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The History of Latin Music

Explores Latin music, examining its roots and styles, describing the rise in popularity of Latin music in the 1970s, and looking at the link between music and politics in South America.
Title: The History of Latin Music
Author: Kallen, Stuart A.
Publisher: Lucent Books
Publication Date: 2006/09/22
Number of Pages: 104
Binding Type: LIBRARY
Library of Congress: 2006004676

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The Second Single from the Chart Topping Album "a Rush of Blood to the Head".
Customer Review: 'I Ran Away' is the sole reason to buy this
The Scientist is a very good song, I agree, but the best track on this disc and out of all of Coldplay's work has to be I Ran Away. The song is just so awesome. The guitar takes you to another place, the percussion is excellent, and the lyrics go perfectly with the song. If you like Coldplay, you must get ahold of this song as soon as possible.
Customer Review: Top notch song.
Now, I don't normally like British people. Their accent annoys me, but Coldplay are very cool British people. This song rules. The video kind of makes me think, how did he do that? But, the song is a great song.

Centuries old Kerala Dance Forms are noted for the variety, youthfulness and charm. Some Kerala dance forms like Kathakali is world renowned, and a dance form Koodiyattom is recognized by UNESCO as human heritage art. All Kerala dance forms and dance forms of India are based on the instructions of 'NatyaSastra', the science of acting, which can be attributed to Sire Bharata who lived some 20 centuries ago. He described 'navarasangal' or the nine emotions viz. Sringaram (Love and seduction), Roudram (Aggressive), Hasyam (Humorous), Bhayanakam (Frightening), Veeram (Courage), Karuna (Compassion), Adbhutam (Wonder) and Shantam (Peace). Kerala dance forms seem to draw a narrow line between male and female performers.

The main dance forms of Kerala are:

Kathakali: This is divine dance form of Kerala, noted for the minute expression of emotions and colorful costumes. Kathakali is considered the art of Gods, and epical episodes are performed as a play. In earlier times it took many days for the completion of a play. Expression of emotions and narration is based on 'Mudras' or hand signals, and facial expression of navarasa, the nine emotions. Traditionally only men performed this Kerala dance form and they dressed like women for female characters usually Goddesses.

The costumes are heavy and it almost takes a full day to complete the make-up process. Characteristic masks, crowns and attire more than double the size of the performer.

Mohiniyattom: This Kerala dance form literally means the dance of an enchantress. Mohini means the women who tempts and Aattom means dance. Attired with white or ivory dress with golden borders, the dancer takes a majestic look. Mohiniyattom is noted for the slow movements and highly emotive eye gestures. The origin of Mohiniyattom is attributed to Lord Vishnu, who impersonated as Mohini (an enchanting woman) to seduce Asuras and take back Amrit, the medicine that gives immortality from them.

Mohiniyattom was performed in Kerala temples and palaces of Kerala.

Koothu (Chakyar Koothu): This Kerala dance form is performed only in selected place called Koothambalam associated with Kerala temples. Koothu in Malayalam means dance. Only members of the 'Chakyar' caste perform this.

Koodiyattam: This dance form of Kerala is the oldest of its kind and was evolved in the seventh century AD. It is an offering to deity. Mythological themes are played.

Theyyam: There are more than 300 variations for this Kerala dance form, which is characterized by the praising of Goddess for her victory over evil forces. Female roles are also handled by men, who wear colorful ritual attire for performing this temple dance form. The headgear and attire are both colorful and attractive.

Thiruvathira or ThiruvathiraKali. This is a dance performed by women on Thiruvathira day of the Malayalam month, Dhanu. Eight to 12 women of any age circles around a 'nilavilakku', a traditional oil lamp with many wicks, for Thiruvathira Dancing. It is believed to bring blessings to their family life.

The Myth Behind this unique Kerala Dance Form:
Rathi Devi, Goddess of love regained the life of Kamadeva, the God of Love who was charred to ashes by the fearsome anger of Lord Shiva. Rathi Devi successfully made a case with Lord Shiva to give Kamadeva his life. Thus ThiruvathiraKali represents the fidelity of marital relation and determination of female soul.

Oppana: This dance form is the peculiarity of Malabar Muslim weddings in Kerala. On the wedding day eve, friends and relatives (mainly young maidens) throng around the bride, clapping their hands and dancing to some nice music. The songs are usually called as Mappilappattu. Through the songs, the young women tease the bride and bless her for the happiness in her new life. Oppana is a performed as a stage item also.

