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Live At the World Cafe - Tenth Anniversary Edition

This tenth anniversary edition of Live at the World Cafe, released in 2001, is the 13th volume in the series. A 2-CD set celebrating the World Cafe's exclusive live performances, it contains the following 36 gems from the World Cafe studios: Disc One - (1) The Story - When Two and Two Are Five; (2) Ani Difranco - 32 Flavors; (3) Jeb Loy Nichols - Heaven Right Here; (4) Olu Dara - Your Lips; (5) Jeffrey Gaines - In Your Eyes; (6) Huffamoose - James; (7) Morphine - Candy; (8) Patty Griffin - Crazy; (9) David Gray - Please Forgive Me; (10) Shawn Colvin - I Don't Know Why; (11) Semisonic - Secret Smile; (12) Sarah McLachlan - Good Enough; (13) Dar Williams & Joan Baez - You're Aging Well; (14) Koko Taylor - Wang Dang Doodle; (15) Lucinda Williams - Can't Let Go; (16) Old 97's - Designs on You; (17) Phish - First Tube; (18) Jonatha Brooke - Where Were You? Disc Two - (1) Joan Osborne - One of Us; (2) Bruce Cockburn - Wondering Where the Lions Are; (3) Five For Fighting - Superman; (4) David Byrne - What a Day That Was; (5) Natalie Merchant - These Are Days; (6) Nick Lowe - (What's So Funny 'bout) Peace, Love and Understanding; (7) Johnny Clegg - Cruel Crazy Beautiful World; (8) Nanci Griffith - It's a Hard Life; (9) Suzanne Vega - Luka; (10) Counting Crows - A Murder of One; (11) Coldplay - Yellow; (12) Cousteau - Last Good Day of the Year; (13) Richard Thompson - Beeswing; (14) John Gorka - I'm from New Jersey; (15) Lyle Lovett - I've Been to Memphis; (16) Sheryl Crow - Leaving Las Vegas; (17) Steve Earle - Another Town; (18) Indigo Girls - Get Out the Map.

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Home Movies - Season Two

Available just a few months after the arrival of Home Movies Season One Season Two features 13 more episodes of the irreverent animated series seen on Cartoon Network's [adult swim]. Squigglevision is gone replaced by Flash animation and the characters developed in Season One an alcoholic soccer coach a single mother who swears at parent/teacher conferences and an eight-year-old who makes art films and documentaries in his basement with his friends are in situations even more humorous than before. Great bonus features round out this must-have set!Disc OneEpisode #201: "Politics"Episode #202: "Identifying A Body"Episode #203: "Hiatus"Episode #204:"Business & Pleasure"Special FeaturesWinning entry of "Small Shorts" Film CompetitionBrendon Small interviews Melissa GalskyMemories Featurette: Guest stars remember Home MoviesAnimatics "Politics"Commentaries with Brendon Small Melissa Galsky and Loren BouchardDisc TwoEpisode #205: "The Party"Episode #206: "Impressions"Episode #207: "Dad"Episode #208: "Therapy"Special FeaturesAudio Anatomy Of A SceneAnimatics "Party"Interview with Brendon Small Melissa Galsky and Loren BouchardCommentaries with Brendon Small Melissa Galsky and Loren BouchardDisc ThreeEpisode #209: "Class Trip"Episode #210: "History"Episode #211: "Writer s Block"Episode #212: "Pizza Club"Episode #213: "The Wedding"Special FeaturesAnimatics with crew commentary "History"Home Movies music extended songs and music lessonHome Movies writer Bill Braudis speaks!Commentaries with Brendon Small Melissa Galsky and Loren BouchardFormat: DVD MOVIE Genre: TELEVISION/SERIES & SEQUELS UPC: 826663420999 Manufacturer No: D3D34209
Customer Review: Very happy
My mother is actually a big fan of this show and so i bought her the dvds. She loves them and watches em each night before she goes to bed. Good purchase and shipped quickly as well.
Customer Review: Easily just as good as the first season.
This season has so many great episodes with that classic Home Movies style of humor, that anyone who loved the first season would have no reason not to love this one too. Yes, the animation doesn't "squiggle" anymore but this shouldn't concern anyone thinking about purchasing as it doesn't detract from the show at all.

