Wedding videographers will find selections of royalty free music and wedding video music that can be seamlessly integrated as background music and production music, and represents every musical genre, from traditional styles such as classical to more progressive and contemporary styles like light rock, jazz and even Hip Hop, techno and dance music. The royalty free wedding music and music for wedding videos in this large library will express the unique personalities of every couple and preserve the memory of their special day for years to come. And because all tracks are royalty free music, clients will pay a one-time very low fee for unlimited use of the wedding music, allowing them to increase their library regularly and offer a larger selection to their clients.

Royalty free wedding music will become important as copyright infringement laws get stricter and more wedding professionals have to adjust the music they use to fit their budgets. Companies such as provide beautifully-crafted and performed royalty free music that will make excellent production music and background music for every type of wedding video, ceremony and reception. All the selections are performed by the best musicians in the industry that have worked with and performed with important figures in the classical music world, and with Grammy Award winning pop, rock and jazz recording artists that produce music heard throughout the world.

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