Kolkali: This Kerala dance form belongs to the agrarian classes. Kolkali literally means playing with stick. Men bear short sticks on each hand. The dancers harmoniously move around in circles, form different combinations, dance and rhythmically strike two short sticks. This is an exclusive item for men.

Krishnanattom : Krishnanattom is almost an extinct dance form of Kerala. One dance is completed over eight days, and is characterized by rich colors, big masks, and thick facial make-ups. Krishanattom as the name suggests is the play on the life of Lord Sri Krishna. Krishnattom resembles Kathakali.

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Blow-Up! (DVD: EMI Video) (Some of the most cutting-edge artists from 2003 are featured on BLOW-UP)

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Tower Exclusive Music DVD

DVD featuring the following music videos: 1. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - whatever happened to my rock 'n' roll (punk song) 2. Coldplay - Trouble 3. Nikka Costa - like a feather 4. Dilated Peoples - worst comes to worst 5. Gorillaz - 19/2000 6. Janet - son of a gun 7. Mick Jagger - god gave me everything 8. Lenny Kravitz - dig in 9. Smashing Pumpkins - untitled 10. Starsailor - good souls

Did you know...

Malawi won the bronze medal in soccer in the 1987 African Games in Nairobi (Kenya).

Madagascar, Seychelles and Ethiopia boycotted the 1988 Olympics because the Games were not organized by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (or North Korea ).

Cairo (Egypt) hosted the 1999 World Men's Handball Championship. Final standings:



3.Yugoslavia (Currently Serbia),











14.South Korea,








22.Saudi Arabia,



Ahmed Salah and Djama Robleh were the best athletes in Djibouti. Salah won the Marathon World Cup two times (1985 and 1986).

The Montreal Olympic Games were not boycotted by Senegal and Cote d'Ivoire.

Cape Verde is one of the best basketball teams in Africa. This country -it is the same size as Rhode Island- won the medal bronze at the FIBA African Championship in 2007. Under the leadership of Antonio Moreira, Cape Verde also won the bronze medal at the 2006 Lusophony Games in Macau (China).

The most famous sportspeople in Rwanda are: Epiphanie Nyirabarame (marathon), Dieudonne Disi (track and field), Cyriagu Ndayikengurukiye (marathon), Claudette Mukasakindi (athletics) and Angeline Nyiransabimana (track & field).

Malawi sent 3 female athletes to the 1972 Summer Olympics in Germany. They competed in track and field.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo (former Zaire) finished in 10th place at the 1993 FIBA Under-19 World Championship for Women.

Botswana won 2 gold medals at the 2008 African Track and Field Championships in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia). The champions were Kabelo Kgosiemang (one of the best high jumpers in the world) and Amantle Montsho (sportswoman / 400m).

Liberia -the second black republic in the world- is the birthplace of George Weah, one of the greatest football players in the 20th century. George was the best football player of the world-1995. Ironically, Liberia has never qualified for the FIFA World Cup and Olympic Games.

The Kingdom of Swaziland sent 8 sports persons to the 1984 Summer Olympics in the Los Angeles (USA). They competed in four sports (athletics, boxing, swimming, weightlifting).

Abdi Bile (Somalia) won the gold medal in the 1500m at the IAAF World Track and Field Championship in 1987. Bile is one of the symbols of Africa.

Fatmata Fofanah won the gold medal in the 100m hurdles at the 2008 African Championships. Currently, she is the best female athlete in Guinea.

Mozambique -former Portuguese colony in Africa- won a bronze medal at the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne (Australia).

Niger -one of the World's poorest countries- sent four athletes (boxers) to the 1972 Munich Olympic Games.

The most popular sports in Burkina Faso -former Republic of Upper Volta- are football, athletics, judo and boxing.

The 1980 Moscow Olympics were boycotted by the Kingdom of Morocco, Somalia, Mauritania, Niger, Gabon, Cote d'Ivoire...

Zimbabwe -former Rhodesia- has had famous sportspeople in the past century: Nicolas Nyengerai (track & field / African champion, 1995), Helen Volk (field hockey / Olympic gold medalist, 1980), Paula Newby-Fraser (triathlon / former world champion), Brian Dzingai (athletics), Sarah English (field hockey / Olympic gold medalist, 1980), Zephaniah Ncube (athletics), Ndaba Dube (boxing), Tendai Chimussa (marathon), Evan Stewart ( diving / he was one of the best divers in the Third World ), Sonia Robertson (field hockey / Olympic gold medalist, 1980).