According to the normal public as well as those who are financially sound, the definition of rap instrumental is something that dwells unconsciously in everybody's mind and has a somewhat literary effect though doubting on its originality. As an accepted fact, though it is one of the fastest spreading music's in today's world, doubt still reigns on its artistic effect.

This sort of music can be produced with or without a beat in any rhythm, provided it produces acceptable results. It's a fashionable or stylish music, so as to say, and its field is doubtfully divided among lyrics, song, prose and poetry. Rap instrumental music is said to have originated from West Africa and Jamaica and its is also known to be the originator of Celtic music.

Traditionally, there used to be rap battles, where Gaelic people got drunk and started to compete for the most insulting, humorous five-line poems having rhyme schemes, otherwise knowns as limericks, and the one who loses would have to buy the next round of drinks. A Scottish form of rap instrumental, "puirt a beul", was the predecessor of mouth organs. Rap instrumental was not influenced directly by the Scottish and the Irish because all its originators were African American.

And its believed that, in true form, rap instrumental has originated from America. A number of American instrumentals like jazz, rock, funk, etc were said to have originated from a mixture of the Celtic and African music, with a touch of Gaelic melodies. Rap instrumental come under the same category, so as to say. It gives stress on mouth music, vocal improvement and rhythm.

Rap instrumental had a great hand in the improvisation of the hip-hop culture. Initially, it began to be played in the street parties thrown in some particular area in New York in the 1970s by the Jamaicans and the sorts. These sort of parties laid the stepping stones for variety and paved way for authentic enjoyment. These parties organized a "dance hall", something sort of a disco and had a "Master of Ceremonies" who would go up on stage and hail encouragements in beat with the DJ to redeem and excite the excite the crowd for more fanfare and enjoyment. With the passage of time, these kind of encouragements started lengthening and became more and more complicated in the form of poetry formed vocally and finally this type of music came to be known as rap instrumental.

Right from day one, rap instrumental is known to be accepting music from different states and religions without bar.

One thing that is very different about rap instrumental is that, its never sung, its always chanted or spoken with rhythm and music, making it seem like a song. No original music, no musicians, no instruments are required to create music for rap. All it needs is bits and pieces of already existing music and sounds here and there joined together to create a melody. The lyrics in rap is always simple to understand, energetic, repetitive and usually apt in making loud and harsh noise. And these lyrics praise the existence and art of rap instrumental.

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ballroom dance music

Learn Ballroom Dancing Like The Tango and Salsa From A Celebrity Dance Coach Dancing With The Stars

Well, it's that time of the year again, ABC announced the line-up for another much anticipated season of Dancing With the Stars. How exciting!

My wife and I would sit and watch with envy at all the great moves that the stars where doing. My wife said during the last season "if all the celebrities can dance like that, why can't we?". I had my doubts, considering neither one of us has ever had any kind of dance coaching...ever. In fact, looking back to some weddings and family gatherings we've attended where I have successfully embarrassed myself on the dance floor, I think it would be safe to say that I actually had two left feet.

So I started doing some research on dance training. I looked at some ballroom dancing classes offered locally that were scheduled on days and times that just didn't fit our schedule. I also found several other dance lessons available on DVD, but all were way too pricey. Then I found this great 8 DVD set called Louis Let's Dance.

Lo and behold it was Louis van Amstel, the choreographer my wife loves so much from Dancing with the Stars. I went ahead and bought it thinking we can do this. We could learn dance steps like the stars in the privacy of our own home, and man did we ever learn some dance steps!

We can now dance the Cha Cha, Salsa, Waltz, Tango, Sumba, Jive, Rumba and the Foxtrot.

I no longer have to be embarrassed by my moves, or should I say lack thereof. The moves really were as effortless to learn as the ads said they'd be. As a matter of fact, my two young daughters asked one night if they too could try some of the lessons after hearing their mom and I talk about it. Now The Jive and The Cha Cha are their favorite DVDs. They are 9 and 11 years old.