Diedonne Kwizera was the best Burundian athlete in the 1980s and early 1990s. Unfortunately, he was unable to compete in the Olympics because Burundi was not a member of the International Olympic Committee ( IOC ). He studied at the University of Nebraska (United States).

Namibia sent 6 athletes to the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona (Spain). They were Lucktez Swartbooi, Frankie Fredericks (track & field ), Harry Simon (boxing), Joel Lindemeier (aquatics), Frank Kayele Tuihaleni (athletic), Anja Dahl (swimming). Fredericks won two silver medals (100m, 200m).

Kaltouma Nadjima is the best sportspeople of Chad. She was born on November 16, 1976 in Bol ( Chad ).

Top performances:

2004: African Championships-2nd 400m, 3rd 200m

2002: African Championships-1st 400m ; IAAF World Cup-5th 400m ; Grand Prix Final-5th 400m

2001: IAAF World Championships-5th 400m; IAAF World Indoor Championships-4th 400m; Games of La Francophonie-1st 200m.

Alejandro Guevara Onofre: He is a freelance writer. Alejandro is of Italian, African and Peruvian ancestry. He has published more than seventy-five research paper in English, and more than twenty in Spanish, concerning the world issues, Olympic sports, countries, and tourism. His next essay is called "The Dictator and Alicia Alonso". He is an expert on foreign affairs. Alejandro is the first author who has published a world-book encyclopedia in Latin America.

He admires Frida Kahlo (Mexican painter), Jose Gamarra (former president of the Bolivian Olympic Committee ,1970- 1982), Hillary Clinton (ex-First Lady of the USA), and Jimmy Carter (former President of the USA). Alejandro said: "The person who I admire the most is Jos Gamarra . He devoted his professional and personal life to sport. Jos played an important role in the promotion of Olympism in Bolivia -it is one of the Third World`s poorest countries- and Latin America. His biography is interesting". The sportspeople he most admire is Olympic volleyball player Flo Hyman. "This African-American sportswoman is my idol".

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Latin Percussion LPM196 Mini Tunable Djembe

This miniature drum is the exact replica of the full size LP Djembe, making it attractive to collectors and musical enthusiasts alike. Made from kiln-dried, environmentally-friendly Siam Oak, with a natural rawhide head, and chrome plated hardware it is also fully tunable. Its irresistible size, measuring in at 8-1/4" tall and 5-1/2" wide, makes it an ideal instrument for "drumming on the go!" Bring it anywhere you would like to add a bit of music therapy. Finished with a natural stain this charming miniature will instantly reach out to players of all ages. Sold with a tuning wrench.

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nlp course in london spanish homes for sale apartments dating ... Salsa Music . Latin American News. Latin American Art. NLP Course. Course In London Spanish ...

Viva Latino Home Page
Hola! Viva Latino offers classes in Latin Dance and Spanish Language in handy locations throughout Auckland ... Our weekly Salsa , Samba, Burlesque, Hip Hop, ...

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Burle Marx Brazilian Music Collection University of Akron Bierce Library ... Cocolo Review Salsa , Merengue, Nueva Trova. Fundacin Nacional para la Cultura Popular ...

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Digital Liquid Dj >>> Digital liquiD Dj - Funky House Grooves Vol 3( Spanish Salsa ) ... Music , videos, photos, and blogs all bring you closer to your favorite ...

... a site for the promotion of Afro-Latin music in the Texas region. Strictly Salsa . ... and with a certain focus on Cuba and Cuban music . Salsa Beat. ... Spanish ...

Dolmetsch Online - Music Dictionary S - Sb
music help, recorder, beckfluto, blockflauta, blockfleita, blokflojte, ... ( Spanish f.) a style of salsa music , very similar to salsa romantica in its soft ...

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Speed of Sound (Piano Vocal, Sheet Music)

SPEED OF SOUNDSeries: Piano VocalArtist: ColdplaySheet music.

Have you ever wanted to do something excitingly challenging to you, while knowing it's good for you and won't require lots of boring work from you. Then, that something is clog dancing, also called clogging. You can do it solo, with a partner, or within a group. All three ways are fun, fun, fun. Also, if you join an organized clogging group, you'll find yourself having a new set friends while becoming more acceptable to yourself and your peers. Since clogging groups are special in their own way, you will be, too.

What is clogging?

Several sources describe the American form of clogging as hillbilly-tapping or foot-stomping folk dancing, where the dancer makes musically synchronized sounds with his/her feet. In the past, it was done to mountain and bluegrass music with high-kicking leg movements combined with foot shuffling, stomping, and tapping. Nowadays, it's done to many kinds of music the same way. Kids and teenagers generally do it at high speed, faster and more precise than adults.

Where did clogging come from?

Clogging dates back to the 16th-Century-or-prior European folk dances and jigs. It's been traced to the dances done by the Scotch-Irish steppers, Dutch cloggers (done in wooden shoes or in soft shoes having wooden soles), Euro-Russian gypsies, and English-French-German folk-dancers. In this continent, it evolved into its own early style through the immigrants who settled in Canada, the Appalachian Mountains, and the hill regions of the South. Among all the early settlers who liked to stomp and dance were the Native Americans, frontiersmen, African Americans, cowboys, farmers, ranchers, and the backwoods, hill-abiding, and small-town folks. All of these regional sects have influenced the clogging styles in one way or another at one time or another. Today, it's being shaped further through contemporary clogging groups, and through the various kinds of modern music in addition to the traditional ones.

How is clogging taught or done?

Generally, clogging is learned in groups under an instructor who carefully teaches its terminology and step-routines, and who makes sure it's done to the time of the music. However, if no such group is nearby, instructional videos and DVD's can be found in a few dance shops and on the Internet.

Briefly, the basic clog step is a double-toe tap done with one of your feet, followed by stepping on the balls of each foot. First, starting with your left foot, brush your toe forward and then backward, tap-tap, and then step on the same foot (ball). Immediately following that left tap-tap-ball movement, step onto your right ball, and then step back onto your left one, once more. That's it, the basic step, left-toe-tap-forward, left-toe-tap-backward, left-step-ball, right-step-ball, left-step-ball.

Now, repeat this step movement starting with your right foot, and then again with your left one, alternately. Once you have learned to repeat this step continuously in a light-footed manner, you will be able to do the slight variations it easily. As your balance and knee-bending capabilities increase, you'll move into longer and slightly varied routines based on these steps. Additionally, you'll be able to do them solo, with a partner, or within a group as in line dancing or as a team. You can also develop your own solo freestyle routines.

Note: the initial double-toe tap of the basic step can also be done as a heel-toe tap as it's sometimes done in certain parts of the country. The basic movement is same as above, except the initial toe-tap is replaced with a heel-tap, as heel-tap-forward, toe-tap-backward, step-ball, step-ball, step-ball and so forth.

Where is it done?

Clogging can be learned or done anywhere, out in the country, or in the villages, towns, and cities, usually on a fairly hard surface. Today, organized clogging is done mostly within local clogging groups under the leaderships of certified instructors. These groups meet and practice in schools, gymnasiums, churches, civic centers, ballrooms, garages, or homes large enough to accommodate them. Membership includes all ages and types, both adults and youngsters. These groups often have members who compete regularly at regional clogging events in addition to their having leisurely in-group fun. Many of the competitive dancers are young people, who can learn it easily, and do it fast.

Because these groups are generally nonprofit and semi-private, only a few of them are listed in the yellow pages. Still, clogging groups exist everywhere in North America, similar to the way square-dance clubs do. If you have a square-dance club nearby, chances are they can point you toward a clogging group. Some clogging groups can also be found on the Internet.

Additionally, in the regions where clogging has been done routinely for decades, the local cloggers might get together spontaneously without much organization. These cloggers will show up at local parks, community events, or county fairs, where small portable wooden clogging floors and recorded music are available to them and anyone else who wants to try it. A fiddler, guitarist, or banjo player might show up there, too.

How is clogging organized?

Modern clogging groups are organized under nonprofit federations. That is, each group operates under its own bylaws and the general provisions of a state board or council. The state board or council might sponsor annual workshops for the local chartered groups to attend. Such workshops offer expert clogging instruction, demonstrations, competitions, and entertainment, like, performances, games, or parties of sorts. They'll also provide displays of recent music, cue sheets, equipment sources, and other clogging information.