Not only are we all having lots of fun, but we are also dancing our way to a healthier life too. I noticed shortly after starting the dance lessons that I could soon fasten my belt one notch tighter. My wife mentioned she's noticed a change in the way I look too. She says I now look trimmer and toner. I said the same about her, but of course she always looks wonderful.

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Pleaman Haggett

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LP RhythMix 7" Tambourine on Handle, with Note Name Cut-Outs

Dance sport is set to become an Olympic event. Personally I am not in favor of this. Not for a moment would I dispute the fact that dancers have considerable athletic prowess. Nonetheless, I feel that all Olympic events should be decided on technical and verifiable rules and regulations. In my personal opinion no Olympic event should have an aesthetic and therefore subjective element.

That said, I love dance sport. Like millions of other people I avidly watch the TV shows, such as "Dancing with the Stars" and "So You Think You Can Dance" in which it features.

Dance sport views dance as a sporting activity. A man and a woman participate as a couple. There are also team events. Judging is based on technique, use of floor space and artistic interpretation of the music. Originally this dance form developed from competitive International Style. The remit has been widened to include any internationally recognized dance style which is sport orientated.

International Style Dance sport comprises:a Standard Section, a Latin American section,a Ten Dance section consisting of 5 standard and 5 Latin dances, and a Rock 'n' Roll Section.

Dance sport is performed at both professional and amateur levels. Amateur competition levels are designated by the letters ABCDE, E being the lowest with A the highest. Some countries have an international class S. Class C dancers are only allowed to perform dance steps from the syllabus.

Dancers are liable to problems such as stress fractures for example. Ballroom dancers cannot avoid putting great strain on the second metatarsal bone.This is the bone in the middle of the foot next to the big toe. The rise and fall of slower dances such as the foxtrot and waltz puts great strain on this bone.

Putting thins right may involve a cast and rest will almost certainly be necessary. It may be three months or so before competition and flat out dancing is possible.

Training is intense.Often dancers will practice five times a week for hours on end. The emphasis on appearance by some teachers has had dire effects on certain sensitive dancers. There are accounts of girls being told that they are overweight and then losing as much as 42 lbs in weight, developing anorexia with it's attendant hair loss, depression, cessation of periods and sleep disruption. But some of these girls have nonetheless been able to continue dancing and have used this activity as a means of self-expression and escape from depression.

Dance as a means of overcoming physical and mental health problems is well documented. I have heard the story of a man with Scoliosis. This is a condition where the spine is curved and twisted. It leads to the rib cage affecting the heart and lungs. Some of the symptoms of the condition are backache, shortness of breath, digestive and mobility problems. In spite of the pain this man loved dance sport.His wife was also his dancing partner.

Many other dancers did not understand this man's physical problems and were annoyed when he got in their way, bumped into them or when he and his partner tripped and fell. Teachers were also not necessarily understanding and sympathetic. It was very difficult for the man to assume certain positions. Both he and his wife often ended up with sprained ankles and grazed knees. Despite all of these difficulties he found that dancing helped to maintain his posture and reduce his symptoms.

After twenty years this enormously courageous man went to the United States to undergo a treatment new at that time. As a resullt of not being able to take part in dance sport both the man and his wife became extremely depressed. He was made even unhappier by the knowledge that dancing was not only his wife's form of exercise but was also her principal hobby.

Two years after the treatment they were able to start dancing again. Gradually they improved with practice. They even found that some things, such as the promenade steps had become easier due to improved posture and the rotational correction of his spine brought about by the treatment.

After four months of lessons this man and his wife entered their very first Senior Competition and gained 7th place: a tremendous achievement. They now intend to go on dancing as long as they can.

There is also a report written by a woman injured in the Bosnian War. She was wounded in the upper left leg and some nerves were irreparably damaged. She is now unable to tense her left foot, in fact she has no feeling at all in the foot. But she is working very hard and is determined to be a great dancer and find a way around her difficulties.

Those people who are relying on exercise as a protection against heart attack should think again. People have been known to have heart attacks while dancing. Good health and lessening the risk of heart attack and stroke has a second factor: diet. The diet must be balanced - not too much of any one food group. We have all heard this a thousand times. We may understand on one level the essential value of exercise, and diet to good health. Nevertheless, food habits are amongst the most difficult to alter. Perseverance really does bring rewards.