What does it cost?

Generally, group members pay annual dues to keep the group solvent, about $20-50. The dues cover the cost of rental space, member insurance, and a newsletter. For guest beginners, the only cost is for the instruction, $10-50, for about 10 weeks of classes, one-to-two nights a week. If you decide to go further into clogging after graduating, you'll need leather clogging shoes with "jingle" (double-action) taps attached to them, $35-70. The dues and shoes are the main costs. Normally, the dress codes are casual, T-shirts and jeans or shorts, for weekly lessons or practice sessions. You won't need special clothing unless you decide to perform competitively with the group, or to perform with them entertainingly for local charities, senior centers, conventions, and festivals. Even so, the outfits often are homemade.

What else?

Clogging groups are family friendly and socially fun. Because children are included in them, these groups maintain high behavior standards for its membership. They hold many get-togethers, potlucks, holiday parties, and fun times for everyone. Yet, some groups are setup for the grownups or for youth only. This condition occurs for the older grownups whose kids have left home, or for the youth who travel frequently to many competitions. Still other groups might be subdivided into both grownups and youth for training purposes. This kind of organization means participation of some kind of is available to almost everyone there. So, if you are looking for a clean, fun way to burn off your energy, and to gain some of it back with other benefits at the same time, try clog dancing. Your fancy footwork will glide you gracefully over the floor, faster and more uniquely than most folks can.


1. The National Clogging Organization, Inc. (C.L.O.G.) Copyright 2003,

2. Clog Dancing. Where Cloggers Come Together. Copyright 2007,

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Coldplay - Girls Jr. Soft Tees

Girls Jr./Group Members Jumping Silhouette Under Logo These Girls Tees Have A More Form Fitting Cut Than A Regular Girls Jr. Tee And Are Made From A Much Softer Cotton.

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Rhythm & Romance

Legendary saxophonist extraordinario Kenny G returns with this romantic collection of Latin music, featuring original songs and classic favorites. Contemporary love songs with a Latin twist!!! Kenny G: THE SMOOTH JAZZ KING!

Has SOLD MORE THAN 38 MILLION CDs in his career!



Customer Review: SAXOLOCO put on your dancin 'shoes
Im far from a Kenny G fan, but another late night comin home from a ballgame , another 6 innings at 3rd base gig, tired and on an adrenaline journey I had to wait 30 minutes, parked in my Metro Atlanta driveway! why?, this song reached out over WJZC and grabbed me by the collar sayin..."Hold on mon!! dis is a gateway tune!!! find out who this is, although Kenny's distinctive soprano sax shouldve alerted me. Gateway indeed, up temp and pleasantly surprising moving me from that post game mood into a grab my babe, put on my dancin shoes, and Brasilia, here we come!!! I could care less about the criticisms, the minutia or esoterica, by other reviewers of more "refined" jazz tastes.... these songs, individually, or collectively made me feel good, perhaps its cause my babe/lady/ wife is lightly latin and these songs got me ready to move n groove... SAXOLOCO was the door opener for a pleasently refreshing, mood enhancing experience for me/us.... Hey isnt dat what de moosic spose to do bro!!!! garmankirk
Customer Review: GREAT CD
I bought this CD for my parents who love to ballroom dance. THEY LOVED THIS CD!!!!!!

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Music in Latin American Culture, Regional Traditions. ... Worlds of Music , " Latin America/Ecuador" ... Apr. 3 Art Music , Popular and Dance Music , Ritual Music ...

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Coldplay X& Y: For Piano, Voice and Guitar (Pvg)

Songs for artists starting with C
Cano Estremera . Cano Nacho. Canoe Club. Canon Star. Canonazo Navideno. Canonazos Colombianos ... Carlos Cano . Carlos Catalan. Carlos Chamaco Romero. Carlos ...

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Cano Estremera Lyrics. Cano Nacho Lyrics. Canoe Club Lyrics. Canon Star Lyrics ... Carlos Cano Lyrics. Carlos Catalan Lyrics. Carlos Chamaco Romero Lyrics ...
Mind.Body.Soul.Music. ... Las 101 Salsotas Romanticas Vol 2 " VA - They ... 84. Cano Estremera - Pero Me Hiciste Tuyo (5:25) 85. Willie Rosario - Duda (5:52) ...

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La Boda song Featured: song of the crow by layne maheu; if you could see me now by michael mewshaw; a se ha llevado mi ... salsa singer cano estremera made his ...

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RIN.RU - MP3 - Busqueda - Aqui tu podras encontrar toda la musica del mundo en ... Musica Rusa: A B V G D E Zh Z I K L M N O P R S T U F H C Ch Sh Yu Ya ...

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Index of zarzuela titles, composers, first performance dates and ... J.Dicenta / M.Paso Cano . T.Parish. 10/XII/1898. LA CZARINA. R.Chap. J. Estremera . T.Apolo ... Home - Education - 50,832 pass Licensure Exam for Teachers (LET ...

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" Coldplay " : Live 2003 for Piano, Voice and Guitar

BODHI Kevin Setchko has a gorgeous, dynamic new release available. Trans Ukraine is BODHI's second new release in the past couple of years. His first, Shamanic Flute, is a meditative masterpiece of improvisational solo flute and is perfect for quiet meditation, yoga or massage.

Having said that, my primary focus in this review is Trans Ukraine, a hypnotic, flute-based world groove romp through mysterious alleyways and spice-scented bazaars. An exquisite choice for dancing the night away, or perhaps lingering eye gazing by the fire with your sweetie, Trans Ukraine is the perfect antidote to SSDD (same stuff, different day) syndrome.

Trans Ukraine was conceived and birthed in Ukraine in September, 2004, when BODHI met Dimitris Krist, a producer living in Kiev. With his wife, Natali, translating, (he spoke only Russian) they recorded tracks for two of the pieces, "Kiev" and "Odessa." Through an unusual series of events, BODHI connected with another producer, Igor Gromadskiy, with whom he recorded the 3rd piece, "Crimea."

Over the next two years, BODHI's vision was brilliantly realized through the masterful production skills of Alex Newman, an English producer BODHI met in California while Igor was producing a CD with the world dance electronica band, "Medicine Drum." Finally, the CD cover graphics were created by Brigitte Behr, a German graphic artist living in Paris, France. This CD is truly the fruit of an international collaborative effort.

For groove-based, shamanic journeying of the highest order, be sure to give Trans Ukraine a careful listen. An historic side note: BODHI'S divine Cloud Etchings was the first album I ever reviewed, back in 1994. I have since published over 1200 reviews.

Steve Ryals has been writing music reviews since 1994, and to date has published more than 1200. Steve specializes in World Beat, Native American, New Age, Meditation, Contemporary Instrumental, Chanting, Devotional Singing, and more. He currently writes two music reviews every month as part of his Drunk with Wonder Newsletter. To sign up for his FREE newsletter go to

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Customer Review: Here's a follow-up I got excited about...
... And then came the disappointment. Having been a big fan of David Ryan Harris's old funk/rock band, Follow For Now, and then loving his self-titled solo effort (and the related Four Songs sampler EP), I was intrigued to learn of three other solo albums after his mostly disappointing effort with the band, the Brand New Immortals, and their only album to date, Tragic Show. Based entirely on the strength of FFN and DRH, I forged blindly ahead and ordered copies of Soulstice and Atlanta without hearing a morsel of either album, and pre-ordered Harris' yet-to-be released CD, Bittersweet. With Soulstice, Harris forsakes his early funk/soul/rock roots, instead planting himself firmly in the dreaded 'singer-songwriter' mold. The bio on Harris' MySpace website indicates the direction he's going, with this pretentious bit of self-promotion: "David Ryan Harris is on a quest that has an almost mythological dimension to it. Armed with a voice that falls somewhere between Stevie Wonder and Donny Hathaway, songwriting that combines beautiful haunting melodies with sharp storytelling and guitar playing that is blues influenced and rock sharpened, David has been searching for the truth in music." Etc., etc. Well, with my first listen under my belt, I can honestly say there isn't anything memorable here, at all. Missing are the crunchy guitarwork, soulful vocals and groove-inducing songwriting from his early work. Instead, each song on Soulstice blends into a bland whorl of uninspired, folksy, strum-strum-strummed chord changes, awfully rhymed lyrics and flat vocals that left me wondering if I made the right decision to buy Atlanta, and whether or not I should cancel my pre-order for Bittersweet. In the meantime, I'm going to give Soulstice another listen, see if it grows on me. Who knows - maybe it will. Stranger things have happened. Then I'll listen to Atlanta as soon as it arrives, and I'll get back to you. Until then, three stars is as much as I can muster for this one...