There is no doubt that dance sport is a healthy means of exercise, self-expression and the competitive spirit. Like any form of sport or exercise it is important not to over stress the body. Over stressing the body leads to the exact opposite of what one if trying to achieve.

Dance in Our Footsteps is dedicated to Instructional Dance dvds, cds, videos, books, gifts, costumes and everything connected to Dance and Health..

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At Moviestore we have an incredible library of celebrity photography covering movies, TV, music, sport and celebrity. Our exclusive photographs are professionally produced by our in-house team; we perfect bright vibrant colors or wonderful black and white tones for our photographic prints that you can display in your home or office with pride. All our images are produced from genuine original negatives and slides held in our vast library. We have been in business for 16 years so you can buy with confidence. Our guarantee: if you are not fully satisfied with any print from Moviestore we will gladly refund your money!

Starting your score can be very challenging, and will require a lot of concentration and patience. You must decide on the proper mood, tone, and which instruments you are going to use. Whether you're using classical instruments or programming the music on a computer, the sound of each instrument will adversely affect the tone of the piece.

Plan ahead by watching as many of the scenes as you can (if not the whole film) and figure out how many different emotions you will have to convey with your music. The director or music supervisor should also help you when deciding this. With each different emotion or different scene, you may have to compose a whole new piece of music.

Creating the Mood

The most important thing to remember about composing a score for a film is that the music must be able to help provoke an emotional response from the viewers. Your music must coalesce with the footage to create a visual/aural masterpiece.

There are thousands of films that wouldn't have been what they were without the music that they had. It's been said that Star Wars looked terrible and was almost laughable before the music of John Williams was added. A film composer must be able to compose music that not only fits well with the video, but also provokes the viewer to feel strong emotions without knowing why. Your music must become part of the movie, and move with each scene to allow the viewers to get absorbed.

Tact and taste are very important here. Doing too much or too little is a very real possibility and is something that is very easy to fall into. Creating the perfect score is not an easy task, and not something that everyone can do.

Creating a Theme

Many composers employ themes into their music that are repeated throughout the film in various forms. Themes are what make music memorable, as they are repeated often and will stick in the mind of the viewers (listeners). Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Jurassic Park, and Halloween are perfect examples of using a musical theme in a score. Watch any of those films and you will quickly recognize the theme in each composition.

If you strike gold with a great piano riff, or an emotional melody, try to find different ways of using it throughout your composition. It can be a highly useful tactic, but be sure not to overuse your theme, for it can become tired and ruin the emotional impact. Hold off in some sections and try creating a new melody with the same notes, or something that sounds vaguely similar. Creativity is key.

Using Effects

Using sound effects in your music or using things that aren't usually used as instruments can make for a very unique piece of music. Using such things as household objects as percussion instruments or odd loops can really spice up your music.

A great example of using sound effects in music is the Oscar winning film Atonement. Composer Dario Marianelli used the noise of a typewriter as a percussion instrument in his score and the result was breathtaking. Hearing the music in a movie theatre was a great experience.

Completing Your Score

If you take pride in your work and utilize great care while composing, you just might be able to create a great piece of music. If it fits well with the film, and provokes an emotional rush from viewers, you should celebrate and give yourself a pat on the back.

Composing music is a task that isn't right for everyone, and composing music for film is another thing altogether. You must use tact, creativity, passion, and good judgment to compose a great piece of music, and you will have to put your heart and soul into what you are creating.

Remember not to treat music as secondary to the visual aspect of the film. When done right, it can be just as important as the acting or the camera angles. Without great music there are no great films.

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Customer Review: Not What I expected
I thought there is more on the dvd. This is poor... The "Making of" Is not a Making Of. It is just a little blabla...

It is a new calendar year, but the dancing year is not yet halfway underway. The mid-year lag sets in. If you are a performing dancer, the excitement of the Nutcracker is passed, but the anticipation of recital season is not yet upon you. So how does one stay motivated and even excited about dancing with this mid-year lull?

Here are a few tips:

- Start asking questions about the recital and spring performance. Find ways to build your anticipation early in the year. Consider creating a collage with the performance theme to put in your room.

- Try a new bun style- add a scarf or patterned ribbon (if your teacher will let you) to spruce up your style. A yard of ribbon is usually around $1, and you can cut enough sections to share with your friends!

- Set a goal to achieve in 1 month, 2 months, and 3 months. It might be completing choreography to your favorite song, mastering a double or triple pirouette, or improving your splits.

- Start saving up some money for a new leotard, skirt, or pair of leg warmers. Take an empty jar, paste a picture of your choice item on the front, and start adding to the fund every week until you have saved enough to make your purchase.

- Try adding a new class to your routine. It might be taking a Pilates or yoga class at your local gym or studio, trying an 8-week ballroom dance class, or adding tap, modern, or jazz to your normal ballet schedule.

Jenny Pemberton is a dance teacher and owner of Dance to You, Inc. an online dance wear discount retail shop. She has a passion for the arts and enjoys passing along her love of dance to future generations.

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Dips, Lifts, and Solos to Spice up Your Salsa

Dips, Lifts, and Solos to Spice up Your Salsa

Featuring: Lisa Perez and Dave Morgan

Directed by Lee Soto Edited by Dave Morgan Distributed by Barrio Records
Customer Review: Weeeeeeell.....
The dips and lifts part is good. There isn't much instruction for the woman on this video other than curl your arm, keep clean lines, and other few things pointed out. I guess if you have a good leader and you are a good follower you wouldn't need much. I was disappointed with the solo part. I was expecting more instruction but she just does her thing and i guess you are supposed to learn by watching. I really would have preferred a breakdown. They did include a breakdown in the lifts that follow the solo. Overall, its pretty good, especially for the men or anyone leading, but found a little lacking on the woman's part.
Customer Review: Good selection
I would recommend this tape to anyone out there. The moves are excellant and well presented. If anything the lighting could have been better and there was too much space on the set such that the people seem to be too far back and you can't see their facial details. These are minor details however in the dance scheme of things. Good work overall.

Florida has long been known for a party destination mostly due to the fact that
Spring Breakers have come to the Keys, Panama City, Fort Lauderdale, and Daytona
for years. However, Florida has a great nightlife any place any time of the year, no
matter what the reason. Learn about hot spots and locals secrets to get the most
out of your Florida vacation.


Kick off the night in Jacksonville, home to the University of North Florida and a great
twenty to thirty-something crowd. The party scene is found over the Intracoastal
Waterway at the Jacksonville Beaches. Start the night right at Ragtime Taproom and
Brewery, a locals favorite known for great microbrews and live music. Voted Best
Brew Pub year after year, the large bar starts filling up with the after-work crowd
and does not empty until closing time. Head to the boardwalk to find The Atlantic,
known for tasty appetizers and a great happy hour. Nightly music will range from
jazz to hard rock and techno and begins around 9:30. If the typical beach bar is
what you are in the mood for, look no further than Bukkets. Play pool, grab a drink,
or watch people on the boardwalk in this high-energy drinking hole. Freebird Live
was built in commemoration of Jacksonville native Ronnie VanZant of Lynyrd
Skynyrd. This is where to go if you are looking to hear great live music. Past
performers include Charlie Daniels, Willie Nelson, and Blues Traveler. Jacksonville
has it all: a great nightlife, gorgeous beaches, and locals that love to have a good

Panama City Beach

Heading west will take you to Panama City Beach, home to one of the largest Spring
Break gatherings in the state. Front Beach Road is home to two PCB staples,
Harpoon Harrys and Sharkys Beach Club. Harpoon Harrys has tasty late night
snacks, great drinks, and local live music. This is the ideal place for anyone wanting
to avoid the crowds at larger clubs. Sharkys is a Panama City Beach institution,
having been home to the Tiki Hut for almost 20 years. Hear live bands, drink mixed
drinks, and enjoy fresh seafood where the energy is always high. The Boatyard
attracts tourists and locals alike with a laid back atmosphere, delicious late-night
treats, and live music. The dance floor is always full and the party goes on all night.
Club La Vela is the nations largest nightclub with ten theme rooms, each with its
own style of music and atmosphere. Get to the club early and stay late at one of the
trendiest nightclubs in the world. Panama City Beach continues its reputation for
having one of the best late night scenes in Florida.