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Learn to dance @ Viscount Dance Studios - the schedule ... The 4 -Week July Schedule (July 7th - Aug 2nd) MOUSE-OVER A CLASS NAME FOR CLASS DESCRIPTIONS. (Note: ...

Photos: Barcelo Marina Palace, Varadero - TripAdvisor
... with nice martini glass drinks and salsa music ,check in was quick probaly about ... to sit, the bar service was fast and not horrible like previous reviews ...

L.A. Salsa Festival Tickets - Schedule, Information - Concert Ticket Broker
The 2nd annual Los Angeles Salsa Music Festival promises to be bigger and better ... a hot lineup tickets are sure to go fast , but on you'll ...

Dancing for Dessert - Salsa Dancing Instructions
Salsa and Mambo music are highly percussive Cuban-based rhythms that make you want to dance! ... Salsa dance and Mambo dance are usually thought of as fast ...

Salsa Chillout - About Salsa
It can be quite slow or very fast and the rhythm can change within the same song. ... Nowadays, there are clubs and musicians playing Salsa music all over the world. ...

Salsa Dance in San Francisco: Salsa Dancing Blog Just for all the Crazy ...
Our music style is the original sound of New York old school " Salsa dura" (heavy ... in Spanish and Italian and he captivates the audience with his fast rasgueado, ...

Salsa Dancing Lessons, Kettering, Market Harborough, Northants
' Salsa ' is an umbrella term created in the 60's and 70's to describe this Latin music and becoming ... The dancing can be fast and intricate and knowledge of ...

Salsa Rueda
The dance is fast , so rhythm variations would be difficult ... Quick footwork, sexy hip motion, hot music , and clever patterns make Salsa an exciting dance. ...

SalsaArabia | Music Styles
What's the difference between Salsa , Plena and Pachanga? ... although sometimes a fast Cha-Cha-Cha can sound very much like a slow salsa . ...

Casa De La Salsa - Salsa Nightclub - Salsa Sydney Australia - History ...
The term " Salsa " translates to English as "sauce" to denote music that spices ... critics say that salsa are a combination of fast Latin music that embraces the ...

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Por el Mundo

Customer Review: POR EL MUNDO IS A GREAT CD!
What can I say I LOVE THIS CD! But whats so good about it well number 1 I love the lead singers voice (Jose Guadalupe). To me he has a voice to kill for but thats just my opinion you might think diferently. But as far as i'm concerned i think this is a super album to buy cause every song on here is so good my personal favorite well... it would have to be number 3 (Aqui No Mas.) I just love that song I can not explain the feeling I get when I hear this song it makes me feel so good inside not to metion like I want to dance. but the song (Espinas) is good to hey there all good thats why I think you should buy this cd you will love it if you like banda musica like I do. Look i'm going to be honest with you I would never tell someone to buy a cd I never herd or thought was not a good cd to buy thats how I am but everybody has different taste in musica so u may like it may not but I know I love it and i'm so glad i bought it I would never get rid of it. Even though it is an old album of theres I still listen to it to this day thats how much I love this cd it was one of the best investments i ever made. I am a musica freak and I love mexican musica and and if you do to buy this cd.


Samba originated in Brazil, with the music containing a combination of Iberian, Native and African influences. The modern day Samba as we know it was developed from a Brazilian style called Choro. Samba is a big part of the world famous carnival parade, and nicely compliments the Bateria.


Samba has a lot of variations, but most variations have one thing in common: A heavy percussion presence. Samba Music is played in 2/4. The common modern day Samba has the Pandeiro as the most common percussion instrument. The Violo is the other instrument which is always present. The music can vary across all themes, and is not specific to any them or emotion.


Samba's most common dance variation is "Samba no p" which is a solo dance. Men dance with their whole feet on the ground, whereas women usually dance using the balls of their feet. The rythm is played in 2/4 and the stepping is called as "and-a-one and-a-two". The knees are used a lot in Samba, with one knee bending at a time with the upper body straight.

Latinos NZ Popularity Scale: 5/10

Samba is slowly becoming more popular in New Zealand, although Latin Clubs tend to stick to other forms of Latin Music. However, some clubs now have Samba Nights with Samba and other Brazilian rythms and dance.

New Zealand's biggest Samba event is Jambalaya. Don't miss it next time!

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