Central Florida brings Orlando as its top nightlife scene. With quite a few colleges
and universities in the area, theme parks with adult hours, and locals who like to
have fun, there are plenty of options when it comes to local nightlife. Pleasure
Island, part of Walt Disney World, turns into fun for the adults after dark.
Purchasing a pass gets you into the clubs and attractions like BET SoundStage Club,
8TRAX, Mannequins Dance Club, Motions, and the Rock 'n' Roll Beach Club.
Universal Studios answers back with its own adult nightlife scene found at CityWalk.
Although there is no entrance fee, it is suggested to purchase the Party Pass that
gets you free cover and priority entrance to BB Kings Blues Club, Howl at the Moon,
Jillians Hi-Life Lanes, Rumba Room and the Saddle Ranch Chop House, as well as,
plenty of other freebies. The nightlife in Orlando does not end at the theme parks.
Head to downtown Orlando to experience what the locals do after dark. Tabu Night
Club is a more sophisticated alternative to Orlando nightlife with a dress code. The
Art Deco design, friendly staff, fabulous drinks and appetizers, and celeb DJs make
this the place to go when looking for a more matrue atmosphere. Roxy is the heart
of the Orlando nightlife scene and is the place to go if you want to see and be seen.
This huge bi-level club has multiple rooms to cater to whatever mood and price
level you are interested in. Orlando, known for childrens theme parks and
dreamlands, becomes an adults playground at sunset.

Fort Lauderdale

Heading south brings you to Fort Lauderdale, home of the original Spring Break
party scene. Start your vacation at the Elbo Room, an iconic beachside bar surviving
from the Where The Boys Are era. Live music and ambiance make this a must-
visit. The Art Bar is an up and coming Fort Lauderdale hot spot with great drinks
and music. The Martini Bar, located downtown, is the new rage with fun takes on
the classic martini. Crowds love the fun staff and atmosphere. The best dueling
piano bar around, Howl at the Moon, is full of great eats, entertainment, and is one
of the most fun nights out around. If hip-hop is your forte, visit G.O.A.T. Open
seven days a week, this lounge and bar is the only place to go every night of the
week. There are plenty of other beach bars, dance clubs, and cool lounges around
town. Visit them all to find your favorite late-night spot in Fort Lauderdale.


Last, although certainly no least, we come to Miami, home to South Beach and one
of the hottest nightlife scenes in the world. The rich and famous, as well as, your
everyday Miami vacationer can be found in the clubs, bars, and lounges in this
wildly fun city. Miamis top DJs perform at Club Space, located downtown. A huge
dance floor, open-air patio, and a dazzling light show are sure to keep you
entertained from sundown to sun-up. Heading to South Beach will bring you to
some of the most well known clubs in the country. The Marlin Bar is a place to
expect to see celebrities and enjoy at laid-back atmosphere at the same time.
There are plenty of couches and chairs, ample of space, and live jazz and world beat
music to enjoy. Jazid is a popular bar, known for a great atmosphere, live jazz, and
a sultry feel. If looking for something other than live music, head up to the loft for
music spun by popular DJs. For those looking to impress, get dressed to kill and
head to Tantra, home to one of the more exotic atmospheres in South Beach. This
Mediterranean-inspired restaurant and bar has a real grass floor, waterfalls, hookah
pipes, and plush couches. Great martinis and one of the best menus on the Beach
are accompanied by a cigar bar and fabulous company.

Its easy to enjoy a Florida vacation with such great activities, fabulous target="_new" href="" rel="nofollow">vacation rentals
, and beautiful beaches that stretch for miles. Florida is known for being home to
the hottest trends in music, couture, and nightlife. Whether looking for the newest
club, a laid-back tiki bar on the beach, or the hottest nightclub, this state has all of
it and more.

Caroline Brame writes travel articles for For more information on Florida travel, as well as, other vacation destinations, please visit